BOAT LIFE: Scared, Stressed, Anxious.. Ep.216

  • Publicado el 30 sep 2022

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  • Josh G
    Josh G Hace 3 años +1279

    Take a break...4 weeks videos...or video taking... recharge...if you don't you may "crash". You too Riley! We'll still be here when you get back. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation...true story!

    • Linda Pelle
      Linda Pelle Hace 25 días

      Oh dear Elayna, You are a brave woman you are my hero love watching you. You have become a great sailor and you learned from the best, Riley will always keep his family safe. 👏👏👏🌝🌻🌝🌻

    • frank m
      frank m Hace 3 meses

      Ohh one more 2 crosed the north Atlantic .spent 19 days at sea.(most peeps would turn around in 19 minutes).43 knots. Riley was cool as a cucumber. Elayna was the captain for 2.5 hours while Riley turned into superfish man.yo Lenny poop in a bucket and dad will handle it better next time lol.and Mr wind calm down for a few days ....see ,evey ting all right mate lol

    • Leonie
      Leonie Hace 2 años

      guys just do it ... take that well earned break ... xxx

    • spytown77
      spytown77 Hace 2 años

      Great advice!

  • Jennine Paul
    Jennine Paul Hace 2 años +74

    One of the bravest things, especially as a mum, is being open and honest when you feel like your faltering. Kudos, you guys are amazing!

  • Heather Gonzalez
    Heather Gonzalez Hace 2 años +17

    I think Motherhood just comes with a whole mess of fears and anxiety that you dont have before becoming a mom. Suddenly its not just about you and your own life being at risk. Now theres this whole other lovely little human being looking to you for safety and protection and that gets to be extremely overwhelming at times. Whether you're on land or out at Sea, there will always be that lingering fear of what's to come and how to keep yourself and your baby safe. You truly are doing a fantastic job though my dear!! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your vulnerable side with us. I have 3 daughters and a granddaughter and although they are mostly all grown now...i still remember that feeling of being a new mom and all the uncertainties that come along with that. So just remember that you're doing your best& thats all you can do😉 these feelings too shall pass...xoxo

  • Miah Winton
    Miah Winton Hace 3 años +25

    Love how raw this was! It’s okay to feel those emotions when everyone else is telling you to be grateful, it’s your life ❤️

  • David G
    David G Hace 3 años +3

    Don’t sweat it, softness comes with age. It’s natural. Lean on each other. Love you guys.

  • William Domb
    William Domb Hace 3 años +1770

    Thanks for having the guts to share this.

    • Cynthia Young
      Cynthia Young Hace 3 años

      @BeckyP InCalifornia What? They barely sail.

    • Jason Ranger
      Jason Ranger Hace 3 años +1

      You both are so brave to do what you do everyday sailing,parenthood , my god if me and my friends could only be half as brave ,stay strong you are loved the both of you Ty for all that you do and post ,I'm starting to save for a boat figure maby four or five years from now hope to run into you both out there someday!

    • alain juhasz
      alain juhasz Hace 3 años

      @Kiyopon To have have that amount of certainty pretty well demonstrate that you must be one.

    • ImGoodRU
      ImGoodRU Hace 3 años +2

      @Alexander Padillas amen. We all can only take so much in life. When i became a mom, i lost some of my fearlessness. Thats ok. Im NOT a a human being who has been thru a LOT. We all have stories ...traumas...thats ok. It comes to a point where the Lord must come into our lives. Like u said. Not the religious stuff. The Lord provides peace. Just to the Lord

  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul Mitchell Hace 3 años +7

    Also there are 2 types of fear
    The fear that keeps you safe
    The fear that stops you having fun
    Not always easy to get the balance right. Good luck

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Hace 2 años +21

    I just watched this episode after becoming a patreon and watching a ton of episodes over the last few weeks. You commented that you are not brave, I think you are super brave. Super brave for sharing your feelings like that, being a loving mom and wife. Your vids are so real and open and I know as someone who as been on this planet for 60 years so far,, you are genuinely good people. Love your channel. Sincerely. Take care.

  • misty5y
    misty5y Hace 2 años +39

    Mother’s intuition. Sailing on Mother Nature’s seas with everyone on board that you love the most can definitely bring on those emotions. Brave is understatement. living life to the fullest could be your biggest mistake or greatest memories. Wishing you fair wind & calm seas.

  • Frederick Smith
    Frederick Smith Hace 2 años +47

    Hey, I'm 71 years young and here's my spin on relationships. If you don't have conflicts or arguments and everything is just wonderful, your relationship with not grow. It is those moments that make you strong together. As I tell all my kids and grandkids, I love each of them very much......just somedays more than others. It sounds like you all need to find a nice spot to anchor and enjoy a vacation. Elayna, I hope this helps you feel stronger.

  • Andrew Burnett
    Andrew Burnett Hace 3 años +1047

    My take away, "If you want to be a sailor you have to leave port." Wow, that is an awesome rule for all life. Thank you Reily.

