Our TINY HOME on the Ocean Ep. 199

  • Publicado el 30 sep 2022

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  • Music4TheSoul.
    Music4TheSoul. Hace 3 años +1811

    imagine looking back at pictures of this when you're older, like yeahh thats my mum and dad we lived on a boat. so cute.

    • 1sweetmess
      1sweetmess Hace 5 meses

      So true. Those kiddos are going to have so many fun memories..It's really a gift. I wish I had that much footage of my parents.

    • Tête Dur
      Tête Dur Hace 7 meses

      I wonder if Australian singer/songwriter Kasey Chambers has any of those kind of pictures. Her dad loaded the family up in a Ute of some kind and took them out onto the Nullarbor Plain, where they hunted foxes. She was just a newborn at the time, and they lived out there for the next 9 or so years.

    • Bryan L
      Bryan L Hace un año

      Even better videos and not pictures ❤

    • julia
      julia Hace 2 años +2

      CzMnHD what?

    • Phillip Brewster
      Phillip Brewster Hace 2 años +1

      Yes there giving this baby am amazing life that few people ever get to experience

  • SunriseBoy
    SunriseBoy Hace 2 años +130

    Guys, I know I'm just an old guy on the pension on the way out with a brain tumour , but I am nearly moved to tears watching you three doing that incredible travel stuff. May God bless you with health, wealth and good fortune.

    • Joyce Clements
      Joyce Clements Hace 2 meses

      @cra5y._.lolbit You need to watch their beginning videos and follow their story. You are mistaken. Riley worked hard on an oil rig and saved enough to buy a simple boat. Elayna started posting and since they are so fun to watch and she is very talented at filming, editing, and diligent at posting they got a big following. Their posts fund their project, sir. :)

    • cra5y._.lolbit
      cra5y._.lolbit Hace 2 meses

      They were definitely blessed with a massive inheritance.. spending it all so Lenny can be broke when they pass on.

    • Old Smokey Magee
      Old Smokey Magee Hace 10 meses +1

      I will pray for you today brother. I wish you the best

    • Luz Rodriguez
      Luz Rodriguez Hace un año +2

      god bless to you brother

    • Jasper Case
      Jasper Case Hace 2 años +4

      Hope you Get better soon!

  • Will B
    Will B Hace 3 años +616

    That baby is gonna have ocean super powers

    • zeruty
      zeruty Hace un año

      He's gonna be Kevin Costner in Waterworld.

    • Baker Family
      Baker Family Hace 2 años

      Sea legs 🌊

    • Javi Et
      Javi Et Hace 2 años +2

      Percy Jackson

    • S K
      S K Hace 3 años +2


    • ilyesly
      ilyesly Hace 3 años +6

      Will B omg aquaman who??!!

  • John
    John Hace 2 años +13

    I wish we all had parents like you, looking back at this, it's amazing the transformation you've all made as a family. Good role models for how to live free spirited, loving, positive. So happy that families like yours exist, to keep the balance.

  • gno monty
    gno monty Hace 3 años +4339

    May be a tiny home but it has one hell of a back yard!

    • Cody Morgan
      Cody Morgan Hace 10 meses

      And front yard….. oh yeah, and side yard…. Oh, and just a hell of an everything lmao.😂

    • Willy Sanchis
      Willy Sanchis Hace un año

      @Jonny D they are supported by the brand , all life expose

    • julia
      julia Hace 2 años

      airbagit13 they weren’t “super rich” when they got their this yacht. ESclips had a part sponsorship and they took out a loan for the rest.

    • george beotes
      george beotes Hace 2 años

      If one could walk on water.

  • mixflip
    mixflip Hace 3 años +9

    Wow just found this channel today. So many questions? So young yet so financially free....how? Health care? Income? How much more expensive is it to live this life vs say in an RV?

    • Luz Rodriguez
      Luz Rodriguez Hace un año

      the value of the boat goes down after times...a house goes up in value. living on a boat is expensive..you need to have a lots of passion for it.

