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  • Raijin Sun
    Raijin Sun Hace 3 años +2233

    If a zombie apocalypse ever happens you just know these folk are doing just fine

    • Scalets Yoga Welt
      Scalets Yoga Welt Hace un año

      @Raijin Sun and a little

    • payton elizabeth
      payton elizabeth Hace un año

      @Pamy H. you’ll want to start now if your looking into boating! Lots of prep, and the more time you give yourself the easier it will be

    • Billy Jones
      Billy Jones Hace un año

      @20 20 yea..
      Wake up all dam sleepy sheep..look at what's really going on and stop living in denial

    • Billy Jones
      Billy Jones Hace un año

      It is happening

    • Pamy H.
      Pamy H. Hace 2 años

      Only just found this in my SLV binge. Sadly my work couldn't be done while travelling - social work with children in care - but it does fund my travels so no complaints really and retirement is only 4 years away so look out world... I'm planning!!!

  • Home Cooking Adventure
    Home Cooking Adventure Hace 3 años +4

    We just sailed a Bavaria 51 through Corinth canal... it was awesome!!! so we planned for another trip on September. We'll like to meet you guys sometime and do a video together! Cheers from Home Cooking Adventure!

  • Macy and Sam
    Macy and Sam Hace 3 años +1245

    what happens when there is a really bad storm?

    • Tricen Osborne
      Tricen Osborne Hace 7 meses

      @Lisa Smith i watched one piece and now im not kidding i want to sail the carribean, and explore islands pirates often crashed on

    • payton elizabeth
      payton elizabeth Hace un año

      @grace bloore mooring and docking are two different things lol

    • 89 Jed
      89 Jed Hace 3 años +19

      it turns into a yellow submarine

    • grace bloore
      grace bloore Hace 3 años +3

      Lisa Smith “moor” I’ve been boating for years now

    • Lisa Smith
      Lisa Smith Hace 3 años +17

      @Asian.Weirdo - YT "dock" I think is the term, but yeah, essentially. Or juts anchor

  • lucie morris
    lucie morris Hace 3 años +2107

    If your child doesn't become a merman or shark boy then I will be very surprised

    • Ram Lakhan
      Ram Lakhan Hace 2 años

      ESclips Lm xxx

    • Taz
      Taz Hace 3 años

      ESclips Lm same

    • Helen Ruelas
      Helen Ruelas Hace 3 años +1

      @Johanne Lauvland-Hegdal Lol yes the show is called that but they were talking about it since they live on water and is a male. Lava girl obviously cant live on water she lava

    • Johanne Lauvland-Hegdal
      Johanne Lauvland-Hegdal Hace 3 años

      i know that, but everyone loves that movie

    • Khadijah Harrison
      Khadijah Harrison Hace 3 años

      Lol 😂

  • Olimpia G
    Olimpia G Hace 3 años +382

    This looks amazing but I’d be too scared to put my entire life in one boat. A big wave comes and that’s me done

    • Sherrick Official Personal Vlog
      Sherrick Official Personal Vlog Hace un año +2

      We have that problem on land.
      There called tornados / earth quakes / house fires / lightning / burglers.

    • Carl Pulsipher
      Carl Pulsipher Hace un año +2

      I don't think that they are really concerned with losing stuff I think they put more value into experience and memories that stuff

    • Hayden Carpenter
      Hayden Carpenter Hace 2 años

      Same tho same tho😂

    • Lenard Milich
      Lenard Milich Hace 2 años +2

      @Alley Cat Not to mention tsunamis, where on the ocean they're about 15 cm (6 inches) high.

    • Adiyah Crenshaw
      Adiyah Crenshaw Hace 2 años +1

      I’d be too scared to put my child’s life on that boat

  • Mandy Ruffatto
    Mandy Ruffatto Hace 3 años +122

    I work in medical billing. Absolutely something I could do remotely, but where I currently work they don't offer it. Fingers crossed that my husband and I will find something remote soon. We just love coming home from a long days work and watching your adventures. They give us so much happiness and hope for our own dreams.

    • Virginia de Zerne
      Virginia de Zerne Hace un mes

      Hi Mandy, I actually went back to college for medical billing and coding for that purpose. Many companies offer remote positions but require you to be within the continental United States. So I am creating other options!

    • KVStarStruck22
      KVStarStruck22 Hace 3 años

      Have you looked into medical coding?

