A Romantic Sail across the Great Bahama Bank.. Ep. 171

  • Publicado el 2 dic 2018
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    A few days at sea, just Riley and me. We anchor in the middle of the Great Bahama Bank in the flattest, clearest water in the whole freaking world!! What's also super romantic about this sail is our little chat about boat toilets and some horror stories from the past 😂🚽 has anyone else nearly died thinking they broke a boat toilet and would have to get someone, like your partner, to come in and fix it? Enjoy the video guys, we love ya! Elayna and Riley xo
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Comentarios • 931

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith Hace un año +8

    Riley’s most used phrase.... ‘this is amazing elayna’ when he’s talking about food 😂 love it lol

  • Vicki Hudoba
    Vicki Hudoba Hace un mes

    I love that Riley is so appreciative of his food that’s been prepared for him

  • MotoVlog Miller
    MotoVlog Miller Hace 3 años

    My favorite thing about your channel is that you show the reality of living on a boat, the maintenance, the good and the bad. My wife and I dream about living on a boat one day with our 1year old son. I'll be excited to see you guys with your son on the boat

  • BEL
    BEL Hace un año

    You guys are are so funny, I love watching, laughing, crying...Riley, my husband connects lol
    We are on the hard right now, so sad:( middle of a short summer here in New England, engine problems! It figures lol

  • Jaimie Roxas
    Jaimie Roxas Hace 3 años +72

    Stumbled upon your channel and I’ve been binge watching!! Keep up the good work guys! Much love and thank you for inspiring us all 🖤

  • Scuba Hippie
    Scuba Hippie Hace 3 años

    New to your channel and loving it!!! Ya'll are adorable together and baby boy is going to adorable, I'm sure of it 😁 p.s. I want to come spend a week with y'all.

  • Nicholas Perrin
    Nicholas Perrin Hace 3 años +4

    It's always a better day after watching one of your videos! The love you two have for life, each other, and the world show's in every upload. Keep up the good work, you two. You bring my dream lifestyle to me through your content. Wish I could join you.

  • jfxl1977
    jfxl1977 Hace 2 años

    Love this! The realities of sailing. These are the things we think about but never really deal with before they're a reality... and it's then "learning on the fly".

  • Michael Fitzgerald
    Michael Fitzgerald Hace 3 años +1

    You guys are good together. I have been watching for years and your relationship is just as good as it was when I first met you. God Bless.

  • Jérémie Simón Vetro
    Jérémie Simón Vetro Hace 3 años +1

    Your just an amazing and inspiring couple! Tomorrow I'll start my sailing classes. So, if by any chance you come back to Europe, it would be amazing for me and my wife to meet you guys!

  • Dan Fox-Gliessman
    Dan Fox-Gliessman Hace 2 años

    What a hilarious episode. The sound of the fly in my ear buds about sent me over the edge! 🤣

    JACK MOORHOUSE Hace 3 años

    I recently went through the biggest heartbreak I’ve ever head and I stopped watching your videos out of sheer jealousy of the amazing bond you two share as ridiculous as that may sound😅 However after months of feeling sorry for myself this video made me feel better, not sure why but it was lovely❤️

  • John
    John Hace 3 años +11

    Being old enough to be your grandfather I feel like I can say, "the two of you are adorable together".

  • Mr and Mrs Adventure
    Mr and Mrs Adventure Hace 3 años

    love you guys. thank you for encouraging us to share our journey in as real a way as possible. looking forward to meeting you one day, it'll happen :) sending all our love to you 3!

  • Funny D
    Funny D Hace 3 años

    Hahah you guys are still as sweet and funny as you were in the beginning of all these journeys. Love you guys so much!!!!

  • Mikeztarp
    Mikeztarp Hace 3 años

    At 11:07 the reflection on Elayna's glasses of the reflection of the sunlight on the water is beautiful.

  • Brian Linville
    Brian Linville Hace 3 años

    Thanks for being interesting and funny and letting us live vicariously thru u.

  • Jerome Walton
    Jerome Walton Hace 3 años +6

    I love the way that Riley says “the situation down there” everyone knows what that means when someone says it with that inflection!! 😆

  • ad
    ad Hace 3 años +1

    Awesome channel. I ran into this and just fel in love. Have a question though - I see these ESclips videos where these big ships run into terrible weather in the high seas.. huge tides and all... how do you guys manage to keep away from those?

  • Suzan Elzawahry
    Suzan Elzawahry Hace 3 años

    Idk why but this episode gave me serious nostalgia of when I was 15 and just discovered SLV. Loved this episode

  • Sheila M
    Sheila M Hace 2 años +1

    I’m hoping one day to be like alayna and Riley venture out and sail away anywhere to enjoy the great outdoors

  • Kevin Carey
    Kevin Carey Hace 3 años

    Another Great video guys! The more I watch the more I want to start sailing again! LOL I've been also researching used Ouremer 45s too! "Fair winds and following seas" Riley & Elayna!