    • jose almeida
      jose almeida Hace 2 años +5

      @KomaruKirinashi and costs 10% of its value in maintence for year...

    • KomaruKirinashi
      KomaruKirinashi Hace 2 años +3

      A boat like that can cost as little as $500,000, which is less than a house in many places in the US.

  • wayne4386
    wayne4386 Hace 3 años +284

    5 years at sea.?, WTF, I just found you guys, Your channel is amazing, i have to go back and watch everything. Get the coffee, I'm staying up all weekend!!!!

    • Andrew McNeur
      Andrew McNeur Hace 2 años +1

      Haha I can relate to this. I have been having some late nights lately catching up. Still going to take a while.

    • Garza Family
      Garza Family Hace 2 años +3

      Got a bunch of watching to do as well cheers lol,just found this family coolest ever so far

    • Familyman143
      Familyman143 Hace 2 años +3

      wayne4386 I’ve been binge watching for a week now. Lol

  • Rex Rowswell
    Rex Rowswell Hace 3 años +74

    This looks like the most amazing experience. Every day must be a treasure

  • Sydney Mari
    Sydney Mari Hace 3 años +2057

    I wonder how many sunscreen bottles they go through per year...

    • Daniel Sato
      Daniel Sato Hace 8 meses

      I was literally wondering the same

    • Attila János Nagy
      Attila János Nagy Hace un año

      @Ethan use Sunbum Reef Friendly always do. They come in 50 ml so you can fly with them anywhere and the SF 50+ protects you from rays would harm you or cause cancer... good luck, amazon got them.

    • Oscar Cruz
      Oscar Cruz Hace un año

      I wonder how much they get from ESclips per video

    • Kirsty Francis
      Kirsty Francis Hace un año +1

      @Jazagivid look up a place called coral bay WA. There’s a clear line in water where people wade around and the coral can’t grow because of SUNSCREEN. Educating yourself is not a laughing matter but your ignorance is

    • Addie
      Addie Hace 2 años

      Yall arguing over SUNSCREEN 🤣 to be honest they do probably go through quite a bit but by now they're probably used to the sun

  • Halcyonaut
    Halcyonaut Hace 3 años +55

    So ESclips FINALLY decided to recommend me your channel. So glad they did been watching nonstop and have been inspired by Riley’s story. Starting to save TODAY for my own catamaran!

  • Rebecca McLaren
    Rebecca McLaren Hace 3 años +37

    I've honestly never seen people live a life as happy and (seemingly) care free as this 😍 Your life is one huge, permanent vacation! If I wasn't a really great person I'd be so jealous.

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson Hace 3 años +153

    I was in a typhoon in the South China Sea in 1980. Over 80 foot waves in Typhoon Orchid on the 9th 0f September in 1980.
    I was on a United States naval ship.
    The HMS Derbyshire went down with all hands in two minutes. No SOS... 44 people lost.
    The ship I was on was squealing from the waves going over the front of the ship. It was the eeriest sound.
    If you ever have a big storm heading your way... Get yourselves and your baby safely on shore.
    I want you to survive. We popped it 27 degrees. We almost capsized.
    Your video's are wonderful.

    • Luz Rodriguez
      Luz Rodriguez Hace un año

      now days its is unlikely that you get caugh in a storm. there are so many weather equipment to see upfront your journey. every experience sailor have to make plans before making a big crossover considering weathercondition tradewinds and more. when needed you can always avoid problems

    • Evans Outdoors
      Evans Outdoors Hace 2 años +7

      @Van Tran well thats why you dont sail near a typhoon and you realize its like saying how dare you bring your kid on a plane

    • Van Tran
      Van Tran Hace 2 años +3

      I agree with you 100%, what kind of people that put their own life and son at risk ? Even the most experience fisherman that love the ocean and water all thier life still dont do such a thing to their own children. That my message to those whose subscribe the channel

