It's summer time, and the livin' is easy (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 149

  • Publicado el 8 jul 2018
  • Welcome aboard La Vagabonde. Meanwhile, moored off the lush green island of Nevis. We've got plenty of exploring to do, a freezer full of fish to share with our neighbours, a volcano to climb and a whole lotta good vibes to give! Yo ho ho!
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Comentarios • 683

  • Country Chic
    Country Chic Hace 2 años +13

    Anyone else stuck home in quarantine rewatching all the episodes?! Absolutely love this channel ❤

  • M. C.
    M. C. Hace 7 meses +2

    Love rewatching these and seeing little hints of Elayna being pregnant with Lenny 💖

  • Kevin Grimbeek
    Kevin Grimbeek Hace 3 años +47

    I absolutely love the way Riley and Elana give away their surplus catch, extremely neighbourly.😍

  • ken protsko
    ken protsko Hace 3 años +1

    Guys....I just came across one of your vids a month ago and am up to this episode and Riley the Star Wars Ep 5 cave reenactment.....CLASSIC! Keep it up mate. Amazing job all around in your vids and your adventure. Inspiring to say the least. Keep it classy and stay safe.

  • Mick Mod
    Mick Mod Hace 2 años +1

    I am new to this channel. I started binge watching a week ago after reading about their giving Greta T a lift to back Europe. As everybody has been saying, excellent channel!! I've stopped watching Netflix, Prime, etc because of this. I will soon after I am up to date with all the videos.

  • The Primal Nutritionist
    The Primal Nutritionist Hace 4 años +1

    I can relate to the fatigue, started watching your videos a couple of years ago, when I diagnosed with M.E. Thanks for keeping me motivated to get well again.

  • FriscoBoater's Garage
    FriscoBoater's Garage Hace 4 años +120

    Everything about these videos is amazing... Please keep doing what you are doing.

  • AndTheCorrectAnswerIs
    AndTheCorrectAnswerIs Hace 4 años +2

    I love when I find a new video in the morning. Elayna's smile and Riley's laugh just put me in a great mood the rest of the day!

  • Josh Hilliard
    Josh Hilliard Hace 4 años

    You guys are absolutely amazing and to die for! Hope to meet you sometime!

  • Al Markham
    Al Markham Hace 4 años

    Yep! Y'all keep making it happen! Thank you and wish for prosperous fishing for you and your friends!

  • barryh13
    barryh13 Hace 4 años

    Great video, great editing, great music but most of all great people!!
    Natural without any pretences. I don't know if you know how unique that is in today's world.
    My girlfriend is pregnant, around the same time as you, I wish you guys all the best - you will have a beautiful and happy family. I will keep you in my prayers - may your adventure live long for many years to come!!!

  • William Randall
    William Randall Hace 4 años

    You guys are just rockstars! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with all of us. Best wishes to you borh, and safe travels!

  • Jeremy Thellman
    Jeremy Thellman Hace 4 años +3

    I have finally caught up to you guys. Started a month ago with episode one, and have been somewhat binge watching your episodes! Loved every episode! Even better that I caught up right when you announced your baby! Congrats and I can’t wait for more adventures from you guys!

  • Boatdesigner
    Boatdesigner Hace 4 años

    We can only imagine what a beautiful child these two are going to have. Being raised sailing the world, wow. ESclips and books on the child's perspective of every stage of development.

  • Adam Hammond
    Adam Hammond Hace 4 años

    Another great episode guys. This one was especially enjoyable for some reason. Thanks guys!

  • hues.
    hues. Hace 4 años

    Cannot get over how consistently good and engaging these videos are! Easily my favorite channel at the moment!

  • Brad Parker
    Brad Parker Hace 3 años +1

    I just started watching again after taking a short break, only to come back and find out you’re having a baby!!! Congratulations you two, you’ll be phenomenal parents! Also Elayna, it might be the pregnancy, but somehow (I didn’t think it was possible) you just get prettier every new video. Be careful guys! Riley, take care of yourself and most of all your precious cargo!! God bless you all!!!

