Why I've been distant lately..

  • Publicado el 24 abr 2022
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    *I realize there is a war, people dying of starvation etc but I think it's important for personal issues to be shared to make people aware of what life might be like inside another person. The human experience in all of its gory and real manifestations. It would have been so much easier to hide this issue I've been having, but I know how many other people there are out there, struggling with something. I figured that maybe by me being raw and honest with you guys, you will realize we all have our battles and what you see on social media is (mostly) what people want you to see. The highlights. This is not a highlight of mine. No one's life is perfect and if it appears that way, it's not true. Don't be fooled.
    Thanks for allowing me the space to be vulnerable with you guys. ❤️ Thanks for loving and supporting me, for me!
    - Elayna
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Comentarios • 7 125

  • Ken Elrod
    Ken Elrod Hace 5 meses +2575

    Elayna: I watch you all in hi-def and I truly never noticed. You are all beautiful people and I'm surprised to learn you felt self-conscious about your skin. 99% of the women on the planet would kill to look like you. What is wrong with our society that even beautiful women are critical of their own appearance. My wife is a stunner. We had been married 3 years when she mentioned the "scar" on her nose. I laughed because I thought she was kidding. She had gone through a windshield when she was 17 and did, in fact, have a scar on her nose. It stunned me to learn she was self-conscious of something I never noticed. And trolls are trolls because they are insecure and lack humanity. I always try to see the good in people, but trolls have little to recommend them. Great episode and thanks for sharing.

    • ljhoats
      ljhoats Hace 2 meses

      @Mr Blue Sky just dark patches....girls gave me zits lol

    • Mr Blue Sky
      Mr Blue Sky Hace 2 meses

      ​@Jason Mitchell Me too! She's a stunner! However, (there's always a/an however isn't there) we humans notice ourselves (using a marvellous invention called a mirror...no sarcasm intended) more than (then if you're American) anyone else. She's right to pay attention to sun damage as too much sun can cause skin cancer. Too much of ANYTHING is bad for us so stay alert. That's the best we can do so do it.

    • Melissa Pritchett
      Melissa Pritchett Hace 2 meses

      I agree completely!!

    • Jason Buker
      Jason Buker Hace 3 meses

      I wish you saw yourself the way we do.... absolutely stunning! With or without beauty marks 😎

  • Michelle
    Michelle Hace 3 meses +95

    I just started watching your channel... (came from Kara and Nate's). I just want to say I completely understand. You do what makes you feel beautiful because no matter how much people say, in the end it's all up to how you feel. Good luck on your skin journey.

    • Hannah Croissant
      Hannah Croissant Hace un mes

      @The Misunderstood Lovers Thats nice to hear! If you need anything we are here to help! 🥐😄❤️

    • The Misunderstood Lovers
      The Misunderstood Lovers Hace un mes +1

      Same Michelle. K and N have brought me a couple amazing people I’m so thankful I found you guys though. Everyday is so challenging for me right now as I am the man in a very loving caring relationship and having a hard time deciding which route I need to take to where I can “provide” you guys are helping me mold my ideas and choosing my direction and just going for it. You all are beautiful and very inspirational ❤️‍🩹

    • Hannah Croissant
      Hannah Croissant Hace un mes +3

      I did too!

    • Rhiannon Kelley
      Rhiannon Kelley Hace 3 meses +5

      i came from there videos too!!

  • Kristen Dutton
    Kristen Dutton Hace 5 meses +70

    i never would’ve thought you felt this way, you are one of the most genuinely beautiful (inside and out) person i’ve ever seen. looking up to you always! never stop being you because it’s a rare beauty.🤍

  • Sophia Clare Rowe
    Sophia Clare Rowe Hace 3 meses +43

    I have never even noticed - this video wowed me as to what you’re feeling about your skin! You’re beautiful and have never even noticed anything other in watching you in your videos! After two kids, your body is insane and you live and eat so healthy - you guys are living your best lives and are such an inspiration to so many of us xx

  • Reggie's Garage
    Reggie's Garage Hace 5 meses +24

    Let them freckles fly! Your gorgeous Elayna, unless it’s a health concern and the treatments are necessary it’s not worth the pain.
    Love you guys! Can’t wait to see the trimaran!

  • Jayque
    Jayque Hace 5 meses +951

    I had no idea Elayna even had skin. I was so busy staring at those abdominal muscles and wondering how anyone can have children and look that fantastic. I'm guessing they are adopted and you wore a killer Hollywood prosthetic. So, now I feel really self-conscious. Thanks Elayna. I'm going to do some crunches as soon as I finish my bourbon and moonpie.

  • Robert Wheaton
    Robert Wheaton Hace 3 meses +45

    Elayna: Sadly there will always be those that try to push you down in order to make themselves feel important. You are truly stunning in and out and an amazing mom to your two beautiful children.

    • Liz A.
      Liz A. Hace un mes

      I totally agree. I’ve never noticed your skin being anything but beautiful. But when it’s peeling off it’s looking absolutely gorgeous. We all have some thing that we’re not thrilled about with our bodies. I just thought both of you are beautiful people inside and out and what incredible parents! I truly mean that you really are both of you.

  • Georgi
    Georgi Hace 5 meses +39

    You’re still that young girl to many of us. I’m 24 and I still see the girl that started this adventure in the woman and mother you’ve become. We take those parts of us with us, always. And its a beautiful thing to see anyone grow up and live their life. I’m so grateful to see you become a mother, to see a woman experience life’s stages. This one is just as impactful as the one before it. In 10 yrs, the next one will be too. Women struggle with beauty/ageing/changes caused by pregnancy all across the world, thank you for being transparent and sharing yours. I hope this is a safe space for you, to feel valued for more than just your skin and your body 💕💕💕💕

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi Hace 4 meses +53

    I cried listening to you. My baby brought the same “mustache” and makes me so self conscious. You do what makes you feel good but also know you are stunning!

  • Megan Croft
    Megan Croft Hace 4 meses +18

    This blows my mind! I watch your videos and think, “man, I wish I was as confident as her!” You’re gorgeous inside and out ❤️ a true role model, especially to young girls and other moms. Thank you for sharing 🥹

  • Idaho Family Farm (Dirtpatcheaven)

    I love your beautiful face Elana. I love the freckles and the clear skin.

