BOAT LIFE: we catch fresh FISH for LUNCH! 馃悷 Dog Snapper.

  • Publicado el 30 sep 2022

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  • Meghan Webb
    Meghan Webb Hace 4 meses +73

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son unos KISSSS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 馃槏馃憤
    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 馃尮馃槈馃挅
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • Frank Conforti
    Frank Conforti Hace 3 a帽os +464

    Let me just say that Elayna鈥檚 editing of this video is AWESOME. You have achieved master level of video development and all around creativity. Kudos.

  • Hannah Franceschina
    Hannah Franceschina Hace 3 a帽os +268

    When I have a lot of anxiety, I watch your guys videos and they keep me so calm, peaceful and reminds me to be happy. Thank you for making videos!!

    • Iwazza Badboy
      Iwazza Badboy Hace 3 a帽os

      Hannah Franceschina ...Agree 100%

    • Captainggttv
      Captainggttv Hace 3 a帽os

      Not me I still feel like I鈥檓 dying :(

    • TrustOne35
      TrustOne35 Hace 3 a帽os +2

      I was just going to write the same thing. My stress level is at a 10 and I hadn't watched this channel in a week. I love to see these guys just being happy. Lenny's smile made me forget my troubles.

    • Lyndsey Williams
      Lyndsey Williams Hace 3 a帽os +3

      If you made 1.2 million last year you probably would not have anxiety. Lavagabond is a floating bank

  • matilda xx
    matilda xx Hace 3 a帽os +215

    I love this channel, it鈥檚 so peaceful n such an escape for me 馃挄馃應

  • Joy Adekanmbi
    Joy Adekanmbi Hace 3 a帽os +71

    Started watching about a month ago and I absolutely love these videos. I鈥檓 always so excited to see a new one x

    • Tor ia
      Tor ia Hace 3 a帽os +1

      I've been watching for about 4 years and I can tell you that excitement when you see them post a new vid never stops 鉂

  • Jerry Rivera
    Jerry Rivera Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys make me want to start sailing. Thanks for the amazing videos and letting us on this journey with y鈥檃ll.

  • Julia Reed
    Julia Reed Hace 3 a帽os +53

    The editing of Riley getting the dinghy ready and driving away was genius!

  • Emilia Bruun-Hansen
    Emilia Bruun-Hansen Hace 3 a帽os

    It鈥檚 so nice to see how much love you have for each other. Show it to the world and don鈥檛 be afraid

  • Xylrix
    Xylrix Hace 3 a帽os

    Hey you two great people,
    i love your content its really inspiring, i also really enjoy the cooking parts of your videos! :)
    As a german tho it hurts to see the flour on the schnitzel so loose after cooking,
    im not a cook but it seems like u have to let the flour and egg settle for a little before cooking, i dont know if it bothered you but maybe it works :)
    Have a nice Day

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace 3 a帽os

    Your videos bring me such joy watching them:) Thanks so much-your happiness is much needed in this world today!

  • DC_Photog
    DC_Photog Hace 3 a帽os +2

    Lenny couldn't be any cuter, love watching him grow! Thank you for the weekly smiles I get from your videos as well!

  • Adrien Joinette
    Adrien Joinette Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys are awesome and I love the way your looking after Lenny, he's definitely a water baby : )

  • xxViceVixenxx
    xxViceVixenxx Hace 3 a帽os +22

    I've never clicked on a video so fast, I know that's commonly said. I found you guys a couple of days ago and have been binge watching when I can, you guys inspired me to take my first step in an alternative lifestyle. Thank you guys so much! Sending good vibes and love your way! 馃挀

  • Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick

    Watching these videos always makes me relax. I completely understand why so many people love your content.

  • Christian Amerson
    Christian Amerson Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys shoot some fantastic videos! I absolutely love your family dynamic. Lenny is so adorable. Cheers from Birmingham, Alabama!

  • Erin Redman
    Erin Redman Hace 3 a帽os +1

    I'm so captivated by your little family and your videos. Thank you for sharing your life with us 鉂

  • Jim Brinkley
    Jim Brinkley Hace 3 a帽os +22

    I applaud these camera angles. You guys are getting very good with these and the edits!! Great vid!! Thanks!!

  • Susan Barnes
    Susan Barnes Hace 3 a帽os

    Awesome video! Love the fish story, really like when you guys go into details about spear fishing, and just life on the boat in general. I love how the videos aren't super formal.

