• Publicado el 28 ago 2022
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Comentarios • 657

  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde  Hace 22 días +5

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  • Eren
    Eren Hace 14 días +149

    Have you tried Mighty Travels Premium yet?

  • Trent Hanson
    Trent Hanson Hace un mes +254

    It is funny you brought David up and highlighted him at the end of this episode. I had thought that he needs a boost on here for a while. What a superstar that guy is! David, if you read this, you bring a smile to everyone's face when you are here. You seem to be a really great guy, and we have appreciated you being part of the crew. And to La Vegabond thank you for your window into your world, I appreciate every moment. Safe sailing.

    • Kevin Wells
      Kevin Wells Hace 2 días

      I can not say anything better. David is obviously a great ship mate, to say the least. He cares, he is dependable, he's useful obviously, and I guess it's curse to look as handsome as he obviously is. I wish I had that curse. But I hope he will sail with them again, somewhere. But Trent, you really nailed it.

  • miquerto
    miquerto Hace un mes +236

    David seems like such a genuine person that everyone would get along with. I'm glad he's been a part of all of this. Thanks for sharing as always. Till we meet again via video, and wish you all the best in wherever life takes you David. :-)

  • Deb Zacher
    Deb Zacher Hace un mes +209

    So sad to see David go. He was such a wonderful addition to the crew and your videos. Hope he comes back. Good luck David!

  • Jae Orumn
    Jae Orumn Hace un mes +96

    David and Andre are both gems! So glad to have "gotten to know them"

  • Mike G in Carmel IN
    Mike G in Carmel IN Hace un mes +395

    Unless you deserve some kind of academy award for portraying something that’s not real, David seems like a genuinely great guy. He’s hangin’ out with a couple of kids and just generally being a great help. Good luck David.

    • Brenda Taylor
      Brenda Taylor Hace 19 días

      I agree Mike! Good wishes David!

    • Stephen Green
      Stephen Green Hace 20 días

      I thought this was about David, La Vagabond ..?
      NOT JESUS…. Right? Why do so many people confuse all these people by calling them all JESUS??

    • Timothy Busch
      Timothy Busch Hace 26 días +1

      @Stacy Broussard That could not have been more elegantly expressed @Stacy Broussard, I absolutely admire your words towards David and the La Vegabond Crew! I do not think that could have been said any better! God Bless you and the La Vegabond Crew!!

    • Glen Gamble
      Glen Gamble Hace un mes +14

      @Sten Miob Jesus, what a terrible thing to say.

    • Laura Grossi
      Laura Grossi Hace un mes +2

      I love you David 💘

  • Rick Emmet
    Rick Emmet Hace un mes +97

    Great episode, guys! Hey, we'll miss David too, he seems like a very genuine dude. Or a legend as you guys say. Hope that he can make it out to Vietnam in the near future :)

  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson Hace un mes +36

    David is one of the coolest, chill persons I have ever seen on ESclips. I would feel proud to call him friend. You guys lucked out meeting him.

  • Hiilani Makahanaloa
    Hiilani Makahanaloa Hace un mes +46

    Darwin’s reaction to shoes is priceless 🤣 I feel ya buddy. And anyone that has ever crewed for you guys are LEGENDS. Wish David the best ❤️

    • Katharine Somerville Whitmore
      Katharine Somerville Whitmore Hace 29 días

      I wonder if Darwin's sandals are a bit stiff -- soft moccasins might be a little easier to handle for a first shoe. I always enjoy your updates - thank you!

  • Susy Hall
    Susy Hall Hace un mes +5

    If one has watched your videos for a while can feel David’s heart. He is a one in a million person..just a gem. Thanks for sharing him with all of us. The way he loves and nurtures your boys and takes such great care of your boat … 👌🏻

  • Owen
    Owen Hace un mes +8

    David is the man, allways love seeing him on board here and there!