    • petespinkypigs
      petespinkypigs Hace 2 años

      @jb hann lol

    • Omer K
      Omer K Hace 2 años +1

      @jb hann :D

    • mike wilber
      mike wilber Hace 2 años

      @Caroline Bielskis Am just sorry that you are mad or miss informed....not most cases like this is is bad..that is a fact...

    • Caroline Bielskis
      Caroline Bielskis Hace 2 años

      @mike wilber I'm not mad. I'm just pointing out that they have a job they've created - producing quality content for entertainment. So telling them to get a job is unjustified.
      As a sailor and someone who's produced content, neither activities are for lazy people...
      Unless you were may be friends of theirs, for all I know.
      Thanks for the apology. 👍

    • mike wilber
      mike wilber Hace 2 años

      @Caroline Bielskis I am sorry,please explain,why you are mad...

  • sean combs
    sean combs Hace 2 años +17

    Love that Riley is one of a kind he just gets shit done

  • Manuel Padilla
    Manuel Padilla Hace 3 años +2

    You guys are absolutely awesome in so many ways! This is my first time ever leaving a comment on any channel or video. Thank you for sharing your real life and not the "perfect life we all wish we had". Elaina, you are not weak, crazy or getting soft. You are an absolutely beautiful and amazing woman who is now experiencing motherhood. Life before children is carefree and fun. Life after children is so completely different, you become afraid of taking risks, your previous fears are now exponentially more dangerous. You are not only afraid for yourself but you now have the added responsibility of a baby that is completely dependent on you. I was invincible and immortal before children, after children I became afraid of dying or getting hurt, I became afraid of failing as a father. Add all those emotions and fears up to your regularly hectic and stressful day and it becomes overwhelming. So much so that you become anxious or fearful of seemingly simple things. Embrace the difficult moments because those are what make you stronger and your love for each other and the baby stronger. You are still an amazing, strong and beautiful woman. You can now add stressed out mother to your resume! Keep up the amazing work, you guys are so awesome!

  • Leanne Vogel
    Leanne Vogel Hace 2 años +21

    Thank you for your honesty! We've been cruising for 1.5 years and I've felt the stress and fear build, too. Meditation and yoga helps, as does a strong practice in SURRENDER. I feel for ya, and thanks so so much for sharing your story.

    • Leanne Vogel
      Leanne Vogel Hace 2 años +1

      PS - breaks help, too! Jumping into a marina and just taking it easy awhile has been so soooo helpful.

  • Grown For You
    Grown For You Hace 2 años

    Just wanted to let yall know that we love you and your family! We watch every morning with our 16 month old and she is absolutely enthralled with all things la vagabonde. We mostly stick to the ones with lenny cause there are so many! :) We appreciate watching the journey and how open you are to all sharing all the experience and not just focused on coloring it up to make it picture perfect. We would never know what this kind of life would look like without you all. I imagine these kinds of feelings, and coming through them to the other side only makes you stronger in the end. You are inspiring. much love

  • matt sez
    matt sez Hace 3 años +192

    A hero is just as scared as a coward. The only difference is, a hero will not let fear control him. Your a hero young lady, dont ever forget that

  • CharlieChamp
    CharlieChamp Hace 2 años +4

    I love watching your videos... and I too, "used to be brace." Something happens after you have a baby no matter where you live. It's an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, yearning for safety for you and your child. I'm still figuring it all out but just want you to know that you're not alone in that feeling.

  • PA Bkeeper
    PA Bkeeper Hace 2 años +15

    WOW....I just found you guys about a week ago, i had my prejudgments about the videos and your lifestyle and watched with an attitude that I'm frankly embarrassed to say i even had. No matter how you got where you are, I must say I'm glad you are here and that I'm falling in love with you guys. Lenny is such a pleasure to watch and see his little smile. I've found you two to be amazing people, open, caring, hard working, loving parents, and now I find myself living vicariously through you. I now realize how real this for you, your struggles physically and as well as mentally and I have a huge new found respect for both of you. I love the videos, the scenery, and seeing your boat, as well as you two and how you work together in the good and bad. Hang in there Elayna, you're doing a fabulous job.

  • EmilyBerres4
    EmilyBerres4 Hace 3 años +3

    I’m going through a very tough and confusing part of my life right now and I’ve just recently come a crossed you guys! Absolutely love your clan and watching you has giving me so much inspiration but this episode is somthing I needed. Seeing you raw crying and all that is so relatable right now and just knowing I’m not the only one struggling. Keep on keeping on! Much love

  • arielzshell
    arielzshell Hace 2 años +3

    Cheer up Elayna! You guys inspired me and my husband, 3 dogs to do this too, I’m scared too

  • wlmorgan
    wlmorgan Hace 3 años +337

    Brave is being scared and doing it anyway. Keep on you legends.

    • KingintheNorth
      KingintheNorth Hace 3 años +5

      Exactly what I was thinking. It's so hard to push through that big wall of fear, but if you can do it, you usually find out it's paper thin. It took courage just to open up to everyone about it in such a public way. Keep doing your thing, La Vagabonde Fam!!!

