24 HOURS SAILING with our TODDLER in charge.. (ft. goat)

  • Publicado el 21 ago 2022
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Comentarios • 1 937

  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde  Hace 22 días +4

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  • Magical Trails
    Magical Trails Hace un mes +1142

    As for a channel for the kids, let them do it THEMSELVES in 10-15 years. 🙂 In the meantime, they are excellent cast members for yours.

    • Annmarie Clifton-James
      Annmarie Clifton-James Hace 27 días


    • blitz designer
      blitz designer Hace un mes +1

      Let them once in a while have a "special episode" totally focused on them, like this one, until they can go and do it kinda by themselves or at least decide about it seriously.

    • Lisa Hollingsworth-Sims
      Lisa Hollingsworth-Sims Hace un mes

      I agree with Magical Trails (to let them do it themselves), although I would suggest waiting until the kids are of legal age.

    • Sabine Gromer
      Sabine Gromer Hace un mes

      Same here. I would recommend No, too. I understand the lifestyle choice and how you can’t keep them out of the videos completely. And, I see so much more downside for their own channel and even their insta: embarrassment later on, usage of the videos on the dark net etc.

    • Juana Acosta Cienfuegos
      Juana Acosta Cienfuegos Hace un mes

      don't exploit children for your popularity. let them have normal life away from cameras and gadgets. when they turn 18 THEY can choose their path in life.

  • Mischa Pearson
    Mischa Pearson Hace un mes +156

    As much as I enjoy seeing Lenny and Darwin, I really enjoy watching the whole family dynamics. I think showing the family and the way you guys parent and live, and how the boys are having this amazing life in nature and outdoors and great. I agree with the other viewers that when they are old enough, they can decide if they want to do their own thing. Thanks for another great episode to watch. I love each and every week.

  • DivaHill12
    DivaHill12 Hace un mes +82

    As a mother myself, I love seeing your boys grow and learn. However, I wouldn't be to keen on putting my daughter on her own channel. I would hate to see any child harshly judged or bullied. When they are older they can choose. I say, for now, let them be the sweet, silly sailor boys we love on your channel.❤️

  • Sara
    Sara Hace un mes +104

    I loved this episode, Lenny is just adorable and hilarious! It's great hearing his take on the world from prickles to goats and everything else! I've watched all your videos since Lenny was born (went back and watched everything from the beginning too) so to me the kids are as much a part of this as both of you and the crew and the boat. I don't think you need a seperate channel for them as they fit perfectly into your regular videos. Maybe when they're older they'll want to set one up for themselves, kids are so comfortable with technology and I guess they'll be very savvy about the internet in whatever form it takes in a few years.

  • alakim
    alakim Hace un mes +40

    Loved the episode, and I'm so glad you include the kids in your videos - it really gives the dose of reality of what it's like to be in your shoes (or on your sailboat, so to speak). In answer to Riley's question, as a former blogger who shared tons of photos of my daughter from babyhood to about age 7 or 8, I think (like I did) you'll find there's a natural time when you may stop sharing as much about the boys online. Both to protect their privacy, but also to honor where they are at. My daughter loved being a part of my stories when she was young, but started requesting me to leave her out as she got older. You both seem like such great parents and having ongoing conversations as the boys grow will tell you how, when or if even ever you decide to stop sharing their stories. But for now, it's such a joy to see your family as a whole. Thank you for sharing!

  • Anne Wendt
    Anne Wendt Hace un mes +366

    An episode on the kids once in a while is a nice way to go. A whole separate channel for them might not be as organic as seeing them as a part of the whole on your channel?

    • Noone Anybodyknows
      Noone Anybodyknows Hace un mes

      Take the organic out of it and I agree. This isn't Whole Foods.

    • George MacDonald
      George MacDonald Hace un mes +1

      Like the variety, capt'n Lenny's first voyage, takes me back to early days adventuring, priceless stuff!!!! keep mixing it up in style, really love the kids on camera, seeing them develop and watching the effect of your great parenting skills is awesome!!!! Can we get a music video, done to a famous song, but with some other soundtrack. Perhaps a prize for the first to guess the mystery track... If ya can find the time of course,

    • 💮sandyc6569
      💮sandyc6569 Hace un mes


    • David Jones
      David Jones Hace un mes +2

      I'm thinking the same thing or wait a couple years .

