The TRUTH about Buying a CATAMARAN. Don't be LIED TO..

  • Publicado el 15 oct 2020
  • Thank you to our patrons for supporting this video. This video was not sponsored and is purely my own opinion. I wonder at the size and agility of the cat which has been placed amongst the pigeons.
    This video took quite a bit of work to pull together, we did about 10 revisions and I'm still not 100% happy with it but it goes a long way towards describing what I think is a good and safe multihull sailing philosophy.
    The ONE book on Catamarans you need to own
    The Polar Diagram
    Yachting World Magazine - Sailing Across Atlantic article
    A video of a Leopard 45 performing under various conditions
    A guy Sailing the World in a Lagoon
    Skip Novak on performance Catamarans
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Comentarios • 2 975

  • Sailing Ruby Rose
    Sailing Ruby Rose Hace un año +299

    Welp, at least we're not the only ones pissing off the big production cat manufacturers 😂 Great video Riley, I think we feel exactly the same way. If we ever find ourselves in the same anchorage, will be great to have a beer and chat about all this in person. Cheers- Nick & Terysa

    • scott neeDHAM
      scott neeDHAM Hace 5 meses

      @Pearly Shells bahahahaha...stop it : i'm dying.... kkkkkkk

    • HL R
      HL R Hace un año

      I love these simple minded haters taking shots at Nick & Teresa. If they had the institutional knowledge, coupled the appropriate funding, not one would ever turn away a first rate vessel the likes of Ruby Rose II. Jealous much people?

    • Bro. DJ - The Wednesday Word
      Bro. DJ - The Wednesday Word Hace un año

      @Rick Emmet Kudos bruh...

    • Rick Emmet
      Rick Emmet Hace un año +1

      @D J Hey DJ, I too first sailed in Mission Bay, we're fellow alumni!

    • Rick Emmet
      Rick Emmet Hace un año

      Hi Nick and Terysa, I too wondered about the choice of a cat without daggerboards, and in the interviews Nick did with Antoine he did say that a cat with a keel fin will not point as high - 5 to 15 degrees farther off the wind. But the boat will sail much faster than the monohull and you may have plans for you cruising destinations that work with the choice. It is possible to sail around the globe down wind most of the time. Maybe you guys can go into this in a future episode. Cheers!

  • Aeroyacht
    Aeroyacht Hace un año +216

    Great job Riley. You opened sailors minds with honesty and transparency. Thanks also for sharing the info from my book “CATAMARANS , The Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors”. The book is in its 3rd edition and its humbling to see how many people seem to have benefited from its content. As important as the right boat is - I have found that timing and being with the right crew is almost more crucial. A final message to all: “Just go out there and do it ..and don’t wait until you have saved it all that ‘tomorrow’ may never come”. - Gregor Tarjan, Aeroyacht.

    • Harry
      Harry Hace un mes +1

      Thanks for writing the book! I have it here to prepare for our "living aboard a cat" plans! Has been a pleasure to read so far!

  • Roz Ware
    Roz Ware Hace un año +741

    I love how I don’t have a boat, or any idea how to sail and I’m still watching this 😂

    • Chris Maher Music
      Chris Maher Music Hace 16 días


    • Lisa Leever
      Lisa Leever Hace un mes

      Same…it is a bucket list none the less; been watching for 3-4 years but hope to make it a reality after caregiving duties are complete w/ my dad who flew for the Navy. Love boats and aviation. Go figure. Happy sails, I mean happy trails! ☺️

    • HVAC Mike
      HVAC Mike Hace 2 meses

      My thoughts as well

    • Mfundo Gxara
      Mfundo Gxara Hace 3 meses


    • Flying Monkey
      Flying Monkey Hace 5 meses

      I don't have a boat or a clue how to sail but damn I know I'm going to love it!

  • Doren Voeth
    Doren Voeth Hace 11 meses +96

    Well, thank you. A breath of fresh air. I tripped across this video and after a life time of sailing and instructing early, being a dealer, working for factories, living aboard for 14 years, being a multi-hull ferry developer in the U.S., on marine safety boards w/ the USCG, as advisory board member on marine studies and now doing business development planning for large maritime projects. Thanks. This is what I've been discussing for years.
    The mission defines the boat at point of purchase.
    Catamaran sailboats don't point well. There are other benefits.
    You probably don't know 10% of what you need to know to be safe.
    You need to know all the systems and how to fix stuff.
    Every time I've sailed on someone else's boat I've asked if they practice man-overboard and if their wife could do it if it was them that was overboard. The answer was....not one.
    Most sailors do not even know an absolutely reliable way to do it regardless of conditions or point of sailing.
    Most sailors are not proficient at reefing especially in parts of the world where winds are more consistently lighter.
    Most, in fact, who've been sailing for years do not how to tie up their boat properly or anchor in a safe way, thoroughly understanding the forces at work. Most don't jibe safely.
    Please do more of these and focus on specific smaller subjects like what happens if something breaks when cruising offshore. Rig, electronics, engine, consumables, damage to hull underway, fatigue, injury, and all the things that the family at the boat show or broker didn't think about.
    Thanks again.

