What Really Happens when you’re Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 44

  • Publicado el 26 jun 2016
  • For me, sometimes extreme boredom, frustration with the motion of the boat, feeling isolated/alone, and missing friends and family bucket loads can lead to a little bit of a breakdown every now and then. I’m only human! There are always dramas onboard (EVERYONE has them), weather it be physical or mental. When La Vagabonde has been rocking and rolling back and forth for 4 days straight, and I’ve been copping bruises from the furniture and hoping for the slightest break in the weather that never comes, a boiling pot of water being thrown at me you could say was my last straw. The good times always end up evening out with the bad, but the unpredictability of each day can be stressful and has been since day 1. One day can be the best day of my life, filled with aqua blue waters, smooth sails, palm trees and sunshine, and the next can be the worst….. no sleep for a few days, breaking expensive equipment, haven’t showered or eaten and I’m questioning what on earth I’m doing trying to sail around the world having no sailing experience. But in the end, it’s all worth it for me. I love every minute of it, what we have seen and done around the world with Riley on La Vagabonde. But holey tolitos sometimes it can be tough! Do you guys want to see more of the bad times in videos? Please leave a comment and let me know. Love, Elayna.
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  • Jerry unknown
    Jerry unknown Hace 5 años +1333

    this girl is the definition of a "Natural Beauty"

    • TheMorganMonroeShow
      TheMorganMonroeShow Hace un año +2

      Hahahahaha #2021VictoryLap yeah lol

    • MCWinterCraft
      MCWinterCraft Hace 2 años

      I'll be one lucky man to find a woman like her.

    • HIOGL
      HIOGL Hace 2 años +2

      Another creep

    • Kiyopon
      Kiyopon Hace 3 años

      @Ioana-Alexandra Brătescu I need to move to austria😍

  • Emmy Sea
    Emmy Sea Hace 3 años +49

    Aww seeing Elayna shedding tears of sadness is heartbreaking
    It sounded really challenging, I'm glad you all overcame this challenging voyage!

  • aerodicus
    aerodicus Hace 6 años +27

    It's impossible to explain or even demonstrate on film how humbling it feels to be a speck in the middle of the great vastness of the sea. The constant creaking of the woodwork becomes the pulse of La Vagabonde as she carries you toward that far away destination, never too early to arrive, yet subtly she leaves you longing for return. The risk the introspection the hardships, the ability to be the student of ones self, the intimacy of the team and the shear beauty provide the ultimate rewards of accomplishment and respect. Thank you for giving us this glimpse into your adventure and be safe out there!

  • TheAliLife
    TheAliLife Hace 5 años +212

    This girl seems to stay so calm and positive all the time!!

    • Jennifer Philade
      Jennifer Philade Hace un año

      @Jamuel Funes 9

    • OHT Original Himbeer Toni
      OHT Original Himbeer Toni Hace un año +1

      She is cool...!

    • Divorceforce __
      Divorceforce __ Hace 2 años +2

      BadMannerKorea or it’s possible that she just has the mindset to always see the positive in things instead of the negative. Listen to what she says😊

    • BadMannerKorea
      BadMannerKorea Hace 2 años +5

      Well yeah because they’re only showing you small amounts of their life.

    • Jamuel Funes
      Jamuel Funes Hace 2 años +1

      up Hil...! Seung kaplausad to' yes - god i kaulagmd Chilep kualg if who with o vilesdo paoula there....so..? vs

  • Lindy LeFlore
    Lindy LeFlore Hace 3 años +12

    You all are my hero's even though I'm 3 yrs late watching this episode but we really appreciate your real adventures and courage so much, you'll never know! I join 2+ million others in wishing you the best on your travels and Lenny is the cutest! Keep it up! We love everything about you 3, your travels and adventures! :-)

  • Raj Koona
    Raj Koona Hace 6 años +1

    U guys have a new fan! Loved the video. Came across a couple from Switzerland, at a bar in New Zealand and they were sailing all across the world in a 12 foot yatch...could not comprehend how they managed to sail all the way from there to NZ. But finally am getting my answers from your videos. Thanks a bunch and keep em coming!