    • Alex Saghirian
      Alex Saghirian Hace 3 años +3

      wlmorgan “courage is being scared of death but saddling up anyway”-john whayne

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams Hace 2 años

    Much love & respect for being honest & showing your true selves! Our prayers are with y'all on your journey🙏🌎🙌

  • Bob Conaway
    Bob Conaway Hace 2 años

    ...and 11 months later, you're still doing it all. Good for you! I'm sure you're stronger than you think. OK to doubt, just don't let it consume you. Thanks for everything you do!

  • Tarryn-Lee Winson
    Tarryn-Lee Winson Hace un año

    This is so valuable and refreshing! Life can be challenging in simple moments because they weren’t in the challenging moments. I’m seriously considering this lifestyle and having truly valuable real content means the world to me. Thank you!!

  • AidanRGallagher
    AidanRGallagher Hace 2 años +19

    BEST VIDEO EVER!!! Thank you for being brave enough to show it's not all perfect and anxiety is real. XOXO

  • Melissa B
    Melissa B Hace 3 años +519

    Bravery is not the absence of fear, it is taking action in the face of it.
    If you do what you are afraid of, then, by definition, you are brave.
    So, catching the drone was brave.
    Taking care of a child is brave. Sailing the world is brave.
    You, Elayna, are not fearless (nor should you be), but you are most definitely brave.
    Fair winds & Godspeed

    • Esther Laiacona
      Esther Laiacona Hace 2 años

      Grogeous yes agreed !

    • Leonie
      Leonie Hace 2 años +1

      good advice ...

    • EyesOfTheLion 11
      EyesOfTheLion 11 Hace 2 años

      Well said and very wise. Couldn't agree more.

    • Rita Huffer
      Rita Huffer Hace 2 años

      Melissa B Totally agree with Melissa you both are awesome! God Bless you

    • redjanTV
      redjanTV Hace 2 años

      I hope she sees this

  • fuckusername87
    fuckusername87 Hace 2 años +3

    Love you are brave. Brave means being scared but doing it anyway..
    You guys are an absolute inspiration

  • Sailing With Freedom
    Sailing With Freedom Hace 3 años

    Aw, Elayna, I feel for you girl. You are working SO HARD and we all see that!! My heart broke for you in this video. Keep paying special attention to how you're feeling and talking about it! I think that's so smart. Honestly, a lot of us could do more of that. I love how you tell us to call a loved one at the end of the video, great idea. It helps so much to talk to people who care about you and will remind you that you're not alone in this world! And props to Riley for being such a rock. I hope he listens well to you when you're communicating your feelings (I'm sure he does)!
    We're currently taking a break from sailing and went back to the "safe environment" like you mention, and we definitely regret it. John, my boyfriend, is wishing every day to be back at sea. I guess some days it's always greener on the other side....
    Just know we're rooting for ya'll and only wish your little family happiness!!!

  • Mel
    Mel Hace 3 años

    I have been watching you both for a while now and I must say, I am so proud of you, you guys are truly amazing, Elaina you are such a gorgeous amazing women of strength and power, in this vid you are saying you have lost your spark, not you havnt you are just discovering new things about your self,being mum will do that, you are so very brave, Riley you are amazing, your understanding and compation is admirable, I love watching how you guys bounce of each other, you bring out the best and somtimes worst lol in each other but using the outcomes to band together and grow stronger, never doubt your selves! You guys are amazing and daring to do what others only dream! Keep it up. :)

  • healthyhabits
    healthyhabits Hace 2 años

    You guys are awesome and yes the life you live is amazing and how I wish I could have learned to do what you're doing. Going through these thoughts and feelings is completely normal being parents now of course your risks are more calculated and your margin for error has reduced itself therefore it's more stressful but you've come to love the life you live and we are glad that you share it with us. We love you. Hugs from Atlanta.....

  • AKAdeedeeDEE
    AKAdeedeeDEE Hace 3 años +303

    It’s pretty simple take a break elena, rest your mind and enjoy being a mum for a month or two like others have said your audience will be here when your ready to be back 👍

    • Amy Wright
      Amy Wright Hace 3 años

      John Quest you couldn't have said that any better.

    • John Quest
      John Quest Hace 3 años +15

      She NEEDS a break. She needs to get off the boat and talk to someone.Maybe her mom, maybe friends back home, maybe someone in the U.S, if you guys are still on the east coast. She might be going through post part-em depression. After a woman has a baby....a lot of chemical changes occur in their bodies . Feelings and moods are altered. Not to mention the stress of being out on the open ocean with a baby to take care. Sleepless nights, teething, little guy getting ill. She needs to talk to someone. It's not about" you just gotta do it or figure it out". She needs to talk to other women whether it be in a group or with an individual. Don't be daft and think she'll pull through. No matter how strong someone is....anyone can always use a little help.

    • Harriet
      Harriet Hace 3 años +5

      AKAdeedeeDEE You’re absolutely right!

  • ChadYvette Heiman
    ChadYvette Heiman Hace 2 años

    My wife and I love you guys. You’re human, and it’s obvious how much you guys have on your plates, but you are crushing it. You’re living a dream most of us landlubbers will never experience, but all your efforts bring us along with you. Thank you!