  • Kai
    Kai Hace 3 años +504

    Them: orders food
    Delivery guy: *checks where they are* oh gawd

    • payton elizabeth
      payton elizabeth Hace un año

      As someone who’s lived on boats, we’ve had to climb on lines to get our pizza before and they can NEVER find the right boat

  • IheartMariah
    IheartMariah Hace 3 años +374

    The only thing that worries me when a storm comes or tsunamis or a hurricane

    • Ken Mcguire
      Ken Mcguire Hace 2 años

      Not saying you are but being fearful of things out of our control is counterproductive, and out of the flow, IMHO

    • Elle Salagaras
      Elle Salagaras Hace 2 años +2

      IheartMariah if there’s a tsunami, they’re not the only ones in danger😂 when’s the last time a tsunami rolled through the Bahamas??

  • Allison
    Allison Hace 3 años +2

    You guys are awesome! Perfect representation of how generous and caring the sailing community is :)

  • Mahoosive Supertastic
    Mahoosive Supertastic Hace 3 años

    Love watching you guys, I just went on my first boat trip on the pacific coast California and loved it! Next up I plan to learn to sail while I live in CA. My husband and I have been traveling since 2006 traveling around the world 3 times and living in Thailand, New Zealand and Ireland currently the USA. We recently left Apartment living to an RV and love it. My husband is a software engineer and I work from our RV designing tattoos and selling temporary tattoos online. Not so great for sailing as I need a post office or a drop shipper.. I recently got a tattoo apprenticeship ;) and I love it! So maybe there maybe an option to tattoo from seaports ;) Much love to you all for inspiring so may of us x

  • Colton Bozeman
    Colton Bozeman Hace 2 años

    I’m an electrician so traveling and working would be nearly impossible. I love to watch y’all’s channel. Grew up sailing with my dad in lakes never an ocean but it’s fun to watch y’all. Keep up the great work.

  • Jamie Hicks
    Jamie Hicks Hace 3 años

    Nice episode, as Always! I'm an architect with live-aboard aspirations. I've been working toward it for about 5 years and thinking about it for 20. I realistically have another 5 to go. Each year, I trailer my 22 foot (6.5m) sailboat "Goldenrod" down to the Florida Keys from North Carolina and spend 1-3 weeks on her. I just returned from this year's 2-week trip June 2nd. I absolutely love doing this; it gives me the opportunity to learn incrementally and on a small boat. This is an intentional exercise as I inch closer to living on Mother Ocean :) Keep up the good work. Someday we'll get the chance to meet!

  • Cameron Goodsell
    Cameron Goodsell Hace 3 años +7

    Thank you both for your videos you've been helping me get through a rough point in my life. Made me realize what I want to do with my life, so thank you both @SailingLaVagabonde

  • it'sjustkatie
    it'sjustkatie Hace 3 años

    This is incredible..what an interesting lifestyle. I would loveee to work remotely and travel whenever, wherever..just not on a boat but their life looks so adventurous and exciting 😍

  • Naranjo Jaleni
    Naranjo Jaleni Hace 3 años

    Wow! I really can’t imagine myself at sea just living life and raising a beautiful baby boy. It’s amazing to see such an awesome couple always pull through together. Too many more adventures and many more fun moments at sea!! I’m a new subscriber 🙏🏼😌

  • Nicole Paige
    Nicole Paige Hace 3 años

    I’m dying to get my hands on this book. I was just about to message you guys and ask how does one who has nothing but a love for the ocean and traveling even begin a journey like this. Thank you a million.

  • Niels Dubbeld
    Niels Dubbeld Hace 3 años

    Love watching you guys! It’s like I’m on a little holiday myself.

  • DomesticatedHasBeen
    DomesticatedHasBeen Hace 3 años

    I love you guys. I love everything about your family. Having my son a very similar age as yours, I really wish I wasn't a small business owner. I have a used car lot and an auto repair shop. My wife does medical billing and has the luxury of working from home. We briefly discussed living in an RV...but these videos make me want to sail! It speaks wonders about your characters with how kind you are to offer your product for free if your fans cannot afford it. I wish sailing was in my family's future....alas, it looks like FL, USA is it for us.
    God bless and safe sailing!

  • Emily Klever
    Emily Klever Hace 3 años +1

    Just bought your guide! Hubby and I are slowly starting to reimagine what life can be. Thank you for being our guides on this journey.

  • cptblackops
    cptblackops Hace 3 años

    Hey guys, I just found your channel today and I love it! You seem like such lovely people and parents and I just want you to know that you have just gained another subscriber who is looking forward to tagging along on your voyage.

