10 Day Detox/Fast in Bali - My Experience and Results!

  • Publicado el 31 oct 2015
  • I've always been interested in doing a 'Detox cleanse', or a 'fast'. But the idea of no food for 10 days at first sounded like torture, and an impossible thing to do! How could someone not eat for 10 days and it be beneficial to your health and well being? So I thought I would find out, put it to the test and share my results with the world!
    Please read my blog for all the info and results:
    If you are interested in doing the same program in Bali as I, be sure to checkout Natural Instinct Healings website for more info and how to book! There are also other programs you can do like the 'Simply Raw', 'Total Transformation', 'Feel aLIVE Superfood Cleanse' programs, just to name a few. Sort of something to suit everyone :)
    Ps. I realise this is a bit of a different video for our channel, but what is exciting is that along with sharing our sailing adventures with you guys, we will also be branching out and throwing some other videos in here and there of different things we think are worth sharing :) And like I said, if fasting isn't something you're interested in, feel free to NOT watch this video!
    Love Elay

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  • Jeffrey Collier
    Jeffrey Collier Hace 7 años +7

    Great experience for you, Elayna! I have done 1-2 day fasts before and you do, even after that short period, feel cleansed, rejuvenated, and motivated to eat clean, natural foods. Obviously, you don't need to lose weight, but your fast and cleanse helped to reset your body and mind and that's wonderful. You've got a great, supportive guy in Riley, and I love your life and love the bits that you share with us! Up here in America, we're so preoccupied with work, work, money and all that shit that we lose sight of priorities and what is really important in this life; love, friendship and happiness! Cheers!

  • _cANNIEbis
    _cANNIEbis Hace 6 años +20

    this was such a beautiful moment for you to share with us. I so appreciate you genuinely displaying your experience with this detox. I actually cried at the end of the video, that was so special

  • TheAliLife
    TheAliLife Hace 5 años +9

    Just finished a vegetable-only detox, and couldn't imagine doing what you're doing!! Awesome video :)

  • Nundah Music
    Nundah Music Hace 6 años +3

    Love these trip vids and your very natural commentary. Great to see two lovely young people on an adventure doing something different and challenging. No swearing, no ink scribbled all over your skin. What a change!

  • Emma Whitney
    Emma Whitney Hace 7 años +1

    Super interesting, thanks for sharing your experience Elayna! That's awesome that you were able to try out aerial yoga, its just about my favorite thing to do! I've been plotting with my boyfriend for a while on how to hang an aerial hammock from a sailboat- we thought Riley would have fun trying to figure that out.
    Excited for your reunion with La Vaga & best wishes to you both :)

  • Jonathan Forell
    Jonathan Forell Hace 6 años

    Hey! I had the same experience fasting on veggie juice, somewhere around 14 days I felt so damn good it was euphoric almost and I felt like I had so much energy, so I went outside and worked a few hours in the sun and do yard-work. I hit a brick wall, eyes glassed up and I had to sleep. Felt so different and I had the same reaction you did. This is my guess, and someone back me up or correct me here, but I think - that once you are fasting there is a heavy die off and things start getting broken down for elimination and essentially the liver and lymph get backed up and exercise either demands too much energy that isn't available - or - pushes some of that already overloaded toxicity back into the blood stream and the white blood cell reaction in combination with the taxed lymph and liver/kidneys just shuts you down. Does anyone else have more information about this type of experience and why it might occur?

  • rslrandyman
    rslrandyman Hace 7 años +1

    Heading for day 60 on our fast on the 12th of Nov. Soo looking forward to eating. Love your videos folks. Keep up the great work.

  • The Donoghs
    The Donoghs Hace 7 años +1

    Beautiful video! Great reminder that our day-to-day is what makes up our health. Not just a period of good eating/relaxation.

  • Filip Prlić
    Filip Prlić Hace 7 años +6

    Hello to E-lay and Riley from Croatia. Really well documented and inspiring video, as soon as I saw it I gave it a go myself, even though my work doesn't allow me to escape to beautiful wilderness, making changes in daily routine are more than welcome. I'm not sure how long I will last for the sake of my job and all the other duties I have on my back, but once again, thanks for nice video. Hope to see you guys sailing as soon as possible. All best!