  • Dave Carver
    Dave Carver Hace 4 años +4

    I can only imagine that now and then during long hours of editing and tedious tasks that you begin to think that one day you'll tire of this whole thing. But little moments like the one with those birds whipping around the boat... those are absolutely priceless and hopefully, those moments make it all worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  • redmachine7
    redmachine7 Hace 4 años

    Another great episode guys. Loved you giving away the fish to other cruisers. Your kid is going have an amazing life with you two. Exciting times ahead.

  • Eddie Ruiz
    Eddie Ruiz Hace 3 años +5

    My all-time favorite ESclips channel now. You guys are awesome.

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller Hace 2 años

    Great drone coverage and excellent editing. Great job crew!

  • J FP
    J FP Hace 4 años +23

    video quality and editing are really excellent, great job

  • John Gross
    John Gross Hace 4 años

    Love watching your lives. So excited for you both.

  • liamshouse
    liamshouse Hace 4 años +2

    You two are amazing I love being swept away each week with you in a world wind journey with 2 down to earth peeps....3 now with our Germany friend and soon to be 4

  • C M
    C M Hace 4 años

    also, forgot to say loved this episode! one of my sons cycled around Nevis a few years ago. And I really loved you guys sharing your fish with all the other boaters. Such a beautiful expression of your hearts of generosity.

  • Charles Duncan
    Charles Duncan Hace 4 años

    Good for you Reilly, nice fish!!! Congrats on being a soon to be dad!!

  • Katie
    Katie Hace 4 años

    That book is so good! Incredibly inspiring, read it last time I went sailing :)

  • William Benner
    William Benner Hace 4 años

    I have hiked some on the Pacific Coast Trail and it is a great experience! Love you guys, you make such great videos!

  • Hatch Man Do
    Hatch Man Do Hace 3 años +4

    I love how giving and sharing you are with those around you. Very sweet!

  • Kernal
    Kernal Hace 4 años +2

    Favorite youtube channel. Hope you guys stay safe in the future! Also I went and rewatched the episodes when you were at the great rock island Redonda and last time it was Tiger fish and this time it was Wahoo, can't wait to see what you'll catch next time around - from Texas

  • VortecO7
    VortecO7 Hace 2 años

    I love watching these "sailing around the world" playlist videos. That's how I found you guys a few years ago when you were still in the Med. I cannot explain how excited I'll be when I see "Lavaga Sailing Around the World S2 Episode 1" show up in my notifications. I'm enjoying the videos nowadays, but I do miss the adventure! I think we need these adventures as much as you all do. Looking forward to the future!

  • marcus mayne
    marcus mayne Hace 2 años +4

    I've been missing the ocean since my old Navy days! These two have convinced me to trade in my 3 kids for a catarman and get back out there! I have to see and learn for myself that SpongeBob and Patrick star are not real!

  • James Bockenstette
    James Bockenstette Hace 4 años +30

    Elayna is pure delight. She is sunshine and a soft breeze.

  • Amanda McCormack
    Amanda McCormack Hace 4 años

    Had the biggest smile on my face the whole time you guys were giving away fish to fellow sailors. So sweet! Good karma is coming your way for sure! Maybe another big fishy? ;)

  • TK Mills
    TK Mills Hace 4 años +1

    Y'all make a great team, consider yourselves very lucky!......I'm wondering why you aren't in Bonaire for the hurricane season?

  • Sailing SV Tesla
    Sailing SV Tesla Hace 4 años +98

    Hey Riley, remember what it feels like to have to wait for the next season of Game of Thrones to start after the last season ends? That's how it feels after binge watching your guys' videos and then having to wait a whole week to see what happens next. "keep On, Sailin' On".

  • Matthew Herman
    Matthew Herman Hace 4 años +30

    Yo R & E... MUCH RESPECT ALWAYS. Another fabulous episode. It’s the 10,000 hour rule in full effect. You guys have mastered 3 different disciplines... Sailing, living the life of true bon vivants with joie de vivre and sustainability and a minimal cf,and filmmaking. And I know you’ll master the parenting adventure you’re embarking upon now. Godspeed, UM

  • Michelle Marleau
    Michelle Marleau Hace un año

    1:09 true love ❤️
    You guys are the best! You have made my gift giving easy with Vagabond tees ☺️

  • Paris Bosserman
    Paris Bosserman Hace 4 años +1

    Every shot. Every sunset. Every moment, love.

