• Publicado el 14 ago 2022
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Comentarios • 731

  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde  Hace 22 días

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  • Miranda Brooks
    Miranda Brooks Hace un mes +27

    23:23 -Hermosa elección-
    los mortales abian -apreciado tan hermosa mujer-
    10:10 Hopironf:
    11:12 Sun:
    00:18 Joonie:
    18:00 Yoongy:
    23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    mañas no se laronf
    Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio... el que se encargue de la iluminación, genia

  • Avakin Oyunda
    Avakin Oyunda Hace 14 días +156

    Have you tried Mighty Travels Premium yet?

  • Sherri Hannah
    Sherri Hannah Hace un mes +123

    It feels like Lenny has grown years in the last 6 months. His vocabulary, communication and understanding is just a testament of how great of parents you are. Lenny I'm so proud of how good of a swimmer you have become.
    Thanks for the videos. So glad I get to enjoy them with everyone. Awesome work.

    • Rex Cowan
      Rex Cowan Hace un mes +3

      Don't forget the awesome crew, he's a lucky kid.

  • Tanja Hilton
    Tanja Hilton Hace un mes +252

    Two minutes in, and I am totally excited to see Lenny swimming like a fish now. I remember his first swimming lessons. The little man is growing up so fast! I do miss his food review though. Maybe Darwin can take over that segment. :D

    • Jim Marshall
      Jim Marshall Hace un mes +2

      Now, to encourage him to keep the fins in the water as much as possible for double or triple the propulsion.

    • Bruno MERAL
      Bruno MERAL Hace un mes +3

      This episode is presented to you by Lenny the fish.

  • sleuth 2077
    sleuth 2077 Hace un mes +121

    I would love to see what a clear night sky looks like out there on the open water with no light pollution. I so badly want to see an unobstructed view of the Milky Way.

    • Kevin Wells
      Kevin Wells Hace un mes

      Find a way to do it. I was lucky, 40 years ago or so - at college took an expedition tour as a crew member for an underwater mapping expedition. I was cleanup, food prep, etc. To keep it short, sea sickness and a lot of it. But eventually on top of the deck, laying near the bow, under the main sail, and watching exactly what you need to watch. Find a way. It's still possible. I so badly want to do it again.

    • Tabization
      Tabization Hace un mes

      Go up a Mountain i can confirm it's second best to the Water

    • The Place Beyond The Lies
      The Place Beyond The Lies Hace un mes

      @Parish 20 God

    • Parish 20
      Parish 20 Hace un mes +1

      Southern hemisphere for the best chance I think. I was lucky to go on night safari in Kruger South Africa. Breathtaking views above and makes you pause to think how all that glory was created.

    • Tommy Blackwell
      Tommy Blackwell Hace un mes +2

      I get that living up in the hills of north Georgia....but my (ex-Navy) brother said there's nothing like a night sky at sea.

  • JB Automotive and Marine
    JB Automotive and Marine Hace un mes +23

    David is my favorite Frenchman, he had me giggling with the "M for mama". Rileys mustache is world famous. Lenny is part dolphin. Cheers guys 🍻

    • Dave Amies
      Dave Amies Hace un mes

      Frenchman? but you see he's a huge Queen fan and had been listening them earlier....
      (Cause I know nothing)

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan Hace un mes +232

    Soo glad The Devils Backbone survived Riley’s MUSTACHE

    • Thomas Graham
      Thomas Graham Hace un mes +1

      my god thats too funny , i have lead othesr to the channel , and i have said to them , when you see the mustache you are there , hahahahaha .

    • Gabriel Matthews
      Gabriel Matthews Hace un mes +3

      That's funny 😁

    • Glen Gamble
      Glen Gamble Hace un mes +12

      A new chain of islands called RILEY’S MOUSTACHE? Shaped like an upside down smile? 😂

    • It’s EvaMae
      It’s EvaMae Hace un mes +8


  • Andrea Goodman
    Andrea Goodman Hace un mes +26

    OMG! I did stay to the end, and I’m so glad I was home alone because I was laughing hysterically at the song!The boys were so sweet in this video. Lenny is talking about adventure just made my heart soar! Another great video from the vagabond crew!

