NIGHTMARE AT SEA!!! (everything goes wrong) Ep. 119

  • Publicado el 30 sep 2022

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    VEE3RDEYE Hace 4 años +31

    These are things i would never even think about while sailing! You're capturing things no one else has ever captured and sharing it for free which is so amazing thank you

  • FreedomForce100
    FreedomForce100 Hace 4 años +939

    "He made a mistake, which is perfectly fine..." Riley is such a great human being.
    Great couple! Be safe. Much love.

    • Dean Wilson
      Dean Wilson Hace 2 años +3

      Riley I wish I was like you..! So accommodating . I suppose if you had heaps of chain out he may not have known where his anchor would land?

  • 911 Tech
    911 Tech Hace 4 años +1174

    No coastguard, saved by a fisherman. God bless the fishermen of the world.

    • Chillgull
      Chillgull Hace 2 años

      Yep, in ocean all human are same, no one care from where fisherman from

    • Cameron
      Cameron Hace 2 años

      @h d it was a joke. . . .

    • h d
      h d Hace 2 años

      @Cameron Riley never mentions this scenario in the video, what's your evidence?

    • Woutr Nick
      Woutr Nick Hace 3 años +3

      You can't expect the coast guard to always be there... coast guars save lives everyday ans the fisherman were just in the right place in the right time.

  • Lazy Jacques
    Lazy Jacques Hace 4 años +1589

    I hope George (the motor yacht guy) paid for the fisherman's gas/diesel, with a few bottles of Ouzo and/or Tsipouro thrown in on top of that. That working guy went above and beyond the call to voluntarily put himself and his boat (his livelihood) in harm's way to help foreign leisure cruisers, and deserves a lot more recognition than what I'm seeing in the comments here. Not to diminish the accomplishments of Riley and Elayna, but that has already been covered by many. Hurray for the anonymous Greek fisherman!

    • Lea Coleman
      Lea Coleman Hace 2 meses

      Perfectly said, Lazy. It usually is a good samaritan that saves the day even though the Coast Guard is amazing.

    • Randy Rederson
      Randy Rederson Hace un año +5

      @Raic Everyone makes mistakes , that's how the experts learned their craft in the first place and I'm certain the Greek fisherman would agree.....

    • Marcus Butzin
      Marcus Butzin Hace 2 años +7

      BRAVO ELYANA! Such a warrior princess captain! I’d be proud to sail under your command any day! BRAVO you two!

    • Raic
      Raic Hace 2 años +18

      @Madina Jahangiri when you sailed on the sea you would actually stop to be selfish. It was george fault indeed, but it was a good lesson for him. Don't forget he was sailed with his family too, so yeah i think they deserved to be saved

    • tyuki kiquinchi
      tyuki kiquinchi Hace 2 años +1

      @Madina Jahangiri exactly so irresponsible of him!

  • Michelle Fate
    Michelle Fate Hace 2 años +7

    Thank God for that fisherman! So thankful that everything worked out! Love you guys and may you always be blessed with safe travels! ❤❤❤

  • Herman Teunissen
    Herman Teunissen Hace 4 años +30

    Things happen, no blames. I love this attitude, when there's no malice involved.

  • AbdelMalek BEO
    AbdelMalek BEO Hace 3 años +407

    Basically the local fishing boat that saved the day.

    • Lylen Cubillos
      Lylen Cubillos Hace un año +3

      @Joe Schmoe “saved” is the perfect description. Weird comment

    • h d
      h d Hace 2 años +4

      @Joe Schmoe Why would "saved" be a weird description? Are you suggesting that they exaggerated the danger they were in? An hour and a half later after calling in SOS and no coast guard?

    • Joe Schmoe
      Joe Schmoe Hace 3 años

      well, maybe nothing would have happened otherwise but they did get helped by a local fishing boat. Wouldn't say "Saved" though lol. weird description

  • JEMF
    JEMF Hace 3 años +6

    Honestly, this is the video that made me decide the finally start planning my life adventure on a catamaran. Your openness and showing the REALITY is what I needed, this is all my anxiety of living on a boat and you’ve helped overcome it. Thanks for just being you guys. Appreciate the realness.
    Enjoy the adventure guys x

  • Bud Jerke
    Bud Jerke Hace 4 años +475

    When Riley hugged the family ❤️

  • The Shitty Bowman
    The Shitty Bowman Hace 3 años +162

    Riley hugging that family, you’re a good man.