  • taxalterror
    taxalterror Hace 3 a帽os

    Lovely to see Lenny in top order, and loads of smiling and laughter :)

  • Chris Royle
    Chris Royle Hace 3 a帽os +15

    I LOVE YOU GUYS SM, your videos really do create a new world where I can just sit and watch a life that is so completely different to mine; its so interesting! Im a 19 year old fishmonger (in a supermarket) in the UK and watching you guys actually finding the fish, to then fillet and cooking them is so cool! Your videos really help me enjoy my life through yours馃槀! I watch your videos before I go to sleep, its almost a meditation time where I can just relax and feel peaceful. Constantly seeing the sea, your amazing home, and you three Aussies live your best life really is so amazing to me!! Thank you for creating these videos to help show others such a different, beautiful perspective to this world; especially to people like me where the sea is at least a 5 hour drive away 馃槀. Keep living your best life!!! 鉂わ笍

  • Liz Jenkins
    Liz Jenkins Hace 3 a帽os +1

    Lenny鈥檚 smile is so contagious 馃挄

  • arliss123
    arliss123 Hace 3 a帽os +46

    This video is such a nice bonus treat!!! I think Lenny should make all the fish requests from now on! ;)

    • Turbo Tastic
      Turbo Tastic Hace 3 a帽os +1

      Fish With Modest Amounts of Mercury
      Eat six servings or fewer per month (pregnant women and small children should avoid these):
      Bass (Saltwater, Striped, Black)
      Cod (Alaskan)
      Mahi Mahi
      Perch (freshwater)
      Tilefish (Atlantic)
      Tuna (canned chunk light)

  • Matthew Truninger
    Matthew Truninger Hace 3 a帽os

    One of my favorite episodes. I love watching you guys interact together rather than just say what you guys are up to. I started watching your videos for the adventure, but I stayed because I truly love the two (now three) of you.

  • Earnie B
    Earnie B Hace 3 a帽os

    Love watching you guys...wish you can be that happy forever..

  • John Norton
    John Norton Hace 3 a帽os +1

    Guys I binge watched your whole journey so far and I just gotta say I've loved every episode. But now we have a newborn and I have to constantly pause to differentiate Lenny's sounds and my little ones sounds lol. Safe travels La Vagabonde!

  • Travis Walters
    Travis Walters Hace 3 a帽os +4

    Great vids you two! You鈥檝e really got a knack for capturing everything even going all the way back to La Vaga 1. Editing and story are always top notch. Kudos and cheers!

  • TaaayPeaaar Parrish
    TaaayPeaaar Parrish Hace 3 a帽os +2

    Please make a video on how you guys stay so fit while on a boat. 馃憦馃徏
    P.s. Thanks for all the calming videos! They鈥檙e amazing, I love them all. 馃ぉ

  • TheOneAbove All
    TheOneAbove All Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys are literally the definition of amazing, keep doin whatcha you doin

  • Jenelle Nicole
    Jenelle Nicole Hace 3 a帽os

    Loving your videos and the whole family aspect of it :)

  • L Y C A
    L Y C A Hace 3 a帽os +26

    *The drone shots are baaack! The editing is fantastic as always! Props* 馃憦馃挋馃挋

  • Shani N
    Shani N Hace 3 a帽os +8

    I literally love this family so much!! You guys are so inspirational 馃檹馃徎馃檹馃徎

  • Tomhamish
    Tomhamish Hace 3 a帽os

    please don't ever change guys, you're still as genuine as the first day i started watching over three years ago now.

  • JasminSantina
    JasminSantina Hace 3 a帽os

    Beyond awesome job cutting the footage! Absolutely loved the beginning when Riley got ready for fishing! 馃槏

  • whatsthepoint
    whatsthepoint Hace 2 a帽os

    Beautiful family...beautiful life and blessed always馃槏

  • Melissa Elena Gonz谩lez
    Melissa Elena Gonz谩lez Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys are lovely!!Watching you fills me up with this positive energy.

  • Kerry Ann
    Kerry Ann Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys put so much effort into your videos and it really shows. Love watching you guys!

  • Jakehammer
    Jakehammer Hace 3 a帽os

    Yall seem so much happier and fuller now that yall are a family! Happy sailing!

  • LordFaceWannabe
    LordFaceWannabe Hace 3 a帽os +4

    That transition into Riley leaving is just perfect, I love how the boat hitting the water transitions the music. It is funny when you think of transitions, when most (new) movies don't even utilise it.
    Thank you!

  • JC Baily
    JC Baily Hace 3 a帽os

    It is so neat to be able to re-watch your videos...thanks for all your hard work in bringing them to us.....take care and stay safe!