    • Dani
      Dani Hace 5 meses +2

      Elayna -- I have always thought that you have a beautiful face - never noticed any imperfections and I am a very fussy person.

  • siafiguresk8r
    siafiguresk8r Hace 14 días

    I love it when you ask Lenny "where are we" his responses are so pure and sweet! Love seeing the world through his little eyes ❤

  • Christi-Anne Plough
    Christi-Anne Plough Hace 23 días

    New to your channel and I’m just hopping around, loving all your different adventures. You are stunning, inside and out. I’ve rarely seen someone so compelling, charismatic, yet calming to watch. You glow from the inside! Thanks for sharing your vulnerability. 💙

  • Jessi Lindemann
    Jessi Lindemann Hace 4 meses +4

    First off, thank you for sharing and know that we're all here to support you! I have dealt with melasma on my face as well. Vitamin C if used topically can help reduce the appearance of the melasma. I use the ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% and it works really well for me. Studies have shown that using sunscreen with Vitamin C protects the skin from further photo damage caused by ultra-violet rays, so this might also help preventatively. Maybe do some research and see if this might help you. I hate to see you putting yourself through all that pain if it isn't necessary. Good luck!

  • Vicki Hudoba
    Vicki Hudoba Hace 28 días

    Bless your heart. I know it’s so difficult to deal with this type of insecurity. You do whatever makes you comfortable

  • YouTube
    YouTube Hace 5 meses +108

    thank you for being vulnerable with us ❤

    • 12 34
      12 34 Hace 2 meses

      Yes reinstate the dislike button! #GoWokeGoBroke

    • YesterdayIMemed
      YesterdayIMemed Hace 5 meses

      Hey uh, ESclips? You know this video is botted to hell, right? Check the comment section for a while and look at names and their comments...

    • RainBelle Drops
      RainBelle Drops Hace 5 meses +1

      Who cares?

    • User Name
      User Name Hace 5 meses +1

      @Matthew Vink hell yes

    • Alteria
      Alteria Hace 5 meses

      wow even youtube commented

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon Hace 5 meses +6

    You're such a gorgeous woman, I've been watching you & Riley since shortly after you started. Love to you and the family

  • Brentl Hennington
    Brentl Hennington Hace 3 meses +4

    I've been following yall from the beginning and I like Riley always see the beauty in you inside and out !!!!

  • simon wood
    simon wood Hace 3 meses

    Hi everyone aboard just now 👋. I've been watching you guys for a couple years now and this 8s the first time I've commented. First off thankyou both for all the brilliant content, what a life you lead. I was a fisherman for 12 yrs, half of that time was spent on the isle of mull on the stunning and raw west coast of scotland so I totally get the pull of ocean and I miss it every day.
    Elayna, until I saw this episode I truly thought your skin pigmentation was simply down to good living and a strong sun because you always look good(riley is a lucky bloke) anyway I'd never of known you had any issue until seeing this vid so f@&k the people with anything negative to say, you have beautiful skin! Keep up the good times coming I love to see them, it Brightens up my hole week, so thank you all for showing us all what's possible from life. Your family is an inspiration to anyone with a dream.x

  • Joshua Ortega
    Joshua Ortega Hace 3 meses

    Loved this video! I’m new here and hopped over from Kara and Nate - Keep your chin up! We all change and age and it’s beautiful and natural. We all have odd little flaws, which is to be human. I’m a fellow momma to two little boys (7 and 5). You’re crushing it! Hang in there with the malasma, so sorry that it’s been affecting you but truly you’re beautiful with or without the skin treatment, keep smiling. Love your videos! (-kari the wifey haha)

  • Brent In Sydney
    Brent In Sydney Hace 5 meses +379

    So……I’m a gay man, and with that said, you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Please don’t let anyone ever make you feel any less than that. Why some people think it’s their right to criticize others looks in a public forum is beyond me, I’ll never understand that. Just know what they say is more about them than it is about you. You have a beautiful family, a beautiful life and everything you dreamed of. Don’t let a few nasty people ruin what you guys have worked so hard for, and more importantly deserve. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Aaron Warren
      Aaron Warren Hace 3 meses

      Agree Brent!!

    • Doritos Nachos
      Doritos Nachos Hace 5 meses +2

      Absolutely gorgeous babe & you have a beautiful family!!

    • Natalie Collins
      Natalie Collins Hace 5 meses +3


    • Dan J
      Dan J Hace 5 meses +3

      Agree agree agree

    • Tinn Whistler
      Tinn Whistler Hace 5 meses +3

      Agree! You’re simply wonderful girl! I love hearing you sing and play guitar too-your vids and photography is incredible. Take care😊🌸❤️

  • Marti Mefford
    Marti Mefford Hace 2 meses

    I only recently started watching your videos, and I was thinking last night how beautiful and natural your skin looks! I loved the sun kissed look and tan spots, I did not realize it was a skin condition and I have not seen your before kiddos videos to have anything to compare it it. You are beautiful and such an amazing mommy to your boys. I am heartbroken for people who feel like they have to make negative comments, it reflects the ugliness of their own heart and that is a sad place to be. Be blessed and be safe.

  • Georgia Schuller
    Georgia Schuller Hace 4 meses +2

    Elayna, thank you for being so open and honest. I know it is easy to feel guilty for feeling so weighed down by the clarity of your skin, but as someone who has had cystic acne ongoing for years (even though I know it is by no means a like-for-like comparison), I can attest to how much of an affect your face can have on your confidence and mental health. It might seem silly from an outsider's perspective, but everyone's struggles about their appearance are so individual, and it is hard to appreciate unless you have experienced it yourself. I can imagine it would feel like a lot more pressure to look a certain way when you are uploading videos of yourself and your life, but I hope you know that the reason many of us are subscribed and keep watching your videos is because of all that you embody, not just how you look. You are a beautiful soul, an amazing creator, a loving mother, a doer, and a liver of life - and that shines through more than anything else whenever you are on camera! Big love and keep doing what you're doing! :) xx

  • L C
    L C Hace 3 meses +1

    I LOVE how Darwin loves to eat fresh fish! Also, thank you for sharing your struggle with melasma (sp?). I'm sure that wasn't easy to share. I also have a skin condition called xanthelasma on my eyelids and could empathize with your pain and insecurity that you described. You are beautiful!!

