Rescued with THIS?!

  • Publicado el 18 sep 2022
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  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde  Hace 12 días +99

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    • Toffer Arvid
      Toffer Arvid Hace 6 días

      Usually the beauty isn't also the brains but this is not the case 🙏🤲👌🗝️🕊️

    • Victoria Zwergmaus
      Victoria Zwergmaus Hace 10 días +2

      So happy you have done this training!
      I am a lifeguard and every year you have to go for training. And everytime i have not the feeling i know what to do.
      But when real things happen, i go in to automatic mode and i had a fiew of does.
      So repation, repation is the key to all of this. Even just a talk ones a month at a dinner can help for youre brain!

    • Coop
      Coop Hace 11 días +3

      I remember when back in the beginning of your amazing journey you were sneaking into hotels and trying to use their Wi-Fi. Look how truly far you’ve gone!!

    • Flying Chef
      Flying Chef Hace 11 días +9

      Not everyone that subscribes, likes (and loves you all), and comments ISN'T doing all they can to support you.... life saving info might be a lovely thing to share with everyone, even those that aren't (or can't be) patrons. Just a thought....

  • Rob M
    Rob M Hace 11 días +178

    These two went from a cute little couple to becoming a major online enterprise fueled by great content and all supported by wonderful personalities. If you are looking for the secret sauce for what makes a successful channel, look no further then Sailing La Vagabonde. Hats off to you guys!!!!!!!

    • K P
      K P Hace 7 días

      @Proper No Twelve Many people just start to sail and have no aboyt safety. This an important lesson for everyone

    • CIC CN
      CIC CN Hace 8 días +3

      @Proper No Twelve You clearly have not followed this couple for the many years they have been doing this for the pure simplicity of sharing their experience. Your cynicism and jealously and negativity are what is on display in your comment.

    • Proper No Twelve
      Proper No Twelve Hace 10 días

      @Tristan totally agree with you. Earning a living from basically sailing round with just about everything provided for you and treated like VIP's is not pure sailing like you say. But at the end of the day they always fully intended to make a fortune, and the adverts ensure that.

    • Tristan
      Tristan Hace 10 días +4

      Meh just feels like a giant infomercial now. Just been watching from time to time recently and been watching Sam Holmes sailing instead, all about sailing none of the commercials

  • Karl Fair
    Karl Fair Hace 11 días +151

    Two MOB stories: #1; we lost a red 5 gallon fuel can over the side in a squall. We were 150 miles NE of the Bahamas. By the time we came about, we could not find the fuel can. #2; Whenever we are under way, if trash is seen in the water, we call an MOB drill and pick it up. It's a great way to practice.

  • Schel
    Schel Hace 11 días +43

    The reason why the air tag didn’t work is because air tags relies on nearby iPhones to transmit the air tags. Without a nearby iPhone, you’ll only see the last known location of the air tag (when it was last connected to an iPhone)

  • Roaming Rupps
    Roaming Rupps Hace 10 días +9

    It was great seeing yall in Charleston. Yall were a blast to talk to and take the course with. Safe travels out there and can't wait till our paths cross again :)

  • Glen Gamble
    Glen Gamble Hace 11 días +50

    A note, for your travels to Vietnam: put an Air Tag in your checked baggage. If it gets lost, you can find it for the airline yourself.

    • Michel laust der Affe
      Michel laust der Affe Hace 5 días

      @Thomas Anderson 👍🍻🤣🤣🤣

    • Dave Amies
      Dave Amies Hace 9 días +2

      @Sven Andriske That's right no other iPhones the AT is lost, biggest mistake Apple made was not supporting Android, the poorer the country the less iPhones's around.

    • Thomas Anderson
      Thomas Anderson Hace 10 días +3

      Good luck counting on Apple whilst floating in the ocean for your life

    • Karl Miner
      Karl Miner Hace 10 días +3

      Or a Tile baggage tag

    • Sven Andriske
      Sven Andriske Hace 10 días +2

      It would work, if another iPhone was in receiving distance of the AT.

  • TH3mrBROWN
    TH3mrBROWN Hace 11 días +17

    AirTags ping their location based on nearby iPhone or iPads, in addition to last know location when connection to you own iPhone is lost. So unless you have like 10 other people in the water with an iPhone that has a network connection, the AirTag will be useless if the person starts drifting away.

