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Comentarios • 2 438

  • asiret loncası
    asiret loncası Hace 14 días +146

    Have you tried Mighty Travels Premium yet?

  • Jules X
    Jules X Hace 3 meses +316

    We originally thought leather would be a great solution with our young kids but we quickly learned if was not practical in the tropics. First, it is uncomfortable because it sticks to hot, sweaty skin. But worse, leather is extremely prone to mold and fungus which are impossible to fully get out of the leather. Our whole family had skin issues so within 2 years we had to replace what was a very expensive sofa. Also, ditto to the comments on copper. Not only does it turn green but also gets a funky smell due to the salt water. Good luck.

    • Gary P.
      Gary P. Hace 3 meses +5

      Same here. Ixnay on the Leather and copper.

    • Chris Ayles
      Chris Ayles Hace 3 meses +8

      I was going to add a similar comment. I am on land, not sailing, but in an Adelaide summer I my skin sticks to our leather lounge.

  • Iness Aissi
    Iness Aissi Hace 3 meses +149

    Hi ! I'm an both an architect and naval architect (from France) . Kitchen cabinet in white is way less a struggle than a dark color, where you can see every water stain ... I have so many recommandations, but you're in great hands ! LOVE

    • Foxor83
      Foxor83 Hace 2 meses +1

      Depends on the material. You have nano laminates in dark blue from Fenix/aeropostal which are great against fingerprints . Darks hide dark dirt to some degree where whites show it more. I would defiantly get some samples and test it and touch it to see what can function in your boat.

    • Neil Titmus
      Neil Titmus Hace 2 meses +1

      Light grey

    • bella3gco
      bella3gco Hace 2 meses +7

      The blue will date itself quickly, white, Neutral is timeless

  • Denise Anne
    Denise Anne Hace 3 meses +77

    Can't say I love the idea of copper, cork, and leather in a salt water environment. Cork is slippery when wet and does require maintenance. It could be an issue later. Leather will mold, its sticky as heck cracks and can be cold too depending where you are. Copper will also be a hot mess in salt water not to mention sharp corners with the kids. Blue on cabinets is cute, but will it last over time? I would go white. Counters will be beautiful as long as the weight is taken into account. Sleeping in the side hulls, yikes those are coffins! Not a chance would I ask anyone to sleep in those! Neat to see the process.

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy Hace 2 meses +1

      Riley's main concerns. It doesn't sound appropriate for a honest ocean vessel.

  • Heather Rowles
    Heather Rowles Hace 3 meses +1100

    I would pick the white over the blue cabinets, it makes the space look bigger. Also, having had leather sofas in our Perth climate, have to question why you'd want them in a boat in the tropics. Sweaty and hot, they crack very quickly in the Perth heat and humidity, I reckon you'd have mould to deal with at sea with the leather too.......perhaps not ideal? As soon as summer arrived we were always covering the leather with sheets and blankets, otherwise you stick to it, which kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. We've now switched to fabric sofas and will never go back to leather.

    • Heather Rowles
      Heather Rowles Hace un mes

      @lligwoca did I say she wasnt allowed to give her opinion????? Please show me where or bugger off.
      What exactly is your point? Im not 5, this is not school....if you have nothing real to say, say nothing.

    • lligwoca
      lligwoca Hace un mes +1

      @Heather Rowles you gave your opinion but telling Mary Jo “so what” when she gives hers!? Why Is she not allowed to give her personal opinion from her own experience too?

    • Wahidana Wind.
      Wahidana Wind. Hace un mes

      I wouldn't change an Outremer Cat for this boat. Never!

    • L G
      L G Hace un mes +1

      @Mary-Jo Gill interesting to hear your opinion. I’m from tropical Queensland (Australia) and I agree, has to be quality leather 😎

    • Few of my favorite things
      Few of my favorite things Hace 2 meses

      Great points 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Ian and Anne Moorcroft
    Ian and Anne Moorcroft Hace 3 meses +124

    Ian M. Riley I heard you mention sailing the Southern Ocean. My son was part of the Australian Airforce maratime division that went looking for Bullimore when his boat overturned in bad conditions in the Southern Ocean below Australia. The biggest problem they had was trying to spot a white hull in a sea of white chop. My point is that heaven forbid if you were overturned in a gnarly sea having a bright Fluor colour, say orange , on the bottom of your boat would make rescue easier for aircraft. Just a thought. Greatly enjoying your adventures.

