BOAT LIFE: Our Morning Routine Onboard

  • Publicado el 30 sep 2022

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  • Fast Fidget Spinner
    Fast Fidget Spinner Hace 3 años +1549

    I look forward to watching these because I love to see people living my dream life lol

    • Tim Carpenetti
      Tim Carpenetti Hace 6 meses

      @Smiler £2k ???? What does it cost? is there taxes or fees? How much do you think they're boat rig costs?
      Allowed to tote firearm for protection from pirating?

    • Smiler
      Smiler Hace 2 años

      Augustin Werner not quite, check the vids man

    • Augustin Werner
      Augustin Werner Hace 2 años

      @Smiler 2k, is it a dinghy ?

    • John Smith
      John Smith Hace 2 años

      @Sugar-Daddy Khayreddin lmao

    • Private Wins
      Private Wins Hace 2 años

      Go and create it dummy. The act of watching is the exact killer of your dreams.

  • Grumpy Ole Gamer
    Grumpy Ole Gamer Hace 3 años +246

    Not sure how this ended up in my feed, but I'm glad it did. You guys are amazingly brave. Just going for it like you are is inspiring.

  • Sierra Martinez-Kratz
    Sierra Martinez-Kratz Hace 3 años +618

    my favorite thing about your videos is seeing how much love your son receives. a loved baby is a smiley baby and your son surely is that

      AUSSIEMADMATT Hace 2 años

      @Smiler Wrong the natural environment that supports EVERYTHING is everything, without that there is nothing!!!!

    • Smiler
      Smiler Hace 3 años

      Sierra Kratz family is everything!

  • J Foti
    J Foti Hace 3 años +82

    You guys make life look amazing. I love watching your videos and I don’t even sail. Beautiful family too. Great edits!

    • Smiler
      Smiler Hace 3 años +1

      Agreed - if only my brother was as good ☹️

  • Dr3wzzz
    Dr3wzzz Hace 3 años +38

    I have no idea how and why I stumbled upon this channel. But I am absolutely obsessed! You guys have such a chill vibe and are living life for you. The authenticity really does shine through and that makes this channel all the more beautiful.

  • Kymberly P
    Kymberly P Hace 3 años +114

    I’m really digging your stow-away, Lenny.🤗 It’s really fun watching him grow with every video.😊

  • Eileen McCarthy
    Eileen McCarthy Hace 3 años +3

    Lenny’s emotions are so spontaneous and seem to be mostly happy. Your lifestyle is so perfect for raising a baby! I feel sorry for babies in big cities dealing with traffic noise and bright lights, to name a few. BTW Riley seems like a much softer and warmer character since Lenny.s arrival. Ok that’s it from the peanut gallery.

  • KLG
    KLG Hace 3 años +3

    tip for the hummus: if you blend just the lemon juice and tahini for 45 seconds first and then add the chickpeas & everything else, it gives the hummus a much creamier texture. I learned that a few months ago and its a game changer :)

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee Hace 2 años +1

    These videos bring so much happiness to my heart, you guys are amazing! Never stop doing what you do!

  • Nicole Wynne
    Nicole Wynne Hace 3 años +1

    I can’t get over how cute and smiley this baby is he actually brightens my days

  • Franklin Pierce
    Franklin Pierce Hace 3 años +43

    I hope everyone appreciates how much work it is to EDIT these shows as well as Elayna does it. How time-consuming it is. Going through hours and hours of raw footage, cutting it down to tell a story, then laying down the ambient sound and narration. A 15 minute vid might come from hours and hours of raw footage, and hours of production time. Wow. You do it so well and it is VERY much appreciated here. THANKS.

  • Alex Bennett
    Alex Bennett Hace 3 años

    Awwe what a great family :) such a beautiful life ♥ just don't forget to give the baby floor time and tummy time to strengthen those muscles, he's adorable!