  • Christy G
    Christy G Hace 2 años +1

    This video I relate to so much. I've recently really been struggling with my anxiety as I chose to study in a different country for the benefit of my future which means I have spent 3 years almost completely on my own. I struggle because I remember how strong I was in the first 2 years and how confident I felt dealing with things on my own. But now it feels like I can't even walk from A to B without fearing that I'm all on my own. I'm learning to just embrace the chaos because we live in a world that already gives us a false sense of security. Just because we have police doesn't necessarily mean we have order or safety. Just because we have hospitals and medicine doesn't mean we eliminate diseases. So I learned that even when I'm not alone all my problems are still there they just are easier to deal with. So I have to just embrace the chaos and look at it as fun even though it's hard. A lot of good things can come from uncertainty and chaos, including becoming stronger even if it doesn't feel that way. you're just pushing through your limits and becoming stronger.

  • bkanders1
    bkanders1 Hace 2 años +5

    There is nothing wrong with taking a break... Life has its fair share of "safe" harbors. Having children changes everything...

  • James Harkness
    James Harkness Hace 3 años

    You have taken us all for an incredible journey. I know this lifestyle must be very hard, but very rewarding at the same time. Thanks for keeping it real. Hope you can find safe harbor and relax. Having a young child changes everything!

  • Azjen Jen
    Azjen Jen Hace 3 años +40

    I love how real you are. Life is difficult, regardless if it's lived on land or at sea on a catamaran. It's amazing when you have a partner who is not only "the shit" , but also gets shit done. I love how Riley acknowledges all you do. You're a mom, partner, videographer , editor, maid, cook, etc. Life worth living is often wrought with doubt, fear, and pain. That's a life worth living and passing on.
    Fair winds and much love!

  • Emma Burkard
    Emma Burkard Hace 3 años

    I love you guys so much. Elayna you are amazing and clearly still SO BRAVE for real. Even if you don’t feel like it. That’s one part of bravery being able to take a step back and see that some things do scare you. It’s refreshing to see this side of things. I agree that everyone needs to see it. You’re human. You are incredible parents and rock solid people♥️ so much love from Maine🌞⛵️

  • Andy Hilton
    Andy Hilton Hace 2 años +17

    Thanks for being authentic. That’s where “real” life happens

  • B B01
    B B01 Hace 3 años +1

    Your amazing Elayna. Lotsa love and positive vibes your way. This too shall pass. 💕💕

  • dorthea parker
    dorthea parker Hace un año

    Thank you Elayna for sharing this raw moment. Letting tears out can be so cathartic, I hope this was healing for you. Similar fears keep me from venturing to do the things I want to. The fear of the unknown can be so crippling. You caught the damn thing!

  • JDeere76
    JDeere76 Hace 3 años +77

    Elayna .... NOBODY has its all together ! Life by definition is a journey that we all figure out as we go ! Cheers keep your chin up !

  • Maizki007
    Maizki007 Hace 3 años

    You guys are absolute troopers, I can't even imagine all the juggling Elayna you're doing to keep it all together.
    Listen to yourself & take care of you first! We (watchers) will be here, if you decide to take a break or whatever you need to wind down.
    I also sail and usually do it max 4 weeks at a time so I can relate a little bit how life on water is. The weather, moving places, logistic with food etc. That alone is a lot.
    I love you & what you guys are doing... Just listen to your heart & keep pushing if it's what you really want. A big hug the the distance! ❤️

  • Pania Kotua
    Pania Kotua Hace 2 años +4

    Elayna, I know where you're coming from! In order to produce a video you need to get out and actually do it, unlike a lot of other creators who just sit in a room in a house.
    We have a hundred thousand dollar 4wd that is the centre of our channel, the stress on me and what could happen to the car or us while we drive it really puts me in knots!
    I am so so proud of what you've accomplished and what you do! Regardless of the highs and lows, you truly are blessed!
    Keep on keeping on x

  • DJ Jorge Castellanos
    DJ Jorge Castellanos Hace 2 años

    Still following you guys!! I subscribed about 3 years ago or your content & especially your choices of music!! As a fisherman living my whole life in Miami, I can relate to the salty lifestyle and having the Bahamas & the Florida Keys as practically my backyard I enjoy your channel very much. Elayna, you are gorgeous and Riley, you are a lucky man! Much love and credit to you both for being able to continue your adventures with a newborn on board. That takes A LOT of 'cojones' as us Cubans say in Miami....You guys could & maybe should take a few months off and might be a good idea. ALl of us true fans will still be here if/when you decide to re-embark. Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts, as all good thing eventually must.......well you know the rest. Stay Safe and congrats on Lenny and that beautiful new Catameran!!

  • Shelly Johnson
    Shelly Johnson Hace 7 meses

    Postpartum is so hard!!! I know you made it through because I’ve came across y’all recently. And have been watching nonstop for many episodes. Love what you guys are doing!! We hope to sail when my fiancé retires in a few years. I’m learning it will be harder than I thought. But also more rewarding. Can’t wait to catch up! Much love and good vibes 💜

  • Rozelyn Roux
    Rozelyn Roux Hace 3 años +268

    I'd be more worried if you weren't scared. It shows you have awareness of how dangerous things can be.