    • Robert Kooiman
      Robert Kooiman Hace 2 meses +1

      If you want to be spotted by merchant vessels / navy / responders get an AIS. They will spot you either via SAT or VHF range.
      It pops right up on the radar screen (almost all have AIS plots on radar or chartplotter). Much harder to spot small boats with radar or eyeball, especially in bad weather. Also if they need to contact you, the name of your vessel is right on the screen. So much easier during communications. Also it provides COG and SOG so they can easily determine if there is a danger of collision without having to rely on a spotty radar lock. With smaller vessels you can get decent radar lock in 3 miles, less in weather. Sounds like a lot but with vessels going 20 knots it does not give so much time. If the guy on the big boat is looking at his phone you can be in trouble already.

    • Suzanne Ribas
      Suzanne Ribas Hace 3 meses +1

      The color that is best seen underwater is yellow. Its my least favorite but does the job.

    • Suzanne Ribas
      Suzanne Ribas Hace 3 meses +1

      The color that is best seen underwater is yellow. Its my least favorite but does the job.

    • M Adams
      M Adams Hace 3 meses +4

      Great point

    • Richard Pickersgill
      Richard Pickersgill Hace 3 meses +13

      Very good point, the colour of the antifoul would factor in too.

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson Hace 3 meses +23

    Good luck with your new vessel and I look forward to seeing it finally in your hands. Lots of good comments but just a couple of observations from a seaworthy point of view. Comparing the evolution of cockpit sizes from your monohull to La Vagabonde to your new trimaran - although the term 'cockpit' is probably a misnomer when applied to the area forward of the steering station on the tri - they've gone from conventionally smallish to enormously large. Heaven forbid that you take some serious water on board as that 'cockpit' area would contain an enormous volume of water that would be catastrophic if it found its way below. Perhaps there's something that I can't see but you'd want some very, very serious drains down there to accommodate it. Even for lesser amounts, conventional wisdom suggests that the cockpit door have at least a small bulkhead to prevent water from going below, whereas from what I see the door is currently flush with the 'cockpit' floor. i see, too, compared to La Vagabonde, the forward windows on the main cabin are very deeply recessed and vertical, which means that the pressure of any real volume of water coming aboard from forward would be impacted directly onto those windows. It seems, too, that unlike La Vagabonde, the helmsman is going to be sitting rather alone out there on his/her little pod, exhilarating in fair weather sailing but perhaps not so much fun when the weather turns foul. It all sounds a bit negative, but seeing that you're still at the design stage perhaps you might find the comments helpful. Regardless, we are regular watchers and look forward to your ongoiing adventures and seeing your young family growing up, so all the very best to you Riley and Elayna. Cheers from Hervey Bay, Australia

  • Rick D
    Rick D Hace 3 meses +13

    As far as space goes this seems like a huge downgrade. I hope the extra 2 NMPH is worth it.

  • Andrew Hamilton
    Andrew Hamilton Hace 3 meses +88

    Love you guys, but I've got to say...I am seriously worried about this interior!! Fingers crossed its just the lack of proper renders but these material choices with a modern and brand new boat feel like a bit of an uncomfortable clash rather than homely and nice. Leather sounds like a bad idea in any hot part of the world - I think a breathable and less 'sticky' material would potentially work better. That said, can't wait to see it! Hopefully prove me wrong!

    • Sailing Sphynx
      Sailing Sphynx Hace 3 meses +1

      I actually love it, but I think you do have to see through the rendering. The rich blue cabinets with cork flooring, just imagine with the bright blue sea and distant island filling up all the windows. I'm sure they'll have AC most of the time so it won't be hot and sticky, and the feel of it might have a subtle tone of otherworldly futuristic pirate ship. In any case it will be very cool to see what it's like when it's finished!

    • Michael Rivette
      Michael Rivette Hace 3 meses +7

      I came to say the same thing! That interior (according to the mock ups) is terrible! I hope im wrong!

  • The Marshall’s
    The Marshall’s Hace 3 meses +452

    The white is so much brighter! Makes the space feel bigger for sure and make the copper pieces really pop
    Can’t wait to see more about the design 😊

    • Megan D
      Megan D Hace 2 meses

      @Sailing La Vagabonde I love colours but do be aware the surface is what determines whether it looks grotty. If you go with painted timber (as opposed to two-pack or similar) DO NOT get a pale colour. It will never look clean if it has inset sections.

    • Amy Hollingsworth
      Amy Hollingsworth Hace 3 meses

      @Sailing La Vagabonde, the color Biscuit would be perfect! We’ve used it for years in our kitchen and will continue to use it time and time again because we prefer warmer colors to white. If you’re considering blue have you thought about white with a slight, soft blue tint?