    • Harry
      Harry Hace un mes

      Would love to read / hear more about your experiences and thoughts. I think it is hard to come by someone that has a more broad and diverse perspective to the topic than you.

    • jordillo777
      jordillo777 Hace 2 meses +2

      This sounds interesting. Would you consider doing a series of videos yourself, just explaining things to the camera, maybe doodle on a whiteboard?

    • Egor TheOne
      Egor TheOne Hace 6 meses +1

      Great advice.

  • Kristopher Le
    Kristopher Le Hace 7 meses +9

    So grateful for this video. My wife and I are looking for a live aboard and we were initially looking for a more comfy option. Watching a bunch of sailing videos my gut was telling me we should be looking at something that’s designed to sail first…with comfort built around that. This video helps solidify my feelings and will steer us in a better direction.

  • Nick
    Nick Hace un año +636

    It's funny. My wife's the sailor and I'm usually the one asking about AC and creature comforts. We've gone to a few boat shows and it does throw the salesmen for a twist when she's asking on about performance, and I'm just wandering around thinking more about where's best for the kids to jump off the deck. She has a rule - if the salesman starts talking to her about colours and what's her favourite, she walks off.

    • black mamba
      black mamba Hace 2 meses

      @NapFloridian Thats why nobody understands me!!!!! Eeeeever!!!!!!! No thoughts to possible benefits next day according to last s day decision.. Nothing from nothing leading to nothing and vice versa......

    • iducatifan1
      iducatifan1 Hace 6 meses

      @NapFloridian yupp they love GMC trucks. With the three letters.

    • Susan Bennett
      Susan Bennett Hace un año

      Good for her.

    • Popeye
      Popeye Hace un año

      @Chris Pomfret and an absolute mytho in the lower 20s.

    • Chris Pomfret
      Chris Pomfret Hace un año +3

      @Popeye Want my credentials? Sure: I’ve owned many boats, my family has always owned boats, I grew up living on the water, I’m an ex sailmaker, ex professional racing sailor, co managed a yacht manufacturing business & was heavily involved in sales & marketing for two yacht manufacturers. I’ve won world, national championships & the Admirals Cup. I’ve designed boats & built them too. But hey I’m just a punter.

  • tootsierollgang
    tootsierollgang Hace un año +46

    I’ve binged about 16 hours of sailing content recently and I must say this is the best video I’ve come across

  • Nick Kurtz
    Nick Kurtz Hace un año +3

    Thanks Riley. I am getting going in bareboat chartering and love the analysis and perspective you provide. Do keep on sharing your opinions! Love you guys.

  • Emily Ca-Ke
    Emily Ca-Ke Hace un año +3

    Hi Riley, really enjoyed this video! There are some of us girls out there looking to be the ones to sail and ask all the technical questions and it's so helpful to get an honest opinion now and then. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Arch Tx
    Arch Tx Hace un año +1

    I've owned monohulls most of my life, but in my elder years I am considering a monohull. I really appreciate your insights!

  • Useless Knowledge
    Useless Knowledge Hace un año +1

    Mutch appreciation to you and the other sailors/saling families has well as the adventures for sharing your experiences.

  • Andre Olivier
    Andre Olivier Hace 9 meses +1

    Awesome, realistic, unbiased and simplified guidance. Thank you Riley. This is exactly what we need to hear.
    Keep up the good work. Enjoy your vids.

  • Carl Newton
    Carl Newton Hace un año +1

    A great video Riley.
    I was talking to my brother about it “Darren Newton” who is Co owner and designer of Dazcat in the UK. He was impressed with your comments and how as a designer for him to find that sweet spot of weight, performance, comfort and cost is very difficult and subjective especially if you want to put the boat into production.
    You may know Dazcat’s are principally sports cruisers so lean more to racing and performance cruising with all the requirements and comfort for the family. I know over the past year they have been discussing exactly what you have been saying, but one of the main issues they have to make a yacht design a reality is the lack of information from people who live the life, just like yourself and your family, so what you are doing will be a great help to the industry and future boat owners.👍
    I know “Daz” Darren would love to talk to you about this subject and possibly help, so please feel free to contact him via the company website...
    Keep up the good work...