  • Pattyann
    Pattyann Hace 5 meses +1

    You’re treatment is also healthy for your skin. It helps with skin cell turnover and precancerous cells. You’re a beauty!!!

  • Jenny Russi
    Jenny Russi Hace 5 meses +730

    “Long time listener, first time caller” is what I used to hear on radio programs. I always hit the like button but rarely comment. I’m not just saying this... I truly didn’t notice your skin changes in the videos. I’ve always thought that you are a smart, talented and lovely woman. And I still do - you still are. Thank you for sharing a very difficult subject. Your vulnerability will help others. I love your adventures, beautiful footage and amazing family. Wishing you all of the best.

    • Jim Fisk
      Jim Fisk Hace 5 meses

      Hi again Elena Riley Lenny and little one. Elena I have pretty good vision and I never noticed your freckles. You're a very pretty lady as you well k n o w and some freckles don't take away from your beauty! Your little one, forgot his name , is growing so fast. The oceans are so fascinating. Well take care, keep them coming. I enjoy them so much. Thanks for letting us all come into your life a little bit on a regular basis. Bye for now.

    • karen parker
      karen parker Hace 5 meses

      Me too!

    • ElementalCerakote
      ElementalCerakote Hace 5 meses

      I didn't notice either, Shame on the people who made negative remarks about you, obviously they live the perfect life which I highly doubt

    • prothestic2
      prothestic2 Hace 5 meses

      Came here to basically say the same. Note that people who don't notice, obviously couldn't comment about it. As it is so often, I am sure it is a vocal minority that feels the need to adress the topic of your skin.
      I want to add that after your introduction about how you want to tackle melasma, it just struck me in the clip around the 11 minute mark how beautiful you are. As you are sitting there in front of the camera and making yourself vulnerable in front of a million people, you turned your melasma into a symbol of strength. Truly admirable.

    • tim pow
      tim pow Hace 5 meses +1

      I’ll also second it! Didn’t notice, didn’t realise and has no impact on my thinking and belief that you (and the rest of your family) are beautiful and inspiring people. 🙂

  • Kari Frederick
    Kari Frederick Hace 3 meses +3

    elayna you are so amazing and beautiful!!! You are an amazing adventure mother! It is so refreshing to see . Don’t change a thing about yourself !!!!

  • Jessica Gosselin
    Jessica Gosselin Hace 5 meses +1

    Thank you for your vulnerability. I’ve always looked up to you and aspired to be as carefree as you. It’s unnerving to know how much our society encourages us to put down each other. I’m sorry you were so affected by the comments and hurtful words💕

  • Joakim Molnes
    Joakim Molnes Hace 3 meses

    Thank you for sharing this! It really means a lot! I hope you read and remember this when you are feeling self-conscious about your skin: I’ve been following your channel for a while now and from my perspective you get more beautiful every time you post a video. You are just gorgeous and no one should tell you otherwise! I got diagnosed with melasma myself in 2020 and know exactly how it can drastically affect your self-confidence. P.S.: You are living my dream and if you ever need help on the boat I would jump in the first plane! Cheers from Norway 🌞

  • Lex
    Lex Hace 3 meses

    Elayna, i’ve always looked up to you and thought you are one of the most beautiful humans in the world, and i’m not just saying that. I rarely comment on videos, but I have watched you grow and form a family for years and years. I remember watching you in high school and I wanted to grow up and do what you and Riley do everyday. I’m so sorry that people have made you feel insecure or upset about your skin. You are truly beautiful 🤍

  • D
    D Hace 5 meses +262

    Elayna, If only you could see yourself through our eyes. Then you might know what an unbelievably brilliant and beautiful being you are. All of us can see that you are literally radiant. As long as there are people like you, there will be people that are full of hate, negativity, and darkness. Thankfully people like you and Riley emit more positivity, light, and love than all of the haters combined.-Truth
    p.s.The quality of you guys' videos is phenomenal!! Next up: Full length movie(s).

    • Kareelaine
      Kareelaine Hace 3 meses

      I totally agree. I am a 51 year old obese, gray haired mother of two boys. I have struggled my entire life with weight, hair that grows in places you don’t want it to grow, and premature graying. I don’t see my beauty but I have people who tell me how beautiful I am. You are beautiful inside and out! Keep smiling and that you for sharing that even someone as beautiful and as intelligent and talented as you has insecurities!

    • Ringo Starrgazer
      Ringo Starrgazer Hace 5 meses

      Full length movie(s)! Full length movie(s)!

    • chrispy_wa
      chrispy_wa Hace 5 meses +3

      Elayna.... This ^^^^^ from D.

    • Aleta
      Aleta Hace 5 meses +14

      Yes, "if only you could see through our eyes"...made me tearful. I'm sorry you had one moment of doubt about your precious face that we all love....

  • Beth Cargill
    Beth Cargill Hace 5 meses +4

    Elayna… you are still so so beautiful and have graced everyone’a lives on this channel with so much wonder and beauty with you’re amazing family. ❤️

  • Valentina Galvan
    Valentina Galvan Hace 4 meses

    Hey Elayna! I´m so thankful for you sharing this, I can´t imagine how difficult it must be. I think we all deal with these type of things on a daily but most of us don´t have to explain why we do what we do (or even things we can´t even control) to people we don´t even know. I hope you find a way of feeling better about yourself that doesn´t hurt so much :)

  • Boris Pearlman
    Boris Pearlman Hace 4 meses

    Elayna, I have been watching your channel for years (living vicariously through your videos), not much of a commenter, but this episode has moved me to write a comment...
    You are a beautiful woman with beautiful skin, body, mind and spirit. Most amazingly, you have birthed 2 humans into this world and you still look like you are a teenager! I am a gleefully happy father of 3, and my beautiful wife has changed in 15+ years since we have met, but I don’t notice her imperfections until they are pointed out by her. I am certain that to Riley you are just as gorgeous as the day he fell in love with you. And the people around you will never notice the miniscule blemishes you notice about yourself.
    There are plenty of nasty people out there, who are probably on your channel for all the wrong reasons. These aren’t comfortable in their own skin (pun intended) and feel they should share their negativity about themselves through commentary about others. I know its easy to say “don’t pay attention to them” but don’t! Feel happy about the fact that you bring beauty of your adventures, your family and your life to so many 1000’s who are sitting trapped in 4 walls.
    It’s a fact of life, we all change, but look in the mirror, really look at yourself through the lens of what you have done, to the community you have created, to the eyes you have opened and to the people you have inspired and tell yourself you are not stunning and just all around awesome!
    Love your work, and hope to one day (before I get old) to set sail.
    Fair winds to you and your beautiful family.