    • James Williams
      James Williams Hace un mes +6

      Agreed. Although Lenny is a superstar!!

  • Vincenzo Cino
    Vincenzo Cino Hace un mes +49

    As much as I love the family vids, I started watching this channel for the sailing and raw boating adventures. That's the content you guys do best.

    • This Is Slammin
      This Is Slammin Hace un mes +2

      They really do owe you, the videos that you want.
      Screw these people!

  • Kelly Harney
    Kelly Harney Hace un mes +1

    Personally I still love the adult aspect/perspective of the show! I love seeing Lenny and Darwin naturally included as they are. While you have an incredible following, it’s so niche that the kids can easily live a normal life however they choose without being recognized (no one I know has ever heard of SLV) and I mean that in the best possible way. They have the best of both worlds where they are set to carry on the tradition of a career like travel vlogging, or do something totally different without being recognized. Thanks for all of the realness in this episode! That’s what keeps me coming back 💙💙💙

  • valarya
    valarya Hace un mes +6

    I'm sure everyone watching understands that the hike to the bridge w/ a screaming toddler was the horrible part - and that the fact the awesome people opened their farm for you (and gave you rides) was a cool experience for Lenny... and people should go visit that farm when it's open. 😘 As far as the question posed: I agree w/ other viewers that they can make that decision for themselves when they're older; right now it makes more sense to view them in the context of your family sailing. 🥰🥰 Much love!

  • Rachelle Vandervegte
    Rachelle Vandervegte Hace un mes +2

    I’ve really enjoyed this episode so much, thanks for letting Lenny take over for the day. Hope to see more of him taking over and really learning how to run things on the boat. Thank you for sharing your lives so openly with the public.

  • Adam Gumm
    Adam Gumm Hace un mes +715

    I’m going to with “No” on the kids-only show. Now, if Lenny wants to grow up and shoot, edit and narrate his own show, fine. I do the parenting perspectives and the “Lenny takes the wheel” episodes. It’s definitely something super cute to do like 2-4 times a year and watch him (them) get better and better.

    • K P
      K P Hace un mes


    •  Hace un mes

      You do understand they are making ESclips vids Yeah? Lenny would have had a super fun day. Give them some respect, Its not like they forced him to sail the boat. Lenny would of learnt a lot from that day.

    • jetjockey48
      jetjockey48 Hace un mes

      Totally agree Adam. Maybe later, a lot later.

    • Jen Steele
      Jen Steele Hace un mes

      Fully agree!

    • Dave Petersen
      Dave Petersen Hace un mes

      I agree 100% You are introducing the lifestyle now and it is growing on them. When Lenny is old enough, he will make the decision to start his own channel. He’s got an amazing opportunity because he’ll have an already made audience. Cheers to you guys for being amazing parents and send a positive vibe and message 🍻💞💞💞

  • liz pickston
    liz pickston Hace un mes +10

    You guys are such a positive (& fabulous) example of a loving family, even my cynical old heart melts.
    That you care enough to think about how the exposure might affect your kids shows that their welfare comes before anything else.
    Hard to go far wrong with that mindset; and thank you all for sharing.

  • Sabrina Martin
    Sabrina Martin Hace un mes +1

    it's pretty amazing how learning to sail from no experience has been one of Riley's great works of his life and can now pass that gift on to Lenny and Darwin, sure to become expertly skilled sailors one day!

  • Cyle Clayton
    Cyle Clayton Hace un mes +1

    great episode, love seeing you raise your sons, great day for Lenny

  • Denitsa Glavinova
    Denitsa Glavinova Hace un mes +5

    I love how Lenny picked up on the "child" comment! He's so young but already showing some critical thinking! Great video guys! :)

  • Ken and Coreen
    Ken and Coreen Hace un mes +258

    I love seeing the kids, and watching them grow. Love an episode every so often dedicated to them, however also do not think a channel for the boys right now is the right thing to do. They are just too young, and in 10 years if they are interested, then go for it. They are adorable. Thank you for another great vlog. - Coreen

  • Kyle Firstenberg
    Kyle Firstenberg Hace un mes +2

    I say don’t dilute the brand. You guys are awesome and fun to watch I love seeing the family dynamic and Lenny and Darwin can always launch their own thing later. Plus that seems like a whole hell of a lot of work to run both channels. Thanks for doing all that you do and allowing us to see your lives, I can’t wait to see you out there.