  • chaseme81871
    chaseme81871 Hace 6 años +419

    is it a weird feeling walking on land after being in a boat for a long period of time?

    • cobrasvt347
      cobrasvt347 Hace 2 años

      @CloudStreets definitely, if I'm not out at sea rolling and constantly moving It makes me feel sick for a few days until my brain adjusts to not moving around 24 7. I've never been sea sick and don't know how that feels but I can imagine.

    • Megan Ross
      Megan Ross Hace 2 años

      I’ve been on many cruises and when you step of the boat/ship your body still rocks and you sway and you look crazy. I’ve been on 10 cruises in the past 11 years and it fells so weird

    • grace bloore
      grace bloore Hace 3 años

      chaseme81871 Yes it really is

    • Dylan
      Dylan Hace 3 años

      I know I’m doing a very late reply but yes. I have been on multiple cruises and you can barely walk 😂

    • Sounds like a plan
      Sounds like a plan Hace 4 años

      Yeah man I call the me land legs. Because after that long at sea, your boat feels nominal.

  • SmackAttack
    SmackAttack Hace 6 años +1

    I just found this channel. Content like this is what makes youtube amazing. I have a weekend coming up with nothing going on, so I'll probably binge watch for a while.

  • JmRich
    JmRich Hace 4 años +1

    I watched this episode twice, I needed it to really sink in (pardon the pun). I don't know what real love is but I know that Riley and Elayna have it. Riley is that kind of person that makes you feel everything is going to be alright and Elayna is the strongest woman I have ever seen. You both are a dynamic duo of strength and love. I'm enjoying every episode so much and hopefully I may run into you on the seas someday. ciao

  • Fra Bro
    Fra Bro Hace 5 años +11

    glad you showed the hard times. keeps it real, honest and gives a good perspective of your situation. love the vids

  • Andy's Travels
    Andy's Travels Hace 3 años +26

    11:20.., Its amazing how relaxed Elayna is whilst the pots are doing the Macarana on the stove.

  • William Tyler Ast
    William Tyler Ast Hace 5 años +5

    this is amazing. dont know if its the time of day, but my eyes swelled a few times watching this. inspires me to chase my travel dreams. thank you for sharing your journey.

  • Leo A P Giannini
    Leo A P Giannini Hace 6 años +2

    You guys are amazing, the most I've ever done is 14 days on my boat and I almost couldn't take it by day 9. Safe travels, love your videos. _leo

  • subscriptioncharitybeggingbowl

    Hey guys just to say really love your videos. Great talk at the end Riley. I am sure you work very hard and as you say it is difficult to grab a camera in the bad or difficult moments. The reason you guys do so well is your amazing positive attitude. You are an inspiration to everyone in normal every day living. I for one am hooked on your journey and cant wait to move onto the next episode with you.

  • Tony Park
    Tony Park Hace 5 años +1

    This looks amazing. I would loooooove to sail around like you two do. Thank you very much for sharing these videos.

  • Bethany Dan
    Bethany Dan Hace 6 años

    You guys are so inspiring and encouraging to us. Thank you for doing what you do. We just moved onto a sailboat in portland maine this month and are so excited! If you two ever get married, we would love to be your wedding photographers ;)

  • Anton Brask
    Anton Brask Hace 5 años +1

    This is probably my favorite video of yours, (so far!) after going back to watch it about 3-4 times because I already watched every video of yours. It really has everything in it, the hard times, that amaaazing sunset, the lack of comfort in such a small space that is constantly rocking about, the calm moments when everything is just perfect and relaxed and some fishing and just everything is so well shown and put together. This is really my absolute favorite video on youtube, and I spend to much time on youtube, believe me. I just watched your latest video about recruiting another member, and I'm so bummed out that I don't have the skills required, like premiere pro, but I'll maybe meet you in the future sometime, on an adenture around the world on my own future boat. You are a HUGE inspiraton to me, and I just want to thank you guys so much.