  • Johan van Tonder
    Johan van Tonder Hace un año +4

    Great video mate!!!! We inexperienced lot, planning to go sailing one day, need to hear this type of message. It is dangerous to go out there sailing on something a sales person sold, purely to get the commission. It's good to know the sailing community does stand up for the newbies.

  • Leonhard Euler
    Leonhard Euler Hace un año +268

    I'm not a sailor but I will more than happily listen to someone talk about something that they have well-researched and are passionate about and I found this really interesting. I like they SLV are crowd sourced and so are one of only a few with a platform in this area who are able to point out where the systems aren't working. Great video

    • Brent Johnson
      Brent Johnson Hace un año

      Preach...Riley...I/we enjoy that you have created a platform for the people by the people informative ..I may not ever buy a cat but at least my dreams will be well to watch you flex your celebrity status...always using your powers for good...keep it all up!!

    • Leonhard Euler
      Leonhard Euler Hace un año +7

      @Thunder Chicken Wholesome is the word I think of too. Once (or twice) a week I just forget everything, get comfortable and see what Lenny's been up to. :)

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken Hace un año +10

      I'm not a sailor either and just love to surf, but watching SLV all these years is my fav wholesome series that makes you feel good. No agendas or a lot fo negative content just these 3 Aussies learning to navigate their way around the planet. They've learned so much over the past 5 or 6 years and that's totally interesting...such a chill show with great vibes.

  • Laura Strange
    Laura Strange Hace un año +1

    This was a great video! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m not a sailor (but I hope to be one day) and this was great advice to me and I will definitely be doing some more reading and research:)

  • Stuart Goble
    Stuart Goble Hace un año

    Great vid Riley, only just got to catching up on your feeds. I think a lot of peeps are trying to be closet racers but want comfort. Having done a lot of deep ocean racing, I can confirm it's really hard and very uncomfortable, so never a simple compromise. There's also the question of understanding AND excepting peoples, skill levels in heavy seas and your point about reefing is well made. I've sailed with a ton of people who've considered me a total chicken for putting a reef in in what they considered light winds and have tried (and failed) to sail in an overpowered boat.
    Looking forward to part 2...

  • Isaac
    Isaac Hace un año

    Even for someone with no desire to test the oceans power lol, this was still good to see because it just goes to prove that NOTHING is ever as simple as it might look...while sailing NEVER looked easy to me.

  • mike arg
    mike arg Hace un año +1

    The value of information that comes from a person that completely loves his sailing and set out to live it, is priceless. Good job................Michael

  • TheSwamppilot
    TheSwamppilot Hace un año +239

    Riley, the world is starving for truth, transparency, honest opinions, and to hear and be heard. We are flooded with information streams; virtually all of which are manipulated for selfish gain, or political agendas, Thank you for your integrity and courage.

    • Mick No name
      Mick No name Hace un año +3

      Agreed 👍 It’s refreshing to see someone provide solid information that is clearly aimed at setting folks in the right direction.

    • Always Uknown
      Always Uknown Hace un año +4

      @gem-mint-cards. com I’ll admit, my ignorance kept that in the dark for me for awhile. The evil that lies among us including the corruption is overwhelming

    • gem-mint-cards. com
      gem-mint-cards. com Hace un año +2

      humans are selfish. you just figuring that out?

    • Robert Benton
      Robert Benton Hace un año +5

      well said. thanks Riley.

  • shelbygtsoo
    shelbygtsoo Hace un mes +1

    I use to enjoy sailing hobby catamarans on single hull and trying to keep going as much as I can...that was 30 years ago and I always dream of doing it again

  • Marc Fox
    Marc Fox Hace un año

    Super video. Interesting to balance your (good) advice with: "go small, go simple, go now". I think what both have in common: don't count the fridges....count the Bruce number! I learned something today. Thanks

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith Hace un año +2

    This was an interesting and informative video. A part of me would like to have a mono hull. But the stability and large bridge deck is hard to overlook. The only con that would bother me is the continuous water slapping under the bridge deck.
    Thank you for the insight.