  • Debbie Boulton
    Debbie Boulton Hace 3 a帽os

    I've been watching for the past 4 years now and it just keeps getting better. Sail on guys.

  • Mike James
    Mike James Hace 3 a帽os

    It always makes my day to see your videos. You're living a great life!

  • Samson Patrick
    Samson Patrick Hace 3 a帽os

    Awww.... it melts ma heart to see a lovely small family of yours. Simple yet challenging and adventurous boat life, eating healthy & fresh sea products, fresh air, routine exercises basically makes me fall in love with your channel. At least I've never come across anyone who raised their small kid at the hectic sea wilderness. You two are born for this and I'm glad to have found you. That kid is awesome just like his parent. BTW, I love the diving videos, the fishes, living creatures and the video editing have never let us down. Amazing and ma hats-off to, three of you...

  • kirsten neal
    kirsten neal Hace 3 a帽os

    I love this show and the awesome places you guys visit! Thanks for posting such amazing content !!

  • CharlieBrown2020
    CharlieBrown2020 Hace 3 a帽os

    I鈥檓 new to your channel and have been binge watching when I have some time and I LOVE your videos, stories and your lives! Truly beautiful and amazing, so wonderfully done!

  • Surfing in Hawaii66
    Surfing in Hawaii66 Hace 3 a帽os

    Lenny is the star of the show. Happy sails you all.

  • Jade Millar
    Jade Millar Hace 3 a帽os

    I adore your channel 鈾 it takes me back to happy memories from when I was little on my grandmas house boat in Australia. The smells, the sway, the textures and the lifestyle 馃挄
    I am now house bound with 4 of my own babies but dream of escaping with/like you one day and hope I get to meet you all next time you visit Australia

  • laboydan
    laboydan Hace 3 a帽os

    Great video guys !!!!! So fun. You must be getting excited ! You'll be at 1,000,000 subscribers in just a few days. The best sailing channel ever !!!!!!! :-) You are amazing !!!!!

  • Mel _Streetz
    Mel _Streetz Hace 3 a帽os

    Watching Lenny reach for a bite of your fish and eggs馃槀馃槀 so sweet!! He has such a sweet face and is growing sooo fast. Thanks for a Friday upload!!
    Peace & Safe Sailing!!

  • amelia brunnworth
    amelia brunnworth Hace 3 a帽os +31

    Baby Lenny is sooo cute in his little bucket hat!!
    I鈥檓 a fellow Australian from cairns

  • Jack Aynsley
    Jack Aynsley Hace 3 a帽os

    How long is he holding his breath when he is fishing like that? Its absolutely amazing!

  • astride vancover
    astride vancover Hace 3 a帽os

    Well done I absolutely love this channel. Lenny is getting so big!

  • Woofer SD
    Woofer SD Hace 3 a帽os

    How fun. Wish you both the best. Enjoyed this wonderful family experience.

  • Sierra Lyle
    Sierra Lyle Hace 3 a帽os

    This is one of my favorite vlogs from y鈥檃ll! Love seeing y鈥檃lls goofy relationship!!

  • Anagosa Bergeron
    Anagosa Bergeron Hace 3 a帽os +1

    Wow. Lenny's getting so big. Also your video editing is getting so good. Love watching your videos. Have a great weekend.

  • Adriane Nichols
    Adriane Nichols Hace 2 a帽os

    I have fallen in love with you guys!! Bought a towel!!! I am ready to sail away!!! 鉂

  • Larry Crook
    Larry Crook Hace 3 a帽os +11

    How can anyone put a thumbs down for this lovely family in the making? Love it 馃槏

  • Izzyyy x
    Izzyyy x Hace 3 a帽os +3

    You are amazing role models for Lennie keep doing what your doing 鉂わ笍

  • Liz Rach
    Liz Rach Hace 3 a帽os +1

    Another great video guys, you two and your little bundle of joy.
    You have to know you left us with a cliff hanger at the end of your last video.....hinting at becoming land lovers. The elephant in the room during this whole video.....crickets.....LOL xx

  • faaaaart1
    faaaaart1 Hace 3 a帽os

    This was definitely a home video. Lenny lights up the camera, even when fidgety. And you both were very relaxed and enjoying sharing. Very impressed about the realness of this video. Keep them coming. /standing ovation in progress

  • BroHeyZeus
    BroHeyZeus Hace 3 a帽os

    Lenny is the cutest little guy! Love the videos. Respect and good vibes, from Ontario, Canada 馃馃徏馃

  • Carlos Aguas
    Carlos Aguas Hace 3 a帽os

    I love love love the videos! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your lives with the online world! Yours is one of envy! Amazing adventures, feel good videos, and so inspiring.
    鉁岋笍 from the Philippines!