  • Dean Pratley
    Dean Pratley Hace un mes +22

    You four have been blessed bye your crew. What legends they are.

  • Andrew Fidel
    Andrew Fidel Hace un mes +11

    Any episode where we get to hear Elayna singing is a good one!

  • F33RCETV
    F33RCETV Hace un mes +8

    David is just one of those guys that makes your jaw drop
    effortlessly knowledgable, effortlessly beautiful, effortlessly resourceful
    So intimidating and inspiring at the same time

  • Michael Butler
    Michael Butler Hace un mes +32

    Riley and Elayna, having followed your journeys for many years now, I wanted to let you know that in your goodbye to David, I too found a lump in my throat knowing that the friendship that you enjoy with David is an endearing one.

  • Anja Whitfield
    Anja Whitfield Hace un mes +66

    People are shallow judging a book by it's cover! You rock David! I love all of the Vaga sailing crew, passed or present!

    • Brooke Schultz
      Brooke Schultz Hace un mes +1

      @johnnythepr1ck Elayna!!!! Not Helayna!!!!!!

    • johnnythepr1ck
      johnnythepr1ck Hace un mes +1

      @Anja Whitfield you're not the only one, 95% of us do, it's why we look forward to every upload. However, all we as observers are doing is watching heavily edited version of events. We don't see the realities of life, only what they want us to see. It's kind of misleading, actually, it is misleading. I'm not saying they are nefarious, they may well be genuinely beautiful people. Ask Reily's or Helayna's ex's what they think about them.

    • johnnythepr1ck
      johnnythepr1ck Hace un mes

      @Blake I don't dislike him, what on earth gave you that impression? By all reports he seems like a wonderful human being.
      Ask 10 people what they think of thier ex's, before and after breakup. Ask them to highlight thier good points only, similar to editing only the good bits.

    • Blake
      Blake Hace un mes

      @johnnythepr1ck nah but he’s given us no reason to dislike him so why would you?

    • Anja Whitfield
      Anja Whitfield Hace un mes

      @johnnythepr1ck lol I guess I have a crush on the whole Crew! Fair winds😉.

  • Matthew Herman
    Matthew Herman Hace un mes +36

    So nice to hear the back story about you and David. And so pure and good to hear yours and E’s genuine gratitude. Really nice! ✌️❤️🤙uM

  • anthony short
    anthony short Hace un mes +4

    Everyone loves David! We hope to see him soon.

  • Santa Paul Hillier
    Santa Paul Hillier Hace un mes +13

    Feeling a tad emotional. Many changes ... even shoes for Darwin ... David, what a brilliant human ... leaving the beautiful Bahamas ... new role for LV ... many new doors opening ... Can't wait for the Rapido. ... smiling with some tears ... new adventures await! Godspeed to all!

  • Kate Timmons
    Kate Timmons Hace un mes +26

    Love y’all so much!! your videos bring such happiness to my week!! Can’t wait for new adventures to come!!

  • rbnhood39
    rbnhood39 Hace un mes +7

    David is a really good guy. You guys meet some of the most awesome people.

  • M G
    M G Hace un mes +23

    I’ll say it again. My world turns great when I see u upload. Love u guys forever.

  • Keeley Williams
    Keeley Williams Hace un mes +20

    Going to miss seeing David! I hope you all the best on your next adventure! Watching from Norfolk Island 🇳🇫

  • Tony Robson
    Tony Robson Hace un mes +3

    The episode was so down to earth, real and professionally laid out. Showing your family and your friend David in a light of honesty laden with heartfelt emotion. Thank you so much for sharing at this level!

  • Another Time Another Place

    Your travels include so many folks dreams. Carrying them on every video. Thanks for the look into your lives every week. All of your crew has been amazing, good people attract good people.