  • Tuur Germonpré
    Tuur Germonpré Hace 3 años +307

    You two (well there's three now, congratz!) really are wonderful!
    I'm a Belgian dentist student, who recently bought a 15 yo second hand A-class catamaran. A big reason for that purchase was seeing you guys chase your dreams and passion. My biggest dream would be to buy a classic sail yacht and refit her with a dentist chair to sail around the world and help those regions out where acces to good dentistry is impeded (for example after a hurricane orso).
    Ofc that's only a dream... Whether or not it's realistic I don't know.
    Loved the video as always!

    • Caroline Koch
      Caroline Koch Hace 2 años

      Tuur Germonpré that is absolutely beautiful! Kind of makes me wish I had chosen a different career... and I’m very impressed by you buying a boat at the age 15. I’ve spent half of my life on a boat and now I’m in my mid-twenties and I don’t think I would buy my own boat... good luck with your dream! Make it possible!

    • Jaco
      Jaco Hace 3 años


    • Maïlys Moiroud
      Maïlys Moiroud Hace 3 años +3

      Hey Tuur! I'm also a dentist and I've always had that dream too :) Actually there are some dentists doing it already, one is French and is sailing the world on his catamaran to help and attend people on his way. His NGO is called "Océan Dentiste" if you want to check it out :) Good luck with the end of your studies! We have a beautiful job!

    • Ray Kemry
      Ray Kemry Hace 3 años

      Herbie did it on Rudolph at the north pole on toys , so why cant you do it on a boat.

    • Almighty
      Almighty Hace 3 años

      Man, it sounds incredible! You must do it! Hope everything happen!

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas Hace 3 años +495

    Wouldn't it be great, if we had people like this running our beautiful world, instead of the lying, conniving, criminal, puppet, psychopathic killers that we actually have running it.

    • Cymmo
      Cymmo Hace 2 años

      Benz knees: I was incentivised as a baby, gawd it hurt😂 now you talk about this modern civilization, yet it requires a huge medical structure to keep it running, where stress is the biggest killer. And there is always a war going on. LA vagabond contributes to Peace.

    • Doublethink
      Doublethink Hace 3 años +2

      emily h. - Pooling resources has been tried in Russia, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Mao’s China, etc.. It didn’t work then and it wouldn’t work now, for the simple reason most people need to be incentivised to work hard or to start/run the businesses we all rely on. Wooly ideas don’t get roads and railways built, factories and houses developed, water, sewage, electric and heating networks and equipment provided, food produced, processed and distributed, clothing and other consumer goods designed, made and brought to market. Or the yacht, GPS navigation, solar panels, computers, cameras, guitar, wet suit, foodstuffs, harbours, rescue services, etc. that the freeloaders in this video rely on. And good luck with treating a broken arm, a ruptured spleen, cancers, and heart attacks with your unregulated, unproven herbal ‘medicines’.

    • Doublethink
      Doublethink Hace 3 años +2

      emily h. - And what would these volunteers do for food, clothing, transport, heating, etc. if they were unpaid? Where would the drugs and medical equipment come from? These “nomads” can only do what they do because taxpayers have provided them with all the equipment & backup that they need. They are just parasites on the rest of society.

    • Doublethink
      Doublethink Hace 3 años +1

      And who would pay for the hospitals, clinics, schools, roads, railways, policing, defence, GPS, etc.? These alternative lifestylers don’t pay the taxes needed for all these essential things. So it would be anything but great to have free loaders like this ‘running the world’.

  • Darlene Ermis
    Darlene Ermis Hace un año

    Sounds like the perfect life style! Lenny is a very lucky baby, your great parents! I can see the love in your eyes!💕

  • Sascha Hohenberger
    Sascha Hohenberger Hace 3 años +1

    Have been following you guys for years ,just incredible to to see what you guys have achieved and how possible it is for just about everyone .I have been a Pilot for 20 years and finally find myself in a job where we can live anywhere on the planet .3 Years ago we started putting the dream into reality to become cruisers and we almost got it right but buying the right boat is crucial , fast forward to present day we have achieved 6 months on the boat and 6 months on land for the first 2 years and this past year we have been marketing the boat for sale to purchase our dream live aboard .........”pre warning Riley “ it’s not a sail boat 😉but a 1997 nordhavn 46 trawler as this is what works for us a family .(it doesn’t go fast enough to make any wake so we won’t be zooming past you guys in the anchorage )😂😂
    If all goes to plan in the next 6 months we could be onboard full time starting in the Med and following the sun for eternity .
    Look forward to your uploads and hopefully we cross paths in the future .Fair winds and following sea !