  • Tom Brideau
    Tom Brideau Hace 4 años

    Wild is an excellent read...I read it a few years ago. I'm also a sailor and totaly love the life you're living. I'm a kayaker, cyclist and sailor....all things that are quiet and peaceful do it for me ...thanks for your hard work filming these videos... I know it's not easy even though you make it look easy !!!

  • Just Another Day
    Just Another Day Hace 3 años +2

    It must take a million dollars to live as fun and carefree as this couple - one can only dream.

  • Mark Chippendale
    Mark Chippendale Hace 4 años

    I've been watching dozens of your videos over the last week or so and I have just realised how awesome your cinematography is! At the end of this series would you consider editing the two series into a single 90-110 minute film? I think it would be phenomenal!

  • Kris See
    Kris See Hace 4 años

    Darwin onthetrail ... love to check out his adventures on the PCT. Have a look. Love you guys. Keep up the great work!!

  • Daniel Hatcher
    Daniel Hatcher Hace 4 años

    You kids are truly living a dream life. I look forward to each new episode. Keep it up and always be careful.

  • C M
    C M Hace 4 años

    Elayna! thanks for the book recommendation. I immediately went to my local library website and put it on hold. very excited to read it. I am an adventurous 'older girl' who is inspired by anyone who dares to live the adventure, with all its ups and downs.
    congrats too on the fantastic news of a new little one. I am a Mom to two awesome adult sons who are living their own adventures of which I and their Dad are very proud.

  • Phil G
    Phil G Hace 4 años +6

    Those birds were awesome. I have a couple acre field I keep mowed and there's a bunch of birds (swallows I think) that fly around the mower. They're usually about a foot off the ground zooming around catching the bugs that fly up out of the grass as I mow. I love watching them.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Hace 4 años

    I love Riley's pirate yell in the beginning. Made my day lol.

  • Chuck Kokoska
    Chuck Kokoska Hace 4 años

    Hello Elayna. Watched your video! Great video! You guys are both amazing! You mentioned that you read Wild by Cheryl Strayed! Great book! I follow on Facebook and the following websites about 50+ PCT hikers! Not a hiker myself, but I follow them because of their personal “Journeys.” They actually walk kinda near the area where I live in the Palmdale area. When I go down San Franciscito cyn to head out to my boat in Ventura, I carry extra water with me to give to them as they’re walking northbound. There are PCT forums on Facebook and PCT Trail Angel forums too! The following are some great websites:,,, God bless you kids!

  • Richard Holder
    Richard Holder Hace 4 años

    Doing what you love and loving what you are doing!!!! Good on ya!!!

  • Matthew Saddler
    Matthew Saddler Hace 2 años +2

    This was my favorite episode so far. That was a nice thing you guys did with giving the fish away to others.

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters Hace 4 años +1

    And congrats guys, pumped for you

  • SunDevil Mana
    SunDevil Mana Hace 4 años video! Love watching you guys....congratulations on the baby! Can't wait to see more.... :)

  • Knot Vikings
    Knot Vikings Hace 4 años +4

    Awesome! I really hoped you would catch another fish! Really looking forward to seeing the north part of the Caribbean when we get there next season!

  • David T
    David T Hace 4 años

    There's definitely a "glow" around Elena since the announcement. Congrats!

  • C.E. Jarvis
    C.E. Jarvis Hace 4 años +2

    Another great episode of SLV. Thanks for that one guys. Can't get one everytime , I guess , Riley. Though it would be really nice eh!?!
    Plenty of rest for the "Mommy" Elayna NAPS are your new friends.

  • pkane5472
    pkane5472 Hace 4 años

    I enjoyed the use of out of focus to in focus - your talents are immense in so many ways! Keep on keeping on!

  • Mário Birra
    Mário Birra Hace 4 años

    "...we're giving it away. We have so much fish...". If everybody shared half as much you guys... RESPECT!!

  • RypienGT
    RypienGT Hace 4 años

    As usual, great video. Appreciate the ride with you guys.

  • BayAreaBlues
    BayAreaBlues Hace 4 años

    Elayna, the Pacific Crest Trail truly is AMAZING! I've only been on parts of it, but it is gorgeous - from the desert mountains in Southern California, to the wonders of the Sierra, and up into Oregon and Washington states. I highly recommend getting on any part of it!