  • CookingwithKarma
    CookingwithKarma Hace 5 años +13

    Wow! This is the first video I've seen of you guys. I don't know how you do it. The rocking, the creaking, the small spaces. I find it absolutely fascinating but honestly don't think I could do it myself. What an amazing channel you have. Very interested to watch more of your adventures :) x

  • Tenille Villebrun
    Tenille Villebrun Hace 5 años +14

    Love how you unveiled the curtain and showed some hard times too. Awesome stuff.

  • Brooke Thompson
    Brooke Thompson Hace 6 años +2

    You two are splendid. Thank you for the candid moments. Your videos are ALWAYS inspirational. Cheers!

  • IExploreOkinawa
    IExploreOkinawa Hace 6 años +4

    You two are doing a GREAT JOB on these videos. Be safe out there..

  • Kat Hutton
    Kat Hutton Hace 6 años

    I've been sailing my whole life and also teaching dinghy sailing, and it's so impressive that you guys can manage with so little experience. I hope you don't take offence to that, but it is super inspiring. I wouldn't worry about not filming the bad parts, that's what Hollywood is for. Don't put yourselves in danger, take care! And watch out for shipping containers! You look like such a lovely couple :)

  • DeeV8night
    DeeV8night Hace 6 años

    Love you guys ❤️ Hope Dad and Elayna's burns are better! Cheers 🐳🐟🌊⛵️

  • CycleCruza
    CycleCruza Hace 6 años +30

    Great videos! However, this life would not be for me, I would be bored out of my mind being holed up in such a small boat with nothing to look at but endless sea.

    • Dankovich
      Dankovich Hace 3 años +2

      Didn't expect to see you here. Update your god damn intro. Pay someone ffs

  • jimi vee
    jimi vee Hace 6 años +1

    you're doing amazing things. I love this channel- I'm envious of your ability to task, through all that hard work

  • Blake Austin Hughes
    Blake Austin Hughes Hace 6 años +7

    Just found you guys a few days back, already a huge fan! Waiting patiently for you guys to make it safely across the South Pacific and upload a new video! I can't wait.

  • Patricia Gapske
    Patricia Gapske Hace 2 años +1

    You all are amazing! I watch in awe as you do what you do. I don’t like being on the water but I find this all so fascinating and intriguing, how you manage all the things that come with sailing and entering different countries. I like that you don’t glamorize your travels, it’s just what you’re doing and seeing and how thankful you seem to be to be able to do it all.

  • Nw46784
    Nw46784 Hace 4 años +1

    Man I felt that pain along with y’all of those long tired days. Great job!!!

  • CemeteryStreaker
    CemeteryStreaker Hace 6 años

    wow i just discovered this channel, winning at life is an understatement really, love your videos im gonna go rearrange my life goals now cheers and best from texas guys thank you for what you are doing!

  • Melanie Dee
    Melanie Dee Hace 6 años +4

    Love this video :) You don't need to capture the hard times, but talking about them like in this video is awesome !

  • Kris Gasteiger
    Kris Gasteiger Hace 6 años +1

    Thank you for taking me on your voyage. It was an early dream, I never pursued. I do hope you all come through well and in good health. Not showing the hard parts is certainly understandable. Even the easier parts are something beyond me. Again, Thank you for the sharing.

  • Andy Munro
    Andy Munro Hace 6 años +1

    having been a sailor my entire life i'm glad your journey has been safe be well and enjoy please keep taking more vids. real world is real world. crossings are no joke super stoked your has been a safe one.

  • David Secor
    David Secor Hace 6 años

    Yes, please show every challenging and wonderful moment. I know on my sailing trips the lack of sleep because of the boat flopping around can be frustrating. Cheers! You guys are great.

  • Af Gg
    Af Gg Hace 6 años

    I really enjoyed watching this!!! I have never been out to open sea it does fascinate me I live here in southern California close to Santa Monica and Malibu. Watching this has really made me think on the aspects that can be enjoyed. I would really like to go swimming way out in the open and also record the sounds from under water way out. "It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage." safe journey to you all each time you put up sail!!!!

  • Monday Never
    Monday Never Hace 6 años +73

    We don't get to match much while we are out sailing, but just caught this episode. So well done you two! I almost cried at the end. The sleepless nights. The awfulness that comes when it seems like everything is just going wrong... thank you for taking the time to capture it. Good luck you two (not that you need it!). Cheers - Cat & Will

    • JL Sabinas
      JL Sabinas Hace 5 años

      Finally! Someone with some sense!