  • Cole Cross
    Cole Cross Hace 4 meses +2

    At 37, I'm realizing that I was lied to about acne going away after my 20's. I DGAF about much re: my appearance but for whatever reason , when my face looks like delicious pizza, I lose my confidence. I feel you. I truly do. It's gotta be much harder being in the public eye. Happy you've found something that helps (even tho it sucks)!

  • Colin Fay
    Colin Fay Hace 5 meses +196

    As Rylie said “freckles are cute”, as is your personality, which is all most of us care about.

  • erik's review
    erik's review Hace 5 meses +1

    Love this channel. You’re a beautiful lady. Sending love ❤️ Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your personal struggle. Helps me and helps many. ✌️

  • Letha Pease
    Letha Pease Hace 5 meses +1

    Elayna - Thank you for talking about Melasma and body image so publicly. For 15 years I have suffered from Melasma on my face and neck. It started in my late 20s while living in the tropics and got worse in my 30s while working outdoors and living on my sailboat. I’ll admit I wasn’t the best about covering up, frequently applying mineral sunscreen, or wearing wide-brim hats. Friends, family, and complete strangers have made hurtful comments about my skin. Years ago, someone close to me said I need to wash my neck more because it looks dirty. So, it absolutely breaks my heart to see the nasty comments people left for you regarding your skin, hair, or anything else for that matter. Those people are trolls. They are jealous of the beautiful person you are (inside and out) and jealous of the amazing life you’re living. I wish I had treatment advise for you, but even staying out of the sun all winter doesn’t make Melasma go away completely.
    Please keep in mind that for every one of those insecure jerks trying to bring you down, there are thousands of your followers who love and adore you for being you… a total badass sailor, partner, mother, friend, advocate. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  • Me Nectus
    Me Nectus Hace 3 meses +2

    I would never think anyone as beautiful as you would ever struggle with confidence but I guess it gets to us all at some point….the truest beauty shines from within and you are shining bright!! Thank you for sharing your story, you have thousands of people all around the world routing for you Elayna 🥰🥰🥰

  • herether3verywhere
    herether3verywhere Hace 5 meses

    Thank you for opening up Elayna, it's very brave to be vulnerable like that! You are gorgeous no matter what is happening with your skin, but I'm glad you've found something that makes you feel more confident. I totally understand how you feel, I had a "beauty mark" on my chin for my entire life and always felt ugly until I had it removed in college - but that was a long process with makeup and eventual scarring. It always felt like it was the only thing people saw when they looked at me although that probably wasn't the case. Much love to you, Riley, and the kiddos. I've been watching since you went on that cleanse in Bali so many years ago. I also studied abroad near where you grew up in W.A 5 years ago! You're editing is on fire as well! - Susannah from Oregon.

  • jim34morrison
    jim34morrison Hace 5 meses +132

    Dude, you guys are the most attractive people out there. Keep being yourselves. Your personalities and choices are what really makes you folks beautiful. I hope your treatments go well! Sail on!

  • Sarah Berryman
    Sarah Berryman Hace 5 meses

    Girl! You look so amazing with your pigmented skin and everything! It only makes you look like a legit sailor, human, beautiful and sunkissed! People that just want to put others down, are probably just unhappy and jealous & should just leave! Do what you must to look after your mental health, but pity it's so painful!

  • Beck Dawson
    Beck Dawson Hace 2 meses +1

    They're just bitter that you've sailed across the depths of the ocean, meanwhile their bodies and minds will forever be anchored in the shallow. Your family is beautiful and inspirational - regardless of how you have ever looked and will ever look.

  • Bess Stewart
    Bess Stewart Hace 4 meses +3

    thank you for sharing! i actually love your silly fun personality and riley's, too. that is why i began watching. and the beautiful adventure in the background, too. and i think your new growing family is super exciting and compelling. i've had eczema on my face before, so i totally know about how that effects your self esteem. it casts a shadow on your happiness in a strange way and all the emotions get so mixed up. sending you lots of love and support!

  • 936katz
    936katz Hace 5 meses +6

    I honestly never noticed, I was too busy with the substance and content you presented as opposed to the cover of the book.
    Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with it, doesn’t change anything for me…..still love your story and look forward to you incorporating this issue into future vids b/c I’m sure there is a lot I could learn.
    Sending LOVE from Texas to you and your fam!!!!

  • F M
    F M Hace 5 meses +171

    Seriously I binged watched years of episodes in a few months and whilst I noticed all the haircuts (and laughed at family bangs) I didn't notice any skin changes until now when it was pointed out. Elaynas beauty hasn't changed. It's understandable that skin changes on top of integrating the newer identity of being a mother might have shaken Elaynas confidence. But I look forward to seeing her rebuild confidence and settle into the new shape of someone who is a fun loving girl, a loving mother and a stronger and more mature woman.

    • Nancy Winebarger
      Nancy Winebarger Hace 5 meses

      Agree on all counts. And OMG, family bangs was HYSTERICAL! 🤣

    • Chris Amsler
      Chris Amsler Hace 5 meses +1

      This sums up, perfectly, what I was going to post. Thanks for saving me some time. And yes, Elayna, you’re only getting more beautiful with each passing year. 🏖 ⛵️ 🏝❤️

  • Sarah Ocean Hart
    Sarah Ocean Hart Hace 5 meses

    Oh my! You’re absolutely beautiful girl! There’s gotta be something natural that can cure that, I bet castor oil would fix it. People that say mean things are just hurting so they gotta hurt others. Don’t listen to them because you are drop dead gorgeous!!! Lots of love to you! Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your story.