    • Hollar Girl
      Hollar Girl Hace 3 años +2

      She is getting there. Her love for Lenny is guiding her.

    • MrMarkymark0707
      MrMarkymark0707 Hace 3 años +5

      Rozelyn Roux Exactly. It is pure instinct as a woman & a mother. It would be unnatural if she wasn’t worried or concerned.

  • Tenacious B
    Tenacious B Hace 2 años

    Elayna~ Wish I could chat with you about fears, anxieties, babies, being a mom, all with the (somewhat!) 20/20 hindsight of being older and wiser. Being able to look back and (somewhat!) see the bigger picture. It doesn't always take away the difficult moods and feelings, but it gives clarity, and sometimes it helps to know you are not alone. Facing possible life and death situations can spark the realization that we humans are not bulletproof. This conscious shift of mind is a right of passage as we grow older. Realizing that we are indeed fallible, with human frailties and weaknesses. Sharing your fears and vulnerability shows strength! Your brave spirit did not desert you! There is a bit of 'tempering', or counterbalancing, with getting older. Balance will be achieved in time. Hugs to you, and please text if you need support and/or reassurance. Love and light. A mom and a fellow wanderer, B

  • Izabella Pardinho
    Izabella Pardinho Hace 3 años +1

    I love you guys. You are just so amazing. I know it gets overwhelming at times, and it's okay to have a bad day, it's okay to not be brave 100% of the time. We're all just trying to figure it out, and the way you guys are doing it is just admirable. Don't forget that you have a huge community of people who love you to support you just in case you need it. I can say for myself that I'm here the way I can to just give you that little reminder of how amazing you are. Hold tight, whenever you feel like you can't do this, remind yourself that yes you freakin' can. Thank you for inspiring me, truly.

  • Michèle de Villiers
    Michèle de Villiers Hace 10 meses

    Ah this is suuuch a good episode. Really appreciate that you two keep it so real ♥️ 🙂

  • Cécile Del Rey
    Cécile Del Rey Hace 2 años

    I've just discovered this video and I am so glad. I am doing something similar to you on our boat sailing Take it Easy, just NOT around the world and without the baby. And let me tell you, YOU ARE BRAVE. Sometimes just admitting you are scared is a sign of bravery

  • Gunslot3
    Gunslot3 Hace 3 años +167

    Park the boat and take a break guys. We will be here when you come back.

    • Percival Howell
      Percival Howell Hace 3 años

      There are houses near water ; )

    • john Annovyn
      john Annovyn Hace 3 años +2

      Stress is what you should avoid. We can do with less regular updates our best Friends we don’t see every week. Enjoy but don’ t stress

    • Megan King
      Megan King Hace 3 años +5

      You guys are incredible.... if you don't want to stop, at least slow down to one video a week. I cannot imagine that taking care of Lenny and all the editing on top of hurricane season is easy on either you. A little advice: as a toddler teacher, if you freeze a pacifier, waffle or pancake they make easy natural teethers. You can try massaging his gums as well to help them a breakthrough. I find that Nuby teething rings worked best for my students. If it is really bad, resort to baby Tylenol... I'm not one that normally suggests meds. But at the end of the day sometimes it is more important for both him and you to get some well-deserved rest.
      Thank you for bringing us the joy of family and adventure! Take a break :)

    • Ivan Rojas
      Ivan Rojas Hace 3 años +6

      Ditto that. I think a break from the ocean life could be a great idea, specially for Lenny.

    • Paolo Viloria
      Paolo Viloria Hace 3 años +6

      I agree with this guy. Take a break. Focus on enjoying time and being a family first. We are your fans/viewers, and we will be here when you resume. :)

  • Amishai Miller
    Amishai Miller Hace 3 años +1

    This was an absolutely beautiful episode guys, thank you for opening up, good on ya. Keep on keeping on!

  • Leanne J
    Leanne J Hace 3 años

    You have a beautiful family, and I absolutely love watching these video, self care is are human with a range of emotions that we all have, be kind to yourself, you are loved and supported with whatever you need to do..... much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and support from 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Maria Dueholm
    Maria Dueholm Hace 3 años

    You guys are so inspirational. Thank you Elayna for showing this part of you. It help others to show, whats inside of them too and make them feel less wrong if they are not always smiling and being perfect. And to be honest - to make you guys more real. What you are doing is amazing. But please take care of yourself also. Its all included in life. Thank you.

  • Rebecca Chen
    Rebecca Chen Hace 2 años +3

    Thank you for sharing the hardships of relationships, the reality of living on a sailing boat and anxiety in general. I think that many people fantasize this life but don't understand the strength and bravery people need for this. You guys are amazing!

  • Elsa Rhae & Barron
    Elsa Rhae & Barron Hace 3 años +172

    This vulnerability was brave. I’m ever inspired by you, Elayna. This raw perspective of your lives allows me to see you as human beings on the other side of the screen. My heart goes out to you both. Continue blazing trails and being guides to those who aren’t yet brave enough to lead awe inspired lives of their own.