  • Kasper Myrstøl
    Kasper Myrstøl Hace 2 años +51

    This reminds me of a story my grandma recently told me. I live on an island in the south of Norway where fishing has always been almost the primary way to make a living. A couple of days before the World War Two had started to come to Norway my great grandfather and his brother who worked as fishermen had just come home from work.
    There was a German shipping boat called Rio de Janeiro coming from America with food. And when it was about a mile and a half outside of Flekkerøy(the island we live on) it was torpedoed by a British submarine. My great grandfather and his brother were left with no choice but to rescue the Germans in the 7 meter tall waves in their’e bad fishing boats because the Germans were left to drown. My great grandfather and his brother ended up saving 68 Germans just a couple of days before the city of Kristiansand(basically the mane land) would be attacked by nazi Germany.
    I know the story isn’t the same at all but it just kind of reminded me...:/

    • Walter K. Lamar
      Walter K. Lamar Hace 2 años +8

      You helped the Germans and they paid you back in their own peculiar way I must say.

    • H Dubby
      H Dubby Hace 2 años +9

      I'm glad to have read this,thank you for sharing.

  • Krystal A
    Krystal A Hace 4 años +5

    Went through a range of emotions while watching this video. I'm genuinely very proud how you all handled this difficult situation. I'm glad you're all safe. What a story to tell!!

  • อาจารย์สิงโต Ajarn Singtoh

    Hi Riley & Elanya. I would like to add my compliments to the both of you as well. Watching this video 'Nightmare at Sea' - had my heart in my mouth many times. Riley, you are an amazingly calm, cool, and collected individual, with a marvelous ability to take things in your stride, focus on solving the issues at hand - and willing to literally jump in the deep end to do it. Amazing!!!!! With masterful problem solving ability too. And great courage too - free diving in those conditions and trying to unwrap that anchor chain was an amazing effort. And as the follow viewer commented - one of the things that leaped out at me as well, was the respect you showed for George, that you complimented him on being a good bloke, and minimized what happened by saying 'He made a mistake.' And that is such a positive and useful philosophy. Apart from that Elanya you handled yourself incredibly well as well - you stepped up to the challenge, took the helm, didn't panic, and got the job done - and that takes great intestinal fortitude and courage in the face of fire as well. And something that shines out in moments like this is how the two of you, love, respect, and support each other. Well done!!!

  • Coral Lloyd
    Coral Lloyd Hace un año

    Sitting on the edge of my chair watching this. The sea can be so unpredictable and decision often have seconds to be made. Well done to all of you that worked together for the best result.

  • annaundmalin
    annaundmalin Hace 2 años +1

    So blessed that u guys take us with you! we can learn so much things from you. this will help us when we start sailing around the world! 🌊⛵️ 🌍

  • Anne Druesedow
    Anne Druesedow Hace un año

    You two are so informative and nice, sweet people. I love watching all your episodes. My boyfriend and I (currently living in Cocoa Beach, FL) are saving up for a catamaran of our own and plan to live on it for at least a few years while we sail to a bunch of amazing destinations. Can't wait to share the beautiful ocean with you guys!

  • Cinnamanster A
    Cinnamanster A Hace 4 años +569

    Riles, you are just a class act all around. Not only keeping your head on your shoulders during a very intense situation, but taking the initiative, putting yourself in harms way and respecting George's right as a human to make a mistake, even when it was at cost to yourself. I have a very deep respect for you Sir.
    Three cheers for Captain Riley and the crew of La Vagabonde!

    SAXMANIVAN Hace 4 años +2

    AWESOME job guys, glad you guys are ok. Sometimes we can do EVERYTHING perfect and along comes trouble from SOMEONE else!

  • Mu Ravi
    Mu Ravi Hace 2 años +8

    loved this Ep ! whenever in any type of situation, calmness, never panic ! assess the situation and get on with the job at end - its always the mental robustness that carries the day !

  • three girls, one camera

    This couple is always an emotional rollercoaster, amazing to watch such realistic travel on sea! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker Hace 4 años +29

    Thanks for sharing that story. Great educational value and excellent job.