  • MaryBeth P
    MaryBeth P Hace 3 meses

    What is amazing to me is I think you have become more beautiful in the last couple of years. I for one never noticed the melasma but I understand we are our worst critics. I am sorry it bothers you and seems to bother a couple of perfect people who feel the need to comment on such things. I only wish you could see what I see when I watch your videos, a strong, funny, smart, loving, happy, adventurous, joyful human. 💕

  • Mariette Peeters
    Mariette Peeters Hace 5 meses

    Like the some of the others here, I’ve been watching you guys for years, I subscribe and like the videos but have never commented. I see that tons of others are sharing their support but since we can never have enough support and love from people I’m moved to pile on here. You. Are. Beautiful. Melasma or no melasma. We all have something that we feel embarrassed or have shame about. Everyone. This culture of unattainable beauty standards, except through filters and editing, is insane. We all age (says the 54 year old woman) and as we age we change. It doesn’t make us any less beautiful. I feel sorry for the people spreading toxic crap in your comments about how you don’t look the same as you did in your early 20s. No one does and won’t that be a rude awakening for them when they get to that realization for themselves. I love that you were vulnerable about what you are going through and took a chance to share. Keep up the great work. Adding on here since I just finished watching when you asks for recommendations. Have you tried Niacinamide? That’s been shown in clinical trials to have a pretty good success rate in treating melasma. It’s just Vitamin B3. The Ordinary makes a good serum that’s just niacinamide and zinc which I really like. (Although I don’t have melasma just aging skin with too much sun damage. Using retinol at night can also be beneficial (that’s just vitamin A.) although retinol can burn so most people have to ease into it. I make these recommendations as someone who avoided all chemicals for decades using only homemade face oils and soap or cleansers made by myself or local farms. Now that I’m post menopause my skin has changed and not tolerating the oils and cleansers or soaps any more. so I’m having to change my skin regimen and have been learning a ton.

  • Kendra Tillberry
    Kendra Tillberry Hace 5 meses +13

    Elayna, I’m so sorry you’ve experienced these struggles. As someone who recently had a melanoma, I’m ALL here for it if you launch a clothing line with lots of SPF clothing or fun hats or whatever for people worried about keeping safe in the sun. I think you are so beautiful and appreciate you for sharing your story. It resonated to me that you are trying to find your place as a new mom. Glad to be part of your journey!

  • joemcfunky
    joemcfunky Hace 5 meses +95

    It's funny I have always thought Elayna was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen, and way out of Riley's league (lol). I did notice the coloring on your skin, thought maybe it was sun damage or something, but not once did I think it took anything away from your beauty. It's funny when you are young (and you are despite what you think) that you have certain notions about what beauty is and how you should look, especially comparing yourself to others or to yourself in the past. The reality is very different, and the only way to bridge that gap is confidence and acceptance. Listen to the people who tell you how beautiful you are. Listen to Riley. You are making a bigger deal out of it than anyone. You are at a point in your life with everything you've accomplished and how much you've grown that minor blemishes are totally inconsequential, to the point people don't even notice them as these comments should make clear. The intelligence in your eyes and warmth in your smile are what people see, and those just get better and better.

    • D
      D Hace 5 meses

      Every single word of that is the absolute god's honest truth. I couldn't have said it any better.

  • Lindsey W. Ellis
    Lindsey W. Ellis Hace 2 meses

    Came to SLV through Eamon and Bec. Love you guys. Love your journey! Elyana I’ve only watched the past year and started back when you were pregnant with D and as a mother myself I 100% understand why your skin is important to you! I know you’ve heard it a lot but seriously you are beautiful and I love how much I relate to you as a mom!

  • AlbastrelAlbastrica
    AlbastrelAlbastrica Hace 2 meses

    Thank you so much. No matter how beautiful we are, we always feel we aren’t enough especially if we’re in the public eye constantly fielding comments. I have vitiligo and I know I’ll have it everywhere. I have a mustache. 🥰 Thank you for talking about it. It’s so important to share your experience and I am so inspired. I’ve seen you have two kids and it’s amazing to see you raise them and live off the land and on the vagabond. You need to do what feels right to you and just make space for your perspective to change over time. No matter what I do, I am going to get older and I love life so I’m going to keep working at accepting myself as I change and get older. I am working hard on getting healthier every day and being grateful for every day I have to live.

  • BeeMagic Creatrix
    BeeMagic Creatrix Hace 3 meses

    I've only just recently stumbled on your channel. I was magnetically drawn to your adventures & I adore seeing how the universe brings soulmates together. You are clearly a beautiful soul & i feel sometimes beautiful souls go through internal challenges because their journey/evolution can help 1000s of people along the way. Thank you for your vulnerability. Try Schisandra berry for your skin {'superfeast' Aussie company} has a beautiful one that has helped my skin radiance from the inside xx

  • Ally Well
    Ally Well Hace 3 meses

    After coming across your channel from Kara & Nate, I’ve been binge watching from the beginning. I’ve been struggling with changes in my own body and face as I have got older, shying away from the camera and photos a lot more than I used to (and I don’t have to cope with having to be in front a camera) and it’s refreshing to watch this and see other people going through the same, but the funny thing is when I was watching Elayna, all I was thinking was how it was fascinating to watch someone grow from this girl at the beginning into a beautiful woman today. Never even noticed the skin, so it goes to show how other people view us so differently from we see ourselves (apart from those nasty people out there who must spend their lives searching for “faults” in others) I’m still going to keep dying my hair to keep the grey away, and dress to cover the lumps and bumps that never used to be there, because it helps with the confidence. So I say do whatever works for you!