    • Lorraine McBride
      Lorraine McBride Hace 10 días +2

      I guess this is a useful tool for a lost dog or cat in the city but not out in the bush. I didn’t know this… thank you!!

  • Andrea Goodman
    Andrea Goodman Hace 11 días +71

    Elena made me giggle trying to run up and down to see if that affected the AirTag. I giggled again when Riley said “it’s a fast boat“!😂

  • US Sailing
    US Sailing Hace 10 días +4

    Happy to have had you for the course! Safe travels and sail fast.

    • Roaming Rupps
      Roaming Rupps Hace 10 días +1

      Thanks for hosting such an awesome and informative course.

  • Tony Trumble
    Tony Trumble Hace 11 días +24

    It's refreshing to see the love you two have for each other especially because you're with each other 24-7! You two are so fun to watch and Lenny truly is coming into his own!!

  • Noone Anybodyknows
    Noone Anybodyknows Hace 11 días +24

    Thanks so very much for sharing the importance of man overboard, cpr, first aid, life raft maintenance, and general well-being. Excellent episode 👏

  • Coleen Goodell
    Coleen Goodell Hace 11 días +21

    Excellent safety updating. I'd much rather be over prepared than under prepared for any type of emergency that could arise. Always get a kick out of your cartoons. Can't wait to see your next adventure. Take care and God bless.

  • greennewdealoxford
    greennewdealoxford Hace 11 días +4

    On my safety course we were taught to always wear tough sailing or gardening gloves when letting off a flare. They do regularly ‘backfire’ and can leave serious burn marks. We were shown some horrific burn photos. Always keep a spare pair of gloves in your flare pack.

  • Deanie Floating Coldy Holdy
    Deanie Floating Coldy Holdy Hace 11 días +1

    Love seeing you go through survival and rescue training! Former EMT here- you can never have enough knowledge/ training/ equipment for rescues and medical emergencies, land or sea!! Great job guys!
    💪🏻🛟🦺🩹🩺 ⛑
    …that censored part-😂 you’re going to end up with another crew member if you’re not careful!!😉👶🏻

  • Steve Crombie
    Steve Crombie Hace 11 días +7

    Great video. I'm glad to see that even with your years on the boat you did the things necessary to make yourselves better prepared for emergencies. We also now know that Rileys go to voice when feeling frisky is a terrible Italian accent. Who knew? Also in case of jellyfish stings it is nice to know who is willing to help out, Elayna.

  • Jed Honrado
    Jed Honrado Hace 11 días +40

    Kind of chilling knowing that when you're in a situation that you have to use your liferaft, you know you're in some really deep sh*t. Make sure your safety gear is all up to snuff. The Man Overboard drill made me think of the time Reilly bumped his head jumping into the water and how fast the boat was travelling. Scary.

    • Proinseas O'Kiellig
      Proinseas O'Kiellig Hace 9 días

      @Major Old Lady aka, Mom taree scentunces awl fuggin yoowceluzz...zzz

    • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
      Major Old Lady aka, Mom Hace 11 días

      @Andy P!
      Two sentences.
      Zero punctuation.
      Nice! 👏

    • Andy P!
      Andy P! Hace 11 días +4

      I remember that incident it was brutally close to being a disaster

  • A knee moose
    A knee moose Hace 11 días +12

    Fantastic episode….As an emergency crew member, we all need to learn the skills. Thank you and pleasant sailing!❤️🙏🤣

  • Anna Knight
    Anna Knight Hace 11 días +3

    Great episode guys!! Spreading a good message, never take safety lightly

  • KeyKeypr
    KeyKeypr Hace 8 días +1

    Loved Riley's monologue at 1:06; so many funny things in this episode (originally intended and unintended), I was laughing and smiling all the way through. Great vibe and interaction between everyone. Glad you had the chance to improve the medical and lifesaving skills. Hopefully they will never, ever be needed, but if they are, you can help yourself or others.

  • Josh Flynn
    Josh Flynn Hace 10 días +1

    Thank you for highlighting all of the safety drills and medical prep. Wife and I are about to head South for a couple months and were planning on doing some medical training. Again. Thanks for sharing. All the best.

  • Kenny ismyname
    Kenny ismyname Hace 11 días +10

    I hope you go on the same cruise that Kara and Nate did. That looked amazing!