  • Bel
    Bel Hace un mes

    Hilarious watch, ahhh the goats .
    I love watching you guys and your beautiful boys and I think it’s just lovely the way you do things now,
    I also follow ‘flying the next’ it’s just amazing to just see how all your children are being brought up, travel , Adventure, cultural, they eat what you have, It’s just amazing.
    Keep doing what your doing. ❤️

  • rata fergiedodd
    rata fergiedodd Hace un mes +7

    When I watch you guys I feel as though I'm watching videos that you've made for you and the kids to look back on - it feels real and authentic. I think a big part of that is the fact that there is a perfect balance of the kids being in the videos but not the sole focus of the video.. Even this episode which was focused on Lenny still felt like a video made for him to look back on and laugh about in 20yrs time. I vote keep doing the odd video like this, it will be cool to see Lennys interests change and his progression with understanding sailing. Also I think Lenny doing a little intro to sailing for toddlers would be the cutest thing

  • Natalie Gomez
    Natalie Gomez Hace un mes +4

    I enjoy the way you have it, with Lenny and Darwin being apart of your journey as a family. It lets us follow your life story, which includes your lovely children, without too much focus. Love all that you do! Thank you!

  • HumbleCuriousMarie
    HumbleCuriousMarie Hace un mes +424

    *Right now it’s a joy to watch Lenny and Darwin only because it’s within the context of your family vlogs so it feels natural, pure, and safe for them to be included in your La Vegabonde channel. It would not be wise nor healthy for them to be included in something that was manufactured at such a young age and I would not care to watch them outside of the context of your family LV vlogs. Right now we love watching them thrive and being parented by Riley and Elayna and Iook forward to seeing how they grow up. Honestly, in the coming decade please just spend as much time as possible introducing and teaching them about the million other interesting, beautiful, vital, and important things in this incredible world and let them develop their passions on their own. Most importantly, please study how to best raise emotionally intelligent young men for they can be successful with whatever they decide to do with their lives. Love you guys and wish you all the best!* ☯️

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L Hace un mes

    Awwww I love Lenny's purposeful walk to the helm! Such a great vlog ❤ You all do a wonderful job of highlighting different family, crew and adventures in your vlogs; keep up the good work 😀

  • ocean Arnold
    ocean Arnold Hace un mes +1

    you guys are amazing, i am a 15 year old getting a college degree in microbiology and marine biology, i love the ocean and live on a small farm, my home is about 95 percent sustainable/ of the grid. we never really go anywhere so when i get older i want to go do things and i am thinking about living on a sailboat because it would be cool, have a great day and godbless

  • Jack Bradin
    Jack Bradin Hace un mes +4

    Been watching for years, thanks for the journey! Yes, to you and the boys as a family show. For them, let them be kids we love your interaction as an adventurous family. They may make videos when THEY are ready, or not, on their own. Watching both of them come to a sense of wonder is magical for a grandfather. I learned at the knee of my father on his schooner when I was 5 years old. I have sailed almost every year since 1949 for 4 months or more a year. May the wind be at your back and the tide flow fair before you, and all your landfalls hold adventure and bring sweet memories of dear mates to mind. Pax Gaia, Jack

  • Kathryn Andersen
    Kathryn Andersen Hace un mes +2

    This was one of my favorite episodes! So cute having Lenny be captain for the day. ❤

  • Mike's Motorsports and other stuff

    I like the balance that you've had so far. The kids are part of life on the boat, and they are fun to watch learn and grow. At the same time, I like that you don't make the videos all about them. I'm sure that if they are "on screen" 20 percent of the video, they really take 80 percent of your time. Lol An occasional episode like this is good and fun, especially with such a milestone as Lenny being allowed to press the buttons!! 🥳😎 As for a channel of their own... could you do it along with your channel? Sounds like a lot of work! 😆 Finally.. the "safety" aspect.. You both seem very aware of things, you have people around you that you trust, and chances are that your 1.7 million followers (LOL.. sorry.. I had to do it) will be more like a bodyguard in a moment of danger than anything else so...
    Wow that was long... my two cents. Ha!

    • Glenia Bartlett
      Glenia Bartlett Hace un mes +2

      @Sailing La Vagabonde Maybe once a month you could make it all about the kids and Lenny could teach Darwin something he has learned like how to swim; you would be surprised at how many kids don't know how to swim.