    • Joseph Grove
      Joseph Grove Hace 2 años +6

      ok boomer

  • elise sanday
    elise sanday Hace 3 años +3

    First ever video I’ve watched of you guys and just wow. So amazing, I don’t think I’ve seen better content 😱 so glad Ive found this Channel to watch 😁

  • Emily jane
    Emily jane Hace 3 años +147

    I only came across your channel today and wow what a life.. Also, I think your baby is absolutely gorgeous:: I’m gonna keep on watching you from now on😀

  • Hope Dixon
    Hope Dixon Hace 8 meses

    What you have made possible is amazing. Feeling gratitude getting to watch your journey.

  • The Z Experience
    The Z Experience Hace 2 años +1

    This is AWESOME!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration on sailing around the World... 🛥🌊🌎
    We would love to interview you two for our World Travelers documentary that we're filming if you're open to it... 💡📸📽🎬

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe Hace 3 años

    I'd be too scared of storms and putting my baby in danger! I guess I've seen too many videos of sailing disasters! Best of luck to these guys! Safe sailing and happy seas!

  • Nathan Outdoors
    Nathan Outdoors Hace 3 años

    Wow. My first episode. Subscribed. I have a 5 year old son and I’m a single father. Watching you and your family touches my heart in a way I can not describe. You are really onto something with your way of life and it is beautiful and inspiring. Very healthy and organic. The constant sense of adventure. The priceless moments you are fully able to enjoy simply by being present in your child’s life to that extent. The bond you are forming with your family is something most only wish they were able to have created. I’m instantly drawn to making myself a better person by simply watching your journey. Please continue to be an example of amazing parents and thank you for sharing your journey.

  • C Q
    C Q Hace 3 años

    Nice, relaxing video. You two (dad & mom) seem so happy and down to earth. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gary LeLacheur
    Gary LeLacheur Hace 3 años +1

    It's been a privilege to watch you three grow.

  • Michael Warner
    Michael Warner Hace 2 años

    You guys are awesome I just started watching you but I’ll already inspired. It reminds me everybody doesn’t suck you know? You guys are such good parents what a blessed life your giving To your Son!! Super Special I’ll keep watching!!! Thank you

  • joe smith
    joe smith Hace 3 años +7

    You two are absolutely amazing. It has been a pleasure to be an old sub. It warms my heart to think of how wonderful you are going to be as parents.

  • Tom Nguyen
    Tom Nguyen Hace 3 años +426

    Wake up every morning, smelling the ocean and breathe fresh air and watch the beautiful view is life goal

    • The Ralphies
      The Ralphies Hace 3 años

      Agreed 💯

    • Reign
      Reign Hace 3 años

      Chris Miller would prefer to contribute to society than do this

    • testnutzer1
      testnutzer1 Hace 3 años +1

      @Tom Nguyen btw filming cutting editing etc they got lots of stuff to do, + all the work with the boat itself, in the videos it looks always perfect but these guys also work when the camera is off, so...

    • Top Fitness
      Top Fitness Hace 3 años +6

      @Tom Nguyen This is because you are not happy within your job, you forget millions of workers who actually *love* their job and *love* their boss .. Is all different for everyone else into this world ..

  • Simulated Pilot
    Simulated Pilot Hace un año

    Most beautiful family ever always seem so light hearted and the editing skills I'm jelly of.

  • Michael Mara
    Michael Mara Hace 3 años +12

    I’ve done a couple week long sailing trip in the BVI’s on a Beneteau 50 about ten years ago. Best vacations I’ve ever had. Damn I miss it.
    Love your videos. Thank you for being awesome!

  • Eis Vogel
    Eis Vogel Hace 3 años +20

    That smile of your kid ...PRICELESS!!! And what was said or written to you is spot on: You guys are inspiring ..by living the life. Ty so much for sharing. It made my heart dance ...guess my soul too.