  • M
    M Hace 4 años +279

    I'm always amazed at the boating community that these fishermen would take time out to help. I've experienced that fancy powerboats or working vessels or leisure cruisers will help a hand when/if they can. The law of the sea is one of the last universal communities. Thanks to those Greek Fishermen

    • simos777
      simos777 Hace 4 años +4

      There is nobody from Coast Guard on that vessel. When a small country has 8,5K miles of coastline (the largest in the Mediterranean) and 2.500 islands yoy simply cannot cover for every bay quickly. So, since we have also the largest fishing fleet in these seas it makes sense for the Coast Guard to use them as a quick first line of reaction. These fisherman have helped on daily basis and in very large naval disasters or even in saving people from wildfires running into the sea a month ago inídeo.html He is a daily hero making a living out there.

    • Peter Bodifée
      Peter Bodifée Hace 4 años +1

      The reason for the law is indeed to help non seaman understand that rendering assistance has priority over anything else. As far as I know the law is applicable to any one, and you can only abort such an assistance if you are risking your own or crew's life. There is no point in making more casualties...

    • ted renard
      ted renard Hace 4 años

      @Robert McInerney. Sad to say I've been flopping around on boats for long enough to not have to resort to googling stuff which is now verbatim to me. If you have a look at the relevant bits of the IRPCS and associated legislation, I think you'll find they have a rather more verbose way of getting to the point. Feel free to google it though if that's what you prefer.

    • Robert Blaylock
      Robert Blaylock Hace 4 años

      Should have assumed it was off the bow somewhere.

    • JoAnn Morford
      JoAnn Morford Hace 4 años +1


  • Betty-Lou Creamer
    Betty-Lou Creamer Hace 4 años

    So glad you guys are safe! Great teamwork under trying circumstances! 💞💞💞🇨🇦

  • Sizz Funk
    Sizz Funk Hace 2 años +1

    I'm living vicariously through y'all! Non stop you guys are goals

  • Roger Kolenda
    Roger Kolenda Hace 4 años

    So glad this had a happy outcome! I love watching your adventures and pray you all stay safe:)

  • Masus04
    Masus04 Hace un año +1

    Thanks a lot for the debriefing, I think we might all learn from situations like this and I'd love to see more of those, even for smaller complications. Here's to hoping something like this is not going to happen again, but complications are a part of life, especially at sea, so props to you guys for handling it as well as you did!

  • H
    H Hace 4 años +181

    Good on ya lot for staying calm and especially you Riley fot comforting Georges family when you seen their fear and despair but above all for NOT chopping your anchor lead off setting them adrift w/o power. That undoubtedly saved them from far worse consequences with the swells getting much bigger farthur out. To the Greek fishermen that came to your aid I can only say god bless you men and that is what humanity is all about..Well should be anyways.. Glad you all are no worse for ware..
    As always much love and respect

    • highkicker11
      highkicker11 Hace 4 años +2

      Marc Del i dont know if you are an sailor but if you are i wonder how experienced you are. Boats have there anchors at the bow of the ship not the stern. You would only drop a stern anchor to not turn with de direction of the wind if that would be needed. To drop your main anchor at the stern would mean a verry unsave state as the boat would be facing the wind and waves stern first. Not a state a sailing boat would like to be in when anchored. Also if you where thinking about starboard or port side it would not matter as the anchor would alwas be in front of the bow of the boat.

    • Marc Del
      Marc Del Hace 4 años +1

      Shit happens, and they call them accidents! I can see why George dropped his anchor there, he assumed Riley's anchor was on the other side of the Vagabond, hard to tell from his vantage point. So I do not agree with his decision being poor seamanship.

    • highkicker11
      highkicker11 Hace 4 años +2

      i agree Riley and all of la vaga crew did one heck of a good sailing job and showed perfect seamanship. to bad, they had to because of the lack of seamanship from both the super yacht and the motor yacht that caused it.

  • Dan Kotula
    Dan Kotula Hace 4 años

    Awesome video! I love that you take the time to reflect on what you learn from experiences like this. Glad you’re all safe! Keep up the good work with your videos and travels!

  • Ross Carins
    Ross Carins Hace 4 años

    It's taken me all year but I've finally caught up on all your videos!!! Really enjoy watching your adventures and glad you're safe after this epic episode! Keep up the good work.