  • Ines Bergna
    Ines Bergna Hace 5 meses +84

    Oh Elayna, it makes me so sad to see you allowing space in your head to negative thoughts about yourself. You are healthy. You are strong. You are smart. And, so capable and creative! And so many things on the list way before we get to 'pretty face.' And not that you are not. You are gorgeous! But that beauty is driven by all the light that comes from inside. Those spots on your face? They are beautiful because they represent motherhood. In a few more years, lines will show up around your eyes and forehead -- those will represent all the smiling and laughing you do with your beautiful family. The spots, the lines or all the mean-spirited comments cannot make you feel any one way. You control how you feel. You choose what you allow space in your head for. Girl, I don't know anything about the treatment and I might be completely wrong here, but that does not look like it's a viable long-term solution for your lifestyle. I love the sunscreen, covering, face routine -- we should all take better care of our skin but please reconsider the treatment. Please just let your face be. Let all of you be, just the way you are. I wish someone had said all this to me when I was a young girl. Instead I married someone who made sure I felt worse about myself every day. He nearly broke me but I gathered the last bit of determination and I am rebuilding myself one spot, roll, gray hair at a time... I will leave you with this thought: So...we all know about your face spots now. Maybe you don't need to hide any more. We love you and appreciate you. For me, I have been watching from the beginning. I feel like I know you, which is odd but true. You don't know me. But I know you, and you are amazing! ♥

    • Rosa Lee Johansen
      Rosa Lee Johansen Hace 5 meses +4

      Agree 100%. I’m a 64 year old mom of 3 with 3 grand babies. I’ve struggled with self image my whole life and just now am beginning to embrace my body and spots. You are beautiful because of who you are inside. You radiate joy, love and health.

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon Hace 5 meses

    and your experiences are amazing! I have gained 50 pounds too and am trying to lose it but it’s so hard. Keep looking at the positives and I will too! 💕

  • Nikki Sunshine
    Nikki Sunshine Hace 4 meses

    I love you Elayna! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for your vulnerability. You sharing your story is helping so many

  • Rachelle Vandervegte
    Rachelle Vandervegte Hace 5 meses

    Hi Elayna, I have been watching your videos since Eamon and Bec came for a visit. I have been LOVING watching you and your family growing and living your life. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey getting the help you needed 👍🏻❤️

  • stefania Bento
    stefania Bento Hace 4 meses +1

    Descobri o vosso canal hoje e amei o conteúdo!!! Bom trabalho! Estou a aprender muito

  • Kaylin Cohen
    Kaylin Cohen Hace 5 meses +272

    damn... people are so terrible. I always look at you and admire your beauty, inside and out. you are truly such a stunning person.

    • Alex New
      Alex New Hace 5 meses +6

      Watching this I sit trying to find the words to say. Kaylin Cohen is telling exactly what I am thinking. I watch Sailing La Vagabonde and live vicariously through you because I cant do what you do and am SO grateful for every video. Just know you and your family are loved by SO many people!

    • Justine Rowe
      Justine Rowe Hace 5 meses +2

      well said 👏👏

  • Zaadia Valine
    Zaadia Valine Hace un mes +2

    You’re beautiful, Elayna, regardless of what your pigmentation decides to do! Freckles really are Angel kisses, after all. Nourished skin is vital regardless of one’s lifestyle. Here’s what I find quite effective for not only my personal vessel, yet have witnessed success with others, as well: pure green olive oil (or young green coconut oil) applied directly to the skin, anywhere on the body, helps me keep my youthful appearance. It must be the real deal, not diluted knock-off oils, so it’s high in polyphenols. Both pure green olive oil & young green coconut oils, also contain natural sunscreen properties, which is a beneficial bonus! So taking these oils, is not only healthy internally, yet it’s nourishing externally, as well.
    Back in my nursing days, I even rubbed pure olive oil on my senior patients face and arms. After a few weeks of use, their skin tags would fall off, revealing new healthy skin underneath. Their relatives thought they had a face lift! - which lifted their spirits, too!

  • Katie Williams
    Katie Williams Hace un mes

    I had very similar reaction in my skin during and after pregnancies but my youngest is 4 now (weaned for 2 years) and it’s subsided on its own. All the swinging hormones that come with making and feeding babies is hell on our skin, hang in there, I bet it will even out over time.

  • Cut Away
    Cut Away Hace 5 meses

    Firstly, you're Beautiful. You're such an Excellent Mom to the boys and I Love that you can speak frankly to strangers via your channel. I'm thinking that ability is so helpful to many people as it opens the door to reality based, meaningful, conversation. In doing that, you are a game changer to society, actually both of you are, as Riley speaks honestly as well.....I have to pluck facial hair--guess that makes me a plucker! Having coarse hair it often leaves a "place" on my skin, and a tiny scab. I've found using St. Ives facial scrub (fresh skin) a few times a week, heals the scab the keeps new skin growing. Then I wash with home made pine tar soap, then a different hand made body soap (all made with organic ingredients.) Next I apply Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel (organic from a health food store). After it soaks in I apply a facial oil also made by my friend. I think the key component is the Aloe Vera Gel....It would probably be a good idea to check with a professional re the scrub, pine tar soap, and Aloe Vera Gel since the laser treatments are essentially a face peeling procedure and you don't want any scarring--maybe the scrub would be too much?!?.....Just wanted to share some thoughts. Wishing you and your Lovely family Many more good times and fun adventures!! We really enjoy your videos! Thank You!! Loraine

  • Avianna
    Avianna Hace 4 meses +1

    We love you Elay, you’re beautiful inside and out.

  • Pamela Howell
    Pamela Howell Hace 5 meses +21

    Thank you for bringing attention to melasma!
    I am a licensed master esthetician.
    A couple of tips:
    Make sure you are using the correct sunblock. Please use a physical sunblock with titanium dioxide and or zinc oxide. Both are reef friendly as well!
    As you know, wear a hat when possible! Especially since you have had several treatments, it’s imperative you keep covered for years (yes years) to come!
    Your melanacites in your skin have been “turned on” due to hormone fluctuations (it’s a protective mechanism) and also living on the water and extra exposure to sun and wind will keep the melanacites triggering excess melanin (think tan). So a hat and proper sunblock are the first two things.
    Next, product. There are tyrosinase inhibitors.
    But, they are typically chemicals. I respect you would like to stay away from that type of home/daily treatment in your products.
    Here’s a suggestion of some more “natural type” ingredients to look for in products:
    Alpha arbutrin ( from cranberries and bearberries)
    Mulberry extract
    Licorice extract
    Quercetin (antioxidant found in several fruits)
    Ferulic acid
    Azalic acid (usually found in grains)
    L ascorbic acid (The vitC I hope you are currently using. There are several types of Vitc)
    Please do not use lemon juice on your face as a natural lightener! The pH in lemon is way too low for your skin!
    Keep your skin well hydrated as well. Aloe and jojoba oil are great.
    I hope these tips help!!! Please reach out if I can be of help!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Janeen Lyall
    Janeen Lyall Hace 3 meses