    • Sailing La Vagabonde
      Sailing La Vagabonde  Hace un mes +14

      Hahaha glad you stuck around for Riley’s song 🫣🫢🤣 he’s always sung it to the boys, it’s the worst song in the world.

  • Rick Emmet
    Rick Emmet Hace un mes +53

    Seeing Lenny begin using the fins was priceless! Also loved the intro by him.

    • Rick Emmet
      Rick Emmet Hace un mes

      @Michael Rice I had to think about that for a few seconds, but yeah, I see what you mean :)

    • Michael Rice
      Michael Rice Hace un mes +1

      A bit of cavitation, but he'll get there!

  • Crownedinstyle
    Crownedinstyle Hace un mes +1

    Kinda hit me today when Lenny was being so talkative that i feel like i have watched him grow up a little 😄
    He was in the belly and now is swimming on his own and talking away. Long time follower

  • Dick Patterson
    Dick Patterson Hace un mes +1

    I found your channel a couple of days ago and I can't stop watching everything that you do and experience. Love watching Lenny and Darwin. Safe sailing. The videos are awesome.

  • Luka Banović
    Luka Banović Hace un mes +1

    Trying to get into sailing myself I love to see how you two handle and co-captain this boat. All this while having two of your own kids onboard is amazing. Kuddos! I'd like to be able to take my two little ones sailing one day as well. Could you two just pour all the knowledge of yours in a big bucket so I can drink it all out? :D Lots of Love from Slovenia!

  • Rohan Mehta 130
    Rohan Mehta 130 Hace un mes +28

    I love the way you explain the sailing concepts ( if that's what it is called ) in like easy to understand animation . pretty cool 😅

  • Karen LM
    Karen LM Hace un mes +33

    Everytime i see a shot of Riley brushing his teeth. My brain screams. “Is that your toothbrush?!!” 🤣

  • Beaudreams
    Beaudreams Hace un mes +37

    Hope to see some longer episodes

  • Bonnie Moench
    Bonnie Moench Hace un mes +5

    This was a great video. Your sons are real stars, Lenny with his much improved swimming and Darwin trudging along on the dock with Lenny. I think this is one of my favourite videos in the last few weeks, not sure why exactly….it just kept moving along at a happy pace. Stay safe.

  • Andy Enkel
    Andy Enkel Hace un mes +12

    Love watching your adventures,your two sons have the best start to there lives,just amazing.

  • Dennis D
    Dennis D Hace un mes +15

    Wow, Darwin looks more like Lenny every day. It's great that Lenny knows how to swim. Very cool. Great crew in a great location.

  • Elisabeth Howse
    Elisabeth Howse Hace un mes +1

    Your video editing is amazing, I'm guessing there is a lot behind the scenes to making your presentation so flawless, but your content is so beautiful and cinematic, really among the best I've seen, if not the best. A vicarious Life on the High Sea for us Landlubbers.

  • Adri
    Adri Hace un mes

    You guys are living the life. I do believe it's not always easy and smooth sailing, but you guys rock at it and we're so excited to see what and where the next adventure is. Thank you for taking us sailing with you on La Vegabond.

  • Andrea Lueer
    Andrea Lueer Hace un mes +1

    I love seeing the boys together. Lenny is such a good big brother. It does scare me sometimes to see them around the edge of the boat but I know there are several eagle eyes on them.

  • Doug Dean
    Doug Dean Hace un mes +1

    Fun episode. Lenny has adapted to boat life in amazing ways. Can’t imagine where that boy is heading

  • Jennifer Hayes
    Jennifer Hayes Hace un mes +10

    I found your channel when Bec and Eamon came aboard to help. I just want to say I'm soooo happy I did. You guys are awesome the kids are adorable you have great friends on there with you now to help too. Such a pleasure to watch your videos. I look forward to each and every one!!