    • honi9
      honi9 Hace 6 años +1

      Oh for gods sakes.. Seriously... Soggy Wet Flannel Allert...

    • Steve
      Steve Hace 6 años +3

      Hey Cat, Will, Elayna and Riley, any chance you can all make it to the Sydney Boat Show? Dinner is on me.

    • Alexis Knows
      Alexis Knows Hace 6 años +2

      love your channel.... don't let the bugs rule your plans

  • Wayne Cook
    Wayne Cook Hace 5 años +2

    Oh my goodness Elay, I cried too seeing you in tears and hearing your story! Good for you Riley for NOT filming that event!

  • clive mossmoon
    clive mossmoon Hace 6 años

    Hey guys, thanks for the videos. I'd love to hear your honest assessment of the pros and cons of your particular boat, which appears to be a Beneteau 43. She's a beaut. I wonder what the cons are. Thanks.

  • Larry Greenidge
    Larry Greenidge Hace 6 años

    One of your best episodes yet. Thank you so much letting us tag along and share moments like these. My heart goes out Elayna, what a strong girl. Cheers.

  • Chris Ogle
    Chris Ogle Hace 2 años +1

    Love this episode. The nitty gritty of sailing

  • Vlad
    Vlad Hace 3 años

    i actually love watching you guys PRECISELY because of how positive you are! I've often intuited to how tough it is to do what you do, but i watch because i admire how you still persevere and remain loving and lighthearted!

  • PoyZun Iv
    PoyZun Iv Hace 3 años +7

    I just started watching your videos this month, June 2019! I look forward to when I can hop on ESclips and catch a few episodes from my Favorite sailing family🤘😎 Sail Safe! ⚜

  • Tambi Jo
    Tambi Jo Hace 3 años +2

    I ❤️this episode!! It’s one of my Favorites. Especially looking back at You & Riley. You look like Babies! Riley’s Dad is adorable. It’s great to see your “Raw, true honest Days, Real, true life. Most people only show the best hours of a Long Distance Crossing. I appreciate you both sharing yourselves. My Husband and I have been Sailing together for Eight years. The longest trip was 12 days, and that was So Much Hard Work, with the two of us on a Laguna 36. But, it was also the Best Vaca!! I can’t wait to do it again 😎⛵️
    😀 I ordered MERCH today :). I’m so excited to get it!! Lenny gets more adorable every Day, such a Beautiful Family. ⛵️🐠👙🌼

  • Hvens Fury
    Hvens Fury Hace 6 años

    Thank you for letting me share your travel on the waves! It's not something I will get to do in this life, so it is wonderful for you to share your efforts and daring to bring this experience to so many of us!! : ))))

  • Yuha Yoo
    Yuha Yoo Hace un año +2

    The best part about this video is that Riley and his dad have the such a similar voice I through Riley was asking and answering his own questions

  • Ivan H
    Ivan H Hace 5 años

    I've started watching your channel about a week ago and have been addicted to your videos trying to catch up! Both of you are always so positive making me really enjoy your videos when i'm having a bad day. Keep it up!

  • Oscar C
    Oscar C Hace 5 años

    I just love these two. It takes the weight of the day completely away. Thanks guys.

  • FlipFlopFrog
    FlipFlopFrog Hace 6 años

    Wow i just found this channel by chance, this looks like such a good adventure, i love all of your attitudes too! great stuff!

  • theoceanleadshome
    theoceanleadshome Hace 6 años +4

    Already commented on Riley's photo on Instagram, but this was a particularly amazing video. Thank-you for the honesty - the small moments of baring it all really make a difference and it's just as beautiful to see all the "dramas" as it is to see the positives and sunsets and beautiful blue oceans and ideal situations. It was so nice to hear Elay's proudness in herself for her sailing, and lovely to see that quiet moment with Riley - and it's always nice to see Dad putting his say in (also HILARIOUS moment of him "enjoying washing"). But I'm super glad Elay didn't burn herself too severely - you guys are so, so inspirational and stronger than I think you give yourselves credit for. Cannot wait to see more footage, as always, and am always keeping up with the Instagram.
    Endless amounts of respect for you guys - seriously hope our paths cross in some part of the world or ocean sometime in the future.
    Love and safe sailing, as always x

  • Rhiannon Katina
    Rhiannon Katina Hace 3 años

    Wow I really like you guys! Thanks for the raw honesty. Love the adventure and love the realness. It’s nice hearing the whole story!