  • David Kyle
    David Kyle Hace un año

    I've been watching you guys for years now but I somehow missed this post. So, here's some heartfelt congratulations for surviving this atrocious day from Feb 2021.

  • Chelsloganberry
    Chelsloganberry Hace 4 años

    You guys are unbelievable it brought me to tears!! So much love ❤️

  • brandon stokey
    brandon stokey Hace 4 años +337

    I don't comment ever, but I've followed your journey from the beginning, and speak of you like we are actual friends. You give us all such an amazing glimpse of paradise and freedom, and through your adventure, we get to escape from our everyday life for your 15 minute vlogs. I'm so happy you are all safe, and wish you continued success and safe travels. Cheers!

    • petespinkypigs
      petespinkypigs Hace 2 años +1

      @Doug Northcote Ha Ha nice one.

    • Doug Northcote
      Doug Northcote Hace 4 años +2

      You're totally right Brandon! I rarely comment but as you said, it's like first person. Just about any of us long term watchers could meet up with these two and it "feels" like it just is picking up a long conversation.
      I started watching when my daughter was about 3 months old and it was she and I at home on weekends when mom was working. Starting to think she'll have an aussie accent, which will be really weird for a girl from Alaska!

    • Kevin Woodward
      Kevin Woodward Hace 4 años +1

      Well said.

    • arnaudDR400
      arnaudDR400 Hace 4 años +1

      Same here. Good job, well done, glad to know you're all OK after this "fortune de mer", as we say in french.

    • S AM
      S AM Hace 4 años +1

      Spot on! It’s hard to put into words how great this channel is

  • Frank Williams
    Frank Williams Hace 4 años +1

    you guys handled that really well and made a great episode. Please keep making them!

  • Pepper Mint
    Pepper Mint Hace 4 años

    Amazing videos! I’m trying to learn about sailing and boating and these videos are incredible!

  • Sailing SV Tesla
    Sailing SV Tesla Hace 4 años +1

    you two brighten my day. Your both such amazing people. Thank you for sharing your life with me. "keep on, Sailin on"

  • nurse1 America
    nurse1 America Hace 3 años

    You guys always amaze me. What a strong couple you are! Stay safe .. praying no more crazy drift offs or injuries!!

  • david fleming
    david fleming Hace 4 años +55

    "I also did it out there in 40 knots free diving..." Best comment of the episode! Well done guys! If that's the worst thing that happens to you guys, you have done well to escape relatively unharmed. Thanks for taking me away from my desk for another 15 mins :)

  • Thiago Smith
    Thiago Smith Hace 4 años

    Quando alguém passa por algo assim, aqui no Brasil, a gente diz que "tempo bom não faz marinheiro", boa recuperação e até breve!

  • Tim Young
    Tim Young Hace 3 años

    Brilliant guys, glad you made it out of that one nearly in one piece. Riley, it’s certainly good that the pieces left weren’t any bigger. Elayna, that must’ve been terrifying, hats off to you.

    KAJJEE KANALEN FAN Hace 3 años +111

    I wouldn’t mind Riley going into full detail about anchoring

  • Frank Dalla
    Frank Dalla Hace 3 años

    As with most things in life, learning the hard way makes sure you never forget. Seasoned sailors are what you are becoming, one episode at a time....

  • Cam G
    Cam G Hace 4 años

    Great to see you guys got out of this nasty situation! All of you did an amazing job! I was in a similar situation with my sailboat and looking back I am actually glad it happened because I learned sooo much valuable skill for the future, I feel more confident now with my abilities and I am sure you guys feel the same way. Look forward to keeping up with your adventures, stay safe and smart out there.

  • Gert1803
    Gert1803 Hace 4 años +1

    As a follower of the first hour ... you two make my heart beat faster many times ! Sometimes because of beautifull videos of nature ... of the sea ... of sailing ... of strange or dangerous adventures ... of a little kiss ... or just because this unspoken love and trust between you two ... Today I realised again that your journey isn't always "just fun" ... But my heart feels O.K. again by seeing this video. Because of this spark between you two ! Please keep on sailing and loving each other ! YOLO !

  • HarryJVaughn3
    HarryJVaughn3 Hace 2 años +1

    What I love about this is despite who’s at fault everyone just works together to fix the situation which could have been very bad.

  • syalutsa
    syalutsa Hace 2 años

    IT is so great that you are sharing all the aspects of your sailing experiences, learning as you go and letting us learn from what happens. Thank you.