  • InnSaei
    InnSaei Hace un mes +1

    Once again you've outdone yourselves guys, wonderful episode! 💙

  • HoneyBunster
    HoneyBunster Hace un mes +1

    Loved this weeks editing and music! Thanks guys for bringing us along! :)

  • quark1
    quark1 Hace un mes +8

    You might say you want to shoot your videos differently..... honestly,I won't mind whatever style you do,cos it's your personalities that always shine and make us laugh and enjoy watching. Being yourselves is the best part ❤️

  • californiakayaker N6GRG
    californiakayaker N6GRG Hace un mes +1

    You were both retrospective and introspective in this video, quite a lot, and I really loved that. These are mostly memories for us fans also. Wow, you've really corralled the yacht vacation market, lots of adds for that for me. So, I've sent for two cassets, I put a 100 dollar bill in there because I'm sure you have cash for change !

  • Andrew Parry
    Andrew Parry Hace un mes +10

    It's been a privilege to watch Lenny grow gunna be a legend

  • S.V. NaniOla
    S.V. NaniOla Hace un mes

    Great job in editing and story-telling without narrating or explaining every step. Your vids are next level. Cheers

  • Hillary Barrows
    Hillary Barrows Hace un mes +1

    Always a little bummed when the episodes end! Ya'll are the best.

  • Marc Aussie
    Marc Aussie Hace un mes +7

    Riley should totally go spear fishing with those local guys that watch the channel

  • Kyler Hoffman
    Kyler Hoffman Hace un mes +25

    i actually was in spanish wells as we have a house down there at the same time when that fishing vessel burned down. Back in mid june ish. Story is the vessel caught fire in nassau which was put out and then the boat was taken to spanish wells to get fixed where it’s believed an electrical fire caused it to burn down entirely. People thought it was an insurance scam but the vessel isn’t insured at all. Wish i could’ve got to say hi.

  • Robert Handlon
    Robert Handlon Hace un mes

    Hilarious video, Lenny the legend he’s going to need his own channel soon. I don’t want to jinx anything but it’s been a while since Riley has injured himself, you should keep track. Elayna making all the young mothers jealous rocking the 2 piece, that green is your color. Loved the video. Thanks

  • Paul Pugh
    Paul Pugh Hace un mes +4

    Special comment for Riley; bro been watching you guys since the beginning. I love the way you have settled into your PDA! You've got a great family, these words are to inspire you to keep at it. Check this out, you are an inspiration to many of us out here enjoying you all and your content! Cheers from west coast Washington State USA!

  • The Real Danes of Manatee County

    That is crazy that you run into random boaters that recognize you out there. Love you videos and content but you're missing one of me!

  • Angie Jinx
    Angie Jinx Hace un mes

    I really love this whole video … the editing and the music … the cartoons at the beginning! And your kids are surrounded by super intelligent people all day just LIVING and enjoying each other’s company! Thanks for another lovely video 🐘⛵️

  • Sascha Schmid
    Sascha Schmid Hace un mes +1

    Lenny is so cute! Hey Lenny - good day to you, too! You re a star 😃 Love watching your parents, brother and you on your vlog 🙃 Keep up your great adventures and stay safe

  • Boat Time
    Boat Time Hace un mes

    It amazes me what you find floating in the ocean! that beanbag looked nice, hope you kept it haha

  • Nathan Graff
    Nathan Graff Hace un mes

    just heard about you guys on bert cast, been watching now for a bit and just wanted to say you guys really inspire me to live to my fullest potential. Thanks

  • Angie Brewer
    Angie Brewer Hace un mes +6

    I’m a new subscriber, I binge watched so many of your videos that now I miss spending so much time with y’all! Lenny is a beast in the water. 💙
    Love your fins Elaina! Love watching y’all explore!!
    Haha Davis!!! Have known of police officers doing the m-mama! 😂😂 you are not alone! I am a retired police communications officer.