  • Teresa Grifffin
    Teresa Grifffin Hace un mes +12

    Good luck David thanks for all the funny moments along the way

  • Shelby Whelchel
    Shelby Whelchel Hace un mes +10

    Love love love watching all the amazing adventures you all have. It's great to see the perspective of the little ones too. Makes me miss being a kid! Thanks for sharing 👍 😊

  • Salty Palmtree Adventures
    Salty Palmtree Adventures Hace 29 días +1

    Awesome video guys! Gonna miss David! But so excited for next big adventure! Stay cool ✨

  • Laurie Rodriguez
    Laurie Rodriguez Hace un mes +1

    Great episode...we will all miss David...his good looks are just a bonus...he's a great dude✌️💜

  • Cass Larkin
    Cass Larkin Hace un mes +56

    Sad to see David leave La Vaga. Looking forward to seeing him on future adventures, though.

  • Joely Smedley
    Joely Smedley Hace 25 días +2

    Darwin is so precious in his new shoes. When my children were little, I always felt like they had to braille the see, hear, touch and taste everything in their path. If ever there were 2 little toddlers, brailling the world, and learning about life through living, its Lenny and Darwin. Good job, momma and pop! ❤

  • Luba Alanna
    Luba Alanna Hace un mes +1

    Been going back to the first few episodes and it’s beautiful to see you now and then. Also grateful you met David as well. He is 100% an amazingly kind soul. You can just feel it though the videos. Thanks for all you guys do, always enjoy watching.

  • Joseph Jordan
    Joseph Jordan Hace un mes +27

    Giving yalll a shout out on a safe trip for your journeys!! Looking forward to seeing more videos saying hello from ocean springs Mississippi 😀

  • Tami Loucks
    Tami Loucks Hace 25 días

    Love you guys! David is amazing! Incredible with the kids and everything sailing, etc., etc. You guys scored having him aboard. Can wait until you all reunite!

  • Natalie Edwards
    Natalie Edwards Hace 28 días +1

    Elayna, Riley and now’re all legends. Thanks for inspiring me and fair winds. Edit. Gotta mention Andre too!

  • Kim
    Kim Hace 28 días +1

    David's various skills (sailing, maintenance), friendship, part time Mr nanny and cook are priceless, no harm in being damn good lookin' as well. He's the best all rounder to have on board, as is Andre. Sad this chapter is over, but sure he'll be joining you again. cheers from Katoomba

  • Dave Lemieux
    Dave Lemieux Hace un mes +6

    You guys rock I just love you all. Hope to see David again soon.

  • Wendy Seebantz
    Wendy Seebantz Hace un mes +2

    Sad the Bahamas is over. Excited for what's to come. Love you and your crew; glad we'll see David again. How is Andre? Would appreciate an update.

  • Andrea Goodman
    Andrea Goodman Hace un mes +10

    Simultaneously laughing and crying a little bit for poor baby Darwin with his having to learn the whole walking business again now with shoes! I feel you baby Darwin, I feel you!

  • kuroodetto
    kuroodetto Hace 28 días +1

    Love ❤️ David. He is such a cool 😎 man!

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose Hace un mes +1

    i love David , he seems like such a genuinely great guy, and your variety of nannys are gems. I do miss you still stay in touch?
    Good luck with this next chapter of your adventure. Your kids are beautiful and I think youre both doing a fabulous job with everything!

  • Billie Hyde
    Billie Hyde Hace un mes +7

    Awww love the ending dedicated to David 💙 He’s so genuine and all around good shit really lol. So excited of the new adventures for you all. Much love from Kelowna, BC Canada

    • Billie Hyde
      Billie Hyde Hace un mes

      Aren’t they the best 🥰 Been watching them for years now !

    • Alex 35
      Alex 35 Hace un mes +2

      Billie Hyde,I am also from Kelowna and love watching these videos of this cool family.