  • Tamara Norrish
    Tamara Norrish Hace 3 años +3

    Thank you for sharing this and keeping it real. You’re amazing!!

  • David Crossman
    David Crossman Hace 2 años

    Thanks for your honesty, young lady. Recognizing the problem is halfway to healing. You'll all be in my prayers. God bless.

  • Sarah Farmer
    Sarah Farmer Hace 3 años +1

    Hey Elayna being a mother adds the extra pressure, although rewarding, your emotions are put on high alert! You rock this lovely and keep telling us how you feel..... in sunshine and shadow xxx

  • B Hoits
    B Hoits Hace 3 años

    Just wanted to say we love you guys, and the joy you bring us through your videos.. You're inspiring and we can't wait til you upload because it helps baby settle in and get ready for bed.. I pray for peace over you guys when you're feeling anxious and Gods navigation through your trials.. be well and one day when we are better looking forward to support you in your journey as a patreon. Smooth sailing

  • Hart Van Meter
    Hart Van Meter Hace 3 años +90

    Just watched your latest. My wife and I are old, I’m 73 and she’s 67 and we’ve learned that (1) you are allowed to be imperfect, (2) you can talk to someone you have faith in and share your fears, (3) you can trust yourself. There are other truths to be sure but those came to mind as I listened to you Elayna. You are definitely not alone in your current uncertainties and fragile confidence. You are however a very capable and adventurous individual. You and Riley are doing what lots of us only dream of and doing so with something more than just plain courage but love, passion and joy. Of course there will be periods of anxiety regarding this course of action but I’ll repeat myself and say trust yourself/selves. ‘Nuff said. Sail on!

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    Raasta Project Hace 2 años +1

    Thanks for your honesty! I can totally relate to everything you said. We don't live on a boat but are location independent and live what the majority would consider an unconventional life with two kids and another one in my tummy. I used to be pretty fearless pre-kids but have discovered as well that I worry more. I feel more vulnerable and kind of realise my decisions have a bigger impact than they used to have which sometimes makes taking decisions feel "heavy". In my third pregnancy now I feel overwhelmed and tired a lot, at the same time I know we would not fit into a suburb home with 9-5 jobs (nothing wrong with that, just not our thing). Like you said as well, I LOVE our life but it is not easy :-)
    Thanks again for being so open and happy sailings to the three of you!

  • Fred Elrod
    Fred Elrod Hace 2 años

    Love this! Echoing what was said in an earlier comment. We can make all the plans we like, but our kids will always come first. Even in our land lubbers world, we have to slow down and spend our time and energy on the kids. Having a baby makes all the normal stresses of our lives magnified x 100.

  • Grace
    Grace Hace 2 años

    You are an inspiration. You're living the life you want to live, youre brave eve when you're weak and you give all of us who don't know you such power.

  • Curtis Whitwam
    Curtis Whitwam Hace 3 años

    Much love. It’s hard out there. Thanks for keeping it real and giving everyone a glimpse into the other, deeper challenges that happen when you’re a sailor.

  • LadyPene
    LadyPene Hace 3 años +230

    Dear Elayna ((((huggles)))))
    You may think you are losing your ability to be a daring free spirit, but the reality is, you are now a mother, and responsible for the life of a little person.
    Once you have children, your whole perspective on life changes. It's not that you are afraid to take risks, it just you don't WANT to take risks because of Lenny.
    Keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine.

    • Race Bannon
      Race Bannon Hace 3 años +1

      @ToteBags Awww. So nice. Thank you!

    • ToteBags
      ToteBags Hace 3 años +8

      @Dulce Wilcox Life is a series of adventures formed in different guises. Blocks of time you experience and then move on. This too will happen with our sailing friends aboard La Vagabonde. A new adventure(s) awaits them and I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world. One day pulling on those lines will become all too much. One day Lenny will put his feet firmly on the ground. From then on and for the rest of his life, he is on his own. Now he must be watched and guided. The crew aboard La Vagabonde are Good People in a world with precious few.

    • Julie Howman
      Julie Howman Hace 3 años +2

      💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 love this truth

    • Diciotto
      Diciotto Hace 3 años +2

      So true

  • Maddy Fox
    Maddy Fox Hace 3 años

    Hands down best episode ever SLV! (Especially Elanya) Your sharing means so much. I think we all feel so alone and that everyone has it together and not us. Your willingness to be vulnerable is so helpful. More than you perhaps might ever know.

  • Riaan van der Merwe
    Riaan van der Merwe Hace 2 años

    Thanks for sharing, both of you.
    I've been following you for a while and your adventures are always so true and real, and this time I could see you both too as true and real.
    Our values makes us who we are. Our reactions to "life-happening" around us builds character and prepares us for tomorrow. Never be scared to show emotion in these circumstances, those emotions are what makes us unique as humans, as people, as individuals.
    You're both doing great, keep living life and keep supporting each other.