    Elayna you are absolutely beautiful in every way! Thank you for sharing about your struggles, it’s relatable because we all have insecurities but please please know that you’re perfect. What a lovely beautiful person, wife, mom you are. I know from personal experience that the negative sticks so much easier than the positive. May we find a way to rise above it and lean into the love we’re given. 💗

  • Amanda Lewis
    Amanda Lewis Hace 4 meses +1

    It’s so wild how social media works ! I look at you and think wow she is in good shape , tan , and beautiful and never would think you struggle with self confidence due to your skin. It goes to show no matter what we assume based on how someone looks to us we all struggle with self confidence in some way or another. This took a lot to share and I think it’s something so important to bring up. Much love to you for sharing this 🦋

  • Laura Pearson
    Laura Pearson Hace 5 meses

    Elayna - Keep living your dream - You and your family are beautiful in every way. Continue to be in the moment and live there- Hurt people hurt people- I’m sure it is hard but those comments have nothing to do with you and who you are. Sending Love and Light - I love watching you all so beautiful- informative and Real. ✌🏼✌🏼

  • Carly Faiers
    Carly Faiers Hace 5 meses

    Hi Elayna, we watch every one of your videos and neither myself or my husband had noticed anything until you mentioned it in this video. As a teenager, I suffered horrific acne, so I do understand how your skin can affect your confidence, but you're so beautiful (inside and out). Don't let the trolls get you down x

  • Ana Sobrino
    Ana Sobrino Hace 5 meses +129

    This took guts. You remain stunning. Don’t let others influence your sense of beauty because it’s from within & you still shine on. Everyone’s skin changes. You are gorgeous!!! Bravo for talking about it.

    • Ana Sobrino
      Ana Sobrino Hace 5 meses +2

      @zuldo took guts to display vulnerability about the topic

    • zuldo
      zuldo Hace 5 meses

      Took guts to tell people she has skin discolouration? lol

  • Phil Goetz
    Phil Goetz Hace 5 meses

    Elayna and Riley thanks for sharing and letting us into your lives. We are truly envious! Riely is a very lucky man to have such a beautiful sole mate in his life keep shining on Elayna and Riley Thanks Again!

  • Sandy Vasquez
    Sandy Vasquez Hace un mes

    Your totally beautiful omg!! we all know when sailing and out in the sun to long can cause our skin to do this, mine was on my nose for years!! and I felt terrible but I was out in the sun alot one year, and now its almost gone!! What really counts is your heart 💝 Thank for taking time to express yourself girl you got this, wonderful person, beautiful and great mom!!

  • Eve Johnson
    Eve Johnson Hace 5 meses

    I understand your feelings so well, having suffered adult skin issues (including but not limited to melasma) for many years. Do what you need to give yourself that confidence boost, without regret or shame. Self-care is so important. And believe those around you who tell you that you are beautiful.

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B Hace 3 meses

    Elena, you look great. I know those things that seems so small to the rest of us can weigh heavily. I'm sure Riley feels this way, but I tell my wife, "this is the body that gave me my two beautiful children, there can't be anything wrong with it."
    Haters gonna hate, you don't need to listen to those people, I'll bet dollars to doughnuts they feel the need to make themselves feel better.
    Great content, I get to travel around the world from my living room here in TN.

  • Darren Squires
    Darren Squires Hace 5 meses +208

    You are a beautiful lady inside and out Elayna , don't let the negative comments get you down . You still look as beautiful as the first video of you guys i watched years ago x

    • William Lantz
      William Lantz Hace 5 meses

      I think your skin is beautiful with or without. It's you. Tell her Riley.

    • Russell Dienell
      Russell Dienell Hace 5 meses +2

      Elaine you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Don't let people get to you. Love to all 4 of you Doug

    • Rick Janssen
      Rick Janssen Hace 5 meses +2

      I read a bunch of the comments posted and I think some of them were not trying to be mean, but were concerned it may be skin cancer.
      either way you are 100% correct that she is a beautiful woman inside and out.

  • Chloe Mac
    Chloe Mac Hace 3 meses +2

    Hi, I just started following your channel, and I just want to say you look incredible. I understand when you see something, it stands out more because you constantly look at that one thing on your body but know this - don't listen to what others say about you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, gorgeous even. If those people saw you in real life the way they watched your videos, at no point would they say what they did. Your appearance is full of life, love and beauty. Trust in that. Enjoy your travels.

  • Steve
    Steve Hace 4 meses +3

    I've been watching for a while now and never noticed either. Always look lovely. Love the family life on the cat. I'm getting into some lake sailing this summer.

  • Bubs Odleson
    Bubs Odleson Hace 3 meses

    I stumbled upon your channel via the vlog you did with Kara and Nate, and I'm SO glad I did. I love your channel, your family and all you represent. And by the way, you're gorgeous just as you are!

  • TritonTv
    TritonTv Hace 3 meses +1

    Wow those people are so mean. I only started watching you guys recently (kara and nate) and I see you as a beautiful young lady even with the melasma. Don't listen to those people.

  • Tahla Williams
    Tahla Williams Hace 5 meses +93

    You're a beautiful woman Elayna, both inside and out, with two stunning little boys. 99.99% of people who follow your channel will agree with me. Let that perspective encourage and reassure you.

  • TheeTreesAreGreen
    TheeTreesAreGreen Hace 5 meses +6

    I’m the same age as Elayna and am on a similar skin journey. I highly suggest a hydrating serum. I layer it under the vitamin c. You might be able to do a peel (there are ones the are natural derived) on a more regular basis maybe monthly? You should be able to find a dermatologist who can give you either a prescription or can suggest one that can do at home. You might still need the laser treatment but hopefully can reduce it to an annual visit. Otherwise continue with the sunscreen and cover up when you can. Also Elayna is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. The people writing those comments probably don’t look half as good.

  • FamilyUntethered
    FamilyUntethered Hace 2 meses

    Wow. Thanks for the share. Have been watching for years and you have been an inspiration to my family to pursue our unconventional dreams. You have defied conventionality again and again, and trolls will always try to tear others down that shatter their own sad reality.
    It's your adventuring heart and your personality that radiates your beauty - 'you' are NOT your body!! May you feel that in your heart! Keep it up, Elayna - you're crushing it!