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    jus7caban Hace 3 años

    I just came across your videos today and I absolutely love them! You guys are great! I'm looking into getting a 26-28 (maybe 30 at most) for my first boat. Of course have to go.through ASA courses first but it's my dream to sail the world. I saw your other video of sailing on a budget. Do you guys have internet on your boat then to be able to still work while out at sea? And also just curious what line of work are you in that you're able to work remotely? Hope you guys have healed up.from your burns and not much scarring. Safe travels!!

  • Approach with Caution Productions

    Wow you guys are amazing and an inspiration to the whole world!!!:) Good on you!!! Im subscribing and watching all your videos now!!:)

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    Nick Fury Hace 3 años

    Probably my favorite Vblog so far. Really showed the human aspect of spending time at sea. Mostly with Elayna reaching the point when she just want's a 'girlie' day on her own to finally reaching tears after burning her self. You can see all the emotions of the trip just spilling out of her. Hope you gave her a big cuddle Riley. She needs a couple of day's in a hotel getting pampered etc. Any who, great episode and thank's for letting us share in your adventures.

  • Noah
    Noah Hace 5 años

    I have been binge watching your videos. I am really impressed and amazed by you guys. If u ever want to train someone to sail to do some trips. o and i understand that it is not easy it actually looks incredibly complicated with the ropes and just about everything. Let me know! haha

  • Devin Van Mersbergen
    Devin Van Mersbergen Hace 6 años

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for sharing you're lives with everyone. It's truly amazing to see life from your perspective. I can sense the genuinity that you exhibit. It's truly refreshing and appreciated in this world of fakes and 'show off's'. I think you just became my favorite youtube channel! May God Bless you all and you're voyages!

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    Manglabi Hace 5 años

    magnificent trip! even something unpleasant happens, in general you are doing so great, you guys are awesome!

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    Jakehammer Hace 3 años +2

    Wow... y'all have come so far! Your boat now seems so much more advanced and comfortable. A lot less noisy if anything.
    The camera quality and editing you have now is much appreciated too!
    Keep it up!

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    Even though we've never met, I'm really enjoying our travels together.

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    William Arrowsmiith Hace 6 años +2

    I LOVE the sea! Your video was wonderful exactly how you recorded it. You need not explain away anything such as "why you didn't film the difficult times." Your explanation at the end was right on point. I think most people with common sense understands that any sort of crossing, especially the Atlantic or Pacific will be challenging to be sure. I hope you all the best.
    Fair winds and following seas mates...

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    Dan from CO

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    Jay Callin Hace 3 años

    That was really scary to watch. I’m so glad you guys keep it real in your videos! I’m so far behind in your videos, I think this was in the old boat and hopefully the new boat is much more safe for anyone cooking! Love you guys, thanks for doing what you do and allowing me to “dream” I could have done something like this in my lifetime ❤️

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    eveyluvvs Hace 6 años

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  • Guywithcrazyideas
    Guywithcrazyideas Hace 6 años +9

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  • Gert1803
    Gert1803 Hace 6 años

    I LOVE to see your adventures overhere in ESclips ! For long time now ! I have great respect for you two and of course I do feel and share the romantic part of your worldtrip ... But Elayna: the problems you have right now causing your tears ... in fact are nothing but "luxury-problems" ! I suppose you realise that. There are millions of people around the world with far more serious life threatening danger who realy have reasons to cry ... Please: count the good things in your life ... not the bad ones ... You're having a life that millions only can dream about ... Live it ! And let us - viewers - enjoy your happy smiles !