    • Sarah Smith
      Sarah Smith Hace 3 meses

      Maybe a light blue that looks blue in the afternoon sun but not in the morning so it’s bright and airy in the morning and cozy at night :)

    • D Lischka
      D Lischka Hace 3 meses +3

      I'm liking the Blue cabinets as well...
      more calm than white -
      crėme/sand are better but still not the calm of the mid blue shades

    • Timothy M
      Timothy M Hace 3 meses +3

      Definitely the white cabinets, coppers is great accent piece

  • Jocelyn Wade
    Jocelyn Wade Hace 3 meses +63

    Although you don’t want the standard boat interior look, I think there is much to be learned from standard boat interiors from years of trial and error. The look can be tweaked while still benefiting from the lessons learned. I wonder if Caroline has done boat interiors before?

    • cra5y._.lolbit
      cra5y._.lolbit Hace 2 meses +8

      Yeah good point! I donno these guys, it seems like they have boating experience though, so why are they trusting a graphics designer who's in the midst of transitioning into interior? Let alone nautical?
      I see the walnut wood, which has an 'appearance' of weight swelling and cracking. The copper is going to tarnish quickly. Where are the grab rails, and guard rails etc? And why sliding drawers in a boat? It all seems very impractical. Boat interiors have evolved the way they are for a reason.. you shouldn't really muck around with it. What's wrong with laminate boards, and stainless steel? It's easy maintenance, practical and long lasting. Exposed carbon, sure, I agree with that, but to 'check for cracks' hahaha I'd be questioning my boat builder if that's a concern of his lol

    • drdecco1
      drdecco1 Hace 2 meses +1

      Was wondering the same thing - a really talented interior designer no doubt - could this be her first ocean-going vessel kit out?

    • Linda Anne Chancler
      Linda Anne Chancler Hace 3 meses +10

      Good point, boat interiors are a LOT different than land ones.

  • Tom Long
    Tom Long Hace 3 meses +8

    I still love how this all started.
    Boy buys a boat, not knowing how to sail,
    and met a girl…it’s been amazing sailing ever since.❤️🙏

  • Eryn Donaldson
    Eryn Donaldson Hace 3 meses +43

    How exciting, the boat is fantastic! This is coming from a wife of an Architect who likes to experiment with using materials in unconventional applications and we also own a boat. I would hate to see you choose materials that just don't perform on the water, heat & humidity. Such a pain to upkeep, fix and replace when you have to dry dock just to do it. I would definitely consult with an interior designer that has experience and a track record with boats. They make the marine grade fabrics and leathers for a reason, the copper is going to change colors and be a pain to clean, and the wood counters need redoing fairly often. Think longevity to keep you out of dry dock as much as possible and keep cost down in the long run. Be careful with dark colors as well, they can really make it the space seem small and dark, maybe just use them as accents instead.

    • Adri
      Adri Hace un mes

      I do hope everything will work out and that they get excellent expertise advise

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy Hace 2 meses


  • Te Puea Woodward
    Te Puea Woodward Hace 21 un día

    I find Sailing so nostalgic, so I loooveee that your teaching all of this to all of us, even though its just basics its so good to know

  • kameron spurlin
    kameron spurlin Hace un mes +2

    BLUE 100% it will look great and keep up better. It looks so great with that wood and copper!! Y’all are building MY DREAM boat! Love 💜y’all! From Georgia USA 🇺🇸

  • Madi Fruhling
    Madi Fruhling Hace 3 meses +3

    I'm currently a senior and stumbled across your videos about a month ago and never looked back. Thanks to you I have learned so much more about the ocean and you'll even inspired me to sign up for a marine biology class next semester. Living in California, this class will allow me to travel to Catalina Island and learn more about our oceans. Anyway, I truly hope that one day I can graduate and live the way you guys do while you're still young! 🤍

  • callyakn
    callyakn Hace 2 meses +4

    Trust me when I say this, I live in the UK and own a black campervan, we have minimal summers, and the van in the sun still becomes too hot to touch, you don’t want black anywhere exposed on that beautiful new boat in the climates you’re playing with! It’ll weather faster too with the heat expansion and contractions….

  • princess
    princess Hace 3 meses +2

    So amazing to see where you guys started to where you are now. Really an amazing story for 2 very deserving people

  • Dromomaniac
    Dromomaniac Hace 3 meses +138

    I’m 100% on the side of the white cabinets! So fresh & makes the space look bigger. We got so much mould on our leather couch here in Sydney that we had to get rid of it. We’ll never do leather in a humid or wet climate again. And it takes quite a bit to look after it. Fabric with removable covers has been so much easier! But then I’m lazy when it comes to furniture & the kids coming back wet from the beach!