  • jen1s
    jen1s Hace 3 años +2

    Oh my gosh I just love you guys! Thank you for this and all the other amazing videos! I am so proud of you for getting so vulnerable with us. I am thrilled to see that shit goes wrong, and I mean that in the most loving way ever. I love that you guys want to be so open and honest. My husband and I are going to retire to a cat in a few years and I know it's not going to be all unicorns and rainbows. I suffer from anxiety and I can be a bit of a scaredy cat, so this meant so much to me! You are brave! Being open and honest is being brave! This video is my favorite! I feel like a proud mamma and I don't even know you guys! Hang in there. Take a break if you need one. Hopefully we will cross paths out there some day! And Lenny...come on! He is the cutest! Thank you for all of your amazing videos!

  • Tim Rox
    Tim Rox Hace 3 años

    We all love this channel, keep going!
    Your lucky your baby takes 2 two hour naps a day! Mine sleeps once for 20 min during the day.. love yoyr videos really.
    Keep going but settle down on land when your really ready. Any plans for school? Homeschool? You guys are the best keep going. Try to keep stress at bay, boats dont sink unless they let water in .

  • Kelly The Great McNair
    Kelly The Great McNair Hace 3 años +144

    I think the honesty in this video is one of the bravest things you’ve done yet. Thank you.

  • Shavonne Allison
    Shavonne Allison Hace 4 meses +19

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son unos KISSSS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍
    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • GigantorsDAD
    GigantorsDAD Hace 2 años +1

    You guys live more in each moment than most of do all day.

  • JayRad
    JayRad Hace 3 años +1

    thanks for sharing your true feelings. that always feels better. you two are both strong and brave. you also need a vacation from the channel. much love to you both.

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis Hace 3 años

    I have been watching your videos for quite sometime but never commented- this is by far my the most meaningful one I’ve watched and extremely relatable. The act of continuing is a sign of bravery even if we can’t see that in the moment! Sending good vibes your way.

  • matorsolus
    matorsolus Hace 3 años +43

    Have been checking up on you guys for years... not writing often.
    Elayna, have you thought about talking to an online/skype therapist? Here in Sweden people in remote locations talk to their therapist on Skype. Just to get new perspectives on things.
    Hope you keep on doing what you love to do.
    Will be following you from Sweden.

  • John Grant
    John Grant Hace un año

    I just started watching. Don’t know the full history but from what I’ve watched, I admire all 3 of you. It is never easy. Life is hard. That said, you are truly “living” your life. You are beautiful and strong. You seem a great mother and a kind person. Your smile is contagious. In this unstable world, know you bring hope for better times ahead. Be well. Be safe.

  • A Green
    A Green Hace 2 años

    Thank you for telling it like it really is for you Elayna..The reason so many people enjoy following you is because you are willing to let us in on your lives.Yes, you are very brave, but, It is Ok to break down some times. It means you are facing your emotions. It would be unusual if you didn't feel different after having a child. It is true that sailing can be very dangerous and taking stock and being cautious seems like the responsible thing to do now that you have Lenny. We can see your appreciation for Riley and all he does. Be gentle with yourself. I think the meditation is a good idea, it will help you to figure out what you really need and want. Hugs to you.

  • Sam Turner
    Sam Turner Hace 3 años

    Kia Kaha Team! Thank you for sharing your struggles and being so open and honest about it! I'm sure watching your candor will help someone who is having a rough time!

  • Peter Sobocki
    Peter Sobocki Hace 3 años

    Lots of hugs Elayna... You're doing great, the three of you. I think what you are feeling is normal when you have a young family. Love each other, talk to each other and don't be afraid to keep it real.

  • Mark T.
    Mark T. Hace 3 años +119

    Do what you have to do. Don’t worry about your channel. We’ll support you either way.

  • Ruby Soho
    Ruby Soho Hace 2 años

    Thank you for sharing. Being a Mum is hard at the best of times. It’s ok to not have it together and it’s ok to take a break!

  • Stacy
    Stacy Hace 3 años

    Thanks for your transperancy, Elayna. It's easy to be envious of the lifestyle you guys lead, but important to point out that everyone has their struggles and ups and downs. A beautiful lifestyle like yours has its costs, along with the many rewards. Your family is so adorable, and I love the beautiful footage your share with us. 🌺 Have you ever considered giving God a chance with your life? Jesus loves you so much, and can fill you with such peace and joy even in the most difficult times. Love you guys! 🌹

  • Linda Stevens
    Linda Stevens Hace 2 años

    I'm so happy for u 3. What a amazing family and great job out there.

  • Lone Sailor 14
    Lone Sailor 14 Hace 2 años

    Omg I loved this sooo much! I live on a yacht too and have totally felt like you in this video. It's great and adventurous and amazing but my god is it tiring! You never know how long you'll get to relax before something else needs attention. So you never fully relax and eventually forget how to. But then I think of leaving it all to live in a house and it makes me cringe.

  • rclines001
    rclines001 Hace 3 años +88

    Having a baby is stressful. Period. No matter the situation.