  • Just Vera
    Just Vera Hace 3 a帽os

    I love your videos!馃槏 it鈥檚 so crazy yet so awesome the way you live your lives, please don鈥檛 stop creating such an amazing content cause I鈥檓 obsessed 馃檶馃徑 i send all my love to you guys and little lenny鉂わ笍

  • John Stutt
    John Stutt Hace 3 a帽os +1

    You three are so entertaining. Lenny is getting bigger with each new video. That was a nice fish.As I have stated before, would love to meet you guys one day in or around Vancouver British Columbia.

  • Eddie Cooper
    Eddie Cooper Hace 3 a帽os

    Hey guys I recently discovered your videos and I'm hooked. Every time I watch your videos I cant wait until the next one comes out. Congratulations on the birth of Lenny.
    Fair winds guys and thanks for the great videos

  • Anne Kahn
    Anne Kahn Hace 3 a帽os

    I love your videos, such an adventure you Are living! Very inspiring 馃檹馃尀

  • ksagerh
    ksagerh Hace 3 a帽os

    the videos where you guys catch fish are always my favorite idk why

  • tm502010
    tm502010 Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys are great together. Cool vid as always!

  • pogosticknick
    pogosticknick Hace 3 a帽os +1

    Gosh, Riley is such a *catch* 馃槏

  • Anthony Rosamilia
    Anthony Rosamilia Hace 3 a帽os +6

    Riley, please take this in the spirit that it is intended: the spirit of genuine concern. Diving and spearfishing alone is considered dangerous to the point of reckless. I was a certified lifeguard for several years and this is something widely known. Please consider only going when you have someone who can go with you. Love your videos and just want you to be safe.

  • Adrien Joinette
    Adrien Joinette Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys are awesome and I love the way your looking after Lenny, he's definitely a water baby : )

  • Tyler
    Tyler Hace 3 a帽os

    I love watching you guys' channel! Keep it up!

  • chris soto
    chris soto Hace 3 a帽os

    I鈥檓 not gonna lie I鈥檓 here to see the cute smile! It鈥檚 great you guys can spend so much time together.

  • No One
    No One Hace 3 a帽os +1

    So cool your son was born into an awesome adventure..God bless

  • Sweetpea
    Sweetpea Hace 3 a帽os +37

    What a sweet baby, he鈥檚 always smiling I. Love 馃挄 your videos thanks for sharing

  • Leila dv
    Leila dv Hace 3 a帽os

    I love every minute of your channel 鉂 it sets a good mood for my day 馃槉

  • Mags Makes
    Mags Makes Hace 3 a帽os +1

    鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳 just came back from the beavh and wish i had a boat to fully enjoy it! I love you guys! This video is amazing as usual鉂

  • wilsono3170
    wilsono3170 Hace 3 a帽os

    Awesome edditing and music choices, as always. Thanks guys :)

  • phl枚p
    phl枚p Hace 3 a帽os +2

    Watching your videos makes me want to go and start some adventures :) keep on doing what you do :) the hunting scenes are always the best! I鈥檓 a scuba diver and that makes me wanna try free diving ! I got one question.. why do you use some German words once in a while. I thought you would both be aussies?! Greets from Germany 馃嚛馃嚜

    • vk2ig
      vk2ig Hace 3 a帽os

      Aussies use the odd German word or two. Riley is from South Australia, and there were German settlers there (especially in the Barossa Valley) so some of the language rubbed off on the locals. 馃榿

  • Debbie Curry
    Debbie Curry Hace 3 a帽os +51

    My cheeks hurt from smiling the entire video! Thanks - good face exercise!

  • Lauren Jones
    Lauren Jones Hace 3 a帽os

    I am a new subscriber from Atlanta, Georgia and i cant stop watching you guys. Lenny is so adorable. My three year old daughter loves yall too!! 馃槏馃懆鈥嶐煈┾嶐煈

  • Angela Orton
    Angela Orton Hace 3 a帽os

    It is such a joy watching you guys live on that boat. Makes me want to live out on the sea. It's not going to happen, so I shall live vicariously through you.

  • AP Official
    AP Official Hace 3 a帽os

    Thanks so much for making these videos they have really changed my life and even if I鈥檓 having a good day you make it even better! I love your music elayna and I love your moustache Riley!!! Say hi to Lenny! Thanks again!