  • Stephen - The Wanderer
    Stephen - The Wanderer Hace 3 años +6

    I love these vids The magic of these is tapping into most everyone’s dream of being free. Elayna, you do an awesome job. Riley, what can I say - you are hilarious while being a sort of a disconnected cool. Not trying too hard, just being yourself. Cheers

  • Lauren McMillion
    Lauren McMillion Hace 2 años

    You guys are awesome! I love watching your videos and your son Lenny is so adorable! ❤️

  • Vlogawan Travel
    Vlogawan Travel Hace 3 años

    Thanks for sharing your lives in a boat with us! Cute baby!!! He seemed happy!

  • Ritz Vaz
    Ritz Vaz Hace 3 años +1

    You guys are amazing! Such an inspiration and hope for a better future. I get to see the ocean and Salt life living through your eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family experiences with us. 💝💝💝🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • computerdave06
    computerdave06 Hace 3 años

    The cuteness overload is real with that little bugger! Man I miss that time of their lives with my three girls! So fun you guys are sharing this with us all.

  • Mari Rodriguez
    Mari Rodriguez Hace 3 años +3

    Once again another beautiful video...Love your baby's big blue eyes and when he smiles...Such a sweet and adorable baby...Love just being surrounded by the beauty of nature, the ocean, sunrise and sunsets...Thanks for capturing all that is beautiful in life and sharing...I appreciate you. :))

  • ettore mariani
    ettore mariani Hace 2 años

    I love to see Lenny growing so fast. I wish you all the best ❤️

  • K G O
    K G O Hace 2 años

    Such a therapeutic, relaxing video..Thank you guys for the getaway for a few minutes. Subscribed and notified! P.S. cute baby!

  • Feysal Omar'Olad
    Feysal Omar'Olad Hace 3 años

    You guys are truly inspiring I'm glad to have found your channel, keep up the amazing work. Ty for sharing your amazing paths with me

  • Steve
    Steve Hace 3 años

    Yep. That did it. You guys make youtube a better place and bring a smile to my face every time I watch one of your videos, so I'm happy to support your channel.
    Riley powers through what seems like perpetual sleep deprivation. Elayna makes raising a baby on a boat look elegant, and that little stowaway stops the world with every single smile. I know life just got a lot more complicated for the two of you. Raising a baby, nourishing a relationship, running a business - it's all hard work - but you freaking rock at it. Thanks for taking me along for the ride.

  • Lena M
    Lena M Hace 3 años

    You guys are so great, keep on doing what you're doing it's super inspiring ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jackie petersen
    Jackie petersen Hace 3 años +3

    Love to see how you’re adapting to boat life with Lenny onboard ❤️. Changes the daily dynamics, but it’s great to see how happy he is hanging out with mom and dad everyday. Great life choice to raise your family! Keep up the good work🌴

  • Caressa
    Caressa Hace 2 años +1

    Love! Relaxed and you can tell you’re so happy to be living as you are. We all need this calmness. Well done! ❤️

  • Catherine Petroski
    Catherine Petroski Hace 3 años +14

    Such a beautiful family. Wish you all the love and happiness life holds :)

  • Jeanmarie Market
    Jeanmarie Market Hace 2 años +1

    Hope you 3 stay together and realize how blessed you are, I see the love you share and so will your boy. 🙏🏼❤️

  • SadKawaiiTrash
    SadKawaiiTrash Hace 3 años

    Your family is so enchanting and beautiful! Happy travels!! ❤️

  • Michael Iiams
    Michael Iiams Hace 3 meses

    I really enjoy watching your family grow and live. Really enjoyed the long video of a day in the life. Thank you!!!!

  • Brad Wardell
    Brad Wardell Hace un año +2

    I’m always amazed at how good the camera work and direction is.

  • Jerry
    Jerry Hace 3 años

    You guys, Lenny's smile is super contagious. When he's happy, I'm happy.

  • M S
    M S Hace 4 meses

    LOVE the slower formats and edits!! Former Carib sailor living in the sonogram desert, I love watching your videos to relax and reminisce the sailing life…and I think the slower pewceful edits exemplify that…
    Thanks!! 🙏🏼🤍

  • Reapersmovies
    Reapersmovies Hace 3 años +398

    Wow Lenny is growing up So Fast!! Before ya know it he'll be Riley's little diving buddy!