  • scott foster
    scott foster Hace un mes +2

    The toss you made to hook that line in the Marina was awesome. I remember trying to toss a line to you when you departed Charleston and it landed straight into the water. Marie and I practiced alot of line tossing after that and it saved our behinds in an emergency at Jekyll Island Georgia. She nailed a 20' toss when we spun a prop that kept us from crashing into an oyster bed. Have to give you the credit that inspired us to practice that throw. But for the life of me I still can't lasso a dock piling!

  • Steve Castro
    Steve Castro Hace un mes +11

    I once dove the "Devils Throat" in Cozumel. It begins in 95' of water and goes straight down and comes out on a wall in 135" of water. Very cool!

  • Y Z
    Y Z Hace un mes +3

    Continue to make the videos that you want and feel like making.
    We are here for authenticity and real life. #Relatable 😘

  • Kristine Clark
    Kristine Clark Hace un mes +1

    Wow Lenny is an excellent little swimmer. What a cute fish he is. I laughed so hard at David's MAMA and Riley's #1 hit song. I love watching you all and selfishly wish the video's were longer. I enjoy it so much it flies by. Even got my husband into watching lol. Not an easy task but he is as excited as iam every week. Have a great week. Take care and cheers 🍻 ❤️ Kris 🇨🇦🙏

  • Brian Drourr
    Brian Drourr Hace un mes +3

    I have said it before and I'll say it again. It's Lanny's world and we are just living in it. What an awesome little man he is turning into.

  • Ursula Ganz-Blaettler
    Ursula Ganz-Blaettler Hace un mes

    Just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I appreciate those animations. Cool stuff; illustrative AND funny :D

  • Bob Hill
    Bob Hill Hace un mes +1

    As always, fabulous episode.
    Loved the CD or cassette option

  • Theresa Taylor
    Theresa Taylor Hace un mes

    Can't wait till Lenny gets his own channel, can't wait to see his take on things !!!!

  • catmama54
    catmama54 Hace un mes +54

    My goodness Lenny’s gonna become the new Jacques Cousteau . He swims like a fish

    • Reggie Elise
      Reggie Elise Hace un mes

      oh, he could also pick up David's accent. Then he'll really be like Cousteau.

    • Wils 25
      Wils 25 Hace un mes +2

      Steve Zissou

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L Hace un mes +2

    Riley's sarcastic humor is my style "congratulations on living" but David really cracks me up too "mama" 😂 And your animations are top notch! Thanks for being such a fun family and crew!

  • Donna Kawana
    Donna Kawana Hace un mes

    Best episode ever. Giggles galore.... Thanks for sharing your lives with us grateful ✌🏼💗😊❣️

  • Kate Repko
    Kate Repko Hace un mes

    Oh my word! The snippet at the end of Lenny and Darwin holding hands running down the pier was too wonderful! They are going to be thick as thieves as they grow up together with their sailing adventures.

  • Natalie Edwards
    Natalie Edwards Hace un mes +11

    “I could see mustache” at 10:45. Absolute classic comment and highlights your many and varied viewers. Love it and sheer escapism for me. Cheers.

  • Michael Short
    Michael Short Hace un mes

    That thumbnail scared the Cr*p out of me i thought it was your boat. So happy your all ok keep up the great work and i hope to see you sailing someday soon

  • Stanley From
    Stanley From Hace un mes

    Thanks for taking me on your adventure. The kids are adorable... Best, Stan.

  • larrimo s
    larrimo s Hace un mes +8

    Riley is the mustachioed, hogfish spearing, legend he was always destined to be. He is recognized the world over for two things, iconic hirsute facial decoration, and kill shots on tasty ocean critters.

    • Jim Marshall
      Jim Marshall Hace un mes

      His shooting has improved significantly. Early on he'd sometimes shoot for the middle of the fish because it's the easiest part to hit, but for sharks and other reasons, it's far better to do as he does now and try to shoot for a 50 cent size circle on the head, either killing the fish instantly or missing it and not injuring it. Good on you Riley!