  • Daniel Mosher
    Daniel Mosher Hace 3 años +3

    Love you guys. I've been a sailor my whole life. Be nice if you decided to take a look at Prince Edward Island PEI Canada yeah it's far up north this time of year more of a summer getaway sail but it is beautiful and sailor friendly

  • Amanda Shannon
    Amanda Shannon Hace 3 años

    Both of you are so inspiring and your videos truly make my day! Thank you and keep it up!!!

  • Dani Mathews
    Dani Mathews Hace 3 años +2

    Love that you guys are becoming more open with us lol 😂

  • Serenity Now
    Serenity Now Hace 3 años

    I know I’m watching this long after you made this video but I just discovered your channel. You two amaze me. You guys are such a great team. Happy boating!

  • Aeternum Vale
    Aeternum Vale Hace 3 años

    New subscriber. Love you guys, you are inspiring me to do the same thing in the future, sail!!!

  • Peaches & Beaches
    Peaches & Beaches Hace 3 años +6

    AWWWW, he is a good daddy, he talks about getting a good bag, and includes putting nappies in it!! So cute Riley!!!

  • michaldz19961
    michaldz19961 Hace 3 años

    I loved this episode! Put a huge smile on my face first thing in the morning :D

  • JC Baily
    JC Baily Hace 3 años

    You all handle everything so well...more power to you!

  • Chris
    Chris Hace 3 años

    Your vids always put a grin on my face. Keep on living the dream guys

  • Furgy
    Furgy Hace 3 años +9

    Belly laughed for at least 4 mins or more, then I would settle down and would think about " The sound of success" and it would start all over again and had tears running down my face. My day was so stressful until I watched your video, thank you so much.

  • MrNot TellingYou
    MrNot TellingYou Hace 2 años

    The fact this channel isnt already at 20 million subs is shocking. I think this is one of the most relaxing, positive and just wonderful channels on youtube. They're just amazing people and an inspiration to us all. Well done.

  • Karen Caers
    Karen Caers Hace 3 años

    sitting on my desk, doing just administrative tasks, I love watching you guys live life to the fullest. I love your channel, love your energy and joy in life, love seeing raw emotions. I'm just right there with you. Rather scared myself to just leave everything and take a risk like you did , but every episode I move forward (or backwards :) ) watching you, I feel myself pushed in doing what I love and going for my own goals. Thank you for being you and showing exactly that on every episode. I wish you all the love, friendship, warmth and luck of the world. Keep up the good work!

  • Victoria Brown
    Victoria Brown Hace 3 años

    All of your videos are beautiful! Love the atmosphere you guys create.

  • Marconi Osorio
    Marconi Osorio Hace 3 años +46

    Guys I just wanted to tell you that I'm 16 and I have already decided to live like you guys and buy a catamaran when I'm older and sail around the world like you guys, I love your lifestyle and as soon as I can I'm sailing to the sea for my own adventures.

  • Sandy Mcbain
    Sandy Mcbain Hace 3 años

    Looks amazing, would love to spend a week doing this!

  • Brianna H
    Brianna H Hace un año

    I watch your videos out of order randomly BUT I love the videos where you guys do long sails, definitely my fav

  • Jon Dupont
    Jon Dupont Hace 3 años

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  • Kevin Sterner
    Kevin Sterner Hace 3 años +3

    You guys are the best. Love your version of Dolly Parton’s Jolene . You have a beautiful voice. Your baby is sooo lucky to have you as parents

  • Peter M. Eggers
    Peter M. Eggers Hace 3 años

    Really appreciate Elayna's singing and guitar playing! I hope it becomes a regular feature.

  • Chalk And Salt
    Chalk And Salt Hace 3 años

    My 3 year old son can't wait to see all the food you're going to buy! Awesome show guys!

  • Huffster
    Huffster Hace 3 años

    In my experience Riley, the hotter the water, the faster the clog will go away. Break out the tea kettle next time. You guys are too funny!

  • Ellen Brown
    Ellen Brown Hace 3 años

    So happy to see that you all surfaced again and that you are alright. :)

  • Phillip Kamps
    Phillip Kamps Hace 3 años +18

    Hey guys, quick editing tip: When you put text in your videos, put the same text in white behind the black text, but make the white text slightly larger. This "halo" effect makes it much easier to see your subtitles against very dark or light backgrounds, sometimes it's hard to read just plain black text. Please don't stop making videos when the baby comes!

  • Deb Murphy
    Deb Murphy Hace 3 años

    I just discovered you guys yesterday and I've already watched 24 of your videos!!! LOVE how you guys live, very jealous 💕

  • Michael Metcalf
    Michael Metcalf Hace 3 años

    Great episode guys really enjoying your videos this season!

  • Shawn Starita
    Shawn Starita Hace 3 años +1

    I live the dream life through you guys! Makes my heart warm just watching. 🙏🏻 Shawn from Kennebunkport ME

  • rbnhood39
    rbnhood39 Hace 3 años +7

    I love when Riley does his southern accent impression. It’s spot on and some of us from the southern states do talk just like that. Myself included. To funny. 😎

  • Stefanie Valente
    Stefanie Valente Hace 3 años

    Once again, amazing video! Would be super cute to update your logo once the babe arrives to be you two and baby, rather than the fish/shark! Silly suggestion but so beyond happy for you two!

