BOAT LIFE: How We Find Food

  • Publicado el 4 oct 2018
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    A lot of people wonder how we find food when we've been away from civilisation for some time. Well, you guessed it. We go spearfishing. We try and shop at local farmers markets where we can, but here in the Bahamas agricultural production mainly focuses on Poultry, winter vegetables, and citrus fruits. It's a little harder to find a broccoli or zucchini in these areas unless it's imported. But there are enough fish, coconuts, bananas and mangos to satisfy your taste buds for years!
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  • Brofessor H.E. Mann
    Brofessor H.E. Mann Hace 3 años +1694

    Expensive boat. Top notch film equipment. Fancy attire. But, they’re out there catching their own food and making it all work as they experience the world and share their journey with us. She’s beautiful, Dude rocks the Burt Reynolds mustache....young love...don’t hate.

    • CC
      CC Hace un mes

      @Agent Snake Plisskin lol

    • Agent Snake Plisskin
      Agent Snake Plisskin Hace 6 meses

      Nothing vagabond about anything they r doing. Sorry, truth. Rich people on a long vacay.

    • Angel Quinn
      Angel Quinn Hace un año

      @Jamari Arian instablaster =)

    • Jamari Arian
      Jamari Arian Hace un año

      I know im randomly asking but does any of you know a method to log back into an instagram account?
      I was stupid lost the login password. I love any tricks you can give me!

  • MrAli171
    MrAli171 Hace 3 años +218

    To the negative comments Riley had his own boat and worked in the offfshore industry, he met elana on a Greek island and so there story started, making good videos etc because of there popularity there channel grew and grew, the company who supplied the catamaran at a discount price viewed it as a good
    Business idea so good luck to them and there future child

    • Cynthia Wagner
      Cynthia Wagner Hace 9 meses +1


    • Michael Kounanis
      Michael Kounanis Hace un año +1

      In the Greek island of Ios!

    • HEY KYU
      HEY KYU Hace 2 años +1

      Omg their love story sounds exactly like how Donna and Bill met in Mamma Mia 😂

    • Teresa Padrick
      Teresa Padrick Hace 3 años +3

      How can anyone be negative 🤷🏻‍♀️?!

  • stephen yancek
    stephen yancek Hace un año +1

    I love the catch and cook episodes, keep them coming... as a spearo I appreciate the skills and finesse involved and love the timeless hunter gatherer instinct of cooking your catch with a fire on the beach.

  • ashevilleresident
    ashevilleresident Hace 2 años

    It’s great that things can be compartmentalized in life sometimes, such as great and interesting life events, as they help to keep track of our experiences without too much thought. For example sailing the monohull, and then of course the catamaran. It makes it easier to recall some of the specifics and details. And of course, when a little one comes along as well, then that’s a milestone that can’t be confused. Anyway, love watching thank you for sharing

  • Gabrielle Clarke
    Gabrielle Clarke Hace 3 años +113

    I like how people are calling you two rich and trying to through shade yet never watched from the beginning until now. They worked hard for where they are now, stop hating on them and just appreciate the quality content that they are putting out on ESclips. They could just stop posting and live their best life sailing the world.

    • Dejah Wilson
      Dejah Wilson Hace 2 meses

      @Agent Snake Plisskin
      From a quick search to the meaning of vagabond.
      " What is the example of vagabond?
      The definition of a vagabond is a nomad or person without a permanent home, who drifts from place to place. A yacht owner who lives on his boat and sales from port to port is an example of a vagabond."

    • Dejah Wilson
      Dejah Wilson Hace 2 meses

      @Agent Snake Plisskin La Vagabonde is the name of the vessel- they have never called themselves vagabonds. They have never claimed to do anything other than giving up land life to live on the sea, decided to film it and show how others could do it too. If you don't appreciate the content or the people creating it, why are you here?

    • Agent Snake Plisskin
      Agent Snake Plisskin Hace 6 meses

      Not hate, just correcting their self titles as “vagabonds”. Nothing they do or have is anywhere near considered being a vagabond. Get ride of all that fancy crap and Grab a back pack and go. They would be considered more as well off sailors or tourists rather than a vagabond. Vagabond is a term u earn, not give to yourself cuz u took a long vacation. It’s disrespectful to the true nomad travelers who do it right.

    • Jared Braun
      Jared Braun Hace 3 años

      Hey thanks for the link. I’ve been watching you guys for awhile so I already knew you worked hard to get where you are but it’s pretty interesting to see the numbers. Take care and good video!

  • Roger Talley
    Roger Talley Hace 4 años +1

    Still so excited for you both!!! You are so blessed, can't wait to see the child you both have created. Prayers for a safe pregnancy. Hope that's ok to say. Some people may get offended by that but how can you not believe in God when you see the beauty of this planet we live on. Peace to all.