  • Travelling Benanna
    Travelling Benanna Hace 6 años

    Good to hear your wise words at the end. You helped to inspire me to get into sailing! I took a lot of training which taught me that its much harder than it looks at first. You guys make it look so easy, but I'm sure you've had plenty of tough moments. I'm chartering a yacht for the first time in August and looking forward to it :)

  • Aaron Matlo
    Aaron Matlo Hace 6 años

    wow this seems to be the hardest part of the trip so far!! in life, it's the hard times that seem to make to most memories though :)

  • Neil Spring
    Neil Spring Hace un año

    I have been following and subscribed to your channel for a long while now, seeing how you both handle things "on camera anyway" makes me so proud to know you vicariously through your channel. Riley, the time you spend with your dad is by far the most precious that you will ever know as there will be no regrets once he is no longer able to be on board with you. Cheers guys, Love you both for what you are doing and how you live. especially after Lenny. You rock. hit me up when and if you get back to Puerto Rico.

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    This is an amazing vlog! Glad I came across it! I used to sail and miss it a lot!

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    Don Drysdale Hace 3 años

    Your show your way and that’s always good enough for me. Love all of your shared adventures, honesty, amazing views above and below the water. You don’t have to show the bad times, your viewers aren’t stupid and realize the tremendous courage and cooperation needed to survive at sea. You are both an amazing couple and truly gifted. Your fan, still watching and learning! Thank you much.

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    Bona Hace 6 años +1

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    Kathi Foy Hace 8 meses

    I’m a fairly new subscriber, since Eamon and Bec, and am catching up with your videos. I watched the whole Greta Atlantic crossing and have nothing but deep respect for you. I saw Riley on Bert Kreischer’s podcast and enjoyed how grounded Riley was in the midst of Bert’s sometimes BS. Riley spoke about this trip with Elayna and his dad as being life changing and I’m eager to watch more of the crossing. This video captures the “ups and downs” of your life at sea and I, for one, appreciate your honesty and bravery in sharing your life with us. I’m looking forward to your new boat now being built in Vietnam…you’ve earned every inch of it with your vlog for your growing family and crew. Be well.

  • Prentiss
    Prentiss Hace 6 años +2

    It's good to see the "real" as well as the "good". I can certainly understand not filming "everything" ; you have a boat and crew to take care of first. Thanks for sharing and keeping it real. I'm sure there will be much more good. Safe travels to you both.

  • Katie Edwards
    Katie Edwards Hace 2 años +1

    Just came here to say how much I love Tony!!! 😂😂😂 what a legend, just love how he picks up the camera and starts to yarn.

  • Roman de Caesar
    Roman de Caesar Hace 6 años +4

    Hang in there guys!!! You're doing great!!! And, don't worry about filming everything...

  • Kary J.
    Kary J. Hace 6 años

    You two are amazing! I'm so impressed. I watch your videos while I'm making hats and restoring hats. I'm transported to your life and I really enjoy the joys and lows. Cheers!

  • Love Story
    Love Story Hace 5 años

    Hi Elayna, I just want to say how impressed I am with your lighthearted and chipper demeanor through all the experiences of your sailing. Even when you got burned and were nuts from the boat rocking for days you had a positive comment, tears notwithstanding! I remember as I kid when we sailed the BVIs I would try to go to sleep with all the rocking and I just got so so tired of it! And this was no doubt in a relatively calm mooring! So I really really appreciate how tough the constant motion must be. So impressed and proud of you both. Also, I must say, you have super cute dresses for the life on board! Love that! Aimee in Washington DC : )

  • Robert Orellana
    Robert Orellana Hace 6 años +2

    So sorry to hear that you got burned Elayna. I cried too watching you in pain. I hope you and Riley's dad are doing well now. I felt some relief seeing the preview for the next episode. Love you guys,,,

  • Superluminal Szolkiewicz

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  • korgeth
    korgeth Hace 5 años

    Very special getting to make a crossing like that with your dad. Really happy you got to make those memories on such a passage. Happy for you guys. Cherish it.

  • Marc Harrison
    Marc Harrison Hace 5 años

    Love you guys...shit happens, but you take it in stride and keep on keeping on...you make this old man feel like he's taken the wrong road sometimes....we may be late, but if we get just a bit of the life you have, it will be worth it...

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