  • Travels with Yoly
    Travels with Yoly Hace 6 años +1

    This video was so totally awesome. I became a vegan in 1969 and did a very crude 10 day fast drinking distilled water exclusively. For the next two years I ate only raw foods. I had gone from 165 lbs to 132 lbs and had more energy than I knew what to do with. I ran marathons and loved to sprint miles at a time through dense forests in the Pacific Northwest. Eventually, I added fish to my diet in 1985. My wife and I are what we call "piscivorous vegetarians". Watching all your videos from the beginning (up to this point so far) I can really relate to your sailing routine diet. I love your channel and your energy and wish you the best of the best .... God Bless and safe travels :-)

  • Jack Butcher
    Jack Butcher Hace 6 años +1

    Beautiful video Elayna, brings back awesome memories of my trip to Bali and Ubud especially, you definitely have a calm and relaxed way with your presentation makes the view feel very at ease and the camera loves you!! Looking forward to much more SLV videos in the future, you two are a constant source of inspiration, lots of love to both you and the big man!

  • T Thomas
    T Thomas Hace 4 años

    You are an amazing woman! I have definitely enjoyed your travels. This took it to another level for me. Thank you for you insight and dedication to a healthy and sincere lifestyle. Happy sailing you both. Hugs!

  • MrPaulztube
    MrPaulztube Hace 6 años

    Fantastic video.... I did a 14day juice fast last year & felt amazing afterwards. Gives your body a rest from continually having to digest food and letting it focus on healing itself. It is said you can even cure cancer this way.... Keep up the videos.... Paul in Bendigo 😎

  • Rita Vlinder
    Rita Vlinder Hace 5 años +2

    I feel blessed and so grateful for having the beautiful opportunity to watch this amazing experience! Thank you so much for sharing

  • CoolCat Carolena
    CoolCat Carolena Hace 6 años

    This was amazing and very educational as I begin to research fasting and decide if I want to incorporate it into my nomadic life. Thank you.

  • nina j.
    nina j. Hace 6 años

    I always find it interesting when I hear others describe their mental state on a fast as foggy. When I fast, my thoughts and senses sharpen. I usually have a mental clarity that I can't achieve when bogged down by heavy or even normal meals. It's amazing how we all experience things differently.

  • Brittany Sweeten
    Brittany Sweeten Hace 7 años

    Wonderful that you are caring for your body and learning so many wonderful things about yourself! Hope the detox helped to remove the gunk from the toxic fish you ate as well. Good on you Riley for taking care of your sweetheart!

  • Scott Hert
    Scott Hert Hace 7 años

    Great Video Elayna! I believe this video fits in nicely with the rest of your sailing adventure videos, maybe not for the hardcore sailors, but for many of us cruisers that benefit as much from the journey as we do in reaching the destination. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey. Take Care.

  • HT CammLife
    HT CammLife Hace 6 años

    Hey E!!--I stumbled upon your video around February and pulled the trigger and booked my trip by May. It was life changing. The experience exceeded all my expectations and I will go back for sure. Cheers!!

  • Jules Hatton
    Jules Hatton Hace 7 años +4

    Have followed La Vaga' from the beginning for the sailing, but I loved this video. Regardless of folks views on detox/fasting, there's no denying that as humans we should be more in touch with our natural hunter-gatherer selves - this video just represents one way to pursue that. I'm not surprised Elayna enjoys sailing, as it's one of the last few freedoms in this ever shrinking world, and when you're halfway across an ocean all alone represents a form of primeval existence and survival. This video was superbly well made and a pleasure to watch, an awesome achievement considering you were exhausted during most of the 10 days and working alone. Glad I invested the half hour to watch it as it had a really good vibe.

  • Craig G
    Craig G Hace 5 años

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I cleansed for 7 months. It's a great transformational experience.

  • TitusLivy777
    TitusLivy777 Hace 7 años +4

    I absolutely LOVE your positive attitude toward life. You truly have a smile that lights up the world. You seem to be a naturally happy person, and it makes me happy just to watch and listen to you. You're like a window through which happiness pours into the world. I hope your happiness increases every day, and that you enjoy a very long life filled with love and fulfillment. Please keep these great videos coming!

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith Hace 7 años

    Hey guys, I love watching your videos! Not sure if this de-tox thing is right for me (Riley how about some help here!), I hope all is well with you both, and look forward to seeing your life story continue... Take care and I hope to see many more videos of your journey!