  • TheJhtlag
    TheJhtlag Hace 3 años +30

    Gotta admit, I kinda slipped out around episode 105 but this popped up today and watched it for old times sakes. Loved it, loved the atmospherics, the editing etc. Never one to harp on the learning while doing purist innocence of the early episodes, life moves on, you can't go home again, and this one seems to have arrived as a graceful easy paced lullaby. Enjoyed the guy eating fish "seasoned" in salt water, the very image of taking life in stride.. Ya'll look really happy, a very nice vibe.

  • Zack Fishle
    Zack Fishle Hace 4 años

    @4:48 Thanks for sharing and pick up that spark plug! I'm proud that you can experience being alone on an island and am happy you took time to share. Speaking of driftwood, my favorite smoked salmon(Bristol Bay Sockeye) was made with driftwood. A woman I know would travel the beach to collect wood to create her particular flavor.

  • Barb Nielson
    Barb Nielson Hace 4 años +558

    Is it just me or is the editing getting better and better? This one is sooo well done guys!

    • vail8150
      vail8150 Hace un año

      Thought they hired an editor?

    • Richard Hawkins
      Richard Hawkins Hace 3 años

      Yup! Better and better!!!

    • TheJhtlag
      TheJhtlag Hace 3 años

      Handn't been on here in a while, I was blown away, really nice atmospherics.

  • Don Alexander
    Don Alexander Hace 4 años

    Riles and Elayna.... super great edits on this vid. you guys are getting so creative and artistic with your choices. Just a perfect blend of adventure and art and just the right amount of R & E ( riley and elayna). thanks so much.

  • Leandro Araujo
    Leandro Araujo Hace 3 años

    Incrivel, imagine as experiências e paisagens que eles contemplam...

  • Mister Itchy
    Mister Itchy Hace 4 años

    I'm on episode 38 now and I must say the quality of these videos has greatly improved! I still can't wait to get to see how you get the new boat and apparently new drone!

  • Devyn of sparklingbark
    Devyn of sparklingbark Hace 3 años

    Wow! Used to watch you two a while back... so glad you're still sailing

  • Kit Burke
    Kit Burke Hace 3 años

    Really love you guys and your lifestyle. If I were to do it all again, I'd be on a boat forever.

  • Robert Orellana
    Robert Orellana Hace 4 años

    Love this episode. Must be fulfilling to catch your own food and cook it up in amazing ambiance with wonderful company. Life is good. Here in California, we got a three day weekend for Columbus day too, but given the abominable history of Columbus, we Californians celebrate Ingenious People Day.

  • Andrew Lidums
    Andrew Lidums Hace 4 años

    Hi Guys
    It's been a while since I have tuned in and I must say you both have become fantastic videographers. Camera work and editing is over the top...very talented humans.

  • Greg Colin
    Greg Colin Hace 4 años

    Your videos and the editing just keep getting better and better. Cheers to you guys for sharing the adventure.

  • VERTICAL Wisdom
    VERTICAL Wisdom Hace 4 años +161

    Such a well-constructed video, storyline, music, and pace. Excellent. You have evolved into craftsmen. Nice shot on the fish well done.

  • Rhett
    Rhett Hace 4 años

    Hey! Following you for the past 2 years has been an education and one of the best times I've ever had. I look forward to all of your new adventures wherever they take you. I hope to see you in florida soon. Its alright except for the hit hard with one of the worst hurries ever. Be careful as always....Rhett

  • Leo Sarrade
    Leo Sarrade Hace 4 años

    It's kind of funny... I finally admitted i enjoyed your channel last week, and started watching from the beginning( I think I'm around episode 50). I also watch the new videos when you post them. It is almost strange(in a good way) to see the differences between now and then. The biggest difference is the boat!! I thoroughly enjoy your guys' content. I have a 14 month old daughter at home and am excited for you guys, congratulations!! Happy sailing. Cheers.

  • Courtney Crumel
    Courtney Crumel Hace 4 años

    Absolutely love how the one fish fed two family’s and not a bit was wasted. Truly humanity at its finest.

  • Richard Kaye
    Richard Kaye Hace 4 años

    I left you guys for a while , I started watching again the last few months and what a difference well done love the format , back to how I remember it

  • Wynand Warren
    Wynand Warren Hace 2 años

    Respect for putting out the fire on the beach when you were done. I've watched so many episodes of you guys and all in all you guys have such good manners and are such good kind people. I wish you all the best in life

  • Brown Chair Photography

    I really appreciate the way you guys are living. Catch a fish and eat it for lunch (and beyond) is so cool.

  • Uhrmacher Family
    Uhrmacher Family Hace 3 años +147

    A couple questions? How and where do you buy such awesome swimwear when you live in the middle of nowhere?! Also, how do you receive mail and other packages?