  • Emi Ko
    Emi Ko Hace 3 meses

    Just discovered your channel!! Love this version of the alternative life. We got RVs and can see ourselves doing this in an RV. This works because my fiance’s work requires him to move from studio to studio, but this sailing life you have going on is pretty awesome!!! Love that you get your food from your backyard.

  • tay
    tay Hace 3 años +108

    can you make a video telling us stories other sailors you’ve met have told you and what they do/their jobs that allows them to live onboard and travel?

    • Sailing Avocet
      Sailing Avocet Hace 3 años +2

      This is a really cool idea... as sailors and cruisers we all have so many stories that we share it would be awesome to get a video of that!

  • M
    M Hace 3 años +2

    I work for Disney On Ice and travel that way ☺☺☺ also binge watched you both for the first time last night. 4 episodes straight. Amazing amazing stuff you both are so blessed!!!

  • K Stasss
    K Stasss Hace 3 años

    Happy for you guys. Wish you all the best in this fantastic dream life! Cheers!

  • kyjen3
    kyjen3 Hace 3 años +1

    Love watching your videos! Although I don’t think I could live on a boat, I adore the idea of this alternate lifestyle. Lenny is going to have the sickest stories growing up! I’m a teacher (from Adelaide! Represent!) so can’t really travel with my job... but hey, maybe when Lenny needs to start school you can have a live on board teacher?! Haha! I’ve got a 3 month old called Ziggy so he could come too and they could be best buds 😂
    Very envious of you guys, keep living the good life!

  • Jenna Lark
    Jenna Lark Hace 3 años

    This is so nice! I’d love to learn to sail someday... Might not be in the cards this year due to new baby, but nevertheless I think it’s so kind of you to price something like this accessibly - bravo 👊

  • c
    c Hace 2 años

    Amazing video! Beautiful family! (Lenny is adorable😭) Thank you so much for sharing. Just subscribed after watching a few of your videos - this one was super informative. The sail guide is a brilliant idea too :D Been dreaming of boat life since I don't know when, but also considering a van home... boat is definitely more appealing, but once I get the boat I wouldn't have a clue😂(guess that's what the guide is for lol). Best of luck to you all! I hope you continue living the life of your dreams💗

  • Ava Doogie
    Ava Doogie Hace 3 años

    i love this family. their spirits, adventurous soles, their "alternative lifestyle" and how easy going they are. i aspire to be them:))

  • vandien 19
    vandien 19 Hace 3 años

    Just found you guys, so glad we did. Please keep the awesome interesting content coming

  • Jess Georgeu
    Jess Georgeu Hace 3 años +1

    Just came across you guys yesterday and am utterly in love with your life style and vibe x

  • Suzi Wickett
    Suzi Wickett Hace 3 años

    This is one of your exceptional videos, congratulations! So pleased Elayna slowed her speech, becoming easier to understand, what with Aussie accent, mic direction, wind and other distractions. Very informative, insightful, and personal, great going you two! And Lenny is growing so big, with his gorgeous eyes, dimple, while working his Jolly Jumper! Great stuff!! 😍

  • Millie Collins
    Millie Collins Hace 2 años +1

    I love how the boat is so clean and the energy of everything is amazing

  • Maria Cole
    Maria Cole Hace 3 años +70

    Hi I'm an 18 yr old student from Ireland and I just want to say that I think you guys are great...I hope someday I can do something like that too

    • Yung Rich
      Yung Rich Hace 2 años

      I would like to join you someday coming all the way from Africa Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • Chantel schnider
    Chantel schnider Hace 3 años

    Wow I can’t believe I am just coming across your channel now!💛💛 I have been binge watching your video’s all night & can’t wait to see more. Your life is so different and so amazing!

  • Thomas Bale
    Thomas Bale Hace 3 años +766

    Will you home school the child on the boat or stop the lifestyle entirely ?

    • Ligiani Tolotti
      Ligiani Tolotti Hace un año

      Another idea is to use the plenty of academic videos available on the internet now days to help homeschooling. Khan Academy have a pretty much structured material that could help a lot.