    • Rie Bags
      Rie Bags Hace 3 meses +7

      Couldn't agree more that leather does not fair well in the tropics (specifically the Pacific!). mold mold and more mold...

    • Livia
      Livia Hace 3 meses +3

      I love the white also

  • Emancipation of Amy
    Emancipation of Amy Hace 3 meses +1

    I’ve been watching for so long now, that my little boy knows all your names. He loves the trampolines.
    What an exciting update, can’t wait to see you in your new home.
    Sending love, health and happiness
    (We would not want to sleep in the confined space of the trimaran, I’d rather a a tent on deck, trampoline tent)

  • Chad Haugen - LeatherTech
    Chad Haugen - LeatherTech Hace 3 meses +3

    Exciting stuff!! I would 100% avoid real leather in a salty environment. Also, I think copper is cool but only if you let it turn green and patina. Otherwise it’s gonna be a struggle. Congrats on this new chapter

  • Deanie
    Deanie Hace 3 meses +6

    I’d like to make a suggestion regarding the location of the tapware. I would locate the tapware on the backsplash behind the sink rather than on the bench top as they always need to be cleaned around. Sounds like a simple thing to wipe around the taps however water tends to collect there when people turn off the taps with wet hands or splashes from the sink. I’d do the same in the bathrooms. I believe it lends a less cluttered look as well as less cleaning.

  • Jeffrey Tyler
    Jeffrey Tyler Hace 3 meses +48

    I would have thought that a catamaran with two kids would have been a no-brainer for the long term. Parents have their side and the boys have their side. In just a year or two I think y'all will be wishing you had that more than the few extra knots. As someone with young boys I know I sure would; but I'm probably just projecting 😂

    • Mumzieof5
      Mumzieof5 Hace 2 meses +1

      @Emily Martin what's wrong with brothers sharing a room? Short term or long. It's the fact they are choosing speed over living space in general that I don't understand but it's their decision.

    • Emily Martin
      Emily Martin Hace 2 meses +4

      And especially considering the kids are going to have to share a room. That’s not going to work long-term, and it honestly doesn’t seem fair to them.

    • Sam Porter
      Sam Porter Hace 3 meses +9

      @John Adams Agree,but this is Rileys racing boat dream,basically a nightmare for parenting.!

    • John Adams
      John Adams Hace 3 meses +9

      Yea, I think for a boat the cat is the best option. I don't want to be sailing and have to walk sideways or sleeping, etc - a flat cat is just better. Then the lack of space on a tri, privacy is basically gone between everyone unless you go to one of the small tri's which being small, can't stand up, can't even get to in some sea conditions just makes it useless. Sounds like they really want more speed and more outside space vs anything else which a tri will certainly provide while taking away the other items I mentioned. Personally I think a larger more sporty cat (or one designed with more deck space) would suit what they want without any of the downsides. However, everyone is different - but I get the feeling after they try living on it they will come to dislike it for the reasons I mentioned. A flat sailing boat (cats) provides tons of inside room, and a good design can make plenty of speed and provide more deck space. I think we're beating a dead horse since they are deep into the process of getting the tri - and if they think it is better for themselves in their case then going with it is fine. Most people a cat is the best option out of all sailing boat for the reasons I mentioned.

    • Sam Burnett
      Sam Burnett Hace 3 meses +11

      Definately, as well as having to option up the crew sleeping quarters in the hulls if they want to
      Keep the current situation of having crew onboard etc
      Who would have a 60ft boat with 2 cabins ?

  • 0
    0 Hace 3 meses +1

    A quote from Mark to Riley: You can always put more sail out! The grin on Riley's face priceless made my day! Very happy for you all. Looks amazing. Interested to see kitchen decor.

  • Harlan Roeser
    Harlan Roeser Hace 3 meses

    It's been a very long sail from the first day until now with a lifetime in between. I have enjoyed every voyage, family life, friends, patrons & scenes. Wishing you all including our fellow followers the best with the new home. My best episode was when you snuck aboard the cat the first time! It's been wonderful ever since. Prayers for more!! Luv'ya!