  • LA Trauma
    LA Trauma Hace 6 años

    glad you had a great experience, you look refreshed. thanks for documenting and sharing. i'm very excited to follow you and Riley on your adventures in the pacific and hope you make it up to the our pacific northwest!

  • carrie v
    carrie v Hace 6 años

    this experience is so fascinating and you've been so spontaneous and nice in explaining your trip... thumbs up!

  • John Lysic
    John Lysic Hace 8 meses

    I watched this again after 5 years to think about my own healthy lifestyle journey and learn more from what is shared in this post. Deep respect & thanks to Alayna for presenting this in such an honest & thoughtful way. Now Alayna & Riley are raising 2 kids on a sailboat during coronavirus times and the world is a much different place. Their journey of seeking freedom and healthy lifestyle will be “normal” for their 2 kids - what an amazing way to raise a family

  • LJ A
    LJ A Hace 6 años

    Looks like an amazing, healthy experience!

  • kactuskarli
    kactuskarli Hace 6 años

    Hey! I really need a good detox. I feel so lethargic, and I can tell that my liver and kidneys need a serious rinse. I look just like you do in the first photograph, and am aiming to look like the after shot. What were the shakes made of? Which “essential nutrients” were you taking, and how? Thanks so much for your help!

  • Nick Ignatenko
    Nick Ignatenko Hace 6 años +6

    I admire Elayna's presentation. She doesn't stutter, say "uh", take long pauses. She simply states her thoughts in one flow.

  • Tom Shearer
    Tom Shearer Hace 5 años

    This reminds me of a detox retreat I went to in Thailand, fasted for seven days. I was hoping it would help me to recover from CFS and IBS, unfortunately it didn't. Two years on, I am considering another.

  • Keith B
    Keith B Hace 5 años

    Love watching the sailing videos, but this was beautiful. I hope you can incorporate what you experienced in the rest of your life adventure!

  • Tone Poet
    Tone Poet Hace 5 años

    I think you are so amazing Elayna! love your journeys! thank you!

  • Ellie2Ellie
    Ellie2Ellie Hace 6 años +1

    This was so beautiful and so inspiring x x

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J Hace 3 años +182

    Anywhere here in 2019 looking back on their journey and how far they’ve come☺️

  • Earthly Retreats
    Earthly Retreats Hace 5 años

    *GREAT video!! I had a similar experience in Thailand a few months ago, it was truly transforming!* Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Agastopia International
    Agastopia International Hace 5 años +1

    I just moved to Bali, so glad I found this :) I am hosting retreats here and love that you shared your journey!

    • Santana Rose
      Santana Rose Hace 2 años

      I'd love information on your retreats!

  • Kristie Lynn
    Kristie Lynn Hace 6 años

    Im from the US and just stumbled across your channel and... wow! You two are so inspiring and fun to watch. I love it!

  • GameRage Dad
    GameRage Dad Hace 6 años +49

    Gave you a thumbs up for a great video. The editing is nice and I enjoyed you sharing your experience. With that said; however, the scientist inside myself can't help but criticize how awful it is hearing you speak of "detoxing" your body and relating the fatigue, loss of focus, muscle pain, weight loss, and organ flexing to being healthy for you. From my perspective, what it looks like you went through is analogically the equivalent of hitting yourself in the foot with a hammer. Doing so hurts a lot and is sensational, and you may be able to walk again when you're done, but just because you felt those things doesn't mean it was good for you and your body didn't suffer unhealthy consequences. I realize you had some nutrients during this "detox" through your shakes and whatnot, but with the lack of proper nutrition the body has to compensate to do things like repair muscle tissue and the side effects are not good (such as muscle loss, brain mass loss from lack of oils, etc). So really, you call it "detoxifying" the body, but I see it more as being toxic to your body and pretending it's helping. I sincerely urge people thinking about doing this to go read a good book about the side effects of the lack of proper nutrition before they attempt to try something like this that is such a hoax and bad for your body it baffles me how it's even legal.

    • GameRage Dad
      GameRage Dad Hace 6 años +5

      @murfleblurg "So I think rationality just has to turn sorrowfully away here, unloved and unwanted." - Most of the time rationality is unwanted by people, but if it weren't for a few great minds that challenged the rest of the sheep (like Galileo) people would still think the earth is flat. What would the world be like if we never challenged irrational ideas? Maybe most will jeer their heads at my post, but perhaps a few will accept the seed of doubt and it will blossom for them.