    • Mike's Motorsports and other stuff
      Mike's Motorsports and other stuff Hace un mes +1

      @Sailing La Vagabonde It would be crazy I'm sure. Also, just wanted to say.... can't wait to see the new boat! It's going to be cool to see Riley get used to it, and "tune" it to his liking (sailing wise). Thanks for sharing!😎

    • Sailing La Vagabonde
      Sailing La Vagabonde  Hace un mes +14

      Totally with you here Mike. Thanks for your comment 😊
      Safety is definitely a big concern of ours! We’re always super careful about not giving away our exact locations etc..
      I can’t imagine how much more concerning it would be if the kids had their own channel with their own fans 😮

    • AndyfromG
      AndyfromG Hace un mes

      Well said, you hit the nail on the head

    • Andrea Ewert
      Andrea Ewert Hace un mes +5

      I agree. Love watching the kids as part of family. Having a every once in a while focused episode like this one is fun.

  • Shilo Bradley
    Shilo Bradley Hace un mes +2

    I love seeing the boys on your channel! I think it’s something they can look into when they’re old enough to make their own decisions and manage it themselves. It would just be a whole other work load for you guys to deal with. Love and appreciate you guys for letting us see your into lives!

  • Carol Wain
    Carol Wain Hace un mes

    This was another great episode and what I loved most about it is the relationship you have with each other and how you parent. Numerous times while watching, I said to my hubby "look at the life lessons they are teaching him at such a young age".
    I wouldn't recommend subjecting them to the pressures of a channel though.
    Firstly, you already know how demanding it is on your time to create such awesome content for your own channel.
    Secondly, let the kids be kids - they grow up far too fast - and enjoy them without the pressure of being a ESclipsr.
    An episode here and there, or a segment within an episode is great, as we get to see how your family dynamics work and we can watch and appreciate their development.
    And finally, we watch all of our fav sailing ESclipsrs on Sunday nights, and we wouldn't add the Lenny channel to the list (there was another family we followed for a while, and we never watched their kids' channel).

  • tawnyalucken11
    tawnyalucken11 Hace un mes +1

    Love the videos, your kids are adorable. I think keeping it about all on board and sailing probably is best. Lenny is so cute . I have a two and 3 year old they are so fun to listen to.

  • Cassandra Allen
    Cassandra Allen Hace un mes

    That was so cute to see Lenny’s perspective 🥰

  • Pat Corbin
    Pat Corbin Hace un mes +74

    Look forward every week to watching your content. Have loved watching Lenny grow and now Darwin, but think the interactions with the four of you is what captivates us all. Think the Sailing La Vagabonde should include the four of you. When the boys get older, perhaps they would like their own ESclips channel, but for now keep the channel as is. Like Riley mentioned what if the the children's channel really took off - there might be too much pressure on the children. I enjoyed Lenny's Week as Captain!

    • Carol Sima
      Carol Sima Hace un mes

      I agree!

    • Dimme
      Dimme Hace un mes +6

      Could'nt have said it better. Having the two boys occasionally show up in your videos feels more organic and like Pat said perhaps when they are abit older they can make the decision themselfs to have their own youtube channel.

  • Laura Dickinson
    Laura Dickinson Hace un mes +1

    I love watching you all. We also have two children (3&5). I like watching the videos because it's you all as a family. I personally think you stick with the normal videos and do the odd ones where the boys take charge for the day. Having two channels and two children must be super hard work, and you don't want to get burn out! Enjoy life and let the boys take charge and make decisions on this channel sometimes. ❤️

  • Cathy Freemantle
    Cathy Freemantle Hace un mes

    Thank you all for sharing your family and crew adventure. The highs, lows and togetherness of your days is a joy to experience. I like your current format. Happy Sailing 🤗❤️⛵️

  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith Hace un mes

    The kids are lovely and this was adorable… I would recommend waiting just a bit for their own videos . Lenny is just getting into his new age stride.. you both are giving amazing content for ESclips (huge fan from Illinois). If you choose to blur the kids that’s no problem and totally understandable. As a mom I get that choice for sure.