  • Djamila
    Djamila Hace un mes +2

    Bought tears to my eyes seeing you all saying goodbye…something profoundly deep happens living in close quarters …a beautiful human being sharing memories with the most loved sailing family, worth writing a book about it. Bonne chance David, prend bien soin de toi et trouves toi une petite romance 🤗

  • Susy Hall
    Susy Hall Hace un mes

    Watching your little ones experience life’s joys … made me smile watching this episode. So priceless. And Darwin pitching a fit with his new shoes 😆😆😆Bless his little heart. Such precious moments. Enjoy every second.💚💚💚

  • Marty
    Marty Hace un mes +1

    Cheers to David! And cheers to you guys for spelling out how talented, industrious, and sweet he actually is IRL - I love down to earth people❤️

  • Levie cameron
    Levie cameron Hace un mes +1

    When David is not aboard I miss him when he’s on board oddly I feel very comfortable knowing that it’s like having an extra safety measure or safety feature on board. I think David is a fine man and a very good friend. I think David would be a plus in anyone’s life.

  • HubrisNaut
    HubrisNaut Hace un mes +1

    Haven't checked in with you guys for a few ... I love how you guys make family from those you care about. The boys are a delight. Looks like Darwin will be hand hauling the anchor; Lenny navigating by next year.

  • Joan Oliver
    Joan Oliver Hace un mes +1

    I’m sad you’re leaving the Bahamas! I can tell David has pride in his work. He doesn’t complain and has a nice personality. I will miss both the Bahamas and David!

  • Pursuit For Adventure
    Pursuit For Adventure Hace un mes +1

    We always look forward to Monday because your video comes out!
    Hopefully David will be back again soon! We can all tell he's a genuine guy who loves your family. ❤️
    - Jen & Rob 🇨🇦

  • Brian Schindlbeck
    Brian Schindlbeck Hace un mes +6

    Great episode guys. Couldn't help but notice the watering eyes on Elena when talking about David. 👍

  • Jade Millar
    Jade Millar Hace un mes +5

    What kind of world do we live in that just because someone is considered attractive, that they can't be great at other things too 🤦 you can see time and time again just how great a support David has been and the fact that he has a great smile is just even better....

  • Carol O
    Carol O Hace un mes +13

    We can't travel anymore. So I'm "travelling" thru your videos. The water in the Bahamas and other places you have sailed are incredible. Makes me wish I was 30 or 40 years younger. Love Darwin's shoes. Thank you for the pleasure you bring into my life each week. I'm a bit worried about you in the Asian waters. Take care as you always do.

  • Craig S
    Craig S Hace un mes

    Loved the video as always. Love you guys. It was nice to see the goodbye when crew (David or whomever) cycles off of the boat. I've wondered why you often don't include it. I think it's endearing, heart warming. I'd like to see it more. You guys are solidly awesome!

  • Derek Simmons
    Derek Simmons Hace un mes +1

    Everybody needs a David in their lives 🤙🏼

  • Angie Brewer
    Angie Brewer Hace un mes +15

    LOL, so hard to watch Darwin trying to walk in those shoes! 😜 poor baby.
    Great show today! Glad to see some diving and fishing. 😀
    Bye David! I know they will miss you on board.

  • Ana Lúcia Pereira Mulqueeny

    Your boys are looking stunning, they are so privileged to grow up on the ocean. thanks for sharing your life with us/me.

  • Anne Macleod
    Anne Macleod Hace un mes +2

    It’s kinda mean to expect us to keep saying au revoir to David!! He is exceptional in how he loves sailing, loves the children, loves to cook and fish, and is always in such good spirits. Until we meet up with him again….🇳🇿🇳🇿🐑🐑NZ

  • David Maloy
    David Maloy Hace un mes

    I look forward to seeing these videos more than any other I watch! So thankful for you guys!

  • Roberto Gomes Antunes
    Roberto Gomes Antunes Hace un mes +2

    Sou fã dos vídeos desse canal…imagens lindas,porque não tem legendas em português???? Botucatu SP Brasil

  • MrsGisawesome
    MrsGisawesome Hace un mes

    Loving the channel and all the amazing family/friends who share your life!!!