    • murfleblurg
      murfleblurg Hace 6 años +6

      +GameRage Dad It's difficult with this kind of thing. You want to be open and "there's so much we don't know", and so on. But ... that's not how intestines work. It's not all dark and secret inside - we know exactly what's going on in there. There are no toxic plaques or forgotten children's toys.
      On the other hand, it's nobody else's business. And the physiological stress, though not trivial, is about comparable to having a bad stomach flu. So you want to say "But a colon is like a rain forest - a finely balanced ecosystem, its own little perfect world. Shutting down its rhythms and flushing out its necessary biota is not a good idea!" But then we risk just becoming examples of what's wrong with the internet. The internet has really given curmugeonliness a bad name.
      And I guess also, she says "If you're not on board with these sorts of ideas, just don't stick around". Which means in a sense that you're trespassing if you do stick around only to go "Wait! I have issues with the science of all this!"
      So I think rationality just has to turn sorrowfully away here, unloved and unwanted.

  • Alan Cayn
    Alan Cayn Hace 6 años

    Thank you for sharing your sailing adventures you and Riley and congrats to you on your fast Elayna, it looks wonderful and bloody miserable. Looking forward to your next sail, god bless!


    I enjoyed the video. I have been doing enemas since 1995 when I was 13 years old for benefits, detoxing, fitness, health, wellness, yoga.

  • John
    John Hace 6 años

    Thanks Elay
    I appreciate the effort u put into that video
    thinking of going there next wk if it's not too late
    I have cancer & a lot of other health issues
    your video inspired me to think about what I need to do for me
    because I have always sacrificed my health to be there for other people & now I need to focus on me :-)
    lots of hugs

  • Karissa Pukas
    Karissa Pukas Hace 6 años +566

    I don't know how I ended up on your video- but I'm so grateful I did!! I love your energy- you can genuinely tell that you're a gentle soul :) I'm excited to check out more of your content xx

    • RAM
      RAM Hace 3 años +1

      What a treat right before going to bed .

    • JB Smoov
      JB Smoov Hace 4 años +1

      I'm in the same boat, at first I was like what the heck is this?! bc every time I hear detox, i think of crack-heads. I never realize how I need it OR everyone for that matter! wow so obvious now, i really need this stat!

    • Karl Skoglund
      Karl Skoglund Hace 5 años +2

      Same :)

    • Danny Black
      Danny Black Hace 5 años +4

      more of these kinds of channels need to exist on youtube

    • Agastopia International
      Agastopia International Hace 5 años


  • JimmyTheLurkey
    JimmyTheLurkey Hace 5 años +2

    what a wonderful and inspirational journey!

  • mike bruns
    mike bruns Hace 7 años +1

    I always look forward to your videos, it's become almost like looking forward to seeing family, keep up the great stuff guys!!!

  • Andrea's Adventures
    Andrea's Adventures Hace 6 años

    already loving your channel. This looks like a really amazing experience.

  • Chasing Everywhere
    Chasing Everywhere Hace 4 años

    I read through your blog and watched the entire video, loved the whole thing! Curious what was in the detox shakes and what you mean by detox herbs. Were the herbs a tea? You separately mentioned herbal tea so I was wondering in what form the detox herbs came in.

  • earthandfire
    earthandfire Hace 2 años +10

    "make little sailing videos with my boyfriend" you guys have come so far! love this ♡♡♡♡ throwback time!

  • Terry Rutherford
    Terry Rutherford Hace 4 años

    As long as it was safe I'm glad you had positive results. I could/would never go through all that, and I try to be healthy. I exercise every day and watch my diet. No fasting , no enema, and no colon cleanse for me, But you Elayna are awesome.

  • For Da Culture ✊🏿
    For Da Culture ✊🏿 Hace 4 años

    Thanks for this it was very insightful as far as the day to day goings on at this retreat. I hope the negative comments don't deter you from doing another video if you ever do this sort of thing again. It never ceases to amaze me that people who don't believe in this stuff bother to watch a video entitled detox/fast. Make another one please.

  • Brad Brinkman
    Brad Brinkman Hace 7 años +1

    When you said a lot has changed in the last few months, my first thought was NOOOO they better still be together!!!!! Glad you cleared that up quickly, you 2 are amazing and your videos are amazing and inspirational as well!!! I always look forward to seeing you adventures! Keep up the great work!