  • JeMiChi90
    JeMiChi90 Hace un mes +1

    I love seeing videos like this! Riley is absolutely right and I think you've found a good balance with the content of the videos. And you are making so many memories as a family. It will definitely be nice when you can revisit those moments in the future through all these videos. I have no idea what my childhood was like in that age, but these two will never forget when they can look at the videos. It's almost like time travel! And the relatives have the chance to follow their growth and adventures more closely than in most families - even when you are physically far away. I think that's wonderful! Of course there is the question about privacy and concent and whether the children want to be so visible online when they grow up, but so far it seems like they don't mind at all. They'll let you know if they don't want the online presence in the future. But I think it's all good, as long as you don't share anything that will be super embarrassing for them later. ^^

  • JPM
    JPM Hace un mes

    This was definitely a cute episode, fun to watch. I really enjoy your videos and seeing your adventures and daily life as you experience it with your whole family/friend unit. Personally, I’m not particularly interested in watching an ongoing vlog/channel focused on your children. As parent, I would have the same reservations that you raised.
    Lenny - Thank you for a fun adventure and great choice to visit the goats!

  • Ashley Hamre
    Ashley Hamre Hace un mes

    Thank you for your commitment to entertainment! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your episodes! When they are short & quick or slow & long. I appreciate every bit on content. It really relaxes my whole family.
    I love seeing your boys too! I dont have children yet so I watch your channel for life & parenting inspiration!
    Be safe... love & peace

  • Jas Em
    Jas Em Hace un mes +8

    Love how Lenny has an international accent. 😂 I once met these missionaries who had been living together for 6 months from all over the globe and the Aussies in the group had adapted this mix of European/American/Aussie accents. Sounds confusing but I promise it’s a thing 😂

    • Kelsey Irene
      Kelsey Irene Hace un mes +1

      Yea he is definitely picking things up from all the crew! It's a combo of Australian, British, Canadian, etc.... lol

  • Jennifer Lopesi
    Jennifer Lopesi Hace un mes +1

    Loved that episode!! So good to see Lenny be allowed to take the reigns like that - so good for their self-esteem. As for a kids channel, I reckon wait until they are older and let them decide then.

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan Hace un mes +368

    Let’s be honest, Riley’s MUSTACHE is the true Captain of La vagabond

    • Angie Jinx
      Angie Jinx Hace un mes


    • Wybren Hoekstra
      Wybren Hoekstra Hace un mes

      But today the Captain is Lenny's "business in the front, party in the back" haircut!

    • Mikeztarp
      Mikeztarp Hace un mes +1

      The next boat should be called "La Moustache". Or maybe "La Frange" ("the bangs"). ;)

    • Ian Harper
      Ian Harper Hace un mes +2

      Riley’s mustache has its own mustache.

    • Unfnation
      Unfnation Hace un mes +3

      I don't know if this is one of those weird rumors that happen on the Internet, but I read somewhere that Riley's Mustache has an Only Fans profile. Not that I would go watch something like that. But episode 112, wow! When Riley's Mustache tells you to drop anchor, you drop anchor. I mean... that's what I heard.

  • Radchick007
    Radchick007 Hace un mes

    This video is my favorite so far. I really enjoyed watching Lenny "take control" of the boat. It was like his first on camera home school lesson. I'd love to see more "home schooling" videos in the future.

  • dailybreadish
    dailybreadish Hace un mes +8

    This is a family channel about a family loving and living life, no changes needed, seeing a bit more of the kids would be great for us as fans and for you guys to look back on as a family, it's nice to have something wholesome to watch, love the channel keep doing what your doing👍

  • cglynne
    cglynne Hace 29 días

    LOVE watching Lenny grow and very much looking forward to seeing how Darwin starts to show his personality. As for starting thier own channel, don't do it. Several reasons. It would double or triple the amount of content filming and editing you would need to do which is a tremendous effort and extra burden, it would detract from the focus of your main channel and it would ultimatley make you both miserable as you would be *just* be creating content and not focusing on being a family and raising these two great kids while living your lives.
    Stay focused on *your* path and don't let the viewers push you into something that you don't want to do. If it doesn't come from your heart then it is just not real.
    In the end, just make the content that *YOU* want to make. We are here for the love and the lol's.

  • Marion Diemert
    Marion Diemert Hace un mes

    I love watching you both reacting and teaching Lenny and Darwin. Keep doing it, because it brings so much life and emotion to your videos. Your little boys, will one day have their own channels, and barely mention you. Karma. Love you guys and sending hugs to all.