  • Gladtobemom
    Gladtobemom Hace un año +8

    Absolutely excellent points.
    I've watched my dad buy boats. He always looks for a strong boat, strong rigging, repairable everything. He wants to be able to get to the inside of the hull everywhere in the boat, he wants to be able to get to every system in the boat. I've seen him change out every hose clamp on the boat because they were all different . . . he made them all the same and put a bag of extras in his parts bin. Galleys can be modified, a portable freezer can go in, it's more important to have good access to your sail and fender lockers, to have good solid storage for your tender, to have a high quality anchor and chain.
    Safety, reliability, and repairability first. All the other stuff comes after.
    That said, I want to add another thing . . . I agree with Riley, so does my dad. You've got to be able to sail . . . a stodgy boat would never be even considered.

  • Azzyness
    Azzyness Hace un año +2

    Thanks Riley! This video has really made me think about things I really didn't consider before, never thought of performance as something all that important until you pointed out that if you can go faster you can get out of the way of bad weather faster. Very good point and is something I'll keep in mind for future boat hunting. Also, in this video you still seem a bit nervous giving out advice - it's adorable, especially considering you've more than earnt your stripes!

  • Sunbrite Softwash Pa
    Sunbrite Softwash Pa Hace un año +1

    Thanks for the great info. We have always owned powerboats and getting older (Kids Grown etc) and would really like to learn to sail and take a trip of a life time. Thanks for the info

  • April Coursey
    April Coursey Hace un año +1

    Amazing job, Riley! I still love watching you after almost 8 yrs.

  • Rosie Woods
    Rosie Woods Hace un año

    this was super useful! my boyfriend and I have bought our first boat, an old Nicholson, pretty minimal but fingers crossed its quick and safe! Plan is to sail from the uk to the med next year, kick around and have some fun before maybe thinking about upgrading! will definitely be browsing the second hand catamaran market. thank you so much for what you guys do, always keeping me motivated to create a life as fulfilling as I think your guys life is! xx

  • Tom Fraser-Ivens
    Tom Fraser-Ivens Hace un año +130

    From one reforming buffoon to another: Don't ever forget how much you've achieved and how much new wisdom you have - well done so far mate keep it up!

  • Lindy Butler
    Lindy Butler Hace un año +1

    Awesome video, thanks so much for leaning into an uncomfortable area to benefit the sailing community. I’m a new sailor and boat owner and this video gets me fired up to go catch some wind :)

  • Ty Webb
    Ty Webb Hace un año +1

    I need to admit, I would love to sail the blue water but my spouse has no interest at all, she is totally out. That being said I am totally invested in your adventure. I am an aviation guy myself but love your videos. I have learned many things from you and will watch forever. I think your desire to learn, and be a better sailor, is what attracts me
    and now having been a Dad I am enjoying your adventures with Lenny. Continue to learn, continue to share what you have learned, and be safe. Maybe I can fly over you the next time you are in the Bahamas.

  • Jayne Root
    Jayne Root Hace un año +1

    Much happiness to you all! Growing another sweet babe- congratulations! Would love to see a sweet baby hammock hanging up for the wee little one.

  • EV Creations
    EV Creations Hace un año

    Thank you very much for the words of wisdom. You're absolutely right, I haven't lived on board a vessel in over 30 years when I was in the US Navy. So much has changed and my priority so far in looking at potential vessels to purchase so my wife and I can cruise SE Asia and beyond has been all about comfort. Speed, performance in rough seas or the Bruce Number have been a consideration. I thought I had the complete list of the things I had to have. Now I have to start over with that list of must haves... Thanks a lot! Seriously, you might have saved our lives.

  • Mark Van
    Mark Van Hace un año

    Wow, great video discussing balance between safety, performance and comfort. Anyone considering off-shore boat purchase should watch. Thanks Riley!

  • Rick Emmet
    Rick Emmet Hace un año +5

    Riley, you legend! You're having a larger impact than you can even imagine. Other than actually sailing multihulls, my introduction to multihull design, engineering, performance and seamanship came from Chris White's book "The Cruising Multihull". I have re-read that book so many times, the pages are literally falling out of the book. You recommended "Catamarans: The Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors" and I thought that I should buy it, as material science has changed so much, it will be good to have more current info. I went online and ordered the book used at a price of almost $35.00 US, plus shipping, etc. I waited till today to receive the book, but was just notified that the order was cancelled. I go online again to fine the book, and now it's about double the price - USED. You've caused a run on that book! I wonder how many people are presently shaking their fists and yelling, "Damn you, Whitelum!" Oh well, at least you're getting people to READ, which is no mean feat! Cheers!