  • Skye Hues Films ✌🏼
    Skye Hues Films ✌🏼 Hace 3 años +3

    Idk what it is about you guys but I can’t stop watching. You’re the perfect lil family 😍

  • TheLuvofMuzik
    TheLuvofMuzik Hace 6 años +2

    I have, literally watched this video maybe 5 times since it was posted. and have shared it on my social media and gave sent it to a few friends. This experience Elayna shared was so inspirational. It felt like I was there and really gets me excited to go and give this a try. I'm so glad she candidly shared her daily emotions & physical transformations. I love the energy and that scenes are do beautiful. The end with her singing Sam Smith & playing guitar was such perfection. Truly a wonderful depiction of what I can look forward to in what might otherwise appear to be white an intimidating detox cleanse program. Thank You! do much love to you guys ❤

  • Smokin with Chris
    Smokin with Chris Hace 6 años

    Awesome video Elay!! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey! Take care

  • Alicia Mae Hirté
    Alicia Mae Hirté Hace 6 años

    Fantastic video and documenting things! I would love to do something like this.. especially in Bali

  • Soma Devo
    Soma Devo Hace 5 años

    Great video. What a splendid goddess you are and it's great seeing you have this level of health consciousness. You and Riley are a classic combination and a cosmic treat to all of us. Infinite Loving Blessings

  • Walter Prado
    Walter Prado Hace 6 años +5

    Awesome. I feel very relaxed from just watching your video. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sebastian Montgomery
    Sebastian Montgomery Hace 6 años

    Didn't think I would ever watch 27 minutes of yoga/detox material. Your compilation is very good. Easy to keep interest and this video would definitely bring the retreat a lot of interest and new guests.
    Thanks for being interesting, exploring with your camera, showing things visually as opposed to many vlogs that just talk with one backdrop.
    Once again, thanks again.

  • pawshog
    pawshog Hace 7 años

    Probably your best video... I much prefer the longer narration . Well Done ! Your videos are a highlight for me I look forward to each one. Thank you for taking the time to document your travels and many experiences . You two are what dreams are made of. Thanks Don

  • Jonathan Davis
    Jonathan Davis Hace 2 años

    Oh wow, started at COVID lockdown and went to current time then restarted from the beginning and just now completing the binge. It is wild to see a video from this early that I missed. Elayna you have such a little girl voice back this far, it's so endearing. I guess that's what a few years and being a mom does to you.

  • Fish Kungfu
    Fish Kungfu Hace 6 años +1

    What an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jason Masters
    Jason Masters Hace 7 años +23

    First, I want to say that I support anyone's idea to live a healthier lifestyle for themselves. What I'm not clear on is the concept of detoxifying. What biochemical proof was taken to show that you had toxins to start with? Was blood drawn to show you had radical compounds in your blood and organs? They won't just stay in organs, so bloodwork will be the proof. How do you separate your body's biochemical reaction to starvation from detoxification? There is repeatable evidence to show that your body as a system becomes much more efficient in starvation mode. And I think Elay can attest to that when she was bright and perky in the morning and then hit a wall in the afternoon. That's usually the sign of the body shutting down to conserve energy; hence becoming more efficient. Cyclists usually call it "hitting the wall". The body refuses to make consumable energy (glycogen).
    I actually hope that now that you're back to eating food again, you can play around a little bit with your diet and see if that "toxified" feeling returns and then experiment with your own "sailing diet" to see if you feel better. The video editing continues to get better. I'm always impressed by that.. nice job.

  • Allenial.
    Allenial. Hace 6 años +1

    The lady's speech at the very end was just - pure.
    I loved her words.
    Thank you ☮

  • Jeramy Bradshawe
    Jeramy Bradshawe Hace 5 años

    I could only hope to be able to do this one day. This is incredibly beautiful.

  • Life is Like Sailing
    Life is Like Sailing Hace 7 años +9

    Looked like a beautiful spot...I would love to go to Bali one of these days! :)

  • Felicia Aull
    Felicia Aull Hace 6 años

    I have probably seen this video in my recommendations about 10 times and something was holding me back from watching it. But today I finally did and it is the most satisfying and rewarding video I have ever watched. You have hugely inspired me as a person and I thankyou for that xx

  • Lean Beans
    Lean Beans Hace 6 años

    i want to do this so badly once i've finished school! looks like such a good experience

  • thelandofmisteroz
    thelandofmisteroz Hace 6 años

    Riley!! She is more than amazing.
    Love both of you. Enjoy your travels! Can't wait to see more!