  • Magical Trails
    Magical Trails Hace un mes +99

    I really hope you guys are still doing this in 10 years. Lenny is going to be SUCH A SAILOR by that time! 🙂

  • Colleen O'Donnell
    Colleen O'Donnell Hace un mes

    Loved this video! Thanks for the great smiles. Lenny did good as a 1st Mate!

  • Hollywood
    Hollywood Hace un mes +1

    Wanna ask Riley a important question because of his experience, I’m retiring from the 9 to 5 in 36 months and just turned 50 but gonna buy my first sailboat, what would you recommend to learn on ( boat wise ) ?

  • Claire Titley
    Claire Titley Hace un mes

    Fantastic, love to see all you guys having a great time. Ur boys will have a world 🌎 to explore. I'm really sad I haven't been able to contact you about my prize I have been randomly picked for, technology is not my thing, its a wounder how I get to send this 😆 but hey oh. Keep up the fantastic work, look forward everything you do x😘

  • Mark Dunn
    Mark Dunn Hace un mes +2

    I love watching the family dynamic between you guys and I love how you guys think so hard and talk to other people before you make these kind of decisions abut your kids. Probably best to wait until Lenny and Darwin are a little older - when they can make their own channel, decide on the content etc. They may never be able to match Elayna's incredible filmmaking skills but we all start somewhere - as you guys have proven from the start. We love you as a family at the moment - seeing how you can bring up a family in such a conscious way is very inspiring. Thank you!.

  • thebeckster7
    thebeckster7 Hace un mes +83

    We enjoy watching with our pre-teen boys and love following your adventures together! The boys were even inspired to attend a sailing day camp this summer. My point is, Lenny and Darwin don’t need their own channel to inspire kids. They already are!

  • TF & A Frog
    TF & A Frog Hace un mes

    Lenny and Darwin within the context of family is such a pleasure to watch. I would not want to disrupt this beautiful thing you guys have going. I really enjoyed this video! What fun to see how wonderful your family is and how you all have grown so much throughout the years. You are the first channel I ever subscribed to and there is a reason I am still here years later. Cheers!

  • Jessica dye
    Jessica dye Hace un mes

    Great giving Lenny encouragement! I would let the boys do their own thing in their time for filming. Great having them included in current videos. Sorta like family home video's. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the family! Xo

  • Nes Kim
    Nes Kim Hace un mes

    Absolutely loved Lenny’s brilliant sailing adventure around the prickles. Imagine what he is going to be like when he is older. Amazing

  • Greg O'Neil
    Greg O'Neil Hace un mes

    Hello all, Ive been watching you two from the start. The flavor of the shows have changed a bit since the kids came along, but so have your lives. I think keeping those youngins as they are for at least a couple more years would be good. Revisit the question when Lenny is 5 or 7......you might feel a very different answer by then

  • Andrew Hamilton
    Andrew Hamilton Hace un mes

    Hahaha. Everything about this was great fun....namely the goat/lamb and the entire purpose for the trip! Keep it as the family. If Lenny wants to do some stuff himself when he's 16 or something then go for it. Their own channel(s) now doesn't seem right to me. Keep having fun!!

  • Julia George
    Julia George Hace un mes

    I absolutely loved this episode. It’s one of my favorites.

  • Jasmine Ibarra
    Jasmine Ibarra Hace un mes

    I think every once in a while having them in the videos is nice. It awesome seeing your family grow. Maybe when they get older you two should allow them to choose if social media is a commitment that they would want.

  • Isaac Romero
    Isaac Romero Hace un mes +1

    Crazy episode, I love it and also Lenny will love it when he gets older!

  • Ava
    Ava Hace un mes +28

    As an Aussie teen that is homeschooled your videos make my day! ❤️🤟

  • Amy Ruschaupt
    Amy Ruschaupt Hace 29 días

    Loved this episode with Lenny at the helm🥰
    As far as a separate channel for Lenny and Darwin I personally wouldn’t do it. It’s so cool to watch the 4 of you live together and explore/go on adventures and grow as a family😘❤️
    Maybe when they’re older it would be the right time but for now (in my humble opinion!), I would keep doing what you’re doing. You all are like Robinson Crusoe or The Swiss Family Robinson……..it’s just magical to watch how you live😊❤️
    (Living on a sailboat in crystal clear blue water was always my dream👍😎)
    Cheers! (We live about 45 minutes from Annapolis and have a tiny home near St.Michael’s,Md)👍👍👍

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