  • jfxl1977
    jfxl1977 Hace 3 meses +2

    What a cool boat! I can't wait to see you all sailing it! As for the cabinets, I like the blue with the copper. White is brighter but with all the windows and sun, I doubt it'll feel dark. I also think the blue and copper are a more nautical combo. That said, it'll look amazing regardless of which color you choose. I also have to say, I like the idea of a mustard-ish color for the hull.

  • Lindsay Dugan
    Lindsay Dugan Hace 2 meses

    I absolutely love the interior. I vote for blue cabinets! It looks richer and goes better with the leather.

  • leesa argent
    leesa argent Hace 3 meses +6

    I personally would go with the classic white interior over the blue, simple because it more versatile and won’t date. Also love the copper idea 😃

  • matthew kemper
    matthew kemper Hace 3 meses +3

    Been watching Sailing la vagabonde for years as you and my own young family grow. And me and my wife loved how down to earth your channel was but since the video restructure and the the new boat build it’s all changed. Not the same and I realise things change and channels grow. But as an Melbourne Australia viewer I’m out ✌️

  • Noone AnybodyKnows
    Noone AnybodyKnows Hace 3 meses +4

    After having slept, with the Rapido on my mind, I rewatched it again. Of utmost importance is safety. With the six collision bulkheads, watertight compartments, at the bow and sterns, along with the placement of the engine, fire extinguisher, and forward and midship escape hatches, safety was a key consideration. These are the things that would be important to me; for you. 💙

  • Beverlee Busch
    Beverlee Busch Hace 3 meses

    Love the sailor blue, copper, leather, flooring, everything you have chosen. Great taste and style! Can''t wait to see your family/crew living/sailing on it. You have worked so hard all these years. Congratulations!! 🤗

  • Greg Strickland
    Greg Strickland Hace 3 meses +123

    If I went with the blue I would go with a lighter blue like a sky blue or aqua as it will brighten things up a little and contrast nicely with the black carbon. Of course as stated it’s a personal taste thing and everyone is different. Another suggestion: they have artificial leathers which they are using in cars and they have the look and feel of real leather but are more durable and easier to clean.

    • jstochmal
      jstochmal Hace 3 meses

      These also can get sun bleached and flake off due to different weather conditions or just body sweat!

  • finlay barber
    finlay barber Hace 3 meses

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you and I'm excited to see the final product. I am a viewer from Australia and I only started watching around 3 months ago, but I can't wait to watch from the start to see your full journey!! Also how would I be able to get to sleep in that crew cabin of yours? I can't cook but I'm great with kids and it would be great just to help you out with some chores. Thank you for entertaining so many people, and living our dreams ❤️❤️

  • Susy Hall
    Susy Hall Hace 3 meses

    Thanks for bringing us along in your journey..Can’t wait to see the finished tri!!

  • Angi Barrow
    Angi Barrow Hace 3 meses

    The new boat design looks awesome! Kudos to all involved. I think it would be so fun to sleep in the little crew cabins, and I would definitely love to cook for y'all and look after the kids someday :)

  • Demi Mitchell
    Demi Mitchell Hace 3 meses +3

    Love this! For sure go white, it will make the space feel bigger. 💜

  • Georgie Meek
    Georgie Meek Hace 3 meses +118

    Such a good vid guys!
    I love the blue but was also thinking how dark it may be in your videos? I think the white will lighten the room and its timeless so you can add colour with things that are replaceable.
    Also hate how my body sticks to leather when it’s hot and muggy and how much mould lovvvesss leather. It’ll look cool but the practicality of it is questionable.

    • Carole Warner
      Carole Warner Hace 3 meses +7

      I had the same thoughts about the leather... Honestly, I would go with something less likely to deteriorate in both the humidity AND the effect (and likely spillage) that is inevitable having two little rambunctious boys on board, especially with the additional heel in a trimaran. (I've seen baby Darwin's face and body COVERED in food at mealtimes LOL!) You could always have weathered leather couch covers for that homey feel that could easily be removed when needed for cleaning/repair/replacement and have a synthetic cover beneath that is fully waterproof/cleanable/etc. That way if you do need to do anything to the leather you'll still have nice seats until you get it back or have new ones made. Something to consider.
      I love the look of the blue as well as that it will show less dirt. But the white in the current boat is also very handsome so I don't think you can go wrong on that choice.

  • Tracy Richmond-Pshyk
    Tracy Richmond-Pshyk Hace 3 meses

    Love the looks of the new ride, looking forward to seeing her on the water 👍🏼

  • Benita Cleveland
    Benita Cleveland Hace un mes +1

    100% White would look Beautiful!! Bright and bigger looking! Change hand towels and dishes to change colors.
    You can change pillows and
    throw blankets for adding colors.
    The other looks dark and dungeon.
    Leather will be sticky and mildew.
    Black will add heat.
    Hope you add AC air when it is to hot.