  • My Container Garden
    My Container Garden Hace un año

    what a good looking fam! You guys rock! its all about getting out there and living life to the fullest! I think sometimes we all forget that in our day to day! Thanks for the reminder and BIG Gratitude!

  • Ray Young
    Ray Young Hace 3 años +202

    Just a word of compliment. Your videos are some of the best on ESclips. Thanks for all the work you do to prepare them. It shows in the quality.

    • Craig R
      Craig R Hace 3 años

      For sure! Without a doubt!

    • Skye Hues Films ✌🏼
      Skye Hues Films ✌🏼 Hace 3 años

      Ray Young too right. They’re truly a diamond in the rough. 💎

  • Lavonne Murphy-Guzman
    Lavonne Murphy-Guzman Hace 3 años

    What a wonderful video and fantastic journey! Keep it up! The baby is so cute and you two are a great couple! Stay safe! I've just recently watched a couple of your videos and today subscribed! You're almost to a million! Whaaat!?!?

  • John
    John Hace 3 años +1

    Being older and without a family of my own my heart is warmed each and every time I watch your videos. You're a wonderful example of great parenting and how a loving couple should interact. Keep living the dream and sharing your lives with us all.

  • TD Jackson
    TD Jackson Hace un año

    You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your story. So inspiring!

  • Serenity Lake field
    Serenity Lake field Hace 3 años

    Some of the best underwater photography and footage ever...you guys nail it every time!

  • SingAlongTunes 100+ Vids with Lyrics.🎤

    Im glad you appreciate your subscribers and not only your patreons

    • Xrm550
      Xrm550 Hace 3 años +3

      That's the only way to grab more patreons. All seriousness oh, they're doing it right

    • TrangDB9
      TrangDB9 Hace 3 años +6

      @Clint Russell as Epictetus said, we shall remember that we are mortal and nothing remains forever, therefore we shall appreciate what we have and not take it for granted.

    • OneWheelJacques
      OneWheelJacques Hace 3 años +1

      Clint Russell k

    • Clint Russell
      Clint Russell Hace 3 años +18

      it is powerful there message yea?. Every time Riley looks at his son and says, mate. I tear up remembering my child and how precious life is.

  • Kini Tokaibai
    Kini Tokaibai Hace 3 años +1

    Hey Ive just discovered you guys... what an amazing life journey you're on! Ive subscribed & am looking forward to see'ing more

  • George Simmons
    George Simmons Hace 2 años

    Just finished watching episode 199 and a great episode it was and just noticed it had over 4,197,000 views, well done Elayna and Riley, wait a minute I forgot little Lenny.

  • White Male
    White Male Hace 2 años

    Amazing. So inspiring! :)
    Best of luck to your shifting crew and your little family!

  • Ellen Virgillo
    Ellen Virgillo Hace 3 años

    Hello to all three on board.Lenny is adorable.I just found your channel a few days ago and I've been watching a few videos everyday since,and of course I subscribed.Im a retiree here in New Jersey,USA, I know nothing about sailing and I have never traveled the world, but I do get to through your channel.Thank you for taking me along.Love what your doing.Blessings to you all.

  • Gezen Felsefe
    Gezen Felsefe Hace 2 años

    You guys live the best dream of every human can get. Keep it up!

  • Petra Thomas
    Petra Thomas Hace 3 años +1

    New subscriber and I LOVED this vlog 😍 stunning shots and I can’t wait to binge watch the older videos! ☺️Lenny is gonna be a total water baby you can tell 👏🏻😍

    MIGHTY D-MAX Hace 3 años +25

    I came across this channel today and wow 😯 so entertaining but relaxing I would give up a lot to live like you guys for a week blessed

  • strykerist
    strykerist Hace 3 años +1

    Just found your channel! I’m so stoked! Love it! You guys are awesome! My dream is to have my own boat and live on it as soon as I retire.