  • Viral baer
    Viral baer Hace 10 días

    As I love hearing you say, “Good on ya!” Thanks, Mytes. Sent with admiration and affection.

  • Beverlee Busch
    Beverlee Busch Hace 10 días +2

    Thank you for a great episode. Glad you are taking such good care of each other! 💗⛵

  • Margaret S
    Margaret S Hace 11 días +7

    I’ve worked with US Sailing in relationship to the Girl Scout Sailing Program, and their instructor are amazing!

  • Laurie Rodriguez
    Laurie Rodriguez Hace 7 días

    Coming from the medical field myself this is so important and I'm so glad you guys took this serious. There's so much we can do to help ourselves until we can get better help. Good on you guys✌️💜

  • Sting B
    Sting B Hace 10 días +2

    Right on! Promoting mental and physical health safety on board is so important! Well done you two! ❤️

  • californiakayaker N6GRG
    californiakayaker N6GRG Hace 11 días +5

    For land related emergencies when you can't get help, they call it "Wilderness Medicine" and have courses for it also. His course was awesome and very similar to the Wilderness Medicine courses. Thanks for this.

  • Ali Aungst
    Ali Aungst Hace 11 días +1

    Great episode. Safety training is one of my favorite things. I appreciate the peace of mind they bring and the help of consistent protocols.

  • Paige Lougheed
    Paige Lougheed Hace 6 días

    This is one of my favourite Videos you’ve posted in a long time. Well done and great to remind everyone about the safety that goes along with the glamour of sailing in the Caribbean lol. Well done!!

  • Heather Arnold
    Heather Arnold Hace 10 días +1

    This is great! I'm doing my Safety at Sea course in October :D

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  • coveybaby
    coveybaby Hace 10 días +1

    Loved that episode 🤙 nice to dive into the deeper aspects of what is really required to pull off these kinds of journeys across sea's

  • KHAZ 1952
    KHAZ 1952 Hace 11 días +5

    Ive been watching you guys for years, and so many of your episodes have been very beneficial to "educate" people of the reality of sailing life. But you guys really hit the nail on the head with this one. Absolutely fantastic and supremely educational. Crisis management is knowledge that we humans so frequently take for granted - even in everyday life, not just sailing. How to handle a crisis. EVERY sailor, and every crew member (no matter the age), should be well educated to these standards. All it takes in one single event, to realize how vastly important this information is. Well done you guys, well done!

    • US Sailing
      US Sailing Hace 10 días

      We couldn't agree more 👏

  • Ken Whit
    Ken Whit Hace 5 días

    What an extremely valuable episode for the seaward watchers. I have done some sailing with a little blue water but never was taught "man overboard rescue". So good that you have highlighted this aspect about sailing,with its frailties. Well done.

  • Mark Conley
    Mark Conley Hace 11 días +2

    What a great and timely video, and a reminder to everyone you can never be too prepared when it comes to safety. Wether you’re a grizzled vet like these two legends or just learning the ropes like myself.
    After watching your videos for years I finally bought my first sail boat a month ago! I won’t be crossing any oceans anytime soon in my 16 foot day sailer but it’s the perfect boat for me to learn on and I’ve officially caught the itch and have been sailing basically any free time I have when the weather permits. I’m on a small freshwater lake in upstate NY.
    This past weekend I was single handed sailing on a beautiful afternoon where the forecast predicted winds at 7-8 knots when all of a sudden I found myself in gusts of 20 knots. The daredevil in me was pushing the boat to its absolute limits in these stronger winds on a close haul and I had the boat leaning hard and ripping across the lake, then all of a sudden the wind gusted just a little harder and I found myself overboard as the boat capsized! Adrenaline kicked in I collected myself and remember the training I had done on how to right it and got it back up right and myself in after a few minutes. Unfortunately the personal flotation device I was not wearing, but sitting on as a cushion fell overboard as well and drifted away from myself and the boat fast, so once I was back in I got to practice a MOB drill on that.
    Long story short keep doing what you’re doing and inspiring others to sail and follow their dreams and be safe out there!

  • The Adventure Crews | Cole + Emily Crews

    This is such a great video!! and an incredible reminder we should all be regularly performing safety drills! Great work!