  • Maven
    Maven Hace un mes +7

    Might be getting my chance to go sailing for the first time soon! Very excited, best regards all!

  • Sara Lydens
    Sara Lydens Hace un mes +1

    Very much enjoy your videos. Your kids are adorable and you two are beautiful together. I am jealous. My husband and I could do that and need to take the leap. I want to be sailing around the Bahamas. Good for you for going for it. Don't listen to "hater" comments. If they do not care for your videos, they need to stop watching.

  • steve hart
    steve hart Hace un mes

    Hi guys, another excellent episode , Cheers and God bless You and your crew .

  • Evy van Schelt
    Evy van Schelt Hace un mes

    Editing on point! Great video as always, thank you!

  • Jordan Bri
    Jordan Bri Hace un mes +10

    That greeting at the beginning! 😭 So precious!

  • da cr
    da cr Hace un mes +1

    The transition at 15:05 with Darwin slapping the table to the beat of the song was so clean!!!

  • Dominique Stellern
    Dominique Stellern Hace un mes +1

    you guys seem like such good and fun people :) I just found your channel and I'm obsessed. I love watching all your adventures and your children are adorable

  • Cheryl Sibson
    Cheryl Sibson Hace un mes

    So the Devil's backbone survived because you used your drone to navigate a pass? Lenny is such a great swimmer and speaks so well! So cool to watch!

  • Kayjay dubb
    Kayjay dubb Hace un mes +2

    A ybs young bloods collaboration would be so epic. Yes I'm waiting for an appearance by broadie. Two of my fav content creators sailing la vaga & YBS.. Elaina & David could pass as brother and sister lol same face shape I think it is. It's cool to see David apart of the family

  • Dick Kasnick
    Dick Kasnick Hace un mes

    Hey, great vids as usual. When is the new boat coming. I can't wait to see some sailing downwind!

  • irinavaravina
    irinavaravina Hace un mes

    One of the favorite episodes in the last few..thank you SLV!)😘

    WILL I AM Hace un mes +1

    the phonetic alphabet always gets me, especially when taxiing an aircraft with thousands of taxiways and the controller is just spewing out mumbles lol

  • K2
    K2 Hace un mes

    Riley, ive been a long time viewer. I must say, you are getting "JACKED!" Nice work!

  • S Tolv
    S Tolv Hace un mes +5

    5:41 David's shoulder-to-bicep ratio tho 💪. Bless

  • brucecox100
    brucecox100 Hace un mes +3

    Do you know the baby powder trick for removing sand from hands and feet.? Just sprinkle on, give a second to absorb moisture from sand and brush off, Then you are clean to get in the car. Love you guys!

  • RockPaperScissors
    RockPaperScissors Hace un mes

    Loved the vid as normal! Hey, I just finished reading Peter Nichols ‘A voyage for madmen’ on your recommendation. Loved it. Thanks guys!

  • jeremy bacon
    jeremy bacon Hace un mes

    Your knowledge and confidence is amazing I sail through a small channel here in the Pacific Northwest I haven't been through I get nervous

  • Jacquie5☀️
    Jacquie5☀️ Hace un mes

    I’m going to miss your Bahamas adventures , I hope you’ll always return for a length of time 💛

  • mark turner
    mark turner Hace un mes

    I can't wait to watch Lenny's ESclips sailing channel someday

  • Orisa Adele
    Orisa Adele Hace un mes

    Your videos are great, Instagram business inquiries, looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

  • Alison Philp
    Alison Philp Hace un mes

    Love ur work guys great stuff as always 🙏❤️🇦🇺

  • Chris Riehl
    Chris Riehl Hace un mes

    So weird when I'm listening to stories of your past and i remember them as if i was there. Trips me right out. Thank you sharing your life. I dont think i could pull it off.
    Funny I can never remember P
    Sounds like someone never forgets Q

  • EE
    EE Hace un mes

    Tempting fate with the Devils Backbone. I can only imagine fate being like: “Oh gawd not these people again!! It’s not your time!! Haha
    Nice to see Lenny swimming so good! Practically a fish. Nice video guys! 👍🏼

  • Hanke Van vuren
    Hanke Van vuren Hace un mes +1

    I love watching your adventures! Which brand is elanya’s visor?