  • Glenacus
    Glenacus Hace 4 años +12

    this is the reason I watch your channel, you are not afraid to post the mistakes (even when they are not your own) and give a true to life experience. Thanks for letting us live vicariously though your adventures!

  • lawdy MyButtCrackItches

    YOU'VE GOT MY APORECIATION!! Great job guys. Lord, that looked scary as hell! Thank God y'all had the intelligence & the patience to come thru...

  • Kylie Healey
    Kylie Healey Hace 4 años +12

    Oh wow, Riley is a amazing man he has a lot of integrity not to blame others and thanking other crew members and the locals.

  • Unstoppable Zone
    Unstoppable Zone Hace 2 años +1

    The joys of sailing. Amazingly they didn't go into blame mode, just realized "this has happened and we need to deal with it." That is huge.

  • Clickster
    Clickster Hace 3 años +2

    I finished this episode with a lump in my throat. I'm glad everything turned out well and that no one was hurt worse than they were.

  • chlocanutcola
    chlocanutcola Hace 4 años

    I'm so glad everything is okay and your all safe! Your adventures and vlogs and just your general outlook on life makes my day brighter. You guys have some of the most amazing adventures and not only that you tell your story in such an awe inspiring way that i visibly get happier whenever i see a new upload from you on my feed. It might sound cheesy but this is the highlight of day more times then not and is my source of comfort in times of anxiety or depression. I can't wait to see you guys back on the water next week hopefully all still doing okay. Give my best wishes to the rest of your crew, they did great out there! Good luck, and stay safe.

  • Nate Scott
    Nate Scott Hace un año

    Crazy! Well done on the save. The other person who deserved a big thanks is the fisherman who towed you in. 👍

  • Hannah Crisman
    Hannah Crisman Hace 4 años

    So glad you're okay. Elayna's empathy for others makes me cry every. time. You are such a good woman (and going to be suuuch amazing Mom).

  • Sally Rose
    Sally Rose Hace 4 años

    I'm so glad that you are all safe ❤️

  • stephen moore
    stephen moore Hace 4 años +338

    I know I’m probably in the minority here but I liked all the technical lingo and diagrams on sailing, anchors, and chains in the vid

    • X X
      X X Hace 3 años +1

      Me too. I was hoping you was going to go into more detail....

    • Ashleigh-jordan Paddison
      Ashleigh-jordan Paddison Hace 3 años +4

      As did I 😂 I don’t like not being able to understand the story so that was great for me x

    • Michael Fitzgerald
      Michael Fitzgerald Hace 3 años +4

      Me too. Great explanations and well done. All the best from Texas.

  • Billy Clabough
    Billy Clabough Hace un año

    Your kids are so going to love watching these when they are older.

  • RJ Lavallee
    RJ Lavallee Hace 4 años +1

    Love your channel, and have been following for a while. How you recount a harrowing story, and at the same time remain compassionate and gracious towards the folks who essentially caused this mishap speaks so loudly of the character of you two, and the reason why I follow you, and I suspect the reason others follow you as well. Stay safe. Looking forward to more of your adventures.

  • Alvin Lastrilla
    Alvin Lastrilla Hace 4 años

    Wow! Good job, guys! You can’t end your show. Always sail safe. We’re watching. Cheers?

  • Sepp
    Sepp Hace 3 años +2

    Very Welle done, guys!
    Congrats to the whole crew!
    You should really really be very proud of yourself!

  • Sarah Kathryn
    Sarah Kathryn Hace 4 años

    Wow, you both amaze me. Sending hugs and positive vibes after that chaos xx

  • CKAnumber2
    CKAnumber2 Hace 4 años

    I love you two. You seem blessed or well prepared for everything.

  • vin Baker
    vin Baker Hace 4 años

    First time I’ve watched your videos. You both paint beautiful pictures with your brilliantly colored words. Good people helping others is always awesome to watch.

  • Dave F
    Dave F Hace 4 años

    Great story, guys, thanks! ! Glad it worked out and you are both safe. This episode is definitely a cut above the rest, but I hope you *don't* have more like it.