  • jeremy orourke
    jeremy orourke Hace 3 años +9

    Riley I loved when you were trying to get Lennie to crawl that was awesome put a gigantic smile on my face thinking back to my days... especially when you said I don't think I can give you that one but it was a good effort... love your guys as personalities keep up the good work as parents first and foremost and as a show and entertainment thank you guys

  • Georgie Horbury
    Georgie Horbury Hace 3 años +1

    What you two are doing is what my dream has been for so many years I look up to People like you that inspire me to try my hardest to make my dream come true, my mum and dad traveled the Bahamas and have told me so many stories about there boat experience, thank you for making me a better person and just being all round amazing people keep it up💞

  • Bernd H.
    Bernd H. Hace 2 años

    Thank you for all the great Videos of your boat-Life.it looks so amazing. I love water, cruising by boat and go fishing too. You are a great couple and I wish you a further great time. Stay healthy .Best wishes from Berlin.

  • Marybeth Whaley
    Marybeth Whaley Hace 3 años

    I just watched you guys for the first time and I can't wait to binge watch all that I have missed and continue to be part of your journey. The water is absolutely amazing and you are adorable! What a wonderful life!!! ✨✨✨🦋✨✨✨💜

  • Gillian Taylor
    Gillian Taylor Hace un año

    I just found your videos. How blessed you are living an amazing life style What an education your son will have. Better than what a school can teach. Become close to nature and appreciate it. Too bad I came in so late ☀️

  • James Williams
    James Williams Hace 3 años +76

    I loved Lenny's smile when Riley rubbed his head and loved Lenny rockin' out. Precious!

  • Jason Kendall
    Jason Kendall Hace 3 años +5

    Awesome to see what you've accomplished here man, keep up the good work.

  • Blocker Yoga
    Blocker Yoga Hace 3 años

    How'd I only just find this channel?! So awesome- thanks for sharing your adventures :) :) :)

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood Hace 3 años +8

    Lovely life! Just lovely. You know who says that lol! I been binge watching tiny homes. Cute couple and amazing simple life. Thanks for sharing!

  • John Gunn
    John Gunn Hace 2 años

    Just discovered your channel today, so glad I did! What a sweet family! Amazing views...

  • noob
    noob Hace un año

    Love watching all ur upload. God bless n protect your family ❤️

  • Audrey Boissonneault
    Audrey Boissonneault Hace 2 años

    aah Dan was such a good help on board and fun to watch. I hope that he will be joining on future episodes! :D

  • Mick MC
    Mick MC Hace 3 años

    I was so impressed that people just up and sail around the world and live without any fear.. Great to see! Proud of you all:)

  • 4Blackdiamond
    4Blackdiamond Hace un año

    Going down memory lane with you guys! I’ve been watching since you started uploading, insane this video has 5M

  • Kristine Kristine and Peter
    Kristine Kristine and Peter Hace 3 años +70

    If I only knew anything about sailing - I’d do it . Thanks for sharing.. beautiful family

  • JFME
    JFME Hace 3 años

    What a wonderful family , Blessings !!!

  • Ocean lights
    Ocean lights Hace 3 años +58

    I would have so much anxiety rising a baby on the ocean! I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but it must be so much adventure!

  • mt3na
    mt3na Hace 3 años

    I bet there's almost zero postpartum depression in an environment like this :) Amazing place to raise a newborn! Baby will for sure remember this moment!

  • Shane Beaudrot
    Shane Beaudrot Hace 3 años +1

    You guy's are a beautiful family! Happy father's day. You have a adorable son. God bless you and safe sailing.

  • VTUL92
    VTUL92 Hace 3 años

    I dont know why I always cry watching your vlogs. Something nostalgic or the acoustic music or idk . . . Anyway im always happy watching you guys. I guess its something to do with being reminded about the simple things that matter the most. Kind of puts things in perspective. You are lucky and you have a beautiful life. I wish you a whole life filled with luck and beauty.