    • Ian Walker
      Ian Walker Hace un año

      Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba. Almost any fashion or engineering company supplies direct from their own website and the rest have third parties who do so. You can get things online you will never be able to buy in a Mall.

    • Nika
      Nika Hace 2 años

      They have to order it beforehand, before they arrive at that place

    • That_Random_Queen
      That_Random_Queen Hace 2 años

      Uhrmacher Family no hate to them but I think they visit land quiet a lot

    • Russ Post
      Russ Post Hace 3 años +1

      Her mom takes care of all that stuff....elayna had said that before...
      A lot of internet shopping to a post office on a island not difficult

    • Lisa Hepburn
      Lisa Hepburn Hace 3 años

      Also, everything can be arranged electronically. Statements, invoices, letters can all be sent via email. Or to their parents who then scan and email to them. Not sure, but that's how I'd do it

  • Lee Berrier
    Lee Berrier Hace 4 años

    LOVED the vibe of this video, the editing, the casual feel, loving it

  • capnfrankly
    capnfrankly Hace 4 años +166

    I applaud you for putting the fire out completely with water. Once while walking on the beach in Adelaide as a child of 11, I stepped on an apparent solid sand surface only to break through the surface into a pit that had the night before used for a large barbeque. Went to my ankles in the pit and got some severe burns on my feet. Aussies learn to put out fires properly,due to the risk of bushfires/wildfires. Not all do though and the risk to all strolling on the beach is high. Also a great video. Perhaps you could add a spot of "wisdom" knowledge routinely as it is a good learning experience.

    • Glenn Bravy
      Glenn Bravy Hace 3 años

      Great comment for the rest of us. I learned to always put water on the fire and not just put it out. Thanks mate!

    • Mark Morris
      Mark Morris Hace 4 años

      Something like that happened in southern Maine,USA years ago.Some idiot dumped hot charcoal next to a trash can at a public beach,and a 3 year old girl stepped in it.I don't know if they ever caught who did it.

    • Scarlet Begonias
      Scarlet Begonias Hace 4 años +3

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  • pfc Yap
    pfc Yap Hace 4 años

    Oh wow my life goal is to get a sail boat and do what you guys do and sail to the world's end! Seeing your guys just inspire me more ! 💕

  • newbreedian
    newbreedian Hace 3 años

    Absolutely LOOOVE the spearfishing videos. And that was an awesome shot btw. And Queen you look great with the baby bump as well. Keep living the great life guys.

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    Sterling Cobb Hace 3 años +1

    Your post production of these videos is so good. I rarely see ESclipsr's that make videos this good. Amazing.
    Also, I want to do this. Considering selling all my assets and ditching US life to do this but I'm too chicken to do it yet.

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      Derek Hace 3 años

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    Would love it if you could put the date each day was filmed on in the video. It's always hard to tell how far behind the videos are from current date.

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    winterfrost999 Hace 4 años

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    benjamin rauschenbach Hace 4 años

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    Heidi and Franny's Garage Hace 4 años +3

    Super fun episode! Really enjoyed it! Great drone work. Glad you replaced the one that was eaten by the evil seagull :)

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    Tony Gariepy Hace 4 años +2

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    Isaac Hace 3 años

    Thanks for sharing, good editing, beautiful lady and congrats on the future baby. Who wouldn’t love this life...but for 99% of us “normals” this is but a fantasy.

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    So Elayna and Riley have yet once again successfully managed to lure in another human to their channel that has spent the last 4 months or so ticking through and watching all the videos from start to finish… this is the final one that has brought me up to date! have thoroughly enjoyed every one! Inspiring, entertaining, and an amazing story from the start! The 1st time I have ever watched youtube to this extent…. And what a beautiful video to finish with… fantastic editing! Look forward to watching the rest as they come at obviously a slower rate… great stuff guys! Thank you so much! Your legends!!!

    • Simon Lusby
      Simon Lusby Hace 4 años

      @Sailing La Vagabonde yes very busy!! I finally have my evenings back to practicing guitar again!! and dreaming of becoming a travel vlogger! thanks again for the inspiration!

  • Myth Slayer
    Myth Slayer Hace 3 años +1

    How do people NOT like this enough to leave negative comments.
    It's fun watching you guys. Keep it up!

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    to the underwater clips of you guys spearfishing to the music it was paired with.
    The lunch looked delicious --wish we could've joined you. Checking out skillshare now.
    I just went to my first "skillpop" class held at a brewery. Very cool 😎

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  • Admin GenesisHealthcareConnect

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  • Andre Theron
    Andre Theron Hace 3 años +1

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  • Tristin Olivier
    Tristin Olivier Hace 4 años

    This is a great video! Would love to do this one day

  • Absidee Carpenter
    Absidee Carpenter Hace 3 años +1

    You guys have awesome editing skills.