  • 84jamesp
    84jamesp Hace 4 años

    Eventually something will happen when sailing. Glad you all are ok, love your videos

  • Lorraine Chamberlain
    Lorraine Chamberlain Hace 3 años +2

    Yes! That fisherman acted so quickly! Things really can go south in seconds on a boat. I applaud you all for not screaming and getting angry at each other, which can happen under stress, which makes good decisions a lot harder. You're a great pair. Trust & respect helps in all circumstances. 👍🏻💕

  • Hace 4 años

    Nice to see how bravely you overcome your problem! Well done guys. The "meltemi" in our Aegean sea is a serious threat even to seasoned sailors like you are.
    Keep on sailing, we love your adventures

  • Kenneth Borch Rødsgaard

    Hey Elayna and Riley
    You two are legends. You did an amazing job, and we’re making wise decisions in this episode. I have to admit, that I became a little emotional, while watching the episode 😢😊😂
    It is so inspiring to follow you, and your journeys around the world. I have been following your channel for a few years now.
    I hope that you two will have the best Christmas and a safe and healthy happy new year.
    Thank you for all. Love and huge hugs from Denmark 😊

  • Tony Greco
    Tony Greco Hace 4 años

    I must say, your composure during the event and in the telling is amazing. Not a negative word about George, who in his carelessness caused this whole misadventure. Kudos to you for showing great restraint, or even better, for having the personality to not need to.

  • #Lifeofthebottle
    #Lifeofthebottle Hace 4 años

    Glad y’all handled everything and are safe. Cheers

  • Vet Tails' Sailing Chuffed

    Oh my god guys, I felt sick watching that 😬 so glad it all turned out ok and good on you for keeping calm. You guys really are rockstars ❤️⛵️

  • Little Bit of Everything

    Hats off to Elayna. Having worked at sea in a SAR capacity I can appreciate how stressful, dangerous and tricky those situations can be. Especially when you are connected to a vessel that’s not fully operational, tricky situation even for someone experienced in that sort of thing.

  • Zied Dorgham
    Zied Dorgham Hace 4 años

    Im so glad you guys are safe and were able to handle the situation so well.

  • theblacklines
    theblacklines Hace 4 años

    You guys are amazing! Way to go! You didn't panic and just give up - what resolve. You must be so proud of the sailing community and how they rallied together to save lives and boats! So happy you guys are okay!

  • Suziq
    Suziq Hace 3 años

    Wow! So glad you made it back safely. Kudos to Elayna and Riles, you are both so awesome. I remebered watching a video when Elayna was docking at a marina and the old guys being so amazed at her talents, and I thought hope she never needs to use those skills in an emergency and then this. Riles you are a good man with your ego in check. Stay safe!

  • Liya K
    Liya K Hace 2 años +1

    Riley did his best, I felt so bad when he said he failed to get the chain undone and she was hoping he would. I mean it makes sense, I’m just glad everyone is okay and the situation was fixed. Gah I love this channel.

  • Devian McEvoy
    Devian McEvoy Hace 4 años

    Color me impressed. Its when everything goes wrong that you start to see what kind of a sailor you are. Glad everyone made it out more or less unscathed. Sail on!

  • DJ Evans
    DJ Evans Hace 4 años

    Good Job guys, and thank you for sharing your experience. Well done all around. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  • Bullmamma
    Bullmamma Hace 4 años

    This reminds me so much of the chaos i experienced when i sunk my fathers boat this summer. All thumbs up for u peeps for taking it so cool. Those life and death moments really suck but we all learn. Thx for sharing

  • Chad Engle
    Chad Engle Hace 4 años

    Glad y'all came through it to the good side of things! Well done becoming the solution!

  • Islander Sailboat
    Islander Sailboat Hace 4 años

    I like the parts where Riley makes Elayna laugh :)

  • Daniel Yount
    Daniel Yount Hace 4 años

    Excellent recovery from a chaotic situation. I wonder if a second smaller anchor would come in handy for emergency situations.

  • Islander Sailboat
    Islander Sailboat Hace 4 años

    I like the parts where Riley makes Elayna laugh :)

  • John Mikel
    John Mikel Hace 2 años

    I bet in all this, you were most thankful for the fisherman being around! The help on the dock as well, shows some of the best of human nature.