    • diane70
      diane70 Hace un mes

      I just bought one online from Hemlock Hat Company. It looks identical to Elayna's.

  • Torgeir Brandsnes
    Torgeir Brandsnes Hace un mes

    Great vlog as always! Be safe! Greetings from Norway!

  • Come and Travel!
    Come and Travel! Hace un mes

    It depends on when you go to Vietnam. I would go in March, April or May it's beautiful especially Cham Island off Da Nang. South is warmer and the North generally cooler. Dec., Jan., Feb., go to Phu Quac. Stay out of the river into's full of debris.

  • Angela Herdman
    Angela Herdman Hace un mes +1

    Love your videos. Thank you! From Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

  • Reuben Kincaid
    Reuben Kincaid Hace un mes +4

    Oh. My. God. I spent a Christmas on Spanish Wells with my parents in 1972. I can't believe you guys got there! One of my fave places on Earth.

  • Trav
    Trav Hace un mes +1

    I have to ask how in the hell do you 2 have such amazing skin when use spend all day everyday in the sun glaring off bright ocean water.. Honestly power couple!

  • Bethany
    Bethany Hace un mes +1

    Riley still brushing his teeth in the dinghy 😂 It’s the small pleasures mate

  • Sheila Nixon
    Sheila Nixon Hace un mes +1

    Discovered your channel while following Eamon and Bec and look fwd to watching your videos each and every week. The boys get more handsome each and every video, what stories they will have to tell their children someday.

  • Judy ONeal
    Judy ONeal Hace un mes

    The Five Love Languages of Children is a great book. There is a version for couples I highly recommend as well.

  • Charles Buthala
    Charles Buthala Hace un mes +5

    Darwin is such a Gerber baby lookalike. Love the name same as my fathers.

    • diane70
      diane70 Hace un mes

      He is!!! So darling.

  • Kristen Herrera
    Kristen Herrera Hace un mes

    WoW I haven't watched you guys in so long. So nice to see how you have changed!

  • Steve Crombie
    Steve Crombie Hace un mes

    Poor nanny looks like the bugs are eating her alive. I heard David say Lauren saw you. What a nice young woman. So much hasn't gone her way, but she keeps working through stuff.

  • Raireva
    Raireva Hace un mes

    Great editing making interesting video out of everyday "nothing" stuff....👍👏👏

  • Donald Evans
    Donald Evans Hace un mes +1

    Get a minivac (auto vacuum) for those flies. Highly effective and more sanitary than a swatter.

  • Bobbie Wilson
    Bobbie Wilson Hace un mes +1

    The best intro and outro ever 💙 M for Mama....😂 Love it! What's the story on the burning boat? Hugs from Texas sweeties 😎

  • Yvonne Kneeshaw
    Yvonne Kneeshaw Hace un mes

    Thank u for a great video … love Gary Chapman's book 5 love languages for adults too. Lenny & Darwin is so sweet 🇨🇦

  • Jedi Griller
    Jedi Griller Hace un mes

    “The Devils bone!!!!” I feel like a grade schooler giggling!!!
    I would absolutely love to have that CD or cassette!!! 😂🤣

  • Mary Ross
    Mary Ross Hace un mes

    An epic hilarious vlog guys. Love it

  • Theology Guys
    Theology Guys Hace un mes

    Another great video. Loving the phonetic alphabet mistake. I've heard "Q for cucumber" before 😂

  • Isaac Romero
    Isaac Romero Hace un mes +1

    That moment of Lenny cleaning just kill me😂😂😂