  • Sarah Liebenberg
    Sarah Liebenberg Hace 3 meses +1

    Have you considered like a light cream/beige colour for the cabinets? Still gives that warm homey feel, light enough to not feel cramped and goes with everything including your wood! The blue is beautiful but it's just not timeless enough for you to 100% love it forever. Just some thoughts 😁 sure it will look stunning either way!

  • Photosbydavebrown Yo
    Photosbydavebrown Yo Hace 3 meses

    Always puts a smile on my face watching you guys. 🤙🙏. Keep. Up rhe great content 🙏🤙stoked you guys are getting a tri. Safe sailing and exploring for your family… Aloha

  • daniel willinger
    daniel willinger Hace 3 meses +59

    I'm just excited to see how it all comes together. I definitely agree with most on no leather, just too hot and mold threat.

    • Linda Anne Chancler
      Linda Anne Chancler Hace 3 meses +2

      There are some excellent synthetic leathers out there, but truly a host of fabrics that would be more suitable than "reclaimed" leather.

  • Raccoon Spirit
    Raccoon Spirit Hace 3 meses

    🥹It’s been amazing watching you guys live out your best life and dreams.

  • looyo Summers
    looyo Summers Hace 2 meses

    Love the blue and copper, what a beautiful look.❤️

  • Susan Borgeteien
    Susan Borgeteien Hace 3 meses +9

    Your interior is amazing and beautiful. With that said, Go with the white. We have navy blue cabinets and they look awesome in our Scandinavian kitchen. BUT the color shows everything worse than white. Plus it scratches and chips noticeably easy and we are 2 grown adults. If I had it to do over again I might go with either a softer gray blue or the suede green color that is popular now.

  • Dea Jansen
    Dea Jansen Hace 3 meses

    Excited for the new trimaran! Love the blue colour & I‘d definitely sleep in the new little bedrooms 😍

  • vicki Pearson
    vicki Pearson Hace 3 meses +85

    Walnut is not a very good wood for a wet environment. This is coming from a naval interior architect.

    • Nez ball
      Nez ball Hace 2 meses

      @nutprick it’s a horrible design and the colors don’t match …

    • drdecco1
      drdecco1 Hace 2 meses +1

      Listen to this gal!

    • vicki Pearson
      vicki Pearson Hace 3 meses +5

      @rosarosi I believe you could seal the copper from the elements, however, we all know what happens in marine environments when two metals meet...
      My bigger concern with copper would be conductivity especially with a lightning strike. Copper is a great way to transfer electricity and so I am not sure what the result would be here. Just seems like added a possible problem when there are hundreds of alternative finishes that would not add this danger element.

    • rosarosi
      rosarosi Hace 3 meses +4

      What about the copper, I see some people saying it's one of the metals most susceptible for salt related corrosion?

    • Chris_London
      Chris_London Hace 3 meses +18

      In my experience I would never employ a novice or a friend to design something as complex/expensive as this. A friend who is also a novice should be a big red flag. I am sure there are other naval interior architects around....perhaps you might be able to recommend one Vicki? ;-)

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly Hace 3 meses +7

    This is the boat you should have gotten before those gorgeous youngsters came along. This one seems to not have the family vibe, and with the speed the kids might need seat belts or be tied off on safety lines. I would have liked to see a new LV just like the current one, only 12-15 foot longer.

  • Sophie Cuppari
    Sophie Cuppari Hace 3 meses

    I love the look! I’d pick blue, white is so sterile and the blue is so cosy, homely and shows so much character. And the copper splash back… can’t wait to see it! So jealous 😍

  • Daniel Walker
    Daniel Walker Hace 3 meses

    Loving the team building and all the moving parts of your new vessel. Happy Adventurous Days’

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    Edward Pallett Hace 3 meses +10

    Hi. I'd like more info on the electrical systems, as I know one of the motivations for this boat was to make a sustainable cruiser where you generated all the power you require. So, here goes:
    What's the expected average power generation, from the oceanvolt motors as well as the solar panels?
    What's the expected average power usage? (As you'll be using electrical power for your motors as well as the induction hob on top of all the other normal systems)
    How much energy can the batteries store?
    If you're running low on power (and for safety considerations) is there a separate diesel generator on board? If so, how much power do you expect this would be required to provide?
    I assume you're planning on being off grid for long periods of time so covering all your needs via recharging the batteries onshore is probably unfeasible?
    I'm interested as I think this is a super cool project and a great idea 👍