  • Tarra
    Tarra Hace 8 meses

    Something about the 2019-2021 Playlist that just hits different 😍. What a cool season of your lives to look back on!

  • Peter M. Eggers
    Peter M. Eggers Hace 3 años +1

    You're young and well exercised. You can eat just about anything when you want to, and get away with it. Riley is right about not eating unless you are hungry, especially using intermittent fasting, and an occasional day of fasting to promote fat burning and little known autophagy. There are many scientifically based reasons to eat a ketogenic diet for health, or even a carnivore diet. Good to see Riley providing fish for the family.

  • nicole ayienga
    nicole ayienga Hace 2 años +1

    Escaping with you is literally helping save my sanity right now. Thank you. Stay well, take care of yourselves. And get yourself a good blender, you're worth it.

  • Lisa Falk
    Lisa Falk Hace 3 años

    I just stumbled upon your channel and watched your episode 199, I absolutely LOVED it, I am going to go back and start watching your video's, I think it is so cool what you are doing, I would give anything to be in your shoes. You must be having the time of your life! Your baby is absolutely adorable, I can't wait to see the rest of your videos and to continue to watch your journey around the world. Hope your travels are safe, take care.

  • Anne Caulder
    Anne Caulder Hace 3 años +309

    I am not sure I have ever known a little guy more delighted with his parents. I love seeing his blue eyes and dimples light up! Thank you for sharing!

      NABLUS BIN ISA Ok Hace 3 años

      Romantic family

    • vk2ig
      vk2ig Hace 3 años

      Someone's using a thyme machine?

    • Freeman King
      Freeman King Hace 3 años +1

      How are you posting 21 hours ago on a video that's been up way less than 21 hours? just curious, kind ,, & courageous …..

  • Chuck Noll
    Chuck Noll Hace 3 años

    Love you guys so much! Your videos sustain us when we are between sailing trips. You should seriously consider a sponsorship from Vitamix! Their blenders will solve your hummus problems - well, that, and not forgetting the water! LOL!!!

  • Rusty Comer
    Rusty Comer Hace 3 años

    How many times a day does that amazingly exuberant smile of Lenny’s just melt your hearts? 😍 His little face just lights up when he recognizes you guys! Those are indeed very special moments in the life of a parent!

  • Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick

    Lenny, in my opinion, is blessed to have you as parents. I think what makes you two special is that you have so much time for him compared to most parents. The life you have chosen will help raise Lenny to become a great man one day.

  • Kefoo
    Kefoo Hace 3 años

    -- Thank you for the opportunity to live vicariously via your experiences. Lenny is adorable.

  • Elisabeth Haprov
    Elisabeth Haprov Hace 3 años +1

    I have to admit, whenever I subscribe to a channel I always seem to stop watching them. But with yours I keep watching it! I love your family, it’s so cute and you all look so happy! ❤️❤️

  • Jennie Logsdon Martin
    Jennie Logsdon Martin Hace 3 años

    Lenny has that infectious joy that my youngest boy had. He continues to spread that joy at the age of 30.

  • Simon Peter Adventures
    Simon Peter Adventures Hace un año

    very inspiring videos been visioning and dreaming many years now in my 53 rd year
    Ive finally started manifesting and just bought myself a little sailing boat, with no experence
    im about to start learning how to sail, thinking maybe i should start sharing my adventures and stories biggining in the Stockholm Archepelago

  • Jj Ls
    Jj Ls Hace 2 años

    What a joy to see your son sailing. Congratulations. So for a long time.