  • Victor Sebastiao
    Victor Sebastiao Hace 9 días

    Love you guys and you guys make me laugh you guys are so funny and im so happy to watch your videos and it is amazing experience that you guys are learning new thing in rescue and first aid.

  • Rachel Bishop
    Rachel Bishop Hace 11 días +7

    This is awesome. I’ve been a loyal SLV fan for a few years. I’m also a nurse for 3 decades…or 30 years. Hahahaa. It doesn’t surprise me at all, due to just necessary “recerts” and your upcoming new business adventures, to see you guys totally on the ball. You’ve always had a very serious undercurrent and respect for the sea. You guys are great. Eamon and Beck are another fave. Your collab was the 💩. 😜❤️✌🏼

    • harry adams
      harry adams Hace 10 días

      Also factor in how soon you lose muscle strength depends on water temperature but you will not be able to lift your arms very quickly

  • Hiilani Makahanaloa
    Hiilani Makahanaloa Hace 11 días +2

    As someone who has majored in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, so proud of you guys for taking initiative to keep yourselves updated as well as your vessel. Well done as always ❤️

  • Lorraine McBride
    Lorraine McBride Hace 10 días +1

    Excellent video‼️ The air tag info has popped me out of a false sense of security with walking a dog off-leash in the bush. I think I’m going to sign up for a land/forest and water versions! Thank you for an awesome video 💕 I hope to be a 1/2 time boater very soon.

  • Cathie L
    Cathie L Hace 11 días

    So cool that you are doing this training and taking the extra steps to keep your family safe ❤

  • BecomingBelle
    BecomingBelle Hace 11 días +2

    We’ve had such calm, relaxing videos lately. And then all of a sudden they wake us up with that hectic intro!! What a fun, interesting, and helpful video

  • Joanne Pantale
    Joanne Pantale Hace 11 días +1

    You guys are blessed to have the opportunity to certify in this medical training program. This is a wonderful thing! Much love from Michigan USA ❤️

  • Caiomhe
    Caiomhe Hace 11 días +1

    As an offshore racing crew member I did repeated safety and survival at sea courses every couple of seasons. I’ll never forget my first course though because I nearly drowned! It was terrifying 😬 - the course instructor had forgotten about me and I was stuck under a life raft

  • Mme Haut-de-forme
    Mme Haut-de-forme Hace 11 días +1

    Never feel guilty for leaving your kids behind for a bit. Someone once told me that as much as we sometimes need a break from our kids our kids also need a break from us! It builds independence.

  • Dachdog
    Dachdog Hace 11 días +43

    Absolutely you can not emphasize the importance of safety and preparedness enough. I often see people embark on dangerous matters without taking seriously the needed safety and education. Living in the Pacific Northwest. People take up kayaking on dangerous waters like they're playing in a kiddie pool. I've rescued someone that was in a near death experience and had NO idea how serious it was. All the sudden hypothermia was setting in and he was losing power and fortunately I got to him in time. He had NO safety equipment and was out in very unfavorable conditions. Thanks for highlighting this. Keep up the good work.

    • Dachdog
      Dachdog Hace 10 días +2

      @Timothy Busch yes, Puget Sound/ Salish Sea is 45-48°F year round. Inland the lakes on lower elevation can warm up nicely. But the Sound and mountain run off lakes are FREEZING! With proper wetsuit you get 30 mins. A dry suit maybe a couple hours. But definitely not long term.
      This guy was in cotton attire. 🤦‍♀️ Not even synthetic clothing. I was driving by the board walk along the shore and saw him out in the water. I was in a dress. The waves were high, big chop. I thought, what a moron! He was lined up parallel to the waves and taking on water in his boat. He got dumped over. Fortunately the waves pushed him to shore eventually. We stopped the car, I went running down the beach a half a mile from the access point to get to him... in a dress and boots. He washes ashore and thinks he is fine. And sits get his bearings and to talk to people. I quickly explained the situation and how we had minutes to get him situated. Strip off those wet clothes. He argued. STRIP! He did. Now grab that boat and let's get back up the beach. Pronto! I told him what was about to happen to him. We wrapped him in towels. He starts admitting he was very nauseous and had a bad headache. My husband went to the small coffee stand for hot water. I loaded up his boat and his gear, while giving him a stern lecture. He had no safety gear. Got a new PFD and spray skirt and didn't make sure they even worked together with the boat. They didn't. So he wasn't paying any attention and got turned around wrong and swamp. We followed him home about 2 miles away and instructed him what to do. I told him he was not to take any of his stuff out there until he had all the proper education. He felt silly and agreed. Crazy. So quickly something can go wrong.