  • jeremy starseed
    jeremy starseed Hace 6 años

    All these years hearing about Bali...mostly from creative friends who would go there to manufacture. This side of the island is definitely something I'd like to experience. Thanks for providing an insight!

  • Toxic Tears
    Toxic Tears Hace 6 años +52

    I adored this. All the negative comments on here are really sad and narrow minded. That place looked so beautiful and peaceful. People can debate the health benefits all they want, but even without that side of things, it feels like doing something like this would even be amazing for your soul. I would kill for an experience like this, thanks for sharing it!
    (Also the little lizard on the wall when you were drinking the oil made me far too happy!)

    • bill nelson
      bill nelson Hace 4 años

      Toxic Tears az2

    • Gideon van Niekerk
      Gideon van Niekerk Hace 4 años

      this is the FUNNIEST argument I've seen on youtube EVER xD

    • C PMc
      C PMc Hace 6 años +1

      @Gamertag Woody 'Diet' doesn't mean eating less or plainly eating healthily. What a person eats is a diet - you can be on a McDonald's diet.

    • chickenstrips
      chickenstrips Hace 6 años +1

      @C PMc exactly the same thing with the little amount of "juice" she got, she was starved, not on a diet.

    • C PMc
      C PMc Hace 6 años

      @Gamertag Woody If all you eat is cheese then yes. Except 1 piece of cheese isn't giving your body the nutrients it needs to survive.

  • Niftydw
    Niftydw Hace 6 años

    This whole video is really good. The part with the High Priestess of Bali is something really special. I nearly cried. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • bill keller
    bill keller Hace 6 años

    you are really an inspiration because you have such a shining spirit,and a wonderful glow emenating from your eyes. you seem to be handeling your circumstances, hang in there girl!

  • Michael Langlois
    Michael Langlois Hace 7 años

    there are all types of adventures in the world. sailing. fasting. meditating. working. it was fascinating to observe just how profound an experience one can have with food, or the lack thereof. good on ya, elayna. moving and hilarious as usual.

  • Levi Daisy Young
    Levi Daisy Young Hace 4 meses

    as I have been watching catchup I noticed ive missed a few videos as this one. im glad I backtracked to watch this one..
    detox is great for elimination and rejuvenation is more quicker as every new cell you make is able to be at its 100% state.. you only get this from eating raw and not with cooked foods..
    well done Elayna... its 2022..

  • Roger Grubb Homes
    Roger Grubb Homes Hace 6 años +69

    There was nothing unethical happening here with gifted funds. For those who have low reading comprehension, Riley has already explained that Elayna got the detox trip for nearly nothing in exchange for documenting her experience on their youtube channel. If you don't like their perceived ethics, don't gift, and move on. I respect them, personally speaking. Who else do you know that does this, out of the currently 7.4 BILLION people on this planet??? Exactly! Keep up the good work you two. =)

  • Nele Lemmik
    Nele Lemmik Hace 6 años

    Some videos just need to come to your life! So did your video! I love the end - best part about your self-that you learned so much about you and how your body. Bali is amazing - i feel like it is a place where I want to be and find my inner me.
    Thank you for this video!

  • Maristella w
    Maristella w Hace 5 años

    Wow this is so inspirational! I'm super glad I stumbled across your channel :)

  • Paulina Jeanne
    Paulina Jeanne Hace 5 años

    I've probably watched this video like 50 times, I love it. Seriously want to do this.

  • IOLA
    IOLA Hace 6 años +1

    What an insightful video, I really loved watching this x

  • Frank Dalla
    Frank Dalla Hace 3 años +4

    Riley, I'm sure you already know what a wonderful woman you've found. I'm an old man now and I've known some pretty incredible ladies in my lifetime, but your Elayna is right up there with the best of them. Best of everything to both of you always...

  • patrick gorman
    patrick gorman Hace 6 años

    liver detox, I could sure use that! Im middle aged fellow from eastern US, I drink too much wine and eat too many chicken wings!I enjoy your and Rileys sailing videos, this was nice interesting food for thought. Your Beauty, youth and good health is inspiringtnx!