  • Charlene Davis
    Charlene Davis Hace un año

    Loved the video. Wish I’d seen it in 2009 when we purchased a 36’ PDQ. we spent six years living aboard sailing in the Caribbean but when we bought it I didn’t know the difference between a catamaran and a canoe. Seen the ocean once before we moved aboard.

  • Sean CRONIN
    Sean CRONIN Hace un año +23

    I’m 16 and every single video of your channel I watch makes me wanna buy a sail boat one day. I only get to sail with my uncle in the summer months and use to sail with my grandpa in his maldives 32 and those are the best times. Hope I can get a nice catamaran one day !

  • Chris Pomfret
    Chris Pomfret Hace un año +41

    This is great advice. Trust me I have sailed professionally, am an ex sailmaker, have won some serious regattas, sailed dinghies and yachts, managed race boats, raced 18’ skiffs and have even sold yachts. Riley is spot on here. (I’ve watched you mature , in particular the crossing with Greta I saw you then become a good yachtie) The idea of bridging the high performance gap in the cruising world is legitimately the way forward. Talking polars is just as important for a cruising sailor as it is a racing sailor. People forget the slower you go the more load is on EVERYTHING. Don’t forget it’s the same patch of water so sailing an easy to sail boat with a chassis built around performance is better than a chassis built around the interior. Why? The wind and waves are the same. The speed of weather is the same. The more cruising equipment you carry the slower you will go and the more cumbersome it will be with every action so chose lighter each time. Racing people want things to work so use that knowledge and benefit from their trials. They are the better sailors dont forget. The harder things are, the slower you go, the more dangerous positions you will put yourself in. Cruisers get stuck in a mentality particularly when estimating strengths required. Every time you repair a fitting, chose a rope, cleat or sail cloth type cruisers usually over build. Stop it. Stop saying ‘if your cruising it doesn’t matter how slow you are because you have time’. grrrrr No! This adds up to more cost, heavier to lift things on your own, harder to sail short handed, poor quality materials, bigger anchors, etc, etc, etc. Riley has nailed this advice. The sweet spot is not averaging 18 to 25 knots which is fast it’s probably 12 to 15 but most boats are so damn slow they only do 6 or 7. That’s dangerous. Also, if you are new then help yourself out buy the boat that will help you sail better rather than the cheap production charter boat built around price so is a pig to sail. Sadly the industry is known at entry level for the sales guy that will sell you a cheap Benateau with he shallow draft cruising keel with no stability which then needs a smaller mast but has a bulky bubble pregnant hull shape built around the interior or catamaran equivalent. You’ll hate the performance then spend dearly replacing and upgrading fittings. Rather than enjoy the sailing early you’ll be frustrated or stunted in your learning. Perhaps you’ll teach yourself bad habits from your bad equipment too. Don’t forget you will spend most of your time on deck. The hierarchy should always have performance before price, then storage, then looks, etc. So good on Riley for rattling the production yachts cages.

  • Doppelrock
    Doppelrock  Hace un año

    Hey I really appreciate you guys making this video! Business models and sales flow could use a check in our society, it’s great to see you monetizing in new ways that pretty clearly allows you to convey a clear message to your community. Speaking to parameters that really matter is critical and should not be taboo. Are used to sell motorcycles and a lot of people would come in looking for a BiPosto or a 911, But after talking through just the basics of what 99% of the experience is going to be like did people really start to think about how their decision to engage with this equipment would affect their daily lives. I’m a fan of this kind of content, please keep it up, you guys rock, and happy sailing!

  • Christopher Howard
    Christopher Howard Hace un año +3

    As I consider sailing to world with my 4 children, one being younger than 5... This is very good information as I've begun learning and finding honest sailing channels... So thank you and we love what we see

  • Tim Williams
    Tim Williams Hace un año +28

    Thanks for sharing this, it is very thought provoking. One point to remember is that not every boat owner is a liveaboard cruiser, with a ESclips channel, crosses oceans and has a $750,000 budget. Many of us have to work for a living, are only able to cruise for a few weeks every year and mostly just spend weekends sailing local waters such as Moreton Bay. We can and do avoid 40kt winds and 6m waves. We count the hours spent on the water, not the miles travelled in 24hrs. Everyone has a different situation with different requirements which probably explains why there are so many different boats out there. There is no such thing as a perfect boat, the best you can hope for is to find a boat that is close to perfect for you.