    • US Sailing
      US Sailing Hace 10 días +2

      We couldn't agree more. Never neglect safety and preparedness!

    • KHAZ 1952
      KHAZ 1952 Hace 11 días +6

      Way to go Dachdog. That incident is exactly why there needs to more emphasis on this type of thing. When confronted, a person needs to act and react based on knowledge, not emotion and inexperience. Im really glad that Elayna and Riley brought the knowledge of this episode to our attention.

  • Robert Chautard Jensen
    Robert Chautard Jensen Hace 11 días

    Great segment on safety equipment and especially life rafts. This is a must do for all yachties, and should be done every two to three years.

  • Ryan Lee Banks
    Ryan Lee Banks Hace 11 días +1

    Good to see some BTS of what safety training looks like, that life raft looked comfortable af 😂 I'm a bit sad to see the airtag to be off by so much ahah I put one in my camera gear not too long ago when flight companies kept losing people's bags. It's given me a bit of peace of mind just in case I leave my camera bag behind or it gets stolen!

  • Ash
    Ash Hace 10 días +1

    Riley: I got stung by a jellyfish, it really stings. Elayna: want me to wee on it. I lost it😂😂 you 2 are hilarious 😂😂

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Hace 11 días +1

    Great episode along with some really good advice. Way too many people are lackadaisical about their safety equipment and procedures. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Miles Hedley
    Miles Hedley Hace 10 días

    Amazing. You have just saved thousands of Lives.
    I've been watching your show for Years. So exciting. Hat's off too you.
    Yet i feel this is almost the best, as so many none Sailers might watch.
    Yet wish to do as you do.
    I have spent my Life at Sea. Also in my past have been part of SAR. Through our Team.
    Only one comment.
    Your waters were safe. Drones, everything.
    But please post on your next video.
    Your fantastic guys. X

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  • Joy Bochsler
    Joy Bochsler Hace 11 días

    Proud of you guys and thank you for sharing. I'm a land lover but every person should take this course

  • Debbie Lumpkins
    Debbie Lumpkins Hace 11 días +1

    I grew up spending time in and on the Chesapeake Bay. I remember not wanting to let go of the ski tow rope because of the jellyfish so I feel your pain, Riley.

    HIVOLCO Hace 11 días

    Great reality check! Stuff happens! I have been so fortunate to have taken some top rate First Aid courses... Knowing how to set broken bones do stitches or CPR... all good. That AIR TAG thing was crazy though! I got a little anxiety just watching this!... Preparation is really good though.

  • Robbin Baker
    Robbin Baker Hace 11 días

    Awesome training. Hope you two can remember all that stuff. Safe travels to you.

  • Mandy Bayman
    Mandy Bayman Hace 10 días

    My fave episode so far.(I haven't been watching all that long). So interesting and glad you guys did the training!

  • Robert Colvin
    Robert Colvin Hace 8 días

    Absolutely one of the great episodes. We watch all the fun stuff knowing you don't very often show the difficult times but we know they exist. Great to see acknowledgement of those and the beginning of information on how to acknowledge and correct those difficult times and instances while off shore. Thanks for sharing.

  • Darryl Munro
    Darryl Munro Hace 5 días

    Great video guys, I love you keep tackling the often over looked topics and then conduct demonstrations.

  • faustp23
    faustp23 Hace 11 días

    Love this video!!!! Gives me comfort to know your versed in lifesaving courses

  • Scott Dvorak
    Scott Dvorak Hace 10 días

    Great video guys. A) The Apple Air Tag gimmick worked… despite my suspicion that it was indeed a gimmick. B) I watched the whole thing and learned a few things; a testimony to your video making skills. Bravo. C) You guys are a super cute couple. Good for you guys. Continued success and much happiness to you and yours. Cheers!!

  • stefanie obermeder
    stefanie obermeder Hace 11 días

    Before I became a yachtie, I did all that safety stuff and found it SO rewarding
    Learning to sew is a very very good thing

  • Twinks
    Twinks Hace 11 días +4

    I'm so glad to see you've gotten the safety training and the medical training! It's incredibly important to keep those skills up. Please consider implementing a regular training drill utilizing those new skills, maybe every 2 weeks? Every month? And how about including Lenny?