    • จอมศิลป์ นิตยาชิต
      จอมศิลป์ นิตยาชิต Hace 2 años

      @The Sid คนแก่

    • Coils and Winks
      Coils and Winks Hace 2 años +7

      I don’t think they have to choose one or the other? They can put their child in school and still maintain the boat lifestyle and live on the boat. But they’d just be anchored in one place for longer periods of time.

      DERIO PINO Hace 2 años +37

      The kid will learn more about life than any school can teach

  • Social Music & Entertainment

    This is pretty cool. I'd love to try living like this for atleast a year or two.

  • KneeSea
    KneeSea Hace 3 años +1

    I love this channel. When I need an ounce of peace, I escape to my happy place and watch one of your videos. Thank you for sharing such amazing content and also your lives with us! ❤️

  • Megan Coons
    Megan Coons Hace 3 años +2

    Now that I have watched a few with your family of three I just love love love how involved you both are with Lenny 😍

  • Pamcakes
    Pamcakes Hace 3 años +38

    Living vicariously through you guys! Thank you for sharing your adventures! ❤🌊🌞🌴

    • Zed Moe
      Zed Moe Hace 3 años +1

      Aren't we all!

  • Wayne Stinnett, Talk Write Podcast

    Downloaded and enjoying the guide, along with the how-to videos. You're right, Riley, had I had this on my first boat, a lot of mistakes could have been avoided. I'm an author, so I can, and often do, take my work with me. We're not cruisers though. The Admiral won't give up the house.

  • Kerri Okeefe
    Kerri Okeefe Hace 3 años

    What an amazing well balanced young family 🌎 love your work! I am addicted to your journey best of luck guys xxx

  • ginasutube
    ginasutube Hace 3 años +30

    How does the adjustment feel to go from always moving to flat land then back to moving?

  • Sue Young
    Sue Young Hace 3 años +1

    So awesome you guys rock💕and Lenny is precious. Hope u guys are OK after Dorian ♥️⛵️

  • Ramsay Young
    Ramsay Young Hace 3 años +21

    I was literally thinking that you guys should write some sort of book on sailing. Well done for making a guide! Defo gonna get it. Awesome vid also!!

  • [Purge] Davidson
    [Purge] Davidson Hace 3 años +4

    My name is David and im 21 years old. I recently found your channel and it is absolutely amazing that you can share your adventures with us.
    I have absolutely no idea about sailing but i hope some day i can do something similar to you guys.
    Keep up the nice videos and stay safe out there.
    Greetings from switzerland.

  • Trixie Normous
    Trixie Normous Hace 3 años +46

    Here I thought I wanted nothing more than van life and then you beautiful people come on my feed and my soul feels a connection 😍

  • Mon Moro
    Mon Moro Hace 3 años

    You're life as a team syncing to one frequency is awesome and admirable. You both are living the life, plus you have a baby kid to enjoy it with.

  • Dirtbag
    Dirtbag Hace 3 años

    Recently subscribed to your channel and I love it. I try to watch 2 to 3 videos a day to catch up. I envy your lifestyle! Love you guys, keep the videos coming and above all stay safe!

  • amy gray
    amy gray Hace 3 años

    Me and my husband wanted to do this exact same thing but neither one of us have any sailing experience. You guys are awesome! Safe sailings to you both.

  • Kymberly P
    Kymberly P Hace 3 años

    We raised our children (3) on our boat. Once my husband passed away, I gave our boat to our son and his family so they can continue the tradition.❤️
    I’m now a traveling nurse (RN) who uses a RV for national travels (U.S.) and flights/tents for international/very rural areas.⛺️
    That’s why I love to live vicariously through you on the ocean and in the tropics.⛵️🌺

  • BioHack
    BioHack Hace 3 años

    Amazing video! Is the region prone to cyclones? How safe is it throughout the year? Quite a few of my colleagues live on the ocean here in Vancouver.

  • chasnu72
    chasnu72 Hace 3 años

    You guys are awesome! Love every video you put out, even recomended you to a sailor friend the other day 😁 keep it up and safe travels!

  • Devin N.
    Devin N. Hace 3 años +19

    Imagine being cute little Lenny, born into the world used to the seas and the water...his home is the big beautiful blue seas. I just find it so special & how amazing that rly is. He is a different the best way possible. Beautiful video as always :)

  • Brooklyn Skeen
    Brooklyn Skeen Hace 3 años

    You guys are incredible thank you for sharing your lifestyle with us!!

  • Anna Bardon
    Anna Bardon Hace un año

    Well Riley, I’m a registered nurse. Wish I COULD sail. I love the water life. I’ll have to live vicariously through you guys for now.