  • Rebecca M
    Rebecca M Hace 3 meses

    I have had pregnancy melasma and still got it I know how you feel 🥺♥️

  • Melissa Labrecque
    Melissa Labrecque Hace 4 meses

    Blessings Elayna, first time commenting. My husband, 10month baby and I love watching your videos. Scenery is amazing- we appreciate everything that you put into all the videos and sharing your life and adventures with us. Very inspiring! Love the cartoons also. We always learn something and we comment how fun and perhaps challenging it may be for you as parents to have 2 young ones on board with everything else going on. To comment on the skin- I never noticed at all until I watched this video and honestly was saddened by all the comments you showed of people that commented in a negative way. Please don't take other people's judgements to heart. There is a cure and answer for everything- I will need to look into this one more to offer suggestions. Apart from the healing power of Jesus, I look to plants and food. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and being vulnerable (which you both do well).

  • Míša Šťastná
    Míša Šťastná Hace 5 meses +32

    Hi Elayna, melasma buddy here :) I know how frustrating it can be and how it can play with your confidence. Things that help me: Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, whenever I stop taking these my melasma comes back. I learned that not every sunscreen is the best for this condition. Mineral-based sunscreens are the best. I did 2 IPL last summer the result lasted me until now. IPL doesn't hurt as the treatment you had. You can check your hormonal levels. I have an underactive thyroid so it's no surprise I get melasma whenever my levels are off. Here is a great video from Dr. Dray about melasma, I hope it helps :) esclips.com/video/mV9n2iPM3wc/vídeo.html

  • CopperLotus
    CopperLotus Hace 3 meses +1

    My love and thoughts go to you regarding your skin.

  • Alex & Tash Motorbike Adventures

    G’day. I’ve been watching you guys since the beginning, stumbled across your videos when you’d only created 3-4. I’m really not the type of person to comment even though I love what you guys do (I’ve thrown a few likes cause I know it helps you out, I’ve got a few shirts and love your album) but I had to stopped this video at 4:40 and break the comment drought, let you know that you are absolutely stunning.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re amazing.

  • Elizabeth Bearb
    Elizabeth Bearb Hace 2 meses

    Elayna you are beautiful! Don’t feel self conscious. Be you!! Love the show and y’all personalities!! ⛵️

  • Ryhan Peacefeather
    Ryhan Peacefeather Hace 5 meses

    Thanks for sharing your journey Elayna. I appreciate your vulnerability. On screen life certainly has its challenges. Peace!

  • Guy Elliott
    Guy Elliott Hace 5 meses +123

    Very sorry you receive those comments Elayna. I just can’t fathom some people!
    Ironically, I have been commenting to my family recently how I think you are more beautiful now than when you started this journey. I’m honestly with Riley - I like your freckles!!
    But more importantly - you should feel fantastic about the craft and skill you (and Riley) have developed over the past seven years. Love the channel and your journey. ❤❤

  • MJ Mikaelson
    MJ Mikaelson Hace 4 meses

    I really like how you guys put the music in this video! Also the drone footage and transitions underwater is spot on.

  • kloparen
    kloparen Hace 4 meses +1

    Really great video. Great editing. Loved the slowmotion beauty shots. I have no idea about this skin thing. But, I believe 99.9% of all the crap that happens to us, is related to our gut health. So I'd look into that. Having lasers every 6 months doesn’t sound like a solution. Before this episode I've never looked at your skin, maybe your mullets have made me laugh once or twice, but apart from that , you are all beautiful! Also, great seeing your third Swede onboard. 🇸🇪

  • Zoe H.
    Zoe H. Hace 2 meses

    I drop in every 6 or so months. The first time I saw the darker spots I thought they were gorgeous. You have a natural, real beauty. (Whatever that means.) If treatments makes you happy, then go for it but you don’t need to. Wear sunscreen protection, for the obvious reasons but beyond that your skin is amazing.

  • dolcevita sexy
    dolcevita sexy Hace 3 meses

    You're beautiful. Im having some skin problems too and i am still trying to find solutions. What i love about you is your personality in these earnest and creative videos and i am not even noticing any sort of skin issue on you! So i hope your skin problems will go away and you will be free from the shackles that chained your self confidence to the skin problems. You are beautiful and you have a beautiful family and a beautiful life. Will continue to watch your vids! Im a new subscriber!

  • Chloe Miller
    Chloe Miller Hace 5 meses +158

    Those comments are disgusting and I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. Been watching you all for years and have always been in awe of how gorgeous you are!

    • Dumme Kunst
      Dumme Kunst Hace 5 meses

      @cqvio doli I love your adventures, beautiful foot.

  • ty mckittrick
    ty mckittrick Hace 4 meses

    My boyfriend and I are finally getting a liveaboard monohull in November after 2 years of saving, we've been watching hours of your content for the past couple of weeks and I've only recently started watching the older videos.
    Truthfully, I think motherhood suits you beautifully! Here I am comparing myself and my life to you, only to see that you struggle just as much as anyone to love yourself. You are absolutely stunning, truly a joy to witness along with your hubby and two little ones.
    Give yourself credit... we're in a pandemic, on the brink of war, a worldwide food shortage, our planet is dying and little things on top of that certainly don't help but are easy to focus on when nothing else is resolvable. You're killing it(: hope to see ya'll out there someday!

  • Andrew Drauschak
    Andrew Drauschak Hace 3 meses

    Elayna - I tell my girlfriend every-time we watch that you get more beautiful with age! Riley on the other hand...haha just kidding you guys both rock and are incredible human beings!

  • Jessika Kearns
    Jessika Kearns Hace 4 meses

    Elayna, I love you so much. I really appreciate how real and down to earth you are while also inspiring with this amazing adventure. Thank you for sharing it - including the bits that don't feel glamorous. We all have hang ups. You're beautiful, but also so inspiring and warm and a pleasure to follow along with as I navigate my own life and sense of self just a few years ahead of you but in different surroundings. You do you.
    I'm one of those who never noticed or judged your hair or changes, because we're all changing all the time. Much love to you and yours.

  • Francesca di leo
    Francesca di leo Hace 3 meses

    You are absolutely beautiful inside and out!! Much love and support from California 💖💖💖