  • David Coleman
    David Coleman Hace 11 días

    I have long had a tradition of jumping into the water with my PFD when it was time to change out the cartridge and hammer. But watching this post has made me realize that I am going to start doing the same thing with the life raft. Just to become acquainted with the deployment and handling of the thing. It will be just as fun, just as useful and a good chance to show others the features of such an important piece of equipment.

  • mark perrins
    mark perrins Hace 10 días +1

    Hey guys that really brings home how vulnerable we really are out at sea. We’re only coastal cruisers here in the UK. Every year I try to teach my wife how to rescue me should I go over board. Debbie can drive the boat in various familiar locations but is frightened of driving it really. We talk every year about her taking on a basic boat handling course but she avoids as best she can every year. One part that has made me realise my own weakness is learning the search patterns that my own boat systems has and I have never put in practice. Now I have watched this that is exactly what I am going to do next time I’m at the boat. Then I can write out an instructional notelet to keep on board. Phew. 😳 thanks guys.

  • Casey Wiggin
    Casey Wiggin Hace 11 días

    Had a few laughs. It’s great to see you guys are keeping up to date with safety

  • ST ST
    ST ST Hace 10 días

    Great job guys!! You can never be too prepared!!!

  • Stacy Broussard
    Stacy Broussard Hace 11 días +1

    What an Incredibley Informative Video... Thank you for sharing this with US ALL, RILEY AND ELAYNA!! WELL DONE YOU TWO 💯

  • Frank H. Ritz
    Frank H. Ritz Hace 9 días +1

    When you understand how the AirTag works, you can mount it to your drone or dingy and sail or fly away. After some small distance the AirTag knows only your own IPhone as provider of locations. To test it you recognize quickly that your own phones are not the right equipment. The Tester Must have your AppleID on the Phone far away.

  • Michelle Townsley
    Michelle Townsley Hace 11 días

    Impressive! We’re on a road trip in the Yukon Territory of Canada, so we watched the ESclips version instead of the Patreon version. When we get back home to Southern California we’ll have to catch up with you guys on our Patreon account. Internet is so problematic on the road but we are SO happy to have some at times. Stay safe! That’s what we’re trying to do!

  • larrimo s
    larrimo s Hace 11 días +1

    Judging by Schmukkis amorous intentions, the medical training should include delivering a baby at sea..😂 Great episode La vaga crew. Well done.

  • Daniel Sampe
    Daniel Sampe Hace 11 días

    I love your guys channel and have even bought some of your gear recently! I live In Fairbanks, AK and fly to work up North in the Arctic above the Arctic Circle for weeks or even months at a time and then fly back when my shifts are over. There are no roads to my work! :) However It's beautiful!! Lot's of Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Foxes, Caribou, and Moose up here in Alaska. I'm excited to see where you will go but I'm guessing it's not in AK.

  • Lyfan Deth
    Lyfan Deth Hace 11 días +6

    Think about adding a scuba "marker sausage" to your vest. Rolls up into the size of a fat egg roll. Inflates by mouth to form a 6" wide 4-6' tall pillar so the diver (or man overboard) can be more easily spotted from a distance. Some have Scotchlite on top so they reflect very brightly. Not expensive.

    • Lyfan Deth
      Lyfan Deth Hace 11 días +1

      @lxndrlbr I once tried every loud whistle on the market, and found that if are 100 yards downwind of someone, you can save your breath.

    • lxndrlbr
      lxndrlbr Hace 11 días

      That's such a simple and clever idea! And that pairs nicely as a visual aid to the whistle as a sound aid.
      Of course if the person overboard is unconscious, you can't rely on that.
      There are also color dyes to aid in aerial search. And of course all the electronic equipment they mentioned at the beginning of the video...

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor Hace 10 días

    What a superb episode…. I was always taught to crash stop/heave too before dropping any sails when doing MOB drills. Stop as close as you can then sort yourselves out to pick up the casualty..
    Ps - my daughter (9) says great show… she loved it!

  • Gypzy Jack
    Gypzy Jack Hace 11 días

    Great video, guys. Someone needed to address the "elephant on the boat" in a graphic manner.
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