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    Robert Castle Hace 3 meses

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    this looks amazing. You have obviously dedicated many hours to the design. While the idea of leather sofas is a great look we did the same , however we had major problems when we did it. we would stick to it in hot weather, on one occasion I left a layer of my thigh on a seat. The other issue was the leather, although treated & cared for on a regular basis, the hotter climate/ moisture made them mouldy. Eventually had to remove it all. This is just our experience of it. I think what you are planning looks great & moves away from that shiny white look. It is after all your home. And what a speedy one it will be at that. Cant wait to see more of the build & fit out.
    Take care Vagabond Family, you make my week.

    • Mark Shattuck
      Mark Shattuck Hace 3 meses +5

      @Sailing La Vagabonde There's got to be a synthetic fabric that can capture the same look, yet is durable and cool for boating life. Have you looked into other options that can offer the same look without the downside?

    • Lotty Rosil
      Lotty Rosil Hace 3 meses +5

      We live near the beach (im from the Philippines) and all our things that have leather ( bag,shoes ect) get mouldy and start to weirdly peel. We think its maybe the salty air and moist around us specially on rainy season here after 2 days you can see mould growing.

    • Andrea Goodman
      Andrea Goodman Hace 3 meses +2

      Is this the Jack Black I’m thinking of?

    • Sailing La Vagabonde
      Sailing La Vagabonde  Hace 3 meses +31

      The idea of the mould worries me though! Let’s see what we end up with 😅
      Thanks for your comment Jack
      - Elay 🫶

    • Sailing La Vagabonde
      Sailing La Vagabonde  Hace 3 meses +21

      I know that feeling of having a layer of thigh left of the seat 🤣🤣 I feel you either love or hate leather. Riley’s all for it. I’m also happy with leather as long as I have a nice thin rug to sit on.

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    Charles Lawrence Jr Hace un mes +1

    Good to see you guys!
    I really love the new boat!...
    FYI: keep in mind that we are about to go to wireless electrical service provided via the "STARLINK" satellite system...
    [you probably already have a STARLINK system for internet and phone] this will be world wide...[no need to store electric in batteries or use generators]...[no need for gas bottles for the stove, no need for diesel fuel for diesel engines as you can use electric motors if you choose]
    we will also soon [very soon] have Quantum STARLINK phones and Quantum bank account cards [all will use the new Quantum computer [no computer virus's, hacking, malware and spyware like the present computer operating systems] [no more credit cards and checks]...
    The military has been using this new system for some time now...
    banks are just waiting for the go button to be pushed [to make it available to us]...again, this is a world-wide system...
    "the abundance of all things good"...

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    Claire Skinner Hace 3 meses

    We had cork floors growing up and they were great for the drop factor. You can also refinish them, so they have the longevity factor of wood without the extra maintenance in a marine environment.
    You’re going for an edgy almost industrial loft feel - go the blue kitchen cupboards - it will give you the character you’re after.

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    THE SUNNI LIFE Hace 3 meses +31

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    Light and bright, which is great for filming and will also make the other features like the copper sink and leather couch pop. Cannot wait for a boat tour!

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    Gary Weiss Hace 3 meses +8

    Did you fully research the cork floors relative to mold as a result of being in warm and humid weather in the tropics and and water getting onto the floors plus leaving the boat in those areas for any length of time? I ask as we had not so good experience with cork flooring in our condo in SW FL.

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    We’ve had cork floors for 40 years. It’s warm, doesn’t let things break when dropped BUT it’s Super Slippery when WET!! Due to the layers of Polyetheline on top of the cork which over times wears down so you need to resend the cork every so often. The slipperiness with wet feet is downright dangerous and real nuisance!

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  • 77Cfriend
    77Cfriend Hace 3 meses +2

    basic rule of thumb for interior color design is to start with the things you can not change and work back from them. The exposed Carbon is a great idea but uses up most of your color options. The colors that don't show dirt are light beige and light grey, white does not show as much as darker colors, cheers!

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    Kelley Peck Hace 3 meses

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    In the question section, the first question wasn't really answered. There was mention of the overall beam, but not of the main hull and the total square footage of the interior living spaces. Looking at the Rapido website I couldn't find any floor plans of the living spaces and was wondering just how it really compares to SLV2. Converting the ama storage spaces into bunks is a neat idea, but only at the calmest of anchorings or at a marina, as the lateral bounce from any waves/swells could easily toss the occupants like a salad.
    I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade here, but the idea of two small children growing up, with three or four adults, all inside in stormy weather, might end up being uncomfortable.