  • John Renders
    John Renders Hace 3 años

    Just stumbled on your videos. Very enjoyable and relaxing after a long day. Thank you.

  • Tanya DuPras
    Tanya DuPras Hace 4 años

    WHOOT WHOOT this is my Monday gift every Monday when I get home from work!! Thank you guys! 🤗❤️

  • Pocket Trailblazer
    Pocket Trailblazer Hace 4 años

    Have always loved your work and it's only gonna get better with the new arrival!
    PS I was brought up on a boat and it was epic, I'm still a pirate at heart! ;-)

  • Matt Leszczynski
    Matt Leszczynski Hace 4 años

    Hello guys. It has been about 2 years since the last time I tuned into to watch an episode. Wow how times have changed. I used to watch you while deployed in Africa to keep my mind in a better place. My wife and kids are about 5 years out from moving onboard in Croatia. Thanks for making your adventure public. It is very motivating. Also in this video, Riley, thanks for the breath hold exercise tips. I have been slaying yellow tail and Mahi of the coast of Southern California. Take care

  • m z
    m z Hace 4 años

    Ive been watching since Day One! I think this is the best Video by far as far as Editing.. Elay you have done a fantastic job on this one.

  • Scooby Do
    Scooby Do Hace 4 años

    That was an awesome one, thanks folks :) Feel good factor now back at 100% !

  • Luz Rodriguez
    Luz Rodriguez Hace 11 meses

    i love your chanel you guys.. you are amazing..such a inspiration. question, why dint you give your fish to the locals? the would have been turn out quite cool. the would be genuinely thankful. keep up the good spirit and a warm hug from Amsterdam

  • JBx4
    JBx4 Hace 2 años

    I love you guys! Enjoy every minute

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Hace 4 años

    I seriously love Riley's love of Star Wars. So good.

  • Darren Hughes
    Darren Hughes Hace 4 años +15

    The “crown jewel of the Pacific Crest Trail” is the Lake Tahoe region. Let me know when you’ll be passing through and I’ll have my spare room, some cold beer, and a hot shower ready for you guys.

  • Charm White
    Charm White Hace 4 años

    I hiked 1000km of the appalacian trail in my 20s and it is one of the highlights of my life. The book 'thru hiking will break your heart' is another great one but not sure if shes made it an ebook.

  • Kim Taylor
    Kim Taylor Hace 4 años

    Love you guys, sailing on!

  • Paul Beebe
    Paul Beebe Hace 4 años

    The Starlings come out at dusk hunting bugs right above the water-cool how some things never change!

  • Paul Beebe
    Paul Beebe Hace 4 años

    Nevis is very special! I spent 6 months in 1977 There with my Grand Parents..

  • ShaggySeas
    ShaggySeas Hace 4 años +11

    What a beautiful hike! We really enjoyed the video. Fair winds!

  • HI Taylor Family
    HI Taylor Family Hace 4 años

    you guys are freakin legends!!!

  • Angie Jacobsen
    Angie Jacobsen Hace 4 años

    Elayna your skin is beautiful!! What sunscreen do you use for your face? We will be (hopefully) living on a boat in the USVI by December and I’d love to know your skin care regimen. Love you both! Thanks for sharing your adventures and inspiring others to do the same!

    HEATSEEKER BUS Hace 4 años +3

    What a different way of life, really amazing. I'm in central Canada, I never saw the ocean. But I have a plan.

  • Elliectrify
    Elliectrify Hace 4 años

    What an incredible inspiring couple with so much ambition and humility and heart. You guys are awesome and I'll be hitting you up in a couple of years for advice when I do the same thing...haha huge fan

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones Hace 3 años

    You two are amazing.

  • Am Lee
    Am Lee Hace 4 años

    Elayna, the meals you make always look sooo delicious!!!

  • Kendal Van Doren
    Kendal Van Doren Hace 4 años

    Elayna...Your body is starting to go through incredible changes. You’ll be exhausted daily and then your energy will be through the roof daily!
    Such an amazing time in yours and Riley’s life ❤️

  • MrJeff1256
    MrJeff1256 Hace 4 años

    The Pacific Crest Trail is in my neck of the woods in Oregon. Even if you're just hiking a couple of days on it is so beautiful.