  • Dempsey Gray
    Dempsey Gray Hace 2 años

    you guys have inspired me soo much aswell as my family we are going to try todo what you do and i want you to remember always reach for the star (or the deep blue sea) keep doing what you love and what we love whatching

  • Sophia Muroff
    Sophia Muroff Hace 3 años

    I've been subscribed to you guys for years, but I haven't watched a video of yours for about a year until now. I'm so happy to see how far you guys have come and the incredible blessings you have in your lives!

  • Poems By Juss Phil
    Poems By Juss Phil Hace 3 años +62

    You're guys' videography has improved since I first started watching you guys like three or four years ago. Keep up the great work!!

  • ARasool
    ARasool Hace 3 años +1

    WOW! The ocean looks so beautiful and calm. I am sure it’s awesome being away from everyone and everything. GREAT VIDEO 👍

  • timvommeer
    timvommeer Hace 3 años

    This is sooooo awesome! ❤️

  • Skywolkor
    Skywolkor Hace 2 años

    Thank you for making all these Videos. This is so much inspiring!

  • Just Nature's Music
    Just Nature's Music Hace 8 meses

    So cool, enjoy the life, although it's hard work behind the scenes, you guys are very blessed.

  • Meghan Burke
    Meghan Burke Hace 3 años +227

    The effort you put into your videos is inspiring. So beautiful!

    • escoabi
      escoabi Hace 3 años

      One word...inspirational. Congrats, y'all will be very successful with your production skills, but mostly your quality reflecting a very real and moral life. Wonderful. Next time you're in the Gulf near Texas, wife and I would love to have y'all as guests on our houseboat on the best lake in Texas! email- sscvsat@gmail.com Hope to hear from y'all. Thanks- Greg

    • Nabihah Md Edham
      Nabihah Md Edham Hace 3 años

      @Balegdeh mmasnn mmzmnan

    • Balegdeh
      Balegdeh Hace 3 años

      @Nabihah Md Edham hmm ur right, cant argue with that

    • Balegdeh
      Balegdeh Hace 3 años

      @Nabihah Md Edham oh yeah that makes sense, u make a good point

  • Giotas Luvlectric
    Giotas Luvlectric Hace 3 años

    I'm new here on your channel ...and really this is one of my wildest dreams! You are such an inspiration!!!
    I hope you have a nice and safety trip around the world!!

  • The Louis Family
    The Louis Family Hace 3 años

    this is just such good quality content. this is goals. you've inspired me :) new sub xx

  • Ashley Muller
    Ashley Muller Hace 3 años

    ✨I just found you guys! Me and my friend are planning on moving into a van that’s a mini house. Once I found you guys today your our inspiration for a boat house! Living on it could be hard, but the sights and everything is beautiful! You guys are such a beautiful family and make sure to travel safe!✨xoxo- ashley💕

  • Heather Matheney
    Heather Matheney Hace 3 años +1

    you did an amazing job of filming and putting this all together. It was lovely.

  • Galsenprez 221
    Galsenprez 221 Hace 3 años +1

    First time watching this channel, I loved it! Very positive and inspirational 🙏🏾💯🙌🏾

  • Lenny P
    Lenny P Hace 3 años

    Of course I have to subscribe, that beautiful baby boy carries my name! Oh, and for the adventures. gotta go , Ive got 198 episodes to catch up to. Happy sails Lenny my boy! Mom and Dad too.

  • Halcyonaut
    Halcyonaut Hace 2 años +2

    Who knew that watching this video almost a year ago will set me off on a long journey to owning and sailing my own catamaran.

  • fred toangutu
    fred toangutu Hace 3 años +16

    First Ep and I fell in love with the intro, keep it up you guys are awesome!!

  • Michael J. Maschio
    Michael J. Maschio Hace 3 años +5

    Loved this episode - I understand that people will say you have changed their lives, but I can say at my age your adventures give joy to my memories and shared experiences...sail fast and live slow as we always said.