    • Tim Williams
      Tim Williams Hace 4 meses

      @Corgi Mamma Hahaha. Perhaps I should have said "many of us have to work for a living ON LAND"

    • Corgi Mamma
      Corgi Mamma Hace 4 meses

      "Many of us have to work for a living" OUCH 🐠

  • ria
    ria Hace un año

    Awesome video!! I am one of those women looking for a minimalist vessel!! Since watching your guys channel the past year or so, you’ve truly inspired me to save up and in the next few years buy a sailboat. I actually have had a hard time deciding on a monohull or catamaran. I love the style and comfortability of the catamaran, but some type of pride in me tells me i need to learn on a monohull before I can live in luxury lol. Any tips on that would be amazing!

  • Michael Gelpi
    Michael Gelpi Hace un año +20

    Excellent arguments for the superiority of cats Riley!!
    I’ve been convinced of this for several decades, but I still own a monohull. The problem is simply cost. Catamarans are not just a little more costly they are massively more costly to purchase. The vast majority of people will only ever be able to purchase a used boat, and then probably within a max price range that is multiple times less than what you can buy a ocean cruising catamaran. This drives people who really want a used catamaran (forget new, out of the question for most all) but can’t afford one, to look at the low budget designs I think are marginally suitable at best for ocean sailing.
    Maybe you can do a Part 2 of this topic focused on “now that you decided to buy a catamaran, here is the spectrum of options and relative cost”.
    Anyway, great video, very practical and useful...and brave to take this one on. By the way, really cool animations.

  • Freedom Trail America
    Freedom Trail America Hace un año

    Thank you for stepping up and doing the right thing in educating toward safety. Bravo!!

  • Richard Macys CISSP 'KO4WWW'

    A wealth of knowledge from Riley! Thanks Riley! Definitely what a lot of people are always searching for. Hope you guys are doing well. Cheers!

  • JWG
    JWG Hace un año

    Found y’all several years ago. Love your videos. I’m a 57 yr old gent who has aspirations of sailing! Now I was a seismic engineer and have sailed around the world, on motor vessels! I am single, will live aboard and will begin sailing the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean until my confidence grows to a point that I’ll feel ready to do a crossing!? My question is that I’m quite interested in a production boat, Hunter 41 ds or 410. Am I crazy for wanting the comfort while from what I see, giving up little in performance?! Thanks

  • Masus04
    Masus04 Hace un año

    Love your vids and I generally agree with what you say. However, you're comparing your expensive, performance optimized cat to an older, cheaper, charter/ less performant monohull which is slightly biased 😉
    I'd love to hear your perspective on a similarly decked out mono like an X yacht or a pogo.

  • Oscar Perry
    Oscar Perry Hace un año +25

    As an industrial designer who sits in front of a computer in CAD all day but knows nothing about sailing this is unbelievably fascinating and interesting. It all makes so much sense and makes me want to get into this world immediately.

  • Billy Stuckey
    Billy Stuckey Hace 8 meses +1

    We have recently found this lifestyle and I've become somewhat obsessed with making this lifestyle reality. Thanks for the info!

  • Richard Dyer
    Richard Dyer Hace un año

    Excellent video, Riley! I’ll share this with my brother who plans to build a catamaran. I prefer the monohull.

  • Gerhard Kutt
    Gerhard Kutt Hace un año

    Having been involved with foiling multihulls (power) since 2002, I am moving onto Trimarans. (Started in monohulls from waterskiing days in the early 1960's) I have not sailed much, but have raced on 1/4 tons and know my way around sail boats. I design and build foiling multihull hybrids ... and think that we will eventually arrive at properly designed Trimarans being the next step up from Cats. There aren't a lot of Trimarans yet, most are not optimal because there is just not enough experience with them yet. With Trimarans, I am not talking about a monohull supported by two sponsons, I am talking about a trihull, properly designed and proportioned - i.e. with a longer center hull and narrower side hulls combined with the space that a cat provides but more ...
    I hope you guys get some experience with Trimarans eventually. Great fantastic video. Really informative for people considering multihulls. Cats can be great, but are limiting in many ways except space - WOW - on the space ... I don't want to be a downer on cats ... but people who own cats I know would consider Trimarans as the next move. I could get into the technical advantages, but better stop here.

  • Melinda Lara
    Melinda Lara Hace un año

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    wouldn't start since it was full of water via exhaust box. Besides a couple of squalls and the topping lift wrapping
    around the furled jib, the 1,000 mile trip was uneventful. Best part was the first class flight from Miami to Boston!

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