  • CarryOn Ely
    CarryOn Ely Hace 6 años +2

    Such a beautiful experience! Thank you for sharing.

  • TJ Q
    TJ Q Hace 6 años

    This is amazing. What a great experience you were fortunate to have. Can I ask, is it super expensive to do this in Bali?

  • Katie
    Katie Hace 5 años

    Wowww!!! Ubud just looks amazing. I plan to go early next year :) and this retreat and all the activities you did look so amazing and healing. Your room lools gorgeous too. Thanks for making this beauty. 😊🌞💫😘💜

  • Joseph McGee
    Joseph McGee Hace 7 años +3

    I have absolutely love all of videos! This one is at the top of my "love it" list.

  • chad sanders
    chad sanders Hace 4 años

    Looks like fun hope you enjoyed yourself ! Love watching your videos ! Its nice to see people living a good pure life and being committed to each other and your passions ! I admire you and your Husband ? When will the baby come ?

  • PiecesofPatty
    PiecesofPatty Hace 5 años

    I'm planning to do a 7 day detox in the next couple of weeks, and I'm very excited. I'm a new subscriber. I love your channel

  • Juna
    Juna Hace 6 años

    Elayna, I just found your channel and love it! What is your usual diet, do you eat cooked food also? I'd love to see how you eat everyday ~ 'what I eat in a day' videos are never boring! Also what hair products you use to grow your hair so long, lovely!

  • Maggie Magnoli
    Maggie Magnoli Hace 6 años

    Your skin looked absolutely incredible after day 10. Wow.

  • George Taylor
    George Taylor Hace 5 años +25

    I know that place looks incredible, and it was definitely a cool video, but fasts are ridiculously dangerous. All the feelings she was describing were symptoms of malnutrition, and they were certainly not 'normal', unless your norm is starving people. You're not getting rid of toxins, you're depriving your body of nutrients it desperately needs. You can see that in the steady deterioration of her state of mind. Her brain was beginning to struggle with basic cognitive tasks, like reading. When she describes her "organs dancing around", she was probably experiencing her stomach and intestines contracting, which is not something you should look forward too. You're shutting down the processes that keep you alive in these extensive detox programs, and it really is needless.

  • Grace Guan
    Grace Guan Hace 5 años

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    Beautiful and informative! Thank you for sharing your experience, I've been wanting to do this for years and now I have a better insight and a lot of my questions were answered and worries about side effects have subsided...and now I know where to go in Bali as well....you're very generous with sharing this amazing experience. Great Job!! :)

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    Abuzar Abbas Hace 6 años

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    Shawn Jackson Hace 4 años

    I fast all the time and never ever have I made 10 days ever , good on ya ;) fasting here and there is very good for the body and the soul . That said Elayna many of the symptoms you described were just from you fasting for 10 days . Not to frown I watch all the time and we see how you eat and insist Riley eats so having a body full of toxins just did not seam likely . Now the mind is a horse of a different color and a year or so later some of the things that were stressing the two of you is out in the spot light now . WoW , yeah you needed a break and a hella good job pulling this together . I know there were lots of folks all tangled up in this effort good on ya guys too . But ... these two ... for crap sake what a load to carry ... and to keep quite for so long . That had to be killing you not to tell anyone for at least till you knew the ball was rolling in a positive way . " Just to say this ... a shout to the community and we would have lit the single fires " The best community in the world are the ... I can't just call us cruisers any more it just does not seam right now ... how about ... SEA PEOPLE . I am aware of the reference was kinda my point . We are seeing our people pop up in all walks of life all over the world . Folks that have never seen the ocean before having that tug on their heart strings barter off everything and take to the sea and never look back . All a long they think there doing this alone and are by them self's and this or that something breaks or falls apart and Whoa , where did all of you come from ... sweet ! want some Wahoo , got any water , sure I have an extra one of those , Yes you can crash here , you can use our dink/duck to go to shore , of course you can get a ride ... all over the island ;) and it keeps growing and spreading and soon enough we are calling each other neighbor again or even friend . Deep breaths , deep breaths settle down you are not even at the half way point yet . Only way to beat the haters is to love them till they smile ... fair winds and all that jazz ... be safe ... see you out there soon ;)

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