  • Mike B
    Mike B Hace 2 años

    I love your channel, in 2013 me and a couple of friends flew our homebuilt planes to almost all of the islands you guys are going to, we spent a month down there island hopping and diving we went all the way to Aruba and Grenada!!

  • Greg McGarry
    Greg McGarry Hace 3 años

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    I've just replayed that very first shot about 11 times. Those colours! Wonderful episode guys, cracked me up :-)

  • Jason Salazar
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  • VERTICAL Wisdom
    VERTICAL Wisdom Hace 3 años

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  • Christopher Rodacy
    Christopher Rodacy Hace 3 años +32

    11:30 I'm no expert, but that addiction to hunting / living off the land sounds an awful lot like the male version of nesting to me :)
    Also, Thank You! Somebody else who speaks my language! The burnt stuff usually IS the best part. Cheers!

  • Bogan Bob
    Bogan Bob Hace 3 años

    Such a great channel. You guy's rock. Always so entertaining. Stay safe.

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    Chris Lombardo Hace 3 años

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  • William Segall
    William Segall Hace 3 años

    An interesting feature about Andros. I went there when I was in the US Navy on a submarine. There is a sonar range there called AUTEC. Submarines run through a trench that has hydrophone arrays to give a ‘picture’ of what your submarine sounds like with different machinery configurations. I would assume there was a pretty obvious “no-go” area on your charts. Cheers guys!

  • umvhu
    umvhu Hace 3 años +23

    You desalinator water is perfect for making sauerkraut. Clear water, salt, carroway seeds , cabbage & a big jar. Half fill the jar with very salty water, throw in enough carroway seed and then fill with fine chopped cabbage. After about 2 weeks it will begin to cure, after 3 months it should be good and it will last indefinitly. Good voyage food.
    EDIT: Press down the cabbage in the jar so it's submerged, ( and if you decide there's not enough carroway just add some more).

  • Jeff Laliberte
    Jeff Laliberte Hace 3 años

    I so enjoy your vlogs guys! Can't keep a straight face and the laughter back. I get such a good feeling too. Please don't ever stop. ;-)

  • Mary Anderson Read
    Mary Anderson Read Hace 2 años

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  • Olivia Orr
    Olivia Orr Hace 3 años

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  • Cars Yeah
    Cars Yeah Hace 3 años +7

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  • John B
    John B Hace 3 años

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  • Novel Ninja
    Novel Ninja Hace 3 años

    I just discovered this channel and I’m loving watching your videos! And sorry but sometimes I forget to like them because I just wanna watch the next and the next❤️

  • srq lisa
    srq lisa Hace 3 años

    Elayna when I hear you sing it always makes me smile. That water, just wow and so still. It was fun to hear you two just giggling and goofing off. the wynns just put out a video of a back pack that Jason uses. And don't worry daddy you will need more than one bag. ha ha ha ha Do you have any sails that you have not used yet and if so why? : ) peace

  • Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
    Knud Sandbæk Nielsen Hace 3 años +3

    Down to earth, you are paradoxically exilliarating, a kind of anchor to the ground for a culturally floating or fluxing city citizen like me, as you remind me of the simple, true and lasting things - and you do this in the most pleasant, friendly and appropriate way anyone could think of.
    You are my weekly (nothing about me is weekly or even daily) light tower, again paradoxdix-cully, as you are on sail and a light tower is mostly stationary and ignored (in philosophy)...
    Again thanks for your just awesome being there, the three of you ;)

  • byron paille
    byron paille Hace 3 años +1

    Love the song, best I've heard yet. I finally get to go salt water spearfishing next week. Few more years the wife, kid due feb, and I will see y'all on the sea.

  • tiguid0u
    tiguid0u Hace 3 años

    Hey guys love what you do, I'm sailing a mikado56 from Orlando to Nassau next week or the one after that depending on the meteo. If the odds are with me I'll see you around and go and offer you a beer!!🤗 French Canadian fellow sailor

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    Ken Pole Hace 3 años

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    A SPIN WITH FIN Hace 3 años

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    Thank you for another great video you are my most favorite sailing vlog your filming and editing is so good even with the occasional "willy" hey way that you two interact and your content is just the best. Thank you for sharing your life with the world I do enjoy it so much.I have been medically disabled for the last 18 years and I started following ESclips about 4 years ago just to see places that I will never get to see now and I've dust discovered sailing videos recently and I'm loving them and as I said yours is my favorite channel to watch and I'm looking forward to the new baby that will be so precious to see. Again thank you and I will see you the next time....

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    Cheers and much love to you both!

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    Bill Law Marshall Hace 3 años

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  • IceColdTruth34
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    • iain lyall
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  • Jason Berrier
    Jason Berrier Hace 3 años

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  • PhotoTropic Travel
    PhotoTropic Travel Hace 3 años +1

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    Adam Shaiken Hace 3 años

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    Big Dogg Hace 3 años

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    Melinda McCoy Hace 3 años +6

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    Alex Sr. Cristobal Hace 3 años +2

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