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    Thomas Corkhill Hace 3 meses

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    Dear Eleyna, I really hope this is what YOU want, too. I really hope, the new vessel also reflects your dreams and needs and is not only sth you can live with, because Riley loves it, like the leather Couch ( which you can tolerate as long as there is a cover on it). Being in a relationship means constantly balancing between what YOU want and need, what your partner wants and needs and what you as a couple want and need. And EACH of the three elements is crucial. ( based on 22yrs relationship, 20 of these married and 3 kids). I hope you have clear success criteria / limitations to pull the plug/modify this project, if needed. Love to all of you guys.

  • freebuilder007
    freebuilder007 Hace 2 meses

    Hello: I've been watching for years....and Bravo, you've done it all so well!
    If you have any interest in a pair of NEW Lewmar Ocean 66 self tailing winches I have a pair I'm not going to use and would be happy to sell.

  • HardPass
    HardPass Hace 3 meses +66

    It’s absolutely beautiful!! I’m just curious how walnut will hold up in the tropics though. Wouldn’t cypress or teak be more tropic weather friendly? Just curious how it all works.

  • Gary Fussell
    Gary Fussell Hace 2 meses

    Interior: If I wanted blue in my cabinets I might would pick one set/section of cabinets to have the blue color and go white or the light wood color like you have now throughout the rest creating flow and continuity. This might allow you to have cushions or drapes in the same blue. The eyes like to connect the dots/colors. I for sure would not like leather and would trust my builder on tried and proven materials.
    Exterior: I would not have black metal for heat and water spotting reasons. Also having had a boat with a lot of black and gray colors the boat was always old and dirty looking (except for that first day after cleaning). If you’re are stuck with the idea of yellow on the hull I would try and stay with a more mustered “happy” yellow and not let it get into the gold “old man” color. I had a boat that with a yellow hull and white deck and I always liked it. That said it’s a risky choice and one I don’t think I would do again.

  • Travel Bubble
    Travel Bubble Hace 3 meses

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    Adam Maras Hace 3 meses

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    Westmids Com Hace 2 meses

    I would love to see a presentation video from Rapido and yourselves talking about the costs, especially for yours which is clearly having lots of your design inputs. Costs like fuel saving from having so much solar and ability to sail so fast to prevent having to motor sail, mariner cost and restrictions for trimarans, maintenance for a performance yacht vs pleasure yacht.
    Love your videos, I've been watching you from the beginning out of personal interest as my family were also cruisers (long time ago now), they sailed around the world and we (brothers and sisters) were all born in different places (I was born in Tasmania). We ended up back in England when my dad gave up sailing at 85 years old.
    Some of the comments about living space are wrong. You sail around places where you don't spend very much time inside, most of your time is spent outside so deck space is way more important, then the added speed to move location faster is super useful to make the best of the moving seasons.

  • Capt.RedBeard
    Capt.RedBeard Hace 3 meses +1

    Wow - you guys are such beautiful people. Even in designing your new yacht, the way you are considering every aspect from various angles trying to figure out what is the most responsible way of doing it. That's awesome. If ever you come past South Africa, give a shout and we'll go watch the Springboks take on the Wallabies... winning side buys the drinks!

  • faustp23
    faustp23 Hace 3 meses +1

    Soooo exciting!!!! Just one FYI when it comes to color darker tones make the space look smaller and the opposite for light. You could play with the level of darkness of a color. Just something to keep in mind is that lighter colors lift the spirit and again the opposite for darker color.

  • TimsTube
    TimsTube Hace 3 meses

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    I'm happy for you guys. I think the copper may end up being higher maintenance

  • Taylor Parnell
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    I love the honest boat idea and that you want to keep it real! But… I echo the other comments that lighter cabinets will be more timeless (sand or even a light wood grain like in the model images). I ran up against the color question recently while shopping for a new sofa. As much as I wanted a pop of color bc I’d had a neutral sofa for years, I came around to: I had the neutral one for years bc I didn’t get tired of looking at it and it was easy to change accessories around it. So I went neutral again. And with the seating, a Sunbrella type fabric could work well! Washable, easy to spot clean, resistant to fading & moisture. I can’t imagine sleeping on leather cushions as a bed. It’s going to be amazing with the carbon and the (big) pop of mustard outside. I know you’ll find the right balance between color and neutral! Can’t wait to see it!

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