  • Caroline Jeffries
    Caroline Jeffries Hace 2 años +5

    You will love having these videos to look back on. Lenny is such an adorable baby! I'm already looking back and loving. Just needing my fix! 🤣😂❤️

  • Goddess Goosebumps
    Goddess Goosebumps Hace 3 años

    You guys are truly awesome and I am addicted to watching your vids, but have you considered using re-usable ziplock freezer bags to save space and store more in ya baby freezers?! Love from down unda and thanks for letting me travel with you 3, and for being the free fantastic humans that you are xoxo

  • Esther Miller
    Esther Miller Hace 2 años

    LOVE your fascinating, ALWAYS interesting vlogs!!!! LOVE your accents......& your adventures...ESPECIALLY the underwater scenes ❤️.....AND your routines!!!! This has become my NEW FAVOURITE vlog......OVER Roman Atwood’s!!! ❤️👍🏻🎉🇨🇦💐

  • Taylor Kimmett
    Taylor Kimmett Hace 3 años

    You guys have it figured out. Wishing you all good health and continued happiness!!

  • Makayla Martinez
    Makayla Martinez Hace 3 años +4

    Lenny is such a smiley baby 😭❤️❤️❤️ he has the most beautiful eyes and smile, a real charmer ☺️💕

  • Barrie Rhodes
    Barrie Rhodes Hace 3 años

    Huge respect to you guys 🤘🏻 you well and truly have your lives sorted 👌 Awsome

  • Amelie Hamilton
    Amelie Hamilton Hace 3 años +12

    Lenny's Smile is so adorable! Plus you're so good at editing! (:

  • Kristabelle Lady
    Kristabelle Lady Hace 3 años +2

    Hey Guys, I stumbled across your channel after watching my friends "the gordie, witch and the wench". Tbh sailing has never been my thing even though my father lived on a yacht for years, I just want to share with you that whilst im a driven women and id like to think im a great mother but I go through ebbs and flows with anxiety and depression and when this happens , I come and watch you guys, you make me laugh, you inspire me and you lift me up! Please know you are touching people all over the world... you guys have a piece of my heart! Thank you xxxx ps im watching this series backwards lol

  • Tanner Smith
    Tanner Smith Hace 3 años +4

    Your guys little family brightens my week, I always look forward to just sitting down for 15ish minutes of smiles! Keep up the awesomeness!

  • cody cheetham
    cody cheetham Hace 3 años +4

    Just came across you guys sorry for taking so long but love you guys cannot stop watching your videos... Hope everyone lives long and prospers 🇬🇧

  • Dayanis Olvera
    Dayanis Olvera Hace 3 años

    Lenny is the happiest, loveliest baby! ❤️ love your adventure!

  • Clark Rumsey
    Clark Rumsey Hace un año

    Beautiful baby - and beautiful life! Good luck with everything!

  • William Gallant
    William Gallant Hace 9 meses

    Truly my favorite sailing video of all time for several reasons. I am saving this one. You made tears fall as I watched you two with your love for each other and your boys.. I have a 17yo (mature like a 30yo) gorgeous daughter, and 2 handsome sons 15yo and 12yo La Trinidad, PI. in the Highlands, I am separated from my beautiful Filipina, Fedie, and our 3 kids for 4 years as I came to the States for the passing of my precious Mom and my Darling step mom and then got high jacked by this madness from hell called Covid. I see a light of hope with the gift, from an old friend, of a 44ft Maverick Catamaran to carry on our humanitarian projects amongst the millions of dear impoverished Filipinos in the1700 islands. My Fedie is fighting Dengue Fever and was diagnosed with covid 3 weeks ago and is separated from our teens which is devastating to her and my babies! I am a cellular biologist and the hospital and her diagnosis is as far as the east from the west. My daughter says "please come home daddy!" Your Holistic natural herbs knowledge,, and your hands and your love will heal us! I am watching your vlogs and learning and taking a course from a certified sailing captain who may even sail with me. I will be allowed to quarantine with my wife and kids on our boat at a small marina which our team is building on the Pacific side of Luzon. We are praying for promised gifting of several more used but upgraded 44ft Cats. 400+ million victims suffer high fevers, severe pain, hemmoraghing and zero energy. More than 50 thousand Filipino children will die this year. Like most disease around the equator, this virus, developed in a military lab, is spreading by demon like mosquitos on steroids. We are testing a paint which is safe for a baby on a crib but will instantly kill a mosquito touching on painted netting. I realize this is too much info but your wonderful vlog wakened my vision and stimulated me at 73yo to do the impossible by the grace of God! I wish I had your youth, intelligence and stamina but all that I am and have is committed to developing farms for refuge, boats with clinics for the sick and training for online affiliate sales from any computer etc...You are in my prayers daily because I have a vision of gifted young people like you with love and compassion for the masses who only have a bowl of rice or nothing today and are desperate to feed their precious babies! I have raised 11 (3 of my seed but all of them like my very own) and I would die to protect your handsome little men! I do not know if you will see this...I just felt compelled to write this tirade. I pray daily 3am for God to richly bless us through our dreams and struggles that we have unbreakable spirits and no quit stamina to love our selves and our neighbors as ourselves. May He give you good weather, strong wind, happiness and safety! .Much love, Liam