  • Ron
    Ron Hace 3 a帽os

    Great little video. I feel like everybody on social media portrays a life that actually has many more flaws and struggles than their content portrays, however, whenever I watch these videos I feel that Riley and Elaina are genuinely as happy as they appear. #lifegoals

  • The Bookish Ginger
    The Bookish Ginger Hace 3 a帽os +8

    You guys are my #1 favourite channel on ESclips!!! Loved this video!

  • Burner918
    Burner918 Hace 3 a帽os

    Hey guys, love your videos. Recently stumbled across your channel and am hooked. I'm still catching up to the tons of content that you've put up, but if a video doesn't already exist, I would love to see a video about your tech gear, i.e. you laptops, cameras, your video editing process, how do you guys deal with WiFi onboard. Would love to see a video focused on just that aspect. Apologies in advance, if a video about that already exists and I just haven't watched that yet. 馃馃徑

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson Hace 3 a帽os

    mannn for a longtime i have been depressed and had really bad thoughts about my life,, but when i watch your videos for first time of my life i feel something inside of me that makes me happy i dont know what it is i have never sailed nor been on a boat in my life.... but after watching all of your videos of you two (now three) sail all over the world i cant keep stop thinking about it. You guys made me realize that this maybe is the answer that all my problems i really want to thank you for that. I hope you keep doing what you love and keep sailing to the horizon and maybe we can meet one day , ii wish you a verryyy bon voyage and alot of luck to all of you

  • R Christie
    R Christie Hace 3 a帽os +2

    Great fish Riley! Again good editing and content. Love how your vessel is so "ship shape".
    Good see you three again.

  • Jaimie & Damon
    Jaimie & Damon Hace 3 a帽os +2

    Recently an ex vegan of four years. This channel and a few others has turned me back to eating fish. Thank you 馃槉

  • David Endsley
    David Endsley Hace 3 a帽os +3

    I love the three of you especially Lenny with his big smile you make my day happy and bright.
    Your so happy and laughing makes for great company, Thank you so much!

    J STEELE Hace 3 a帽os

    Love the new style editing! Great video. Love Linney!

  • MariLiH
    MariLiH Hace 3 a帽os

    Hi, new subscriber here from Southern Philipines. I found your channel by chance and started to be hooked in it because of your family's adventure at sea. When we were kids and had lived beside the shore, I have enjoyed diving and swimming at sea with my siblings and friends we almost get drowned without our parents' knowledge. Fishing then was our favorite activity every summer. Happy sailing to both of you and your beautiful baby. God be with you in all your adventures in life at sea.

  • Lady of Mars
    Lady of Mars Hace 3 a帽os

    Our babies are only a week apart. It鈥檚 so cool watching them both grow and hit the same milestones but from totally different lifestyles!!

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams Hace 3 a帽os

    You guys are awesome, beautiful and free, I can only hope that in another lifetime mine could be as adventuresome as your own!!! keep it up and thankyou for bringing peace and love to people like myself 鉂も潳鉂ゐ煒

  • Tambi Jo
    Tambi Jo Hace 3 a帽os +6

    鈥淥h Lenny鈥......I love the shorts you are sporting today!! So adorable 鉀碉笍鉁岎煆

  • violet luxe
    violet luxe Hace 3 a帽os

    Lenny reaching for your food. Sooo cute!!!!!

  • Janet BlueCoastalSea
    Janet BlueCoastalSea Hace 3 a帽os

    Love watching SLV! I get excited when I get the notification! That fish looked Yummy!

  • Patricia S. Alivio
    Patricia S. Alivio Hace 3 a帽os

    After watching your videos you easily became my most favorite channel. I cant even watch the makeup, hauls, drama videos anymore because your content makes me happy while those mentioned makes me wanna have more. Your videos are genuinely good for me and I cant stop binge watching all your videos! Love from 馃嚨馃嚟

  • missclubb
    missclubb Hace 3 a帽os

    Oh you guys! Your videos are just beautiful and I learn so much! Thank you!!! Sending love from Canada

  • Bailey Dir
    Bailey Dir Hace 3 a帽os +157

    just dropped everything I was doing to watch this馃槀love you guys sm馃グ

    • missclubb
      missclubb Hace 3 a帽os


    • Simone Conscious observer
      Simone Conscious observer Hace 3 a帽os too! These three are in my favorite top 5 you tuber group. I can only support financially once every few months and they are always in my prayers of abundance and safe and healthy travels. Much love from Simone in Guatemala

  • Smoothie Bowl
    Smoothie Bowl Hace 2 a帽os

    I love the underwater shots the water is so beautiful