  • Robert Travis
    Robert Travis Hace 2 años

    The Pacific Crest trail is a beautiful trail that goes all the way down from South America all the way to Alaska

  • Cssfiend
    Cssfiend Hace 4 años

    I'd love to see Adam make an appearance on this channel and vice versa (and I ain't 2 proud 2 beg), There are so many great ambassadors for Australia on youtube. Have you seen Daniel Mann's youtube channel Riley? Another aussie spearfisher, but currently living in the UK.

  • Darrin Cooper
    Darrin Cooper Hace 3 años +1

    That was so dope when you gave away the fish your neighbours 😊✌🏽✌🏽

  • Benjamin Floors
    Benjamin Floors Hace 2 años

    I admire the beautiful sites and adventures you get to enjoy.and quite jealous of that freedom. You two are wishes and happiness always. Just stay safe.the ocean is dangerous.must always respect it. It’s not a she,or a it. No name for something that consumes lives with no regret. Glad to see you are a skilled captain.

  • Ray Chong
    Ray Chong Hace 4 años

    Those birds look like Welcome Swallows. That's amazing!

  • Gummy Bear
    Gummy Bear Hace 4 años

    Just got back from “camp” where we were sailing around on a car in the Bahamas from st.martin you guys inspired me to go and I think I passed those hotels at the end, BTW got back on the 6th

  • Sean Cox
    Sean Cox Hace 4 años

    ive hiked parts of PCT (pacific crest trail) in Washington...its really pretty and mountainous

  • nextari
    nextari Hace 3 años

    Good to see all the other crusty salts to keep things in perspective with these 2 beauties.

  • Banyan Tree
    Banyan Tree Hace 2 años

    I’d love to do the PCT (vs. the Appalachian) - watch Homemade Wanderlust posts......makes you want to jump on a plane and do it immediately. For me - eighteen months sailing and six months on the trail = perfect transition to early retirement! The film “Wild” is an excellent watch too....

  • Nikola Wright
    Nikola Wright Hace 4 años +1

    Just love the videos so much! Great work guys

  • Jason Fontaine
    Jason Fontaine Hace 4 años

    I grew up in the pacific northwest and hiking the PCT has always been a dream of mine.

  • Nels Lindahl
    Nels Lindahl Hace 4 años

    Nice video editing. You shifted from far to near very smoothly in this episode.

  • Claudia Goodwin
    Claudia Goodwin Hace 4 años

    I loved this video!!! I just posted my own sailing video of my family on a Catamaran (which your videos inspired us to do)! Would love it if you checked it out (:

  • Hassen Levine
    Hassen Levine Hace 2 años +1

    My family is from Nevis, and I enjoyed seeing it in this video... :)

  • jensen7194
    jensen7194 Hace 4 años +2

    Fun Stuff Guys!!...Yes, check out the trails of the Cascades !!!....Wonderful!!!!

  • VERTICAL Wisdom
    VERTICAL Wisdom Hace 4 años +310

    I don't comment much but I often wonder who on earth hits the dislike button? Makes no sense. Two wonderful young people chasing their shared dreams on an awesome Outremer whats to dislike unless your jealous.

    • tyuki kiquinchi
      tyuki kiquinchi Hace 2 años

      maybe they are expecting some world class cinematography

    • Poppy Swinn
      Poppy Swinn Hace 3 años

      Who wouldn’t be jealous of that.
      Not that somebody should hot the dislike button.

    • Stephen - The Wanderer
      Stephen - The Wanderer Hace 3 años

      Haters gonna hate. Leave them in the wake.
      I love this couple. SLV rocks!!!

    • Deeqa M.
      Deeqa M. Hace 3 años

      LEARNING 2 LEVITATE she’s not an object lmao. Imagine putting a human being on the same level water and boats.

  • Zach Fernandez
    Zach Fernandez Hace 3 años

    I was raised in Northern California and have spent time on the pacific crest. Very beautiful stuff. Especially in the dead falls lake area

  • Adam Ruchotzke
    Adam Ruchotzke Hace 4 años +1

    Star Wars references and SLV, best channel on ESclips. Winners. Great video as always.