  • LeeLee
    LeeLee Hace 3 años +4

    You guys always make my day. Keep it real! Lenny is getting big. Riley you're hilarious. What match! Lenny is just a perfect addition. : )

  • Yusuf Mmuya
    Yusuf Mmuya Hace 2 años +1

    Beautiful life , wishing you all the best in boating life

  • Cece Bergeron
    Cece Bergeron Hace 3 años +2

    I just came upon your channel and I flipping love it and you guys! You just got yourself a new subscriber! Keep up the amazing work you guys!! Lots of love!!

  • Matija Huff
    Matija Huff Hace 2 años +2

    Guys, I admire you, especially how much love you are giving to Lenny, keep up the good work, greetings from Croatia.

  • cava 1919
    cava 1919 Hace 3 años

    U guys are awesome.. Beautiful family.. Watching ur daily life is an inspiring mind terapy

  • Sharklette 555
    Sharklette 555 Hace 3 años

    Loved this! More like this please. Enjoying all of your videos!

  • Craig Picard
    Craig Picard Hace 2 años

    How did I get here? I don't know but I can genuinely say this is one of the best videos I've seen this year on the tube. Your little boy is adorable and you are both fantastic parents, keep it up.

  • Crystal Poe
    Crystal Poe Hace 3 años

    that's the life right there! I'm so jealous! y'all are so lucky! and that baby.....I am almost speechless! he is sooooooo adorable!

  • Cutie Pup
    Cutie Pup Hace 2 años

    What a beautiful family, all of you! God bless!

  • Aisha Burgess
    Aisha Burgess Hace 3 años +5

    little Lenny is growing up so fast! How is it possible for something to be that adorable?!
    Love you guys

  • Claire Illu
    Claire Illu Hace 3 meses

    Love your videos… just subscribed to ESclips to create my channel and you guys are officially the very first video I like haha 😊👍
    Thank you so much for inspiring us and sharing all of these amazing adventures!
    Sending you much love ❤️
    Bisous 😘

  • Christian Libertarian
    Christian Libertarian Hace 3 años +1

    So, I wait all week for the twenty seconds of Lenny laughing. Made my week again.

  • S Baran
    S Baran Hace 3 años

    They seem so peaceful. Love them. And their baby is so lucky... wonderful

  • Serenity Tomlin
    Serenity Tomlin Hace 3 años

    I just discovered you guys today you have amazing taste in music and I love your life style this is a ESclips channel i look forward to watch after a long day at school

  • Madison Goldsberry
    Madison Goldsberry Hace 3 años +4

    Just recently came across your channel & I'm captivated! 💙 Such an amazing little family!!

  • Cav UK
    Cav UK Hace 2 años

    The fun will really start when Lenny starts walking!!! you think you guys are busy now OMG

  • bnf010793
    bnf010793 Hace 3 años

    I’m really curious as to how you’ll deal with Lenny beginning to crawl and walk while being so close to water??? I know I’m super paranoid when I’m even near a pool with my son much less living in water like this. But your channel is amazing! Love it

  • Darci Hilditch
    Darci Hilditch Hace 3 años +2

    Your family is just so pretty and inspiring 💕🌎

  • Stephanie Donato
    Stephanie Donato Hace 3 años +1

    Lenny is such a happy baby. God bless him.