  • Lars Holst
    Lars Holst Hace 4 años +14

    You were great. In particular your calmness and overview. Did you evaluate the situation afterwards? What COULD you done? What could have been avoided? If you dropped your achor chain completely, wouldn't you be manouverable and powerful enough to be a tug boat for the other boat? (You could have regainged your anchor and chain later as it was stuck to the other boat) Did you have a spare storm-anchor to drop from the stern? What did you come up with during evaluation?

  • LadyPene
    LadyPene Hace 4 años

    So very happy it all ended well and congrats to you as a team that did all the right things.

  • Richard Dyer
    Richard Dyer Hace 4 años

    Riley, your expression of gratitude at 12:40 nearly had me in tears. Of course the expression of worry, concern and fear on Elay's face didn't help much. This was about my most favorite episode of all. I''m so glad you all and La Vagabonde II are okay.

  • hadlock
    hadlock Hace 4 años

    Great video, really appreciated the diagrams of what happened and what you guys did to attempt to fix. Sorry to hear you needed stitches. Just doubled down on our first aid kit as we're expecting to do a couple coastal passages this spring. The "debrief" format was excellent, this is a solid piece of safety info, I hope if something happens in the future we get another video like this one. I'm moderately new at captaining my own boat and this video provides invaluable lessons. Thanks!

  • Stephen Gailliot
    Stephen Gailliot Hace 4 años

    I always knew you two could anchor any wind. Good sailing and good winds as always La Vagabonde

  • Stuart Wriglesworth
    Stuart Wriglesworth Hace un año

    Best episode I’ve watched, great to show how life is not always fun and games on the water

  • Dear Meecha
    Dear Meecha Hace 4 años

    So glad you guys are safe! Great job.

  • Turgut Kalfaoglu
    Turgut Kalfaoglu Hace 2 años

    Very scary stuff! I'm glad it all ended well. IMHO, an anchor of 4 to 5 times the depth might be better in crowded places - perhaps that way they can guess where your anchor is before throwing theirs down.

  • Yiani Pana
    Yiani Pana Hace 2 años

    Good on you both for keeping it real~ Respect! Stay safe! Yiani #Lagonda_Adventure

  • surferdjnj
    surferdjnj Hace 4 años +18

    Love you guys, glad everyone is safe. Watching this as a fellow Watermen, first thing I thought was CUT THE ANCHOR LINE, then everyone can deal with the 1 boat still in distress instead of two. Elayna said it herself, "We didn't want to cut the line." That means you guys knew you should have. That may want to be thought about a bit.

    • Steve T
      Steve T Hace 4 años +3

      As I see it
      First they could still have cut the line at ant point but without knowing how bad it was wrapped decided to have a good attempt to free it (not the smartest idea I agree) so they thought there was an option to self save both boats.
      Second they also said they did not want to leave a disabled boat adrift so they obviously had some measure of control and were the rescue boat if the motorboat had to abandon (once the chain was cut) and they could motor back.
      Finally they would also have needed the anchor and chain to put the hook down again unless they could tie up, I am unsure if they have a second heavy anchor.
      Not much point cutting the anchor loose and not having a plan when you get into harbor and not have enough weight down to hold your ground even if you are a shiny disco ball.

  • Brian Wade
    Brian Wade Hace 3 años

    Well done all around. And I'm glad this didn't end as badly as it easily could have. You're a good dude Riley!

  • JC Baily
    JC Baily Hace 3 años

    Wow, I am glad Riley wasn't hurt anymore than he was and everyone's teamwork paid off and more power to all of you!!!!!

  • Roy Clare
    Roy Clare Hace 4 años

    Awesome work, guys. Real adventure. All kinds of credit to you both ... calm, courageous and capable; and big ups to the Greek fisherman, who manoeuvred with particular skill. Happy Christmas and can’t wait for the New Year!

  • Ellie Squires
    Ellie Squires Hace 3 años +4

    Manoman, I’m so impressed with the two of you! Elayna you are amazing. You two are an incredible couple!

  • Brubeck Desmond
    Brubeck Desmond Hace 4 años +59

    This is what makes you a sailor. Congratulations.
    A second ration of rum for all.

    • James Suhr
      James Suhr Hace 2 años

      Splice the mainbrace.Tot time all hands.

  • TheJordipaul
    TheJordipaul Hace 4 años

    Glad it all worked out guys..... stay safe!

  • Nuno Cruz
    Nuno Cruz Hace 4 años

    Thank goodness everything turned out alright. Good to see you both ok