  • Gaz Pearce
    Gaz Pearce Hace un mes

    Thanks guys, and thanks David for being a legend 🤙🤙

  • Tanya Clarke
    Tanya Clarke Hace un mes

    David comes across as a super genuine person…it’s great meet ppl who you vibe with and can share in a mutual love of a lifestyle you have all chosen. I hope we get to see more of him on your channel in the future 👍🏼

  • h533feg
    h533feg Hace un mes +1

    That sad moment in everyone's life when we have to start wearing shoes. I feel you Darwin.

  • emiliarosez
    emiliarosez Hace un mes +8

    I love watching ur videos, they inspire me so much to travel to places more and be more free✨🌺🧚🫶🏼🌅❤️

  • Julie Mac
    Julie Mac Hace un mes

    What a fantastic acknowledgement of David. It’s clear that you could have spent the entire video devoted to David’s greatness.

  • Yvette Segovia
    Yvette Segovia Hace un mes +2

    As always all your episodes are awesome to watch! I want a catamaran! David can you tell us the ingredients of your salad dressing? Aaahhh so 😢 sad your leaving again.....when will David be back again? I'm so happy to see the kids having fun living, a sailing life.

  • Petra Smid
    Petra Smid Hace un mes

    You guys just make the most wholesome content! Love your videos and always love the kiddos content. Lennys personality is so fun! As for the shoes, i really reccomend looking into barefoot type shoes for kids ( and yourselves), they encourage better foot mobility and impact brain development ❤

  • Shane Sanko
    Shane Sanko Hace un mes +1

    Great crew and great people love watching you guys your channel is so real can't wait to see the new boat

  • Cheryl Sibson
    Cheryl Sibson Hace un mes +2

    David has been great for your family, good luck for your future David.

  • tonie pauly
    tonie pauly Hace 25 días

    Love watching anything you beautiful souls create!

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M Hace un mes

    Good people attract like-minded people and that’s why you love David. Thank you so much for taking us on your journey of love, life and adventure💞

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L Hace 26 días

    Riley and David bromance :) Honestly though, he truly does feel like part of your family ❤ Totally feel for Darwin and the shoe struggle ; you're cramping his style 😉

  • Bex2b
    Bex2b Hace un mes +2

    Since I've been watching, he's been your humble right hand man..David is part of the LaVagabon family. We will ALL miss him.

  • Liz A.
    Liz A. Hace un mes +2

    Oh no you lost all your mates! Hello loves! David does seem to be a genuinely awesome guy. He kind of reminds me of what you see is what you get type of guy. Loves life and all at has to give. And gives back to others freely. Kind of like you and Elayna. Just down the earth. My kind of people. Always good to see you both. I’ve been binge watching from the beginning again. I had to take a double take when I saw the catamaran. 😂. Safe travels with Fairwinds at your back. Sending all my love from California🤟🏻😎💜🇺🇸

  • Titter
    Titter Hace 29 días +1

    You guys need to start kitesurfing, or wingfoiling. It is such a perfect activity for where and how you live. And soon when they boys get a little older they will have fun doing it as well.

  • jeannean dove
    jeannean dove Hace un mes +1

    Great video guys. Good luck David in all you do.

  • Paige Falcey
    Paige Falcey Hace un mes

    I get so excited for your video every week!! It makes my day every time 😊 You make me want to buy a sailboat and move my entire life on it! Maybe one day 😁

  • Starcloud Hidden
    Starcloud Hidden Hace un mes +2

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face every time

  • Julie Murphy
    Julie Murphy Hace un mes +8

    Love seeing a new video posted, it’s like Christmas morning! 😊

  • Susy Hall
    Susy Hall Hace un mes

    Oh, and one more thing! David is darling in every episode..yes all of us out here love David. 🤓 And you all are the hardest working beautiful people on ESclips. You’re all a great example of hard work paying off with amazing reward. We love

  • Abel Zoni
    Abel Zoni Hace 29 días

    I started watching you guys years ago. I recently added WeSail to my list of shows!