  • Suziq
    Suziq Hace 3 años +15

    Lenny is such a happy boy! His smile just lights up the room!!!

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones Hace 2 años +1

    I luv your life style new subscriber here from philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭i absolutly ❤️ ur videos guys keep it up

  • BraveBear
    BraveBear Hace 3 años

    You have an absolutely beautiful family and lifestyle!!

  • Tormented Soul
    Tormented Soul Hace 2 años

    That beautiful baby has his Daddy's eyes. What a life. The family looks like they are really happy. Good for them. Great video.

  • Richard Howe
    Richard Howe Hace 3 años +1

    New subscriber here. Love watching your videos! Especially the ones underwater.Does it ever get cold?

  • Gabriela Martínez
    Gabriela Martínez Hace 3 años

    I love your song covers like swimming pools and riptide I sing along with u love u guys so much 😍😍🐠🐢💛

  • LuisManuelHdez
    LuisManuelHdez Hace 3 años

    Just sort of became interested in sailing and have been watching some of these beautiful videos. Not learning much about sailing but the lifestyle seems pretty amazing! Must be great to sail to exotic destinations and just drop anchor. Not being part of the rat race seems awful rewarding! Enjoy and GOD bless. Little dude is awesome. Btw . . Is your husband related to Shia laBeouf?😂 looks a lot like him.

  • bodean2000
    bodean2000 Hace 3 años

    That baby smile is priceless. So cute!

  • Steve Merritt
    Steve Merritt Hace 3 años

    You guys are amazing people. Living the dream life in paradise all the time. Oh and a very lucky man having such a beautiful girl with you.

  • Kana Michelle
    Kana Michelle Hace 3 años +11

    Such a beautiful family. Lenny steals the show every time, doesn't he? I call him Jolly Roger😄

  • Tinkerginamama
    Tinkerginamama Hace 3 años +11

    Also you are all a beautiful family. Simply lovely! Just subscribed! I’m gonna live vicariously on the ocean through your channel! I miss the ocean so much!

  • Tel Fer
    Tel Fer Hace 3 años +1

    Editing with a touchpad ? That is even more brave that swimming with sharks :) As full time editor i have even more respect for Your editing than before :)

  • Ted Cation
    Ted Cation Hace 3 años

    You guys are such an amazing couple, beautiful family!

  • Bru fathermeto
    Bru fathermeto Hace 2 años

    A Big Bravo for you guys!! Hope you will be always happy and safe. A big kiss for that wonderful kid of yours Lenny ! I wish you the best!

  • Nikola
    Nikola Hace 3 años +4

    I just want to say how much you motivate me in my life, to do positive things and to study and work on myself.Thank you a lot for being our diamonds ❤

  • Steve Brill
    Steve Brill Hace 3 años

    Wow! what amazing existence. Especially great for a little one to grow up living whilst on the ocean. Well jealous :-)

  • Lexie Pixie
    Lexie Pixie Hace 3 años

    Your baby is so adorable 😍 💋 so happy for you guys

  • 1969 Mom
    1969 Mom Hace 3 años

    Hi from Ohio :) Just subscribed & Loved your video but hit the like button. I look forward to my mental get away from watching you live out my dream ♡ What an amazing life you live. Such a beautiful lil family ♡ Stay Safe out there. Loyal viewer out here to help in any way I can♡ Thanks for sharing your life with me⚓

  • The White Rabbit
    The White Rabbit Hace 3 años

    Gonna be so awesome watching him grow older as you guys vlog. Much love from the US.

  • William Domb
    William Domb Hace 3 años +255

    Those Lenny smiles make my day.

  • Rebecca Crouch
    Rebecca Crouch Hace 3 años +5

    I love your videos they are so calming and the landscapes are amazing I wish I could do what you guys do I live in NSW AUS

  • Connie Te Pou
    Connie Te Pou Hace 3 años +2

    Love your journey I'm a kiwi and this is the dream love love love thanks for sharing and your baby delicious how lucky is he to see the world through his eyes just epic