  • Emma Falkner
    Emma Falkner Hace 3 años

    Your videos are so creative! I enjoy watching them every week!

  • Gary Burfield-Wallis
    Gary Burfield-Wallis Hace 3 años

    Loving your videos. We live in a motorhome and I work on the road as a author, photographer, videographer, youTuber and sometimes a programmer. Please keep the videos coming really love watching you guys.

  • Joe’s RV Home Turtle
    Joe’s RV Home Turtle Hace 3 años +3

    Love your videos! Keep um comin!...great to see all these extra videos...I really appreciate the time n effort you both spend on them! Stay safe n hug that cute little Lenny!
    Just went n purchased the guide...not sure it’s gonna help me navigate my RV, but I couldn’t pass up this chance to help the channel... ❤️

  • Sky Jimenez
    Sky Jimenez Hace 3 años

    This video is AMAZING from the edits to how you guys speak about your lifestyle you are a beautiful couple with a beautiful baby!!! Your life looks amazing and just very different from the norm but definitely something i could see myself falling in love with as well. I wish you guys nothing but the best and I’m going to shoutout your ESclips on all of my social media’s I need people to see you guys!!!! 💗

  • Nae Velasquez
    Nae Velasquez Hace 3 años

    I’m obsessed with your videos!! I’ve been binge watching since I’ve discovered y’all! Stay safe out there. Btw your son is adorable!

  • Sanam A
    Sanam A Hace 3 años

    Love your ring Elayna! I wish I could do what you guys are doing but I get sea sick which is unfortunate. Living vicariously through you guys

  • Bee Allen- Hine
    Bee Allen- Hine Hace 3 años

    Looks like a fantastic lifestyle, your family is so blessed . Stay safe out there .

  • Jessyn Cross
    Jessyn Cross Hace 3 años +12

    I’m a nurse in Australia, and I plan to join something like the mercy ships that travel around as a hospital on the water. Also I loveee your videos. Xx

    • Charlie Beresford
      Charlie Beresford Hace 3 años

      Jessyn Cross follow your dreams and go for it, god bless you and thank you for all the good you do

  • Lisa Clark
    Lisa Clark Hace 3 años

    I love that you two are changing peoples lives!!

  • Ahmed Habim
    Ahmed Habim Hace 3 años

    Outstanding! I just happened across your vids this week. My wife and I wanted to do a live aboard on a 48 ft Hunter in 1983. We never realized that dream. Good for you three living your way.

  • Neil Mellor
    Neil Mellor Hace 3 años

    Bravo to you both Elaina and Riley for your hard work and sense of adventure. I absolutely love your videos. It is the authenticity that you both share in your videos which i am drawn to. Glad to see you earning from all that you share! Keep it up1 Warmest regrds from Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

  • elaine mcdonald
    elaine mcdonald Hace 3 años

    you guys are the BOMB!!!!!!! we (my family) love ALLLLLLLL the videos we have being following you guys for 41/2 years, and we just purchased our 4th boat, we did not think we would get another one but seeing you guys, we had too. I'm so sorry we miss you in Miami.....

  • iandunipace
    iandunipace Hace 3 años +15

    wow what a wonderful simple life and every day a new adventure. your a lovely family and that little one will learn so much so quickly . what a wonderful life.

  • JP McSweeney
    JP McSweeney Hace 2 años +1

    This brings back memories of the summer of 1974, I was diving off fort Jefferson in the dry Tortuga's for the weekend when a young couple in there mid twenties with a young boy arrived on a 60' trimaran, they had been sailing the Caribbean for over a month living on fresh fish they caught and were headed for key west.
    Thanks for the memories!😊
    If they read this,which they might, I would like to know how life worked out for them.
    Cheers, JP

  • olivia dipietrantonio
    olivia dipietrantonio Hace 3 años

    i just came across your channel and am wishing i would have forever ago!! i love your videos so much! it really is like a tv show but one day i would love it to be reality for me. such an interesting lifestyle and i love the thought of being secluded in the most gorgeous places.what you do is awesome and im very thankful to have came across you both! thank you for keeping me motivated

  • Elad Dagmi
    Elad Dagmi Hace 3 años +2

    You guys are adorable!
    Love watching your videos.
    Thank you and stay safe 🙏

  • Emily Ryann
    Emily Ryann Hace 3 años +7

    So inspirational! I love seeing alternative ways of life!⛵️😀

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