  • nicoleta
    nicoleta Hace 3 años

    this family is perfect wow ❤️

  • Jai Swiderski
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    Simply philAu Hace 2 años

    Hi! New subscriber from Philippines. Love your adventures in the ocean. 😎

  • kate torres
    kate torres Hace 3 años

    That's really nice and pretty :) sometimes i wonder what would it be like to live in nature - but i just watch from other people who has the opportunity to do so. personally i dont think i could even fall asleep or stay there for one night cause i have thalassophobia. something i dont think ill ever get over. i had fear of heights before but i overcame it, i dont think this is bearable. Its nice though and i hope you guys are living your best lives.

  • salem ♥
    salem ♥ Hace 3 años

    omg i am just discovering you right now what an awsm experience!! i would be nervous having a small one on board tho..but i trust that you guys have a plan in case something would happen!! awms parents :D lovely views there somewhere ill never get to but i can see through you!! thanks for sharing and be safe!!!

  • Phillip H
    Phillip H Hace 3 años

    This is so beautiful.. much love to y’all

  • Ivan Vega
    Ivan Vega Hace 3 años

    New viewer and new subscriber. Cheers from Nashville Tennessee. Love you guys already and your little family. Blessings.

  • Shotmunchkinz
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    what a unique channel thank you for sharing your journey

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    Morgan Hughes Hace 3 años +72

    I just found your guys channel and I have caught all the way up to this video 😍 you guys are such inspiration to me!

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    Xan Pollaro Hace un año

    He’s so adorable, you’re giving me baby fever!❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🇨🇱

  • Leigh Rogers
    Leigh Rogers Hace 6 meses

    I discovered SLV over on Eamon and Bec's channel. I'm watching your older videos trying to catch up! This is my first glimpse of tiny Lenny! I love your lives!

  • Maria Vlogiannitis
    Maria Vlogiannitis Hace 3 años

    u guys are amazing i look at u living your life on a boat and then i look at me living in a house and i realized how spoiled i am so happy that u guys can survive half or more of your lives on a boat, also will u guys ever come back n land also leni is adorable i wonder how wonderful my life would be on a boat it sounds relaxing, do u love it on a boat do u miss your family like your parents or your cousins because i would, also last think u guys look so healthy and beautiful good luck on your further journeys. love maria lysmmm mwah.

  • Maive L.
    Maive L. Hace 3 años

    Such a beautiful family 💞

  • Kristen K
    Kristen K Hace 3 años +9

    The bit of Riley reading to Lenny was just the most adorable part! You guys are doing great and I love watching these videos!

  • Susan Brockbank
    Susan Brockbank Hace un año

    Fantastic content , and a bloody marvellous escape from lockdown in the uk. OMG LOVE YOUR LIFE 💕💕💕

  • Coby LaFayette
    Coby LaFayette Hace 2 años +2

    If everyone could experience being loved and as in love as you all clearly are, the world would be a much better place. In the meantime, thank you for being our aspiration.

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  • SweetPea750
    SweetPea750 Hace 3 años

    I’m from The BAHAMAS! You guys look like your having sooooo much fun! I wish I could go diving like that. But too scared. Lol. But honestly you guys need to learn the Bahamian way to cook fish. I would be happy to teach!

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller Hace 2 años

    You have produced so much material. What a wonderful journey. Thanks so much for the sharing. We love you too😀👍

  • Bama Gixxer
    Bama Gixxer Hace 3 años

    looks like such a fun life!!

  • Daniel Habe
    Daniel Habe Hace 3 años

    You`re awesome guys. Love to be on Boats, although I live in the alps :). You make me curious to go out and explore the ocean.

  • Skip Mathews
    Skip Mathews Hace un año

    Lovely fam all around. Beautiful mommy, handsome and capable Daddy, and a healthy little boy. Awesome 👏