  • Kevin Wescott
    Kevin Wescott Hace 2 años

    We love you so much! Thanks for all the videos! More importantly, take care of you!

  • CnCEndeavors
    CnCEndeavors Hace 2 años +2

    There is also a common depression that occurs in mother's early on. Taking care of a young human is consuming. My wife and I have 4 - the youngest is now 13 and we're just turning the corner. And my wife was more affected than me. This sort of feeling of fear and despair would likely still exist even if you were living in a house as well. Thanks for sharing - and keep positive!

  • Joe Verlander
    Joe Verlander Hace 2 meses

    Showing your emotional struggles is BRAVE Elayna. Remember that! 🧡

  • Jennifer Lopesi
    Jennifer Lopesi Hace 2 años

    Thank you so much for sharing this video and expressing your truth. It takes a lot of courage to open up and allow us to see another side of you and what you are truly experiencing. I'm so glad you did share this because it really does help viewers see the reality. I have always admired both of your strength and have always wondered how you deal with the challenges or if any of it phased you... As I would be very anxious doing what you guys do on a daily basis and you guys always seem so calm and collected. I went through similar feelings going from my early twenties to late twenties. I noticed I didn't have the same care-free attitude, or 'happy-go-lucky, think about the consequences after' kinda mindset as I got older. I suppose that happens with experience and you do become more wary. You guys are challenging yourselves every day, pushing outside of your comfort zones all of the time and that is amazing! And is what inspires us all! Bravery is acknowledging you're scared shitless and pushing on anyway ;) Much love and many thanks to you both

  • Clair
    Clair Hace 3 años +299

    Dont forget Elayna; your body is recovering from a human. Including your hormones. Love from London and a mum of 3 x

    • Momma2Jax
      Momma2Jax Hace 3 años

      I would agree the hormones make you feel crazy at times, I am a stay at home mom to a 4-year-old with cystic fibrosis and I recently started taking with a professional. Talking things through with someone other than your partner helps tremendously! For me, it couldn't be a friend or family I needed to speak openly and not have to think about how that person would react. I will say the weeks where I have little to no time for myself are by far the lowest points. Make time for yourself if putting down the camera for a while is it then so be it! We will all be here!

    • theBear89451
      theBear89451 Hace 3 años +2

      I assume she is still breastfeeding. This does look like typical behavior from low progesterone levels.

    • Gem
      Gem Hace 3 años +21

      Yes don't forgot it really takes your body a year to recover from having a baby. Not just how you look, but also your hormones and reactions to things. As a mother your behaviour will change, but you will slowly find yourself getting back to how you where xxx lots of love xxx

    • Aaron Weir
      Aaron Weir Hace 3 años +7

      And no childcare ☹️

  • Anna Zielińska
    Anna Zielińska Hace 3 años

    I think you are really amazing, brave and strong Elayna, you have courage to talk about you weaknesses. And it’s great because you are only a human :) and you don’t have idea how much it means to me! I do really feel like this from time to time, I’m glad that somebody else goes through the similar thing.
    You are such a beautiful and happy little family. Wish you all the best❤️

  • Laurie Rodriguez
    Laurie Rodriguez Hace un año

    Thanks for the reality. It happens to kind to yourself!! Take care of you, you're doing an amazing job! Thanks for sharing!🤗🤗

  • bimmergeezer
    bimmergeezer Hace 2 años

    Elayna, you are a PERFECT mother! I wish mine had been half what you are! I raised 4 boys and now have 9 grandchildren. I am well trained and capable! I could be Lenny's nanny! If you have an empty locker for me to sleep in, great! I am there.

  • Sarah Schellhas
    Sarah Schellhas Hace 2 años

    Elayna and Riley, thank you for opening up and sharing what you have been going through. This episode really changed my perspective on what you guys do, what sailing around the world really means and how it's not just all like paradise every day. I have so much respect for you!
    And by the way... don't talk yourself down. YOU ARE SO BRAVE, just like everyone is in their own way, it's just a question of perspective and what you are used to xx

  • Hajimaru Bonsai
    Hajimaru Bonsai Hace 3 años +6

    There are many levels of bravery. Talking openly about mental health, especially when its not at peak performance is a level of bravery that most cant or wont allow themselves.
    you are "Brave Elayna"
    Thanks so much for sharing

  • Jill Lauzon
    Jill Lauzon Hace un año +2

    It comes with being a Mom. Especially for the first time. You become protective and are concerned about your baby's safety. Add to that you are living at a higher risk lifestyle it's no wonder you are having these feelings.

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss Hace 3 años

    You are brave! I can’t even get on a boat without feeling unsafe! Keep doing what your doing! ❤️

  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl Hace un año

    "When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. You are connected to your child and to all those who touch your lives. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child." - Sophia Loren
    This video was so relatable. I was very fearful when our boys were little. Young motherhood is hard. The good news is that as my kids have gotten older and less vulnerable, it does get much easier. All the best to you Elayna.

  • Cynthia Laurore
    Cynthia Laurore Hace 2 años

    You are brave for sharing it and realizing what it happened omg I pray that you guys will find a balance in the life that you love❤️