  • Coleen Goodell
    Coleen Goodell Hace un mes +2

    Another great video with stunning above and below water scenery. Thank you for sharing not only the amazing, but also the realities of your lives. Safe travels and God bless.

  • T. Lilly Little Water
    T. Lilly Little Water Hace un mes

    It’s been so obvious from the beginning that David has a HUGE heart! That’s the main thing that makes him so endearing.
    Oh, Darwin, you sweet baby. I hope you get used to those beasts that you have to wear on your feet.
    It also looks like he has some molars coming in-also beastly. :(
    As a South Carolinian: WELCOME BACK TO CHARLESTON!!
    So excited to see your new vessel and adventures to come.

  • Best part Of me
    Best part Of me Hace un mes

    The part where baby Darwin had the zoomies was so cute!! We have the sweetest little puppy and he gets the zoomies and races in a circle around our apartment.

  • divineenergy
    divineenergy Hace un mes +15

    *Yay!!! This is my favorite time of the week!! 😃💗*
    *2 birds in the nest on the radar that sounds like good luck. 🥰*

  • KIRK and RA
    KIRK and RA Hace un mes +3

    I spent a week in Eleuthera 10 years back on a Church Mission trip. enjoyed my trip and met a lot of nice people. Love you vlogs

  • Idaho Rider
    Idaho Rider Hace un mes +1

    It is so nice to have friends that you can rely on not just to help you but for anything. Stay well and happy. Thank you for the video. ⛵

  • Bridget Edwards: Mental Health Therapist

    David is a legend, and all round wonderful guy. Love his Instagram Riley - he's a deep thinker, and soulful being! Pleased you've given him recognition here. You guys have always attracted wonderful crew - Nikki, Andre, Sarah, Emmy and recently Ellie, and of course cousin Jack - says a lot about you both too. Blessings and very best wishes for your next chapter in US of A ... onwards and upwards ❤

  • john bergquist
    john bergquist Hace un mes

    I love you guys David is an awesome friend,this is my favorite channel on you tube,,Elayna you are the best,thanks

  • Sentinal
    Sentinal Hace un mes

    I love David, he brings such good vibes to the channel. Don't listen to negative Nellie's they are not worth the time. Oh and thankyou for all you do as i get to live a life through you that i cant in RL.

  • Matthew Price
    Matthew Price Hace un mes

    I say this all the time 😄
    But love you guys ✌️💙
    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful sights across so much of this beautiful planet.

  • E. Nichols
    E. Nichols Hace un mes +2

    Been watching since 2014, you guys are amazing!

  • Studio Knoga
    Studio Knoga Hace un mes

    David is literally a divine being, so sublime and heavenly - if I manifest anything close to this soul I will be an elated lady for the rest of me life ❤️

  • Mikeztarp
    Mikeztarp Hace un mes

    I love how Elayna says "we're happy to be vegetarian for that time." I think Riley would have another opinion.

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods Hace un mes +2

    Loverly into music. Great quality content. Love the animations/cartoons. How long until La Vagabonde II happens?

  • Marcia Daley-Savo
    Marcia Daley-Savo Hace un mes +2

    Best of luck to David. We’ll miss him too.

  • GrahamAir 12
    GrahamAir 12 Hace un mes +1

    No David! David was so awesome and I’m so sad to see him go but ready for him to come back already.

  • Alison Philp
    Alison Philp Hace un mes

    Great episode guys excited for u
    And to see ur new adventures 🙏🤙🇦🇺❤️

  • Erin Golden
    Erin Golden Hace 28 días

    Big fan here in Charleston